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Fringe: Season 4 Episode 16 - Nothing as It Seems

Hello Fringe-dom!  We were treated to a quite interesting episode last night.  If it's been awhile since you've seen season 1, you may have been feeling some deja vu but not quite pinpointing that the opening clip of the episode was reshowing us something we've already seen.  Of course, since we're in a revised timeline (of sorts), things were a bit different.  But call me totally confused.  The big point I couldn't get over is that it is 3 years later, so I'm not sure how any of it could be EXACTLY the same.  But, if we can all get past that, then the other points brought up in the episode are very interesting.  Plus, the title of the episode pretty much seems to be telling us, "don't worry, it's okay to be confused."  So, I'll try not to harp on that too much in the recap.  And, I should mention that the comedy and heartfelt moments were at an all time high in this episode, making up for the questionable case.   Let's get to it!

Fringe Case of the Week
So, the episode from season 1 that this season 4 episode borrows from is episode 13 "The Transformation".  The opening scene on the plane where Marshall Bowman bleeds on his paper, yells at the flight attendants and locks himself in the bathroom trying to protect passengers is almost scene for scene identical, same passengers and all.  There are a few differences that we should point out.    

The Transformation
  • What he is writing on his note pad is different.  In the original episode he discusses "Advanced Technology, Avoid Capture and Seems Dangerous.  It seemed he was less optimistic about this morphing technology that he was taking part in.  

  • Also, locking himself in the bathroom did not contain him.  And he came out as the porcupine beast and caused a plane crash over a soccer field. 

Nothing as It Seems
  • On the note pad he still mentions Advanced Technology but then he bleeds on the words "Too good to be true".   He sounded a bit more optimistic about what they have discovered.  This would probably be because of the drugs they had to control their transformations. 

  • He did not change to a beast on the plane.  And the air marshal went to check on him.  He came out of the bathroom all fine.  But they still took him in for questioning.  And of course, in that holding room, he couldn't get to his drugs in time and transformed.   He ended up dying as the beast in that holding room. 

So, the part I can't get past is the same exact circumstances leading all the passengers to be on that flight 3 years later.  It's the same flight number VetusAir 718, they're wearing the same clothes and sitting in the same seats.  Now, I realize they didn't want to reshoot the entire scene, but I'm just confused to how it would be happening in 2012.  I know due to the rebooted timeline, it wouldn't have happened yet here, but how could all of these people's circumstances lead them to be delayed 3 years in getting on that flight and wearing the same clothes?   Unless somehow David Robert Jones has messed with the space time continuum and brought that flight here "MILLENIUM" style.  (Oh yes, I've seen that movie!)   So, I promised I wouldn't harp on it but I wanted to at least point out my major beef with the episode.  And, I hope it will be explained.  (Cue one particular person referring to complaints about J.J. Abrams even though he's not directly involved in the show anymore)  

So anyway, the case took on a little different flavor than the original case.  Peter and Olivia both remembered things from the original case so that helped them try and track down whoever else was involved.   Olivia remembered that Marshall had partnered with a Daniel Hicks who they hunted down in the original episode.  They went to his residence and found bags of medical waste.   And, I must say, maybe the scariest scene on FRINGE ever.  I did not see the beast coming and it freaked me the hell out!   The beast got away though, and they had to continue their search. 

Unfortunately, Lincoln got assaulted by the beast and Walter made the assumption that he was infected.  Given his sudden desire for pork products, it was a good guess.  Walter made the connection that they were using human fat to control the transformations.  

Meanwhile, Peter and Olivia have tracked down an old friend that has never met them in this rebooted timeline. It's Ed Markham of the Markham Book Store!  Since he's never met them, they decide to have Olivia spout of some sci-fi to get on his good side and then are able to ask about the tattoo they found on Marshall Bowman's body.  It is a symbol to signify renewal or birth, the evolution of man.  This, in some way, leads them to Massive Dynamic to question old cases.  And they realize that one of the closed cases related to guided mutation was overseen by none other than David Robert Jones!  So, this starts to help make sense of the flight, but not completely.   But, the fact that he's hanging out with a robotic arm wielding Nina Sharp (nicknamed "MEANA") most likely means there are some time elements at play.  Of course, that's just the theory I've been throwing around in my head and in the blog. 

Anyway, Astrid was able to render up what these creatures may eventually advance into as they are searching for "human waste" storage facilities in the city.  We catch a glimpse of the beast sprouting wings and flying with his female partner/lover in his arms.  (They claim that they will be the next Adam and Eve)   The Fringe team is able to narrow down facilities with rooftop entrances.  This leads a healed Lincoln, Peter and a backup team (called in by a "suspended" Olivia) to hunt the beast down.  

Olivia stumbles upon the realization that the beast is nocturnal so calls Peter and tells him to turn on the lights.  When he does they immobilize the beast and take him down.   The girl is still there but Peter is able to shoot her before she takes out Lincoln.  Nice line when he said he was aiming for her leg. 

At the end of the episode, we are left with more questions than answers on what is going on here, but we'll get to the rest in the next section below!  


Glyph Code - FUTURE - Well that couldn't be more timely!  It could mean something besides what we were exposed to in this episode, but with all of the time elements at play this season it is definitely relevant.  Of course, it might mean we soon will be getting another glimpse of the future.  The future from this "REBOOTED" timeline, perhaps?  I know episode 19 is always a special episode every season (remember the cartoon ep last year?) and I know Henry Ian Cusick (LOST's DESMOND) has been cast for it this year.  Supposedly, none of the regular cast will be in the episode.  So, just throwing it out there, maybe that episode will take place in the future and feature none of the regular cast?  A lot to theorize on one little word, but I do get that way on occasion!   Thanks to Fringepedia for the screenshot as always. 

