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Alcatraz: Season 1 Episode 11 - Webb Porter

Hello everyone!  We're back for another Alcatraz recap.  I am enjoying this show, don't get me wrong.  But, I have to admit I'm kind of happy the finale is next week!  We got some good plot movement this week to set up the 2 hour finale, but hopefully there are some big reveals next week to keep us excited for a 2nd season (which I think chances aren't looking too good).   Anyway, it was another solid outing tonight and here comes the quick recap!

Webb Porter

Webb was one more psychotic inmate at the famed prison with some traumatic baggage of his own.  His mother attempted to drown him as a child.  Lucy drew out his memories of the drowning attempt through some therapy sessions.  He remembered her face, her hair leaning over him while he drowned.   This transformed him into a murderer who cut women's hair to string up his violin and then drowned them in a tub.   YIKES.

Of course, the music was a suggestion of Lucy's in Alcatraz.  Something to stop the ringing in his ears that hadn't stopped since his almost drowning.  Apparently, he was a noisy inmate who screamed a lot creating many enemies for him in prison.  Of course, eventually his music united them all in applause.  

His death toll started heating up in the present day which put the ROCK TEAM on his scent.  Add in the bonus that his blood is laced with Colloidal Silver and he's the right blood type to inject into Lucy, we got ourselves a prize for Emerson!  Eventually, they figured out that he was a musician, and went into the band room storage at alcatraz and found the name of their murderer.  Then they were able to narrow down the search to find their last victim.   The chase ended at an auditorium where Webb was playing to an audience of no one.  Madsen and Emerson trapped him on the rafters and stopped him from jumping.   And thus Webb found himself in New Alcatraz playing his tune for all of the captured inmates. (kudos to the production team for recording stock footage of all of their inmates so that they can make it seem like they were all there for one filming when in reality that would be quite pricey!)  

Mythology Talk
  • We saw the next evolution of the Emerson/Lucy love story in 1960.  He asked her out on a date and they went to Patty's Night Club, to which Emerson still frequents in the present day.  Lucy was talking about her career and the breakthroughs she's trying to achieve and Emerson just fell head over heals for her.  And they shared a loving smooch.  Awwwww  
  • We learned that some of these inmates have been out long enough that they're starting to move into apartments and getting accustomed to living in 2012.  Soto pointed out they'll be harder to find now.  So, it remains to be seen if ALL 63s have already returned or if they're scheduled releases out into the world. 
  • Lucy's ability to change Webb with revealing his musical ability put her high on Warden's list.  Obviously, he'll plan to use Lucy's skills to his advantage whatever that may be. 
  • Webb was so thankful of Lucy's help that he hoped he could repay her one day.  One day turned into 2012 when he came to New Alcatraz.  He seemed to freely give up his blood for any chance to save Lucy's life.  And sure enough, as the episode was ending, Lucy's eyes opened!  (Creepily I must say, even when I knew it was coming!)
  • And the final icing on the cake...Soto and Madsen are getting more and more suspicious of Emerson's secrets.  Emerson even slipped at one point and almost revealed that he's housing all of the 63 inmates in a new place.  He had to reveal that the colloidal silver was important.  But what he did not intend to be revealed was that Lucy was one of the 63s.  Sure enough, Soto found some old band footage in the archives at Alcatraz.  Madsen and Soto saw Lucy on film in 1960.   Madsen realized that Emerson knew this whole time and kept it from them.  And also thinks that Lucy may be the key to everything.
Well, finally, people are starting to find stuff out that we already knew.  That may lead to some progress in the story!  And surely, with it being the finale we'll finally get a confrontation with Tommy Madsen next week.  Should be a good time!  But, while it was an entertaining episode to watch, that's about all I got out of it discussion-wise.  If you guys have thought of more stuff please drop some notes in the comments below!  

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 

End Credits
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Anonymous said...

A good episode overall. I will be sorry if this show doesn't get renewed because it's different and I have enjoyed it but, if my choice is between Alcatraz and Fringe then please let Fringe survive.

I figured that Lucy wouldn't wake up until the finale so I wonder what they have in store to top that.

With there only being two shows left and no decision made as to whether the show will be renewed, I guess if it isn't renewed we will all be left hanging. I can't imagine the last episodes providing a plausible series ending. So if it doesn't get renewed it will be another case of the joke being on those of us who watched it.

Bill B

Mike V. said...

Hi Bill!

Definitely Fringe over Alcatraz. I'm with you there. And from what I'm reading, it sounds like a season 5 (half or full) is a safe bet. But beyond that I'm doubtful. lol

As far as the Alcatraz finale. There are plenty of loose ends to tie up for "season 1" alone. Mainly the Tommy Madsen thing. Sure, I'm sure that could go into season 2 also, but they've spent too much time harping on it for them not to at least advance the story there. Same with the "MAGICAL DOORWAY" (i.e. The Hatch) under Alcatraz. I don't think we'll get a full picture on what's going on down there, but I'm sure they'll reveal another clue about it to peak our curiousity. lol

As far as being left hanging, that's just the risk we play with every new show. They're high risk/high reward shows. Shows like Alcatraz, Terra Nova, Awake...we need to give them a chance because most Network shows are getting far less edgy. It's nice that some creative people are still challenging the system and trying to find a mass audience. So, I don't try to look at it as the joke being on us. I look at it as us doing our loyal duty as fans of intelligent television! :) Sure, we may be left hanging but that's the risk we take. And one that looks like it might pay off with Fringe since the network and studio look to be reaching a compromise to bring this show to an appropriate conclusion.

MJ said...

I agree - even thought I knew Lucy would open those eyes she looks very creepy !

