Monday, March 12, 2012

Alcatraz - Season 1 Episode 8 - Clarence Montgomery

Hello all and welcome back to Alcatraz for a hefty helping of Auntie May's Ribs!  Decent episode tonight that was intended to precede the past 2 episodes we saw.  My DVR had it labeled as episode 10, but we all know it was episode 8 and that's what this blog will record it as!   We got a good brain dump of information on what has happened to some/all of these 63s that are showing up in the present day.  And as always, the manhunt was just as thrilling.  As always, we'll stick with a brief recap and then discuss some of the key talking points.  Here we go!

Clarence Montgomery

Clarence Montgomery was an african american chef who was a victim of the 60s and the early years of the civil rights movement.  He was falsely accused of murdering his girlfriend on a golf course who just happened to be his boss's daughter or something like that.  He was considered by the warden as the only innocent man to reside within Alcatraz's walls.  The mystery about Clarence was that when he turned up in the present day, he started killing women the same way his girlfriend was killed and told his trusty friend Emmett Little (hello former Mayor dude on The Wire!) that prison changed him.  

As always the team was on the hunt and discovered throughout the episode that there were 2 different killers.  On in 1958 and Clarence in the present day.  In the past, we see Clarence being groomed to be "rehabilitated" by the Warden.  He made him head chef which caused a riot in the lunch room between the races.  But what ended up happening is that he was subjected to tests that caused him to "BECOME" a killer.  He Talky Talkerson that we saw in a previous episode.  (I think they called him William or something)  And he felt that there was no way to rehabilitate him now.  

He felt the same way in 2012 when he ran from Team Alactraz (A-Team, The Rock Squad, Rock Hunters?, Hurley and Friends?  we'll keep working on it).  He returned to his buddy Emmett.  And after an intense shotgun-a-thon, he asked his friend to take his life.  He did not want to return to prison.  So, Little did all he could do and shot his friend dead.  Little, a former Alcatraz inmate who left prison before 63, told Madsen that you never really "get out" you just move from on cell to the next.  So, going back to prison for him wasn't a big deal.   RIP Mr. Montgomery.

Mythology Talk
  • Looks like Emerson is getting pressure from the chief of police to stop stealing their cases.  Does that mean the chief is in on it all?  Don't know.  But Emerson gave him the evidence to accuse the correct murderer of Ellen (Montgomery's girlfriend), which exonerated Clarence in the process.  The chief is running for mayor too.  I smell an evolving story here. 

  • Hurley/Soto finally got a date with Nikki!  It took the whole episode where we got 3 whole scenes with her.  But by the end Madsen said he owed her a drink, and Soto said the same causing some confusion for him when she said "how about tomorrow?"   Had to love Madsen's eyeroll.  But whatever, Hurley has a date! 

  • We finally got to see the Mess Hall "gas" in effect.  Looks like they used it to calm down some riots.  Not sure what it really did to them though.  But as of now it would seem unrelated to their disappearance in 1963. 

  • Tiller and Warden's disagreements continue in this episode.  Warden is all about rehabilitating prisoners (for better or worse remains to be really seen).  Tiller is not convinced that it can be done. You can't put a suit on a dog was his motto.  It wouldn't surprise me if Warden's intentions are truly for good, and Tiller hijacks Warden's experiments for his own doing.   But, even that seems too obvious to me!  Anything where Tiller or Warden is the head honcho just seems too easy!  

  • But for now, we see Beauregard pretty much "Room 23ing" Clarence Montgomery.  That slide show of his supposed murder of his girlfriend that was being engrained into his brain was missing just one slide that said "God Loves You as He Loved Jacob"!   Beauregard confirmed Soto's suspicions in 2012 when he was talking to Warden in 1960.  He was taking blood samples (which Montgomery was also a victim of) and handing them over to the warden.  Then something was done to the blood and given back to the Doc.  He wanted to know what was done but the Warden was all about keeping secrets from his staff.    Soto said that there were experiments done in Utah prisons where they would take blood samples and put radioactive material into it and then inject back into the prisoners.  I googled it, this is legit stuff!  Of course the "real life" purpose and the "fictional" purpose might have been for different means.  Or our Alcatraz friends aren't doing exactly what the Utah crew did.  In any case, we found out their blood is being altered and it is altering their memories.  An innocent man has become a killer.  It's the "reverse effect" of what the Warden is intending apparently.  But Beauregard wanted to prove it would work.  Interesting.  Then why are these people coming back as killers?   Refer back to my Tiller theory for now. 