Observer Spotted! - When Peter got out of the house to find Olivia at Daniel Hicks' house, the Observer walked by in the background. 

There were so many this week, I know I'm going to miss some. 
  • Walter told Peter that he had bought him a birthday present for every birthday since "he died" to deal with his mourning.  So, he decided to give them to THIS Peter (even though he still doesn't realize it IS the Peter he saved all those years ago).   He gave him a beer for his 21st birthday (advising him not to drink it) and then "Hump Magazine" for when he reached adulthood.   HYSTERICAL! 

  • His interactions with Lincoln in this episode were great too.  Telling him that he may be infected and he's 80% sure he can fix him, humming classical tunes when examining him, referring to him as a good chess player when he said everyone else feels like family.   Good stuff!
  • He asked Peter at one point if he had found the genitals on the beast yet. 
  • When discussing palindromes, he used examples to explain what it was by citing "MADAM" and "BOOM".  Naturally, he smiled when he said boob.  Hysterical.  
  • And, no episode of Fringe is complete without referring to the times that he used to trip with Bellie.  
  • Speaking Yiddish that he had learned from William Bell's father never hurts either! 
  • Paraphrasing - "I know what you must be thinking.  Wouldn't it just be easier to eat people?"
Food of the Week
  •  Peanut Butter and Bacon sandwiches! 

  • And of course Green Sludge with a hint of mint to cure Lincoln. 

Olivia's Memories and Everyone's Reaction
  • Olivia met with a shrink about her memories and they deemed that 40% of her life she remembers incorrectly. (i.e. correctly)   In this rebooted timeline we learn that her sister is still married and that Ella has a little brother, Eddie (named after their grandfather).  I'm confused to how NO PETER would impact Olivia's sister that much.  But, I guess they did grow up with Nina and Olivia killed their step father in this rebooted timeline.   And, of course, Rachel and Peter didn't briefly date.  So maybe enough has changed.  

  • Broyles keeps Olivia suspended for the time being.  She talks to Peter at home as if everything is fine.  Like she is seeing things the right way, but not everyone else is.  And she is content with that.  She was a little upset, though, when Peter got called into the case and she didn't.   No fear, Peter kept her in the loop since the case involved a case they both worked on before.  Lincoln had to cover for Olivia several times, but in the end she ratted herself out to Broyles. 
  • And at the end, Olivia's involvement in the case was so key that Broyles had no choice but to reinstate her saying that 60% of their Olivia is still better than anyone else.  
  • Lincoln and Peter also have it out on the car ride to Daniel Hicks' house.  But Lincoln understands the way Olivia looks at Peter.  It's the same way his old partner looked at his wife.  TRUE LOVE.  He's not happy about it, but he is letting Peter have her without fight.  

  • Lincoln also said to Olivia, referring back to their diner scene earlier this season, that things aren't getting less strange.  But, Olivia has no memory of that anymore.  Oops!
Walter's Memories sort of catching up
  • Walter, still doesn't have memories like Olivia does about their past.  Maybe he never will.  But, the whole gift giving aspect and Peter smiling at the man that his "technically" the father he has grown to love (even if it's the wrong universe's father) and hugs him.  It was a very sweet moment. 

  • Walter later refers to his longing for family that he never realized he had.  He watched Peter, Olivia and Astrid joke about different apocalyptic prophecies and just thought it was PERFECT.  This is the "hole" in his life that I have referred to throughout the season.  It seems to be getting filled.
  • So, even if Walter doesn't particularly remember the old timeline, he is getting back to his old self and this family unit is starting to come back together.  Good stuff! 
The David Robert Jones Plot evolution
  • At the end of the episode, we see Marshall Bowman's sister (questioned earlier in the episode) and that dude from Battlestar Galactica discussing continuing the work and being children of the new world.  The inject themselves with the drugs.  

  • And then all of a sudden we see 2 beasts locked in cages on a barge in the middle of the ocean with some mysterious man watching over them.   But it's not just the beasts.  We pass by a few other creatures that looked to be from season 1 episodes, in particular that snake-like thing that was swimming around in someone's stomach before.  My memory is a little hazy on the episode.   

  • If my memories are correct, David Robert Jones was behind a lot of those season 1 cases and the whole ZFT Manifesto.  He had an agenda in that first season that was thwarted when he died in the dimensional doorway (kudos to Peter Bishop).  It would seem that we may be seeing his plan play out in season 4 now.  At least, that's what it seems.   
Whether he is from this rebooted timeline or some other timeline, his goals are massive and seem to be large enough to tie 4 seasons worth of conflict together.  Yet, we're still hoping for a season 5, folks!  It is confirmed that they're not writing towards a definitive ending of the show.  And they actually confirmed that they WOULD produce a comic to close the story out if the show is prematurely cancelled.  But, with Terra Nova officially gone and it's looking pretty dire for Alcatraz (unfortunately), this can all mean positive things for Fringe though!  I don't think we should get our hopes up past 13 episodes, but we'll see! 

