Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fringe: Season 4 Episode 17 - Everything in its Right Place

Hello Fringe fans!  We had yet another great episode of Fringe last night.  It probably wasn't everyone's favorite since there was limited Walter, Olivia and Peter.  But, I was happy to visit the OVER THERE world again and catch up with what was going on.  And we finally got a bit of resolution to one of season 2 and season 3's big plot lines.  The case was definitely mythology driven with us following one of Jones's shapeshifters and setting up some chess pieces for the final conflict of the season.   And there were some other interesting developments along the way.  Let's dive in and discuss!

Fringe Case of the Week
This week's story followed one of the 2.0 shifters with a big of a heart of gold.  Almost Dexter-like in behavior, he stayed alive by killing criminals and taking their form.  From what we know, he's original birth name was Kanen (or however it's supposed to be spelled).  He was a defective shapeshifter.  One of Jones's first attempts of this 2.0 type.

Our Lincoln Lee was a feeling a bit out of place with this whole "FRINGE FAMILY" that is re-uniting itself on our side.  So, he decided to take Astrid's place and debrief the other side on their dealings with Jones.  They quickly were sidetracked in their mission when they got called into these mysterious killings.  Our Lincoln, due to his season long obsession with shifters, was the first to catch onto the pattern.  Alterna-Broyles (whom we pretty much are convinced he's a shifter) tried to thwart his plans several times.  But, Lincoln kept finding a way to be involved and crack the case.

They do track down Kanen after his last shift and get into a bit of a chase.  Lincoln ends up on the wrong side of a gun, but Kanen does not shoot.  They do end up capturing him and Lincoln has 5 minutes (provided by Fauxlivia) to interrogate the guy.   He doesn't get much, except that he's a defective shifter.  But, that's okay, Alterna-Broyles and Meana (evil Nina) have already set up a swift sniping death for Kanen.  But the FRINGE Division is up to the task of keeping Kanen alive.  And, we were yet again reminded of Fauxlivia's sharp shooting skills when she takes out the shifter sniper.

Lincoln Lee from "over there" was not as fortunate though has he did catch a sniper bullet in the chest.  And no, he did not make it.  RIP "Over There" Lincoln.  This is kind of sad, as I did enjoy the original version of Lincoln we met.  And Charlie wasn't even back from his other TV show yet to witness the death!  But, it did open the story up for "everything to be in its right place".  We'll get to that below. 

Glyph Code: DREAM - Well that's a scary glyph when we're talking about shows like this!  We'd hate for this whole season to end up being a dream, right?  The scary thing is, they could easily do something at the end of this season where Peter wakes up in the machine and this whole season was yet another vision of possible outcomes.  I don't think they will, but I'm also not sure why they used that glyph!  Thanks to Fringepedia as always for the screenshot! 

Observer Spotted! - He can be seen right before the sniper attacks.

Food of the Week - I don't think we had one this week since we spent a majority of the time OVER THERE.  Unless, you count Gene eating grass which we can assume she did! 

Walterism of the week - not much Walter this week but...
  • Grazing Day!  Walter felt Gene was depressed because she has been couped up inside too long.  So Peter, Olivia and Walter are going to take her to favorite pasture in Warrick.  Exciting family trip!  And Gene in the FBI coat and hat?  Priceless. 

  • Walter to Kanen at the end.  "I look forward to studyi---helping you."  

Differences Over There (Been awhile for this category!) 
  • It would seem that the U.S.S.R. never was dissolved over there.  We passed by a sign for it at one point. 

  • Batman vs. Mantis -  Had to love when Fauxlivia said to Lincoln, "What's a Batman?"  When they were chasing down their own vigilante, Lincoln referred to him as their very own batman.  It turns out OVER THERE has never had such a comic-book hero.  Their version of that hero was a masked insect called Mantis.  The whole debate over which one was better was hysterical! 
  • At one point, due to the "ambered" parts of the universe becoming safe again, there was a shot of an old newspaper from 2004.  Just seeing paper OVER THERE is weird enough, but of course even their newspaper had technological advancements.  It almost looked like it was ripped straight out of Harry Potter's universe with the moving pictures on the front page. 