  • It is pretty crazy that Montgomery was putting his victims into the exact position that Ellen was in the photos.  It's as if these inmates are getting crystal clear instructions on what to do when they're released in 2012.  You know like "get a key out of a safety deposit box".   Kill Tiller!  Oh right, Tiller was killed by Sylvane in the first ep, he can't be behind all this can he?   If there are warring factions of inmates returning, I guess he could be responsible for some of them.  He may have done his damage but got off of the rock before the 63 disappearance and lived out his life in anticipation for their return.  I know I'm rambling here.  I have no idea!  But, we're getting some material to work with now.  Exciting stuff! 
That's all I have for now.  Would love to hear everyone else's thoughts on it!  So we'll jump up to episode 11 next week.  I think we have 1 hour next week then a 2 hour finale the week after.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 

End Credits
  • This season I am recapping FringeTerra NovaThe Walking Dead and Alcatraz
  • Other shows that are being discussed in comments recently:  Sons of Anarchy, How I Met Your Mother, Once Upon a Time, American Horror Story, Dexter, Chuck, Shameless, Mad Men (March!!), Game of Thrones (April 1st!), among others.  Feel free to join in!
  • See trailers for the Mid-Season shows I'm looking forward to: Awake and Touch.  
  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you in the comments of any of these blog posts.


AUStarwars said...

i thought the key line was "it can be done in reverse" meaning that the indian doctor's (i suck with names)methods of removing memories can be reversed, and "fake memories" can be implanted

Mike V. said...

Good point AUSW. Maybe this show is more like Inception, than AWAKE is! lol

Kelly said...

Been a bit off the radar this week, a little preoccupied with getting used to single life and dealing with a very upset ex.. methinks I need an adventure to get my blood going again! Oh btw Mike, my friends and I are planning another trip to Philly. We want to camp outside of Philly, in Downington (do you know where that is?). We're planning on doing a ghost hunt at Eastern State.. wanna join? MWA HA HA HA!!
ANYWAY.. onto the commentary!
Not the best or most mind-blowing episode for me, but it was still good nonetheless. Unfortunately, the mythology revelations were tame, since we learned more stuff last week due to the episodes airing out of order. I don't really have much else to say about it, except that I really hope this show gets at least another season! This and Awake, actually :)
It's River-Ringer night! Two more episodes of The River left, I'm guessing they won't get a second season.. but tonight's ep looks creepy as usual. As for Ringer, I can't wait to see the ridiculousness that they come up with this week..

Mike V. said...


No problem on getting your life in order! Awesome that you're returning to Philly. I do know where Downingtown is. Actually not too much further out from where I live. lol Never went camping there but enjoy! As for the ghost hunt at ESP...I appreciate the invite but we're kinda in the "stay at home" phase of life right now with the little guy! I don't think he's ready for a scare tour just yet. :-) But keep me posted...and let me know if you need any recommendations on places to go in Philly. I think I spouted off a bunch of stuff before!

ALCATRAZ - I didn't think the mythology reveals were too tame. The fact that they showed us that they were altering the minds of the inmates was a pretty solid answer to why these prisoners are acting differently than their past counterparts! Naturally, the more intriguing question is how they're in the present day in the first place. I would agree that I'd love to see a season 2 of both this and Awake. Unfortunately, the ratings aren't doing too great for each. But we'll see!

Okay, the rest is kind of for everyone but whilst responding to Kelly. lol

BTW, not too late to get caught up on Fringe. Ausiello updated his renewal score board last week and said that Fringe is a "SAFE BET" .....huh???? The show went from don't count on it, to could go either way, to a safe bet!?! Crazy. It has to be some wheeling and dealing that Warner Bros is making to ensure this is a financially sound idea for everyone involved.

It's TiVo Ringer/River night for me! lol Almost through my HIMYM rewatch so my morning treadmill runs will turn to catching up on Grimm, River, Person of Interest (maybe) and of course...GAME OF THRONES! (got season 1 on blu-ray. Special features are outstanding. Lots of history of Westeros that is easy to follow..moreso than reading the book.) I'll be watching New Girl, Cougar Town and probably catching up with SMASH tonight. Sounds like a pretty girly night, doesn't it? Those 2 comedies just happen to be 2 of the best on TV right now. And hellooooo Community returns Thursday!