For now, though, that's all I have!  All of my recapping outside of Fringe is done for the time being, but definitely be sure to watch GAME OF THRONES on Sunday!  I'll be all revved up and ready to discuss with everyone.  Mad Men is still on top of its game too.  And of course, tons of other shows that we discuss every week.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 

End Credits
  • This season I am recapping FringeTerra NovaThe Walking Dead and Alcatraz
  • Other shows that are being discussed in comments recently:  Sons of Anarchy, How I Met Your Mother, Once Upon a Time, American Horror Story, Dexter, Chuck, Shameless, Mad Men (March 25th!), Game of Thrones (April 1st!), among others.  Feel free to join in!
  • See trailers for the Mid-Season shows I'm looking forward to: Awake and Touch.  
  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you in the comments of any of these blog posts.


Anonymous said...

hahaha Mike,
You might be overthinking that first scene where all the people on the plane were the same and dressed the same. I can see two reasons why they might do that,,,
The first is the least exciting, to save money.
The second might be to have fun with we fans. I watched the first minute and thought, this seems so familiar. Then I thought, maybe my dvr recorded a rerun. It wasn't until the amber tinted opening started that I was sure I was watching a new episode.

I agree. We are seeing the results of Jone's plan because Peter was not there to kill him. I do kind of hope that we aren't destined to see them battle the same beasts/mutants for the remaining episodes.

I still think Walter might start recapturing old memories. I think that hug from Peter might be the catalyst.

As I predicted we got an episode that revolved around the case of the week and the larger arc took a week off. That gives we viewers a chance to catch our breath and feel some sort of normalcy. Watch out though, I am sure something will happen in the next two episodes to destoy that "normalcy".

Bill B

Mike V. said...


I don't know if I'm overthinking it or not! I mean, I agree it was a good way to save money, which I think I brought up too. And obviously they were trying to mess with us even though the "previously on" clearly showed the season 1 clips so they were setting us up for it. But, I still don't get how this same exact plane scenario could happen in a rebooted timeline 3 years later where everyone looks exactly the same age and are wearing the same clothes. Are we going to say that because Peter died in the river, that all fashion developments got delayed 3 years!? lol These producers don't often overlook things like that, so I have to question if the Jones revelations will help explain what happened.

Yeah, I hope they don't have to battle all of the beasts again, but I do like the fact that they're trying to tie the events of season 1 closer into the overall mythology of the show. I'm sure whatever they have in store will be a good time.

Good point with the hug from Peter. I hope Walter gets his old memories back....but of course, we already know Walter had a screw loose when it came to memories anyway (you know...since he asked Bellie to take out a piece of his But, I'm sure in order to provide closure to this season there will be some type of acceptance and "original memories" gained.

Okay, so in terms of other TV watching...just wanted to update everyone on where I stand! Game of Thrones, I watched, loved and am ready to discuss! I have read the book so I will try to avoid spoiling when I discuss, but will also happily point out differences from the book! Mad Men, didn't get a chance to see. We have out of town visitors this week, so I might be falling behind on a few things. Shameless, did not see. ONCE, did not see. The River, I'm 4 episodes in! Anyway, feel free to discuss the other shows and I'll just catch up when I can! This will be the only post until Saturday so it should be easy to track! :-)

MJ said...

I have to be brief as I have a meeting to get to.

Fringe: Agree that I don't get how the same people are on that same plane in the same clothes 3 years later. It's not like fringe to not add up, so I feel this is pointing to something we will learn in time

Loved seeing Gaeta though ! But that grass/slude drink was nasty to even look at. And PB w/ bacon was nasty too. LOL

Also agree that the changes to Olivia's sister's life seem too much for Peter not being in this timeline. She's too removed - in my opinion - from peter's life to have his erasure have so much impact. Especially how many kids she has ?!? No - I think there is more to this.

And I continue to be sad by what Olivia is forgetting or letting go of. Not remembering your own nephew ? Horrible. I did agree last week that it was romantic that she remembers Peter, but it is just sad that she has to forget her great relationship with Nina (still say her asking Nina to re-make the connection shouldn't work as Nina should forget too in time). And why IS it only Olivia remembering? Others should start that as well. No - I don't think its as simple as what we have seens so far.

The birthday gifts were great fun though. Hump ! And Walter's guilty look as he's caught coming out of a room (bathroom?) with that magazine later. Classic !

I haven't re-watched any fringe seasons so I really had no recollection of the season 1 ep.

I have seen GofT as well and we can talk later. I'm still having my issues with the characters names. When they go to the brothel to kill the bastard the head madam says it's xxx's brothel (name started with a B I think) is that person the one with the mocking bird that exchanged words with the queen, or is he the eunich ?

I have more but will have to wait.

What do you think of the River so far ??

Anonymous said...

It's probably a waste of time but USA Today is having an interactive poll regarding which shows should be saved. They also let you explain why you think the show should be saved and what you like about it. It only takes a couple of minutes and it certainly can't hurt to weigh in even though it's doubtful that anyone with any real decision making power is looking at it.


Bill B

Mike V. said...


FRINGE: Yeah, I think we're on the same thought process. Things are pretty complicated in the Fringe world! I hear you on the feeling bad of her letting go of memories. But, as we discussed last week, it is yet to be seen if these other characters will also regain old memories. I just assumed they would...but maybe not. You raise the question of why is it only Olivia so far? And it's a good question. We don't know! Probably because of the cortexiphan and her strong connection to Peter. Anyway, my point is...we may have some kind of MERGING of memories where some people remember the old and some remember the new. Or maybe everyone remembers both..I dunno! lol I really don't know where you go to for closure on this as this point, but I have faith they'll figure it out. (or already have figured it out and we just have to watch it play out) Glad you agree with me on the plane and the 3 years later and agree it's not like Fringe to not add up. I just feel like now it's David Robert Jones messing with the timeline now somehow. I don't know exactly how...but the fact that he had knowledge of the former timeline when he was interrogating Olivia and the fact that "MEANA" has the robotic arm must point to something.