  • I had to do some research on the fight portrayed on that newspaper.  I figured that Garcia would not have continued his streak.  But, what I learned is that the fighter did win in a brutal 14 rounds.  But his name?  It was Jorge Garcia.  You know, the same name as the actor who portrayed none other than Hugo "Hurley" Reyes from LOST and Dr. Soto on ALCATRAZ.   Surely, they did that intentionally! 
  • Of course, the paper being called the "Manhatan Courier" is also something that screams OVER THERE, misspelled city and all.  

Over There Developments
  • As we already begun to discuss, it would seem like the OVER THERE universe has started to heal itself because of Peter's bridge.  We see a press conference held by Secretary of Defense Walternate talking about how it will be a long road to recovery, but they are indeed recovering.  

  • The amber-filled sections of town, of the universe are starting to be revived as they deem an area safe.  Well, I'm sure I wasn't the only one that felt like we kind of weren't dealing with this subject to much since Peter created the bridge.  I guess it would seem that the actual creation of the bridge created some stability between universes and that conflict is no longer a great concern.  
  • Due to these developments, the Fringe Division from our side are being looked at as heroes OVER THERE.  Fauxlivia brings up to Lincoln how the Fringe Division is so secretive in our universe, but over here it is public and a pretty big deal.  Lincoln was personally thanked by a Fringe Division soldier.  It's nice to see both sides getting over their animosities and playing nice.   And as several have mentioned, it would seem like there is a lot of CLOSURE being built in to this season.  Observer answers, universal conflict resolution.  It is almost like we're approaching a series finale.  Yet, the producers clearly have stated that they are writing a "SEASON" finale, not a series finale.  These 4 seasons could have been the building blocks for an even larger conflict, so we'll see where it goes!  (Of course, they better make sure they can resolve said larger conflict in a "HALF" of a season, because that's probably at most of what we're going to get!)

Lincoln vs. Lincoln (and Fauxlivia)

  • There was a great scene between the 2 Lincolns where they tried to figure out where their paths divulged to make them so different.  Yet, what we found out is that most of their history was exactly the same.  Lived in the same places (New Jersey and Philly representin'!!), same prom "non-date" due to the same breakup, same high school.  

  • They continue this discussion has they're hunting down Kanen.  Their Lincoln thought maybe it was a personal choice to be different.   But, I think we were able to pretty much come up with the answer.  Their Lincoln had Fauxlivia in his life and it affected him in a positive way.  

  • Our Lincoln has never stayed in one place too long.  He thought he had found his place with Olivia and gave her a bracelet/necklace thing that was a native american symbol for the journey of life.  His old partner who died via a 2.0 shifter gave it to Lincoln to tether him to the world.  At the center represents home.  So, as long as he had it, he always had a home.   Olivia, with her new memories, had no memory of Lincoln giving it to her.  Pretty depressing for him.  

  • No fear though, with OVER THERE Lincoln sadly gone, there is an opening for our Lincoln to plant his roots over there and help Fauxlivia get over her partner's passing, help with the shape shifter search, and possibly even more.  From the minute Lincoln got over there and was greeted by Fauxlivia, you could see the spark in his eye.  Lincoln may not get Olivia, but there could be an opportunity for something with the sharp-shooting Fauxlivia.  Feeling that he had found his place, he no longer needed the bracelet to tether himself to a "home"...instead he gave it to Kanen who was going on to some new ventures. 

  • Fauxlivia was clearly broken up by her Lincoln's passing.  She went through his locker and we saw several pictures of them showing the long bond these 2 have had.  She was thankful that our Lincoln would be there to help her transition to life without him.  

The David Robert Jones Plot Develops
  • No Jones in this episode.  (Was probably time traveling back to the 60s to shoot an episode of Mad Men or something)  But, we did have a few interactions with Meana.  
  • After the sniper shooting, Lincoln convinced Kanen that Jones tried to kill him and he requested his help.  Kanen shifted into the Sniper's body and went to wherever Meana was hanging out.  The whole Fringe team came with them and captured the impostor Nina.  (and we still don't know what she is or where/when she's from!  Though she did mention something about both Olivias amazing her as if she knows them personally.) 