Kelly said...

I could definitely use any suggestions you have! But BOO on not bringing your tiny child to a haunted prison- I mean, jeez! He'll need to learn to face his fears SOMETIME! lol... you know I'm kidding...right? ;)
I thought that the "let's-make-the-prisoner-watch-these-videos-and-shock-him-so-he-turns-bad" thing was filled with a little cheese. like, they did it in Clockwork Orange (albeit for the reverse effect). And they did it in Lost, and both of those times it wasn't really cheesy. This just seemed a bit "easy" for me. Like, tape on eyelids to hold them open? Wouldn't happen, unless it's some super-adhesive that doesn't get affected by the natural oils in our skin... am I being too picky? lol.. I liked it, I think I was just a bit "whatever" about that part.
I stopped watching Person of Interest in December. Good show, but too procedural for me. And at times WAY too cheesy. I really don't miss it at all. Grimm took a few weeks to really hook me. I loved the pilot but thought a few of the eps after were missing something. Now I feel that it's really picking up and finding it's footing, and the ratings have been pretty good for Friday nights.
I feel like I used to watch only comedies, and now I only watch dramas, lol.. The only comedy I watch is Modern Family.. but I think I want to give the "Don't trust the B" show a try.. the James Van Der Beek playing himself stuff seems funny to me, for some reason.

Mike V. said...

Rocky Statue at art museum, Pat's Cheesesteaks (order "cheese wit" or "cheese wit-out" depending if you want onions or not. But that will get you the cheez wiz which is what you want! of not, go American Wit, Provy Wit, etc...)..... you should really come for the Erin Express...which I guess may have already happened. It's a whole St. Patty's day celebration bar crawl near the university area of the city. I'm definitely too old for it now but it was an awesome time a few years back. I think they do it on 2 weekends so this wknd might have it too. (not that you're coming this wknd. lol) And of course, even though it's not on the'd need to visit the Irish Pub's on 20th and something. lol

At the end of the month, Philly LIVE is opening near the sports complex. We've been dying for bars to go to before the games...even though we're perfectly fine with tailgating too. But this will be a giant entertainment complex where the Spectrum used to be. (poor Rocky...he doesn't have a home anymore. lol) Should be a good time!

Alcatraz - beauregard also injected Clarence with something too that may have helped alter his memories. It might have been the modified blood. It wasn't just a video!! lol

Yeah...that's kinda how i've been feeling about POI which is why I've avoided it lately. I think i've watched at least 6 or 7 eps of Grimm. I just fell behind lately, intentionally stockpiling them for treadmill material! lol I do like the show. MF is a good "only" comedy to be watching! But there's some high quality stuff out there! Maybe I'll check out Don't trust the B....i have seen previews and gotta see what Dawson is up to these days. lol

and yes...i knew you were kidding. :-)

Kelly said...

YAY thanks for the suggestions! I will probably be going in April or May, depending on when everyone can get their schedules together. We also want to check out the Magic Gardens, since they were closed by then time we got there last time :)

MJ said...

Very very iteresting ep this week. So - if they can take a man who is innocent and make him a killer, then all these killers should be coming back NOT killers. Isn't that the indian doc's point ? To change their behaviors ? I was just under the impression that her therapy didn't work. But now we see it does.

RInger - Hey Kelly ! Ringer has just been fan-cheese-tastic lately ! How did Malcolm just not figure out that Bridge would not talk to him like that ! And machado had been falling for the girl that died ! Classic. They keep coming soooo close to Bridge figuring out her sister is alive - then not ! I knew that Andrew was too good to be true though - no man who has such a bitch for a wife, exwife and daughter is that freaking nice.

The River has been absolutely great lately - it's gotten better as it has gone along. Agree there will be no Season 2 - I'm treating it as a mini-series.

Great news about Fringe ! I was told that while I was away that Terra Nova was officially cancelled by Fox (and is being shopped around) so maybe that helped Fringe out.

I've been taking CGB - is it any good ? Has anyone seen it ?

I'm also checking out the Bitch in apt blah blah blah show. Can't remember the right title.

Justified any one ???

MJ said...

Oh ! Almost forgot . Mike - are you up to date on Shameless and House of Lies ???? OMG - those two shows.

Mike V. said...