And yes...I meant to mention Walter's guilty look when coming out of the "bathroom" (we'll just say that's what it was...but could have been his bedroom for all we know) was fantastic. lol

GoT: I don't think I would have noticed except for watching season 1 of GoT 3 or 4 times now...that the ROZ (ROS) character went from being a "girl of the night" in Winterfell (and one that Theon and Tyrion shared) to someone working for Lord Peter Baelish (aka Littlefinger) at his house in Kings Landing. I don't think this character was in the books..and if she was...not this prevalent. But Littlefinger (baelish) is the one with the brothel and the one with the mocking bird pin. The eunich is Varys. But we did see in season 1 that Littlefinger was hiding one of Rob's bastards at the house. That was a rough scene and was not depicted at all in the books. But, it may have been implied...since at the end they were looking for Gendry (the bastard on the road with Arya). In the books it is implied that people (i.e. the Lannisters) are looking for Gendry. So, I like how they took implications from the book or one liners and turned it into a horrific scene in the TV show. Also, any time characters meet that it isn't possible to witness in the book (because their character's point of view isn't featured) makes for some interesting additions. i.e. Littlefinger and Cercei's debate of power. Fantastic addition.

I'll wait for more commentary to add more thoughts but I have to say Peter Dinklage (Tyrion) continues to shine this season and with the material coming his way, he's bound to get yet another emmy. I loved when he was talking to Cercei and said something like "That's your one redeeming quality.....and your cheekbones." LOL I forget if that line was in the book...wouldn't surprise me if it was, but Peter's delivery of it was hysterical.

Mike V. said...

THE RIVER: I'm enjoying it! I'm glad I waited until it was over to just plow through them though. Still considering my "it's all for reality TV" theory...but if it is...I don't think the producer guy is involved. He seems genuinely surprised when things are happening...of course he could just be a really good actor. lol Maybe it was Emmett's idea to scare up some big ratings or something. I'm sure I'm making up something ridiculous that wasn't even meant to be considered but whatever! lol

@BILL - I'll definitely check that out! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Mike.

MJ - I can see where you are coming from with Olivia losing her memories (especially of a family member). It too close to someone with Alzheimers Disease losing their memories for anyone that has had to deal firsthand with that illness.

Bill B

MJ said...

Thanks Bill - for the comment and the link. I've jumped over and did it.

Of course we dont' have all the answers yet. I guess I'm not wholly happy with the way it is right now, but I feel we still don't have all the 411 yet. I think they have some more cards up their sleeves ! We shall see, but it's not like Fringe to not add up so I have to think it's purposeful at this point.

Baelish! That was it. I got all confused with the Queen calling him Baelish, then referencing his Mocking Bird Pin, and the Little Finger.

So - who put the hit out on the bastards ? Ceirci or Joffrey ? Could be either but it was not truly stated. Agree on the debate - that was bold of him !

So the book's chapters are from one characters perspective then ? Interesting. now that you say that I think you or someone talked about that last year when Robert and Cierci had that one nice conversation together.

The whole scene with Tyrion announcing that he was there as the hand was great ! Cierci's having a rough time of it. Obviously it's all deserved though.

I was amazed by the new red-haired witchy chick that she did not die after drinking that poison. They guy who did sure had a very small role LOL.

Shameless: OMG! This show is just nuts. We'll talk once you've watched.

Mike V. said...

FRINGE: Agreed...I may have not made it clear, but no I'm not content with the way things are right now either. I'm content from a story perspective because it's absolutely interesting but it's not an ideal situation to LEAVE characters in. So, yes, I agree there has to be more to it. But I'm glad the question of "different timelines" is sorta answered. Peter doesn't have to travel through any times or dimensions to fix things, he's already with the right versions of characters. So the big question is...what, if anything, WILL get fixed and how?

GoT: Based on the comments on the EW blog, most people think Cercei put the hit on the bastards. And supposedly this is in the book too or mentioned indirectly. But, I don't recall things to that level of detail. But based on the characters, it seems more in line with something Cercei would do than Joffrey. Joffrey believes he is entitled to the throne and I doubt he would fear any of his "father's" bastard children. I don't know how much time they'll harp on who gave the order, but my money would be on Cercei.

Yep, books are from character perspectives. Each book has about 8 character POVs and each chapter is named after the character it is following.

Book 1: Eddard, Catelyn, Sansa, Arya, Tyrion, Jon Snow, Danaerys (Dany), Bran

Book 2: Catelyn, Sansa, Arya, Tyrion, Jon, Danaerys, Davos (Stannis's #1 guy), Theon

I believe I'm the one that mentioned how I loved the Rob/Cercei scene and it was definitely an addition from the book since those 2 characters could never share a page without a POV character being there. As you may notice, Robb Stark is not a POV character but he's a fairly big character on the show. He is mentioned a lot in past tense in the books but they are really beefing up his character for the screen.

BTW....Littlefinger explains where he got his nickname in the first season, but he is from an area of Westeros called "The finger" or "fingers"...and he was very small as a that earned him the name. lol

Agreed...Tyrion's entrance into King's Landing was fantastic and it was just as fantastic in the books. His politicing (sp) is a highlight of the books and will most likely be great in the show too. Everything coming Cercei's way is well deserved..same to Joffrey! 2 characters that are great to love to hate. lol (cont'd)

Mike V. said...