  • Not sure what having Meana in custody will really mean since Alterna-Shifta-Broyles is calling the shots.  But, what did progress is that the Fringe Team did recover some type of tracking device that will let them track where all of the 47 shapeshifters are (the 47 number was mentioned in the "previously on"...I had forgotten if I had ever mentioned in the blog before).  This is another motivation to Lincoln staying OVER THERE.   Jones, your time is running out! 

  • And also, Kanen has volunteered himself to be examined by Walter on our side for any help to the cause this might bring.  I'm sure it will lead to many Walterisms and Food comments next week! 

And that's where we we leave things for this week.  We have one more episode before the infamous "19th" episode of this season will air.  There was a cryptic trailer released for it that doesn't give much away (hence, cryptic!) but is pretty cool!  But we do know LOST's "Desmond" (Henry Ian Cusick) will play a major role in it!  If it's anything like the last 2 season's 19th episodes we should be in for a treat.   And then after that, there will be 3 episodes which I'm sure will basically be all working towards the finale.   Last year's final 3 episodes were all pretty much one story and acted as a 3 hour finale.  It wouldn't surprise me if we did the same.   All this to say, we might only have one more actual FRINGE CASE this season.  But, we'll see!  

And with that, I'm out!  Hope anyone who celebrates has a good holiday weekend.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 
End Credits
  • This season I recapped Terra NovaThe Walking Dead and Alcatraz and am continuing to recap Fringe.
  • Other shows that are being discussed in comments recently:  How I Met Your Mother, The River, Once Upon a Time, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Awake. Previously discussed: Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story, etc...  Feel free to join in!
  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you in the comments of any of these blog posts.


Anonymous said...

I thought the last two weeks were solid, and I agree I don't get last week how the cases are happening 3 years later. I was sad that "the real" Lincoln died, but it set up the inevitable "Lincoln saves the day and chooses to stay on that side for fauxlivia" potentiallly even involving peters son at some point

-AUStarwars (in phone can't log in lol)

Mike V. said...

AUSW: Agree with everything except one thing. The "potentially saving Peter's son" part. We know now that Henry was born to the wrong Olivia according to September. When Peter disappeared at the end of last season, so did Henry. So, I don't think Henry exists anymore. That's part of the course correction that's meant to stick, I think.

Anonymous said...

As always, great recap Mike. I totally missed the newpaper cover with Jorge's name on it. I usually will freeze newspaper covers on any show just to see what's on them (FYI, The Twilight Zone had a lot of such fake newspapers).

I think it is somewhat obvious now that Feaxlivia and Lincoln Lee will end up bonding. I'm not sure how I feel about that because it's so predictable.

I'd bet Broyles is a shapeshifter too but there is a chance that Meana is controlling him through other means. Threating his family or his life (think back to the X-Files and remember how Krychek controlled Skinner).

Isn't there a Mantis comicbook character? I'm not a comicbook guy but I thought I remember a movie a few years ago based on a comic character Mantis. Maybe there is a Batman in the other universe but it didn't catch on and, much like Mantis in our world, Batman is only known to the hardcore comic geeks in the other universe.

I felt the mention that the universe is healing in the other world and that our universe Fringe guys are heros was welcome information. It's the first information we've received about the breakdown of the universes since the end of last season.

Maybe that "Dream" glyph is setting us up for Episode 19.

Next episode should reveal a lot now that they have Meana (unless the writers go off on a tangent and we have to wait for the Meana answers).

Bill B

Mike V. said...

Hey Bill! Thanks for the props!

That newspaper was for an actual boxer named Jorge Garcia but surely they were intentionally referencing it because of the actor! Lol

I think the shocking part of faux and Lincoln just happened in this ep. It's not the over there linc but the linc from our world. So anything predictable happened from here on out I'd be fine with it. I mean it's not like Peter and Olivia weren't a predictable pairing!!

You could be onto something with bizarro Broyles. My only reasoning for thinking he's a shifter is because he had already died in the original timeline. So maybe he still is dead.