@Kelly - don't know much about Magic Gardens but enjoy if you go!

@MJ - Well based on AUSW's point a few comments up, maybe he's trying to reverse whatever Lucy is doing. But yeah...I don't know what the Warden's intentions are. To reform these killers or to make them "specifically trained" killers!

FRINGE - definitely good news indeed! Yeah TN was cancelled but Netflix is interested in renewing it. I doubt it's gonna happen though. lol I'm curious to see how Touch does when it returns on Thursdays too.

GCB - I watched the pilot and while it is entertaining I told my wife that she can watch that while I'm watching Game of Thrones or Blogging or something! lol Definitely an attempt at a DH replacement. Entertaining look at the SOUTH though where my wife is from. lol

Still just TiVo'ing Justified!

Kelly said...

I watched the first episode of GCB.. it was okay, but I'm not gonna make a habit out of watching it. It's a little much for me.
RINGER!! LOL on your comment about Andrew and his ex wife, wife, and daughter, hahaha! I have a feeling that they'll have something happen that'll make him not as bad as he seems right now. The TWOP recapper said something hilarious about how the lighting director lit Andrew in that episode- "The writers decide to make Andrew look worse than he's ever possibly going to turn out to be, and the lighting and camera crews play along for good measure. Seriously, Show, why didn't you just put him at a campfire and have him hold a flashlight under his chin?" LMAO! A flashlight under his chin? Love it :D And I totally agree on Malcolm not questioning why Bridget was talking to him like that.. as if he can't VERY easily find her and talk to her in person about it and realize that it wasn't her?? But I still love the show, it's one of those "can't take it too seriously" shows.. like The Event, lol :)

Leslie said...

Agree that Dr. Beauregard knew it already worked in one direction and was experimenting with Clarence to see if it could work in reverse because the Warden had asked him if it could be done. Then, when he was successful, the Warden said, “You turned her methods into madness.”

I wonder if the genetic disorder they said Clarence had where his body retained too much copper had anything to do with the reason they took his blood because they said one of the symptoms was that the patient couldn’t think clearly, or if that was only important because it proved he was the killer of the recent victims.

I noticed Hauser had them take Clarence’s body bag into his SUV assuming he’s taking him to the Alcatraz in the woods, so we still don’t know if they can bring the prisoners that were killed back to life or why it’s important they are all together – alive or dead.

Obviously, no one knows all that is going on in the past. Lucy seems to know the least, then Beauregard, and the Warden is just creepy sometimes! Loved his line when he was trying to get all the prisoners to make nice and have lunch together!

GCB – Watched the pilot, but it’s not for me! Had to watch since I know a guy who was an extra in some of the scenes shot here in Dallas. But, since it’s my hometown, I wish the people here weren’t always portrayed as rich, hypocritical and crazy! I know they exist and are entertaining to watch, but still…not to mention it seems like we all have an oil rig in the backyard along with our longhorns! lol

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - All good observatons on Alcatraz. I noticed too that his body was being taken back to "New Alcatraz"...I'm sure they want to do some investigation.

Definitely a good point about his copper condition. I was thinking about putting it in the recap and then just dismissed it as something they used to identify Clarence as the killer. But that makes sense why some people were being selected for "special treatment" in Alcatraz....maybe they needed a certain body condition!

Warden is definitely a great character. His speech to the inmates was fantastic. lol

Speaking of Rich Dallas tycoons....anyone excited for the DALLAS reboot this summer? I never watched the old show, but I remember my parents staying home every Friday night to watch it. Hmmm...Friday night appointment television? That's insane. Reminds me of when I stayed home watching TGIF eventually replaced by Quantum Leap. lol

MJ said...

Leslie - I hear ya about the stereotypes. I'm originally from Brooklyn and get tired of all the 'tough gang' portrayals - like everyone in Brooklyn is from a gang. I lived in a home - not a tall apartment building, we had a tree and small lawn. LOL

Dallas Reboot - nah, I have no interest. I quit the first one long before it was over and have no desire to re-visit.

I find that I'm not so into the soapy shows any more. I'm only still with DH cause it's the last season and TVD for the mythology - not the teen angst.

As a matter of fact I really like Smash - but am tired of Mr. DiMaggio and the lyrics chick already. Spoiler in case you did not watch this week

How many times can they do the 'I say no we must not be together, then meet you in private to tell you that we can't be together then I can't resist and say yes' thing ?? So old and dull and boring.