So the red head woman is called Melisandre (or Mellisandre).....she is nutso! lol What I forgot to mention above is in addition to the POV characters there is also PROLOGUES to each book that feature a POV character for just that prologue. The opening scene of game of thrones was the prologue of the first bool with the White Walkers taking down the Night's Watch peeps. This poisoning scene with Melisandre was the prologue of Book 2. Apparently, they wanted to open with Tyrion coming to King's Landing first to set the stage for season 2 better. But yeah...the Maester that died definitely had a small role....but still vital. lol

Hmmm...don't know what else to talk about...they pretty much covered the first 6 chapters of the book which is A LOT with those books. So many characters to get caught up with and they did a good job giving them all a scene. The whole scene between Robb and Jamie was definitely added (note who the POV characters are. lol)...but it was a good time. I did find it interesting that Robb already knew about the incest. I know Stannis sends the ravens to everyone to get the word out, but Catelyn didn't find out in the book until much later on. So, I'm not sure if that will still be the case or not. Because she also didn't piece together Bran being pushed out the window by Jamie until near the end of book 2...and that scene made it into the last episode of season 1. So, they're shuffling some plot lines a bit to add tension, or make sense for television. It's mostly intact though!

One other thing I'll mention that is different from the books. It looks like Tyrion moved Shae into the Red Keep right away against his father's wishes. In the book, he put her in a hidden place all the way across town which he had to sneak to. The reason I know she's in the Tower of the Hand is because Tyrion referenced Ned Stark sleeping on that bed. My guess is this is a logistical thing for the purpose of television. lol

Great setup for season 2 though! I wish I could just watch them all now!! I gotta get through these hunger games books (almost done 3rd one) so I can jump right back into book 3 of Song of Fire and Ice (THRONES)....supposedly more of book 3 will be in this season than I had originally thought. lol

SHAMELESS: Okay, sounds good!

Mike V. said...

whoops! Forgot to mention Bran is a POV character in book 2 also. lol

MJ said...

I do remember that story of little finger from S1 cause it reminded me of the Finger Lakes in upstate NY.

I loved that scene with Rob and Jamie ! That wolf is now huge.

Regarding where Shae is - you are probably right. One less set to build and easier for filming to not have to show him skulking across town.

Once : Finally we got the back story of why Regina hated Snow so much. And now alot of clarity on how Regina became who she is and was.

The actor who played the stable boy was very familiar - couldn't place him though.

Man - Regina's dad is just a big wuss ! LOL

MJ said...

G of T - Oh yeah - I'm going to assume that Gendry will survive only to help Arya. But I know i should not assume. LOL

And that Wilding guy who's marrying his own daughters gave me the ewwwws ! Good question - what happens to sons ? John Snow better keep his mouth shut and his eyes down - but i doubt that he will.

And poor young Bran having to play politics and listen to these boring old men !

MJ said...

Dang Mike - missed the story last week that your 49ers picked up Brandon Jacobs. My team just keeps letting people go ! If your players stay healthy then you guys will go far. The giants will crash and burn - they always do after their superbowl wins. LOL

Leslie said...

ONCE - It was interesting to get the backstory on Regina and Snow, but I think some of Regina's hate should be directed toward her mother! She was the real problem. Talk about heartless! No warm fuzzies from her!

And, Kathryn pops up in the alley alive??? I thought they said DNA confirmed it was her heart??

Mike V. said...

The wolf IS huge! Apparently, they used real wolves this time instead of dogs that look like wolves...and obviously they CGI'd it from there. But Direwolves even get larger when they're full size, so I guess they'll keep growing!

I will say nothing on the Arya storyline that I know. All I know is, lots of fun stuff await us! lol

As for Crastor, most people are complaining about how clean-cut he was (the guy marrying his daughters). In the book we all pictured some disheveled old man with long scraggly hair and what not. This rendition of him didn't bother me though. You know, I can't remember what happened to the sons! But obviously, if I did, I wouldn't say. lol And once again, I'm struggling to provide objective speculation since I already know a lot of stuff...but I still do enjoy reading the book before watching even if it hinders my ability to discuss. The plus side on this book took me a year to read the whole thing. (I took lots of breaks)....a lot of this stuff we're watching now, I read when Season 1 was airing and a little bit after. So, it's all a little vague for me. It wasn't until January of this year when I really dug back in and started reading the the last 2/3rds of the book. lol

Agreed on Bran...he really got a raw deal with getting thrown out a window and now having to rule Winterfell at 10 or 11 years old!

Haven't watched ONCE yet. I'm really going to be behind this week.

But I did watch SHAMELESS! Great finale. With your OMG comment, I kept expecting for some crazy twist to happen at the end....but it actually was a happy ending for the most part. Besides the mother fleeing again, but we had to see that coming...and fleeing with DHARMA of all people! lol (of Dharma and Greg, not the Dharma initiative. lol) The whole thing with Joan Cusack, Chode (love Lip's nickname for him and can't remember his actual name) and the chinese baby was hysterical. Putting him in the dryer???!! lol Good stuff. The twist on Steve/Jimmy's Dad being Ian's "man" was a fun twist. And whatserface hitting Frank with the pan was oustanding. She's a pretty funny character....and the whole cuddling with Lip at the end?? oh boy. lol I thought season 2 was pretty solid and looking forward to it coming back! They say "SOON" but I'm sure that means in a year or whatever. lol

Mike V. said...