Agreed on the mentioning of the healing due to the bridge. Definitely welcome!

I thought about at glyph maybe hinting at ep 19 too. Last week was future. Maybe it's a dream of the future! Lol

They may save meana stuff for eps 20-22 since next week will probably be primarily in our world. But you never know!!

Oh and you could absolutely be right mantis/batman. Lol I'll have to look that up!!

Mike V. said...

Okay folks, whenever you're ready I'm ready to discuss the following!

FRINGE, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, The River, etc.... I'm all caught up! Also started back up on Grimm. I have 8 episodes to catch up, so I should be all caught up by next Friday. lol I'm thinking after I'm caught up on Grimm, I will begin in the long awaited LOST Rewatch. Exciting!!

Also, I was incorrect about the next new HIMYM being next monday. It's tonight! And based on the synopsis, it sounds like I'm gonna love it. lol In fact, 2 of my friends and I just partook in exactly what the 3 guys will be doing tonight. lol

Leslie said...

Mad Men - Interesting that Megan keeps Don in line and doesn't let him walk all over her. I wasn't sure at first if his visit when he went home sick was for real or not until he strangled her. Then, I figured it must be a fever-induced dream. I keep wondering how long he will stay faithful to Megan considering his track record.

Loved the scene with Peggy and Roger! Peggy went from getting a few bucks to $400 cash. Good for her!

And, I think I said last week that I had a feeling that Joan's husband wouldn't be coming back, but I didn't think he would come back for a visit only to be thrown out! It was great when she said he wasn't a good man and never had been, and "you know what I'm talking about". It always bothered me that Joan married him after that horrible scene in the office. Maybe now Roger will step up as the baby's father????

Mike V. said...

MAD MEN - Yeah, it seemed very real to be a dream but I couldn't keep thinking the whole thing was too outrageous by Mad Men standards to be real. lol

Definitely the strangling is when I knew for sure. But yeah, Megan is definitely a pretty strong character. Crazy, because we never would have thought that with the WTF finale last season with Don's random proposal. lol Sidenote: you could tell that time had passed as Betty was already losing weight (i.e. the fat suit was off lol)

The Peggy/Roger scene was fantastic. She had a "don't give a S###" attitude and totally 1-upped him! Of course, then there was that awkward scene with her purse on the table at home with Dawn. But she made the right move leaving it there, even if the message was already sent!
Yeah, I always thought Joan's hubby would be dying in Vietnam...which could definitely still happen. But the fact that Joan threw him out was awesome! That dude was always a DB...and I could never stand how it always looks like he's packing a fat lipper. I think he was in a Fringe episode or something last season and I was like, "THAT'S JOAN'S A-hole husband!"....he seems out of place everywhere with that lip sticking out. lol Roger may step up....there's definitely an opening there if Joan lets there be one. Roger isn't very happy with his wife either as we could tell from the premiere. was driving me cra
zy trying to figure out who Joan's mother is. They finally updated it on IMDB so I could check. She was the realtor in American Horror Story...and I also believe she was one of the neighbors on Desperate Housewives. I haven't watched that show in awhile, but I knew she looked so familiar!

How about the new guy's take on the Cinderella story? DARK??? lol bizarre. Good show as always though!

Leslie said...

That whole Cinderella story was bizarre for sure! Not to mention, when you get the client to say "Sold", it's time to shut up!

LOL about Joan's husband's weird lip! I've noticed that too!

Do you think Roger is headed for a meltdown of some kind? He's losing his grip on things, and Pete is getting the better of him lately.

And, what's up with Henry's mother offering Seconal to Sally? She also told Betty "there were pills for that" regarding her weight. Do we think Grandma has a little problem??

Mike V. said...

Mad Men: It does seem like something is going to happen to Roger this season. I've talked with friends of mine about this. It seemed like they were going to kill him off in that first season with the heart attack, but the character must have been so loved that they kept him smoking, drinking and womanizing through 4 more seasons. lol I don't know if that's where things are heading (demise), but I always do feel like that heart attack will be revisited. Outside of that, he is pretty useless at SCDP lol

The whole Sally thing was nuts too. She was totally knocked out at the end!! lol Crazy.