Mike V. said...

DALLAS - Yeah, I mentioned it but I wasn't thinking I was going to watch either. But we'll see!

DH - I heard what happened in last Sunday's episode. Figured I'm never going to catch up so I'd just read the spoilers. Pretty crazy! lol

SMASH - Watched last night. Yeah the whole "Cheating" storyline does add some drama and probably a very probable storyline in the broadway industry. You put in lots of hours doing those shows and there's lots of attractive people around. lol Probably more between cast members than with writers and directors...but maybe with writers and directors too! lol I can't believe you went with Lyrics chick instead of at least just referring to her as GRACE from Will & Grace. No, I didn't watch the show but that's who she'll always be to me! lol As for Adam Chase (Dimaggio)....I know him from his portrayal as Roger in the final broadway cast of Rent, so I kinda like him. lol His character? Not so much. The worst character on the show by far is the tattletale assistant dude. I wouldn't be upset if they literally "killed him off" of the show! Just so there's no threat of him returning! lol

Leslie said...

Not interested in the Dallas reboot either. Didn't watch the first one except for the super-hyped "Who Shot JR?" episode.

Haven't watched this week's Smash yet.

And, it's worse than we thought...the walkers made it all the way to the Amazon River! lol Felt like a little crossover episode last night. :)

MJ said...

Leslie - LOL on the Walkers making it to the amazon. I felt the same way. Surprised they find Emmit in the next to last ep - so obviously more to the whole story. Wonder why the dog would not get on the boat ?

Mike - I didn't think that too many people watched an old show like Wil and Grace so I purposely did not go there. ;-D

Yeah - DH has been interesting this year. Though Julie being preggers by Lynettes son is really out there.

Mike V. said...

Weird to think of W&G as an "old" show. I actually just saw Sean Hayes on some show recently and he was almost unrecognizable from his former character. lol

And Megan Mullaly (sp) is everywhere and pretty much awesome on every show. Had no idea she's actually married to Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) in real life! Good times. lol

DH - Yeah...i paid attention to a recent episode enough to realize that subplot was going on too. bizarre!

Leslie said...

MJ - I'm worried about that poor dog! First, Emmet was gonna eat him (REALLY glad they didn't go there), now they just leave him?? What's up with that? That whole scene when they found Emmet was gross! Very slimy! And, then the security guy admits he's really there to kill Emmet?? I hope they don't leave us hanging on the last episode.

Mike V. said...

Jason isaacs has me excited for the entire season of awake after this interview!

Kelly said...

OMG I was worried about the dog in the last episode too! I have one rule- DON'T KILL THE ANIMALS. For that reason, I can't watch/read Old Yeller, or that movie with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, or Fatal Attraction. And when I watched I Am Legend I almost cried during that horrible part- if you haven't seen it, you can probably guess what happened. So yeah, I got really worried watching The River and even fast forwarded a little bit during that part! Thankfully he spared the dog and I can continue to watch the show til it ends, lol.
I also agree about geographic stereotypes! People think Long Islanders are all like Joey Buttafuoco and other total guidos. I mean, there are a lot of them here, but I hate being put in that pile. Whenever anyone from off LI finds out that I'm from LI, I get an eyeroll or something. Like, shut-up-a-yo-face! Fahgettabotit! lol...
Leslie, I have met some of the most amazing people in Dallas (and Texas in general)! And NONE of them are like the GCB's!

Kelly said...

oh, and thanks for the link! I really hope ratings pick up... though hopefully NBC will give it another season anyway, given the fact that their ratings stink across the board :/

Mike V. said...

I do too Kelly. Awake definitely has the most potential of any show they attempted to put in that time slot. Letting the whole season air, then doing a big push on DVD/Blu-Ray for people to catch up (maybe even Netflix), might be just what the doctor ordered!

Leslie said...

Modern Family cracked me up again! One of my favorite lines, "If you squeeze me, do I not honk?" Cam is great, and it's funny to know that Eric Stonestreet really was Fizbo the Clown in real life before becoming an actor.

MJ said...

Yeah - I saw Sean Hayes on Parks too - never seen him play non-gay before. W&G seems like a long time ago to me anyway.

I had read that Megan was Ron Swanson's real life wife the first time she was on. Just watched back to back P&R last night - loved a slightly drunk Leslie.