49ers: Yep, we keep picking up Giants! We already have Frank Gore, but Jacobs is a nice guy to have in reserves. And I'm sure he'll take some of Frank's carries. But Gore is a beast at the goal line too, so I'm not sure how they'll utilize Jacobs. But, hopefully they're doing enough with these offensive moves to help out Alex Smith a bit more. The Defense is all returning so they should be as good, if not better, than last year!

Leslie, sorry I'm slacking on Mad Men...I'll watch as soon as I can!

Leslie said...

Mike - I admit I was feeling a little left out since I can't talk Fringe or G of T, but I'll be patient on Mad Men. :) We got a lot of Betty this week, and it was funny how they used her real life pregnancy.

MJ said...

Once - I know Leslie ! I ws wiating to see if any one had watched before I said too much.

I freaked out when Katherine appeared. My husband and I had the very same thought - it was supposed to be her DNA. SO if the queen keeps all the hearts in her vault drawers she was able to put it in the box to frame MM. Katherine was locked in a cell next to Belle. So with Katherine's return does that mean that everyone in storybrook doesn't have hearts ??? And who let her out of the cell ?? I know Mr Gold wants to get the queen but I don't think he let Katherine out !

Awake - EW has an interesting tidbit from this weeks ep. As the article says itself - can't tell if it's a spoiler or a red herring. Interesting though

MJ said...

Shameless - yeah, sorry but my OMG was more of the 'can't believe they went there' type. Jimmy's father and Ian ! And apparently Monica is only a lesbian when she's on her meds. I cracked up to see Jenna Elfman crawl out from that blanket. Poor Deb - she broke my heart when she was crying. Chody (Jody) wanting to breast feed was hysterical as well as keeping the kid in the dryer. And Frank waking up under 6 inches of snow cracked me up. Though I actually felt a little bit sorry for Frank - he really does love Monica. Yup - probably won't be back til january again. SIGH. But True Blood is coming back in June.

Mike V. said...

I've been avoiding that Awake clip because I thought it was a real spoiler. lol Oh well, I'll just continue to skip it. :-)

BTW...Game of Thrones ratings went up pretty much guaranteeing a season 3! My comments are all over the EW article discussing it. lol

Mike V. said...

Sorry, just saw your post on Shameless!

Loved all of those moments...especially Chody and the breastfeeding and Frank under the show. Agree, he definitely loves Monica so that was pretty rough on him. Deb crying? also rough! True Blood will be back in June...right when GoT ends, I'd assume. Hopefully, it improves. I haven't been too impressed with the past couple of seasons. But, I'll keep watching! lol I think Episodes returns this summer!

MJ said...

Yes - Episodes is def coming back. And Breaking Bad is back in July! Funny - I thought that was a fall show. Just remembering wrong I guess.

I almost avoided Awake clip thinking it's a spoiler - but it's really a clip of what we will see on the next ep so really a promo. The writers article (very short) is really about what the promo was telling us - truth or red herring.

Mike V. said...

I don't think anything on AMC has a set schedule for any of its shows...they had too many shows at one point which caused a delay in Breaking Bad airing season 4 (and making it ineligible for last year's Emmys...that's should do really well at this year's. Of course...i say "SHOULD" lol)

Basically, once one show ends, the next one will start. So Walking Dead will usually premiere in October, but then they pushed the 2nd half so that when it ended, Mad men would return, and once that ends....Breaking Bad is back. Not sure if when that ends, Walking Dead will be back or not. lol But that's what happened last year. And there's the wildcards of these other shows like The Killing, Rubicon, That wild west show and any other shows they're trying out. lol So basically, I'm talking out of my ass! lol I have no idea what their philosphy is but I did know BB was coming back after Mad Men was done in July! Woo hoo!

Cool on the awake promo...if I remember to check it out I will!

MJ said...

Oh yeah - The Killing. Any one watching ? The 2 hour premier of season 2 was pretty good. I forgot just how 'off' her character is. Just the way she walks. LOL I know the actress from Big Love and she did not carry herself that way. I'm glad I didn't dump the show. Didn't hear about the ratings but I hope they were decent.

Justified any one ? The penultimate was last night ! The finale next week looks to be fabulous as always. Mike - it's not quite as good as BB but it is def worth the catch up this summer.

Mike V. said...

No Killing for me but I did want an update on how it was so I know if I should catch up! But I did hear the ratings were down a bit. Most people looked at this as a sign that it wouldn't be renewed.

Still TiVoing Justified! Hope I can catch up this summer.

Still catching up on my Sunday TV little by little. Watched ONCE last night. This show keeps getting better! And yes, we finally learned about Regina's hatred of Snow. I'd say it was a pretty good reason. I mean not good in the sense that she's justified, but good in the sense why I can see how she'd never get over it. (Did anyone else think about The Pricess Bride with the "TRUE LOVE" with a Stable Boy? lol I kept saying outloud "WUB....TWOO WUB!!!") Don't know the actor who was playing him though. Agree with Leslie'd think the hatred would be with the mother. But she did distinctly ask Snow to keep a promise. Still, the mother set the whole thing up. Crazy....of course...this all points to the possibility that Snow and the Queen might bury the hatchet down the road. (I said "MIGHT" lol) Right....Kathryn/Katherine alive....that was pretty crazy! I thought the DNA confirmed it too. But I'm guessing Mr. Gold is behind her returning. So, he must know some secret that we don't.