HIMYM - OMG...someone please tell me you saw it. Maybe one of the best episodes ever and not because it revolved around Star Wars. What a great plot device to show them pondering about the future. Looks like we're definitely heading towards a finale soon..either next year or the year after based on some reveals...but i'll wait to see if anyone has watched. lol

MJ said...

HIMYM ! OMG is right ! So if they show him with a young child 3 years from now, takes 9 months to have a child. Assuming the Mother and Ted actually have some dating time - we should be meeting her in the next 1 to 2 years ????

LOL and you just having done the Star Wars rewatch. Was a great part of the show. But NO - it was weird for Barney to want to have sex with a storm trooper. LOL

River: So what did you think ? I was def surprised by the River closing on them in the end. Creepy. And with the son dying ? You knew it just would not be good to have him come back.

I enjoyed the show - would have watched a second season, though don't know where it would have gone.

I watched G of T too - but I've gone totally blank on what I wanted to say. LOL

Fringe: You just know that I don't like the idea that Linc settles for another Olivia. SIGH! Besides being predictable - it's not just right. I know this show is not a romance but come on ! Just cause two women look alike does not make them alike. To fall in/out love - in the span of weeks or months - to 2 very different personalities that kinda look alike is lame !! I'm feeling cheated by the story as a whole - it's lazy.

Sorry to see over there Linc die - liked his Linc better than ours.

Hey - wasn't there a whole secret or scandal that the people trapped in the Amber were alive/awake ? Guess they're not going to bother to mention that now that there is recovery going on.

Mantis/Batman was fun, as well as the 2 Lincoln's trying to determine why they are different.

Very excited for the development that we can now track these shifters. Broyles sure did try his hardest to stop them from finding these were shifters.

I just saw the actor who played Desmond on that new show Scandal. Weird as he is pretending to be amerian.

MJ said...

G of T - Ah yes ! Holy crow ! You might have to start listing great lines for this show like you do for Fringe. LOL

I just want to say - for all the boobs (and more) they keep showing I think us women watching deserve some equal time ! Come on Hbo !

This ep was juat crazy ! Gendry knowing Arya was a girl was good fun. And Greyjoy sleeping with his captains daughter, then didling his (unknow to him) sister !! And SHE doesn't stop him. Yikes.

And the lines - from shaving spiders asses to the whole 'fishpie' conversation. I was rolling. Something about farting too I think.

I was surprised Joffrey put out the hits on his half siblings ! Thought for sure it was Cersie.

Don't remember the line but Cersei did manage to shut Tyrion up.

Who was carrying that baby into the woods though ?

Mike V. said...

Okay, this could take some time. lol

HIMYM - That was my assumption too! I don't think that's a surprise though. If next season is the last works. And if they renewed it for one more, then it still works. In either case, meeting the mother will be happening sooner than later! Yep, a couple friends and I met up on Black Friday and watched the Original Trilogy on was fantastic! lol Barnet and the Storm Trooper outfit...hysterical. But definitely weird! lol

THE RIVER: I enjoyed it. I figured there would be some cliffhanger to keep them in the river...but for it closing in on them? That was kinda cool! The son dying was insane. And yeah...the whole time I figured something bad would be happening. Crazy show. It's a shame it probably won't be back. I assumed that since they couldn't get out they would try for awhile...but eventually would have no choice but to find the Source. I'm sure it would have unfolded in a LOSTIAN way....where they spent so much time trying to get off the island but then eventually, they had no choice but to become assimilated and then defend it in the end. LOST laid out a perfect framework for that type of show. lol

FRINGE: I don't think Lincoln is necessarily IN LOVE with Fauxlivia. But we do know that the Original Lincoln (RED linc) was in love with her. And this lincoln had strong feelings for Olivia. So, there's something in their DNA that makes them attracted to each other. I mean...even Peter and Fauxlivia fell in love with each other. (kinda..she did..he didn't know what he was doing) I never really saw Lincoln (Blue) being "IN LOVE" with Olivia. He had just formed a bond with her and they were started to get to know each other. I just saw it a totally different way. And I don't think it's lazy in the least.