Modern Fam - I didn't now that he was really a clown in real life ! Too funny. Loved last nights ep as always. The entire funeral had me laughing. Though the hubby was disappointed that there was no Gloria in a swimsuit shot. ;-D

Mike V. said...

Parks - yeah that show is on a roll right now. love it! Of course, it's on hiatus for Community now. Such a shame they couldn't air those 2 shows at the same time. lol So glad Community is back though!

MF - Totally agree. Another hysterical episode! Did not know Eric was Fizbo in real life. That's fantastic!

Leslie said...

I learned that about Eric Stonestreet on a show called "Mortified Sessions" on the Sundance Channel. It's not a typical interview show...real low key and casual. I also saw Megan Mullally and her husband on one show.

MJ said...

GoT S2 Major Spoilers for first 5 eps. I'm not reading it but in case anyone else wants to. Mike - since you are reading book2 it's probably nothing that will surprise you.

I remember some talk about Person of Interest by someone here - it's been renewed for next year.

Falling Skies premiers 6/17

Episodes premiering 7/1 ! Can't wait for this one.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the updates MJ! I'll probably check out that link. Of course, now I'm scared for running into season 3/book 3 spoilers! I think I already read one by accident. Damn commenters on some of these sites!

Saw the Episodes premiere date (same as Weeds)...excited!

I saw that CBS pretty much renewed their entire lineup. lol

Falling Skies - i think my tivo is picking up all of the episodes I missed from season there's still a chance i might catch up one day. lol

MJ said...

Falling Skies - they'll re-air S1 probably right before S2 if you need those eps.

Anyone watch this Fringe first look at our next new ep ? I'm still debating if I want to see it.

I didn't have Showtime all those years so I never got to check out Weeds. One day I might netflix it I guess. Heard great things about the early days.

Mike V. said...

Watched that Fringe video a few days back. I don't think it's too revealing but I could be wrong. lol Forget!

Weeds first 2 seasons are fantastic. Even the 3rd is decent. It's still entertaining but just totally not the same show it used to be. Basically every season is a new adventure that brings it even further away from its roots. lol Still worth watching though!

MJ said...


Read that great article and watched the show last night.

Very interesting that the actor is saying straight out that one of these worlds is a dream. It's waht we've all been suspecting - but didn't think they'd confirm it.

But in last weeks ep his boss (Weaver from ER/ Mom from Event) stated to the shadowy guy 'you wiped out his family' . Which points to them both being dead !

I'm really lining this show. And feel like an idiot that I did not recognize his kid as Jack's son from Lost. I knew he was familiar, but didn't give it much thought.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the Awake scoop! Ran into a Bedroom DVR issue last night so I didn't get to watch it. (priorities were all screwed up and my TiVo Transfer was being finnicky. lol) So, maybe tonight!

But, that's hysterical you didn't recognize "David" from lost! Funny though that he may play a character that doesn't even exist anymore on either show. lol

Mike V. said...

Almost forgot...Grimm was renewed!

MJ said...

I checked out Missing the other night - Sean Bean was in it - and they killed him already ! WTH ? Why do they keep killing Sean Bean. But - is he really dead? that is not yet known on Missing, but I freaked when they killed him on G of T.

I read your post on the other blog - very much looking forward to G of T returning. I never did watch Mad Men but I know all of you fans have waited a long time for this season.

Mike V. said...

Not planning on watching Missing, but I did see the Sean Bean thing. Hysterical. There is a youtube clip out there of all of Sean Bean's death scenes. It's fantastic! He basically has died in every role he has been cast in. lol It's almost a punchline at this point.

Anyway, speaking of montages, anyone see the montage of all of Walter's "Walterisms" in one video? (Talking Fringe here obviously). It's wonderful!

I've been on a book tear lately. Finished Clash of Kings and anxiously awaiting season 2 of GoT (and watching season 1 on blu-ray with tons of awesome special features including the history of westeros which is extremely well done and easy to follow). I also read the Hunger Games in anticipation of that movie...and I don't care if it was was a great read! lol Already 20% into book 2. lol

And yikes...never watched Mad Men? I highly recommend if you get the chance, but I'm sure you've heard that enough. All 4 seasons are on Netflix, fyi. And it's much slower than some other shows we talk about. But soooo good. lol Basically, "the sopranos" in an office set in the 60s. lol