So Mr. Gold said that "we know what happens when people leave Storybrooke" we though? It was implied that you die....but is that really the case? She's back now. lol I guess we still don't really know but I'm sure we'll find out. Oh wait...we did see Katherine in a cell next to Belle? That's right...I forgot. lol (I'm reading everyone's comments and responding along the way lol)

As for no one in Storybrooke having hearts. Well, what we saw with the Huntsman/Sheriff....his heart was still beating and Regina destroyed it, killing him. I figured everyone's hearts were locked in those chests. But...I also figured Katherine's heart was no longer beating...if it was...I'm sure Emma would have had cause for concern that something isn't normal here. So, I'm very confused about the DNA matching hers on the heart and her still being alive. Of course, maybe that means the Huntsman is still alive

NEW GIRL - Another classic! This whole Schmidt/whatserface storyline has been hysterical.

Still no Mad Men. I was all ready to watch last night, but my wife fell asleep. Some little 3 month old kept her up all night 2 nights ago. :-) lol

MJ said...

Once: I'm sure there is some hatred with the mother too but for the show's purposes it's all about Regina and Snow.

But if the Queen has everyone's hearts then what are the people of Storybrook walking around with in their chests?? That's where i was going with it.

I haven't been able to watch New Girl yet but was looking forward to it when we knew last week that they were outed basicly.

Mike V. said...

Maybe their fairy tale hearts were replaced with "human" hearts? lol I have no idea

Mike V. said...

HIMYM News - The Green Dress is returning! They set it up last season with a little tease from Future Ted. Ted shows up in a green dress and says "now we're even" but then he remembered that happened with Lily was pregnant. I love how they tie this stuff up so nicely. lol They must have one insane white board in the writer's room. lol

Mike V. said...

Finally watched Mad Men!!! (I can hear the applause coming through the screen. lol) Another solid episode, but yes...a lot of January Jones. The preganancy "cover-up" was interesting. I had to google if she had the baby yet during the episode to figure out what her prognosis would be. lol But yikes...she really blew up! lol (not that there's anything wrong with that)

The office stuff was great as always. So I guess the secretary they hired is named Dawn? Don and Dawn? lol Good stuff. And the whole stones thing with Harry (Henry? What is that dude's name??lol) and Don was hysterical. Don hates him so much...and H-man keeps kissing up. Good stuff. I'm sure there's more, but can't think of anything. Gotta go dump out my thoughts about Idol real quick. lol

THE RIVER - One more episode left! I'm right on schedule. They just found Emmett and he saved them at the end of the episode and asked "how was my funeral?" ....interesting stories with the Russian guy who is planning to kill emmett...and his girlfriend/fiance murdering all of those people. I still have this nagging feeling that this is an intentional reality show. But, it could be just my lingering desire for there to be a ridiculous twist. lol But some of these people clearly looked like they died....and that whole ghost episode with the girl's (Lena?) dad would have been hard to "fake" who knows?? lol I have been enjoying it though. I would watch it again if it came back...but obviously, it doesn't look good for that.

MJ said...

River: I thought that was such a great line "How was my funeral" ! Was so surprised they found him before the finale though. Loved the ep with Lena's dad being the ghost.

Kelly - if you are reading I'm dying to talk Ringer. Cause holy crap ! This show is just getting complicated. Loved the cops hauling faux Sib in cause she bribed the maid and of course it wasn't her ! Katherine is such a psycho. Great role for the atress who was on Rescue Me and only got to yell at Tommy all the time and not much else to do.

Mike V. said...

BTW...also watched SMASH from Monday. This show has turned into a horrific soapy mess. lol I know they got renewed, so hopefully they can tweak what worked well and elminate the crap that did not work well at all. The behind the scenes broadway stuff was the good stuff. The singing of pop songs can go away and that dumb assistant dude needs to fall into a man-hole.

And now I'm off my soapbox. :-)

Leslie said...

Mad Men – I’ve been so patient! lol Betty really did blow up! Not that there’s anything wrong with that . . . were you a Seinfeld watcher? :) I loved how she said she couldn’t go to the thing with her husband because of “a woman thing”. Yeah, she couldn’t zip her dress! Interesting that Betty reached out to Don with her possible diagnosis, and when he followed up and called the house to check on her, Henry seemed bothered by that and didn’t tell Betty it was Don on the phone.

That was funny with Don’s new secretary, Dawn, and all the stuff with Harry (Henry is Betty’s husband). And, the “not heard of PC back then” comment from Roger, “Hire the Jew, it’s better than darkest before the dawn over there.” Just made me cringe!!! And, I was uncomfortable just typing that!

The River – that episode was great when they found Emmet, so gross in that cocoon! I’ll be interested to hear what you think about the ending.

Smash – watched last night. Agree that the assistant guy needs to go away. He is more than irritating!

LOST FAN said...

YOU NEED TO START A ONCE UPON A TIME BLOG PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE. The show is picking up much like LOST did after Season 1. Maybe this is the sort of deal where you start your blog in the 2nd season in the same way you did with LOST. Anyways OUAT needs a blog and there's no better blogger out there than you AND the show really is SO similar to LOST so... this needs to happen!

- Avid LOST Fan, and diehard LostAddictsBlog reader

MJ said...

I agree with LOST FAN ! LOL

Smash: LOL on the manhole ! Was glad to see Karen has some tiny little claws finally. They were actually a little fun together. Enjoyed what Eileen did to the director (brit Flash Forward guy) too.

True Blood - I agree with you from the other day, not as good as it used to be but I'm still enjoying it.

New show coming to HBO looks promising - if you liked West Wing and Sports Night (which I did). Now I'm aging myself. LOL

Mike V. said...