And yes, there was a scandal with people trapped in the amber being alive/awake. But, since the world is healing, I'm assumibng that they uncovered some people from the amber and made a big announcement that these people are still alive. I'm sure it would lead to lots of drama with grieving families (or families that moved on)...but I don't think that's a story that the show was going to tell. Of course, it might...there are still more episodes left this season. But, I doubt it. lol

I saw Desmond was on that show too. Haven't checked it out though. I'm just excited for him to be on Fringe in a couple weeks!

Mike V. said...

GAME OF THRONES: Last week's great line was Tyrion's "your love for your children is your only redeeming quality. that and your cheekbones" lol This week...there were some good ones, but I can't think of any off the top of my head!

Hey, Theon is more than willing to do some frontal scenes..he did last year. lol The whole "peep show" thing going on at Littlefinger's ranch was ridiculous. And definitely not in the books!! lol (Of course, neither is that Ros/Roz character either)

The Gendry/Arya, Theon Greyjoy Captain's Daughter and then Asha (except they're calling her Yara on the show so people don't get confused with OSHA in Winterfell...eyeroll)....was pretty much word for word, scene for scene from the book. It was awesome. Though, I think they skipped a few things with Arya's storyline...or just condensed it a bit. I didn't feel like Gendry found about Arya until later. But, it could be just because I put the book down for a few months and then picked it up later. lol And yes, Yoren talking about shaving a spider's ass was hysterical. Great stuff!

I was surprised about Joffrey putting the hit on the b*stards too. And this is a pretty significant change from the books. But, it still fits with his character. And it just shows how uncontrollable he is.

Cersei made a comment about killing their mother in childbirth. It was pretty harsh!

That was Crastor carring one of his "SONS" into the woods...and he was sacrificing it to a WHITE WALKER. Answering the question "what does he do with his sons?"

Mike V. said...

Season 3 of GoT confirmed!

MJ said...

HIMYM - also loved the 'Han Solo shot first' line. Hysterical. Read an article somewhere that they desperately tried to see Barney's ring hand at the end and that he purposefully kept it hidden so I went home and watched the end and sure enough the actor is practically sitting on his hand so we can't tell if he's married. Too funny.

Fringe - I totally disagree. Our linc was totally falling for our Olivia - that is why her remembering Peter is painful for him. The fact that she is forgetting their bond is just the cherry on that cake for him.

Guess I'm too much of a chick for us to see some of these things eye to eye but loving someone is not 'in the DNA' otherwise people would love both a a twin set.

Red Linc fell for Red Olivia. Our Linc started to fall for our Olivia, but might just be willing to transfer his feelings to the other Liv. Sad for both. We'll just agree to disagree I suppose.

G of T - oh yeah - the peepshow of a peepshow. I actually had to rewind that to make sure I got who was doing who and who was watching who.

Ah - that was Crastor ! Guess I didn't recognize him for a second. So - feeding the whitewalkers.

I read somewhere that readers of the book should be excited by seeing some boat crossing the water when Greyjoy first got off his boat. Meant nothing to me obviously but figured I mention it in case you hadn't seen it.

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - LOL...the Han shot first line was awesome! I was literally slapping my knee the whole episode. (but I do that a lot. lol) That's pretty funny about Barney's hand. Didn't even think to look!

FRINGE - Falling for Olivia and being IN LOVE with Olivia are 2 different things. I would absolutely agree that he was falling for her. But I don't think they were at a point in their relationship where they would be "IN LOVE" with each other. So yes, he'd absolutely be angry about her remembering different memories and being in love with Peter. But, they weren't at a point yet where he would have been head over heels in love with her that he would take it out on either Peter or Olivia. My point with the DNA thing is noting the initial attraction between these people. But the show goes one step further to talk about "TRUE LOVE".....yes Peter was attracted to Fauxlivia, yes Lincoln was attracted to Olivia but at least in Peter's case....he has only TRULY loved one version of Olivia. And even with the adjusted memories...he still found HIS Olivia in her. That's what that whole episode with "a short story of love" was all about. the pheromones or whatever that people give off when they have found their "soulmate" or whatever. So We saw that Red Lincoln loved Fauxlivia but she didn't necessarily reciprocate those feelings being with that other dude and then her conflicted feelings for Peter pre-time reboot. Now Blue Lincoln has been seen having an immediate connection with both Olivias. ....but maybe his "TRUE LOVE" thing was destined for the alternate Olivia....or at least he's might tell himself that. I think we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one! lol (btw...i wrote that before i saw you wrote it. lol) In any case...since when have we ever seen the Fringe writing team go the "predictable" route with this show?

GoT - Peepshow...James Hibberd (EW recap) did a fully detailed breakdown of what was going on in that scene. he said he rewound it as well. LOL Me? I got embarassed with my wife and son sleeping in the same room I was watching it so I turned down the volume and anticipated its ending ASAP. lol

Feeding the white walkers??? Hmmm..not sure about that. We really don't know what the white walkers are doing with the children...or doing PERIOD. And I probably shouldn't say this, but even as a book reader...I still don't know! lol

As for that boat scene....Hibberd mentioned something "sneakily" about that too. But, I didn't see any relevance. Apparently, it has something to do with the 5th book and I'm a long ways from there! lol Btw, I'm reading book 3 right now and I'm stumbling across scenes that happened in season 1. lol They really did their homework before mapping out this show. It was a flashback in someone's thoughts....and I just thought it was an added scene to season 1 at the time to flush out characters. Pretty cool!

Kelly said...

Ahoy mateys! Long time no visit for me :( Things have been crazy busy lately, my DVR was getting all filled up! I honestly don't even remember a lot of the TV I watched, since I watched it all in one long, confusing block on Sunday, lol.. I do remember liking Once, but I always do! Catherine's alive?! WTF? YAY! Can't wait to find out what happens with that.. and it seems that the next episode will delve a little more into Rumple and Mystery August, YAY!
Where's my Ringer buddy MJ? WTF was with last night's episode? haha, the lesbian romance revelation was hilarious to me.. it's like they're just throwing every twist they possibly can in this show. Kinda ridiculous, kinda funny, kinda good in a bad sorta way. If it were any other show I'd say, "Ugh. I'm done." But Ringer? You gotta love it, hahaha! Looks like next week is the season (propbably series) finale.. and Bodoway is gonna catch up to Bridget (or Siobhan). I forgot about him! And where is Malcolm?!

Leslie said...

Hey MJ and Kelly...looks like we get a Revenge recap episode tonight before new episodes start back next week.

Kelly said...

REVENGE!! I can't wait!! I feel like it's been sooo long!

MJ said...

I'm going to have to check out that recap on EW then! LOL on feeling funny wiht wife and son sleeping right there.

Leslie - thanks for the 411 on revenge ! Didn't now they'd give us a recap. So excited it's back.

I didn't get to see Ringer last night so I'll wait to read your comment Kelly. Past few weeks have been nuts though - finding out the ex wife has the hit on her, then she poisons her !! Always a good time.

Don't think any one here watches ?? But Being Human - american version - left with a fab cliff hanger.

MJ said...

HIMYM - totally forgot myself but read elsewhere, there was no mention of the last ep before the hiatus when it was stated that Ted/Robin didn't speak for a long time. Wondering how the are going to handle that.

Your comment on watching the 'peeping' scene with your wife and son next to you reminded me of the going outside to fart on HIMYM. LOL

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Yep, I did notice that this episode was also a crafty way to keep present day Ted and Robin from interacting with each other. Agreed, it'll be interesting to see how they'll continue that trend moving forward!

And the farting outside thing was a fantastic subplot too! And hysterical of how you were reminded about it. lol

MJ said...

Ringer - OMG!!!! Can't believe that they brought in Lesbian Love ! Too funny. This is show is more over the top than any other show - but I love it.

Finally they gave henry a brain and he's asking for a paternity test. Andrew was especially stupdi tonight though.