@leslie - Definitely was a Seinfeld watcher! lol Yep, definitely interesting with Betty calling Don. She was desperate to talk to someone and turned to him. Based on the previously on clips they showed her saying that "things arent good" between her and Henry. We'll see where that goes I guess! But, I don't see why Don knowing would be a big does impact their children. But I guess the fact that Betty didn't tell him that she talked to Don is a big deal. lol

I totally missed Roger making that comment, but definitely cringe-worthy....and funny in the sense that things like that probably were said back in the day and accepted. But obviously, not funny!

THE RIVER: I'll keep you guys posted

@Leslie/MJ SMASH: yeah there were good moments, but overall it just wasn't working for me.

@MJ - Yeah the Jeff Daniels show does look good. It's an Aaron Sorken production so I'm definitely interested. I never watched West Wing though. Sports Night, my wife loved and watched...I only saw a few eps but enjoyed them.

@LOST Fan - Thanks for the high praise on the Lost blog, for starters! As for ONCE (what we call it around these parts. OAUT just looks funny lol), we have been commenting on it all season here. It just hasn't had its dedicated post. So, my thoughts are interspersed throughout the site on a weekly basis. Considering it is from former LOST scribes, I always had faith in this show and it is definitely paying dividends now.

Though, I wouldn't necessarily say that my obsession with it is on par with LOST. Yes, the storytelling is very similar and the unfolding of the story is VERY LOSTIAN, but I'm not quite feeling the need for an all out dedicated blog. Plus, it's on Sundays where I already am tied to writing about The Walking Dead for 13 weeks of the year.

Anyway, I'm guessing what made the LOST blog so good was my attention to detail due to my ridiculous obsession with it. I really haven't felt that way about any show since then. THe closest would be Fringe....and my Game of Thrones obsession is getting there too, but with it being a book series too, there's not much need for my recapping! lol

The best I can say is that I'll CONSIDER doing something for ONCE next season. Maybe a separate dedicated post for discussions at least. But we will continue discussing it regardless! Thanks again for being a dedicated LOST ADDICTS BLOG reader! I miss that show dearly still!

(And thanks MJ for agreeing and adding pressure lol)

MJ said...

LOL! A Once post could just be a replacement for Alcatraz. Just saying !

OMG ! Casting news on SOA. And who knew that they have actually been renewed for even next year ! So great.

G of T - never got back to say - I totally get why you read the books before watching the movies/shows but i just can't. I can't know stuff in advance and not tell it. LOL Also - they books always have more then the movies or shows so I like to start with the less then read and learn more. Just me. Problem is I have no time to read. I'm still reading Harry Potters - ROFLMAO !

Mike V. said...

Touché on once replacing a show. But that goes back to my issue with 2 shows I blog being on one night!! Too much for me in this phase of life!! Lol

I do remember hearing soa had two seasons guaranteed. Good times!! Jimmy smits eh? Hope he has a better arc than he did on dexter! Lol

I hear you on books! Definitely get thru those potters!!

Finished the river!! So it's definitely a supernatural show. Good stuff!! Seems like it would have been a series objective to find the source maybe. And take down that crazy head spirit. I enjoyed it though!

LOST FAN said...

Thank you Mike, didn't know you had comments on your blog, I will start reading them. I agree ONCE is still far away from reaching the level that LOST hit. My hope is that the show really develops to the point where it's so complex, we will need a fully dedicated Mike Vitullo weekly recap just to know what's going on! I have a glimmer of hope that it is heading there, the last 2 epidsodes have really thickened the plot. Anyways, keep up the good work!

And thank you MJ for agreeing with me.

MJ said...

True - two on one night - but neither is really really complicated at this time. And TWD is only half a season afterall. LOL Come on Mike !!

Awake any one ??? Awesome ep last night. Don't want to say too much til I know someone has watched.

Mike V. said...

LOST Fan/MJ - We'll see! lol No they're not very complicated so it's possible...but the thing is...I take like an hour so of work time to write up that TWD post! lol Don't know if I could take more time to do a ONCE one too. And then all of those pictures!! yikes!! I've set the bar too high :-) But...we'll see what happens. ONCE could end in a crazy way this year and leave me no choice but to begin recapping. lol

But I'm with both of you...the you has just kept getting better and better and definitely deserves our attention. The question is HOW much! :-)

AWAKE - I watched...but I kinda missed what happened in the final scene with the shrink. Wasn't sure if there was something revealing going on. lol It was a great ep though. And what was up with that Penguin!?! lol

MJ said...

BB : Theya re still talking starting up in July - but with half the eps, then the rest for 2013 !

Awake: Penguin was creepy ! And the fact that the shrink wasn't even IN the hospital with him. That might be what you missed. He apparently imagined the doc in the ward that whole time.

Once: I feel ya about the time and effort. But Once wouldn't need pics ! LOL Whatever you do will be fine Mike.

Ok - I'm outta here for a 3 day weekend. Happy Easter/Passover to those who celebrate it.

MJ said...

Crap - forgot to post the BB link!

Mike V. said...

Yup...saw that about BB...they kinda threw that comment out there when the 16 episodes were originally announced, so I'm not sure why people are flipping out in the comments! lol Naturally, I've decided to comment. :-) You'll see my comments now usually say Mike V. on ew and tv guide posts. lol I have a DISQUS login now. I'm so cool. lol

AWAKE: OHHHHHHHH!!!! Yes that makes a lot more sense. lol I think I vaguely remember hearing that he wasn't there. Interesting. So does that mean that is the dream world? Or do we chalk it up to hallucinations? lol

ONCE - I'll see what I can do!

Happy Easter (that's what I celebrate) and Passover to all as well!