But Catherine - she was brilliant. What did she have like 3 plots to kill Sibhoan ? And screaming at them for packing sweaters for the fake cancun trip had me rolling.

I am def watching on time next week - can't believe it's the finale.

Revenge: I'm a little crushed - my DVR had automatically set to tape the recap, but I had thought it was a new ep plus a recap. LOL I got suckered. Can't wait for that to come back now.

Mike V. said...

I always love hearing the HIMYM producers discuss the show and where it's going and why they did certain stuff:

Kelly said...

Wasn't Ringer ridiculous? LOL! Can't wait to see what happens in the finale. It's gotta pull out all the stops. Did you see the promo clip of the wedding and who crashes it? Sheesh, can't wait til Tuesday!
I don't get how Bridget was totally fine and not drugged up after Andrew recusitated her.. but whatever, how can you point out the many many plot holes when there's a lesbian plot to kill our heroine?!
I'm telling you guys, as much as I'm enjoying TV this season, I'm glad it's winding down. I need to take a break from the boob tube and get on some actual life action! lol!
Mike, ever hear of Ringing Rocks in PA? The place that has the field of rocks that have tones to them when you hit them? I'm going there with some friends in a couple weeks, I've been wanting to go for a long time. Ever been there?

Mike V. said...

I'm with you Kelly. I'm always a little burned out by April/May and ready to take a "blogging break"! lol Of course, Sunday television in the summer always continues to be an entertaining night. But, I can handle a couple nights! Fringe being on Friday's is always a pain with recapping. But it's all good. lol

I actually have never been to Ringing Rocks, nor have ever heard of it. Naturally, I had to look it up. Sounds pretty cool! Enjoy! That's not too far from me (bout an hour), so maybe I'll get around to checking it out. lol

MJ said...

HIMYM - yeah I read that one too.

Ringer - yeah this show never fails to surprise. I only got part of the promo - didn't see a wedding. But it does appear that Bridgette finally fesses up.

I look forward to less 'must see' shows that summer brings. The early part of the week is brutal now, and friday is real tough for me. Justified is a fave of mine and just ended, as is Being Human - American. Now I'm watching the new season of the brit one.

Modern Family anyone? I've missed this show so much these past few weeks.

Mike V. said...

Definitely watched MF - hysterical as always! I love that on one ended up helping Claire. And thought it was pretty funny that Haley didn't get into college. The cliche' thing to do would have been for her to get in. But, "My daughter MIGHT be going to college!" was a classic line. lol

Also watched Don't Trust the B___ in Apt. 23 based on it being at the center of the EW Mag bullseye. Gotta say, it was pretty darn funny! Kind of inappropriate in the way that 2 Broke Girls is (ugh..can't believe I'm still watching that, but I am behind a couple eps)....but the characters are instantly appealing. And I love that James Vanderbeek is playing himself. lol

Kelly said...

MF was awesome! Loved the Cam/
Mitchell part the best.. "We're here! We're Claire! Get used to it!"
I loved Apt 23! Watched it during lunch today and thoroughly enjoyed it :) and I agree, I love James Van Der Beek as himself, he's awesome in this! This one's definitely going on my DVR list.
I'll let you know how Ringing Rocks is, I'll be taking pics and vids because my friends are musicians. They can't wait to jam, I can't wait to jam and document!

Mike V. said...

Fringe scoop on Season 4 finale and how it could act as a series finale but how it could continue on to a season 5. Everything is very vague and not too spoilery.

(but they did shoot 2 endings! interesting lol)

MJ said...

MF - yeah Cam and Mitchell outing that womans fiance was hysterical, as well as the 'might go to college'.

I also watch 2 Broke Girls - the lines are just not to be missed.

Have Apt 23 on the DVR - heard it was pretty funny.

I'll have to look at that article - thanks !

Mike V. said...

Posted this on the wrong blog earlier (yes, Idol lol)

Terra Nova's Commander Taylor (Stephen Lang) alert. He's going to be on USA's In Plain Sight tonight. The funniest part? His character's name is Jim Shannon. lol I don't watch the show but I had to share.