I was pleasantly surprised that they showed them figure out Lucy is a 63er before the finale.

Obviously they won't tell everything in the hopes that they get a second season, but I do think we will get some answers and some new mysteries to ponder, and I'm ok with that. They can't answer everything if they want a season 2 afterall.

I hope that if Fringe comes back they are told from the beginning that this is their final season so wrap it up. That would be so cool. It shows respect for the loyal fans as well as the show runners. I haven't bourght the Fringe dvds yet - and I won't unless the show ends with a planned ending.

Mike V. said...

Agreed it was a nice surprise to get the "lucy reveal" to Madsen/Soto this week. Agreed about leaving things open for a potential season 2. That's just the way it has to be. But I think there will be some closure too. They seem very keen on telling a story in this first season and I think some mysteries will be resolved.

Interesting philosophy on buying the Fringe discs! I got season 1 and 2 because I needed a refresher when I started blogging in season 3. But, now I have seasons 1-3 and pretty certain I'll get 4 too. They're so good! I'm very optimistic we're going to get an ending. But, I totally agree. It would be great if the producers knew this was the 5th and FINAL season to do it up right. If it does end up that way...I would still love to know what their plans were to get out to 7 seasons unless they just condense their plans into the season 5 window. lol

MJ said...

Interesting Alcatraz article about the answers we have still to get.

Desperate Housewives - Mike I know you said you aren't watching but are following. Last ep was a 2 hankie for Mike's funeral and a great show.

Fringe - yeah I'm not buying shows any more without full closure. Not saying I wouldn't rewatch Fringe without full closure - just not own it, if you see what I mean.

MJ said...

Interesting Fringe nugget - not really spoilery.

If I knew about the easter eggs then I forgot that I knew. !

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the links MJ, I'll check em out!

DH - Good to know. Maybe I'll check it out. I'm sure it's tivo'd somewhere, or streaming on one of my devices. lol

Fringe - Makes sense. I try not to buy many shows period these days. LOST was an obvious exception (even though it's all on Netflix now) and Fringe a 2nd exception. Okay, maybe I'm lying...because I just got Game of Thrones on Blu-Ray too when I can watch it on HBO Go whenever! LOL But those special features were too tempting to pass up. And totally worth it!

I'll try to remember to comment on the articles after I read them. lol

BTW...watched HIMYM and ONCE. Didn't get to Shameless yet.

Mike V. said...

FRINGE: You know, when searching for the "observer sightings" this season, I did stumble upon some of these "easter eggs" of teasers for the next episodes. I didn't really know about them either. But, they seem like they'd be too tough to keep track of! I'm fine if someone points them out to me. lol Maybe I'll look for a link to all of the easter eggs!

The comic to finish things off would be awesome. Definitely as a back-up plan but at least they would do something for the fans and probably for their personal sense of closure!

Okay, Alcatraz article next! lol

Mike V. said...

I think some of the questions in that "recap" of Alcatraz were a bit forced. Some of those have obvious answers to me. i.e. Hauser was being hard on Rebecca because he knew he needed Webb's blood to keep Lucy alive. So, he put extra pressure on Rebecca because she was late to a crime scene. Nothing further to look at there.

Beauregard not seeing the light of day - I meant to add a comment about that. But, I just assumed that it was because he was a 63er and shouldn't be roaming out and about with present day civilization. The fact that they had to stow away the Prison Guard too was proof enough of that (even though he became a criminal in his actions). I think Hauser just trusts Lucy a bit more than the rest of them, so she was able to leave New Alcatraz and help him out.

The paperwork, instruments, etc...still in Alcatraz. Come on dude, just let them have that one! Plus, it's probably in one of the "restricted" areas.

Webb Porter coming back to kill a bunch of women even though he was fixed. Yes, that's a question, but I think it's been answered in bits and pieces from other episodes. i.e. they were able to "reverse" the results of whatever Lucy was doing or maybe even ENHANCE her results. And just because he was playing music instead of needing to listen to a refrigerator, doesn't mean he was cured from his desire to kill.

Still, interesting questions to speculate, especially the other ones I didn't easily answer. :-) lol

Anonymous said...

If we only get a half a season of Fringe next year maybe they will end it on Dec 21st. They could have both universes implode on each other and fulfil the Mayan prophecy. LOL

BTW, if you remember the finale of the X-files the date for their alien takeover was sometime in Dec 2012 (not sure what the exact date was).

I will buy all the seasons of Fringe on blu-ray as they come out (already have the first 3). Once the series is over I am looking forward to watching them from beginning to end in succession.

Bill B

Mike V. said...

LOL Bill. Too true! I googled it and I think the X-Files matched up with the Mayan calendar on that one. December 21 or 22nd. lol

I wouldn't mind doing another Fringe rewatch when it's all over either. Still have to get around to that LOST one! :-)

MJ said...

yeah - you buy alot. I have in the past so this is a new rule.

Well - I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't realize about these easter eggs all these years.

Hmm - not so sure that this case of the week is related to the reversal from the other week. We shall see.

Oh ! So funny - I just came over to talk HIMYM ! LOL

OMG! I was totally duped by the entire ep. I believed Barney was cos-towing to her (and i hated it) and I believed when they broke up. They got me good. Very Quinteresting. LOL

The kissing thing got pretty weird though. Sexcapades were fun.

Ted about broke my heart when he said they could not go back to normal. And what does 'we wouldn't talk for a long time' mean ? They are both at the wedding that we saw in the premier I believe.

Once: Mary's little speech to David was wrenching - how she believed him when no one else did. Can't believe she ran ! Loved how Grumpy helped her to find herself - and that hers and Valiants hairs together equal true love.

MJ said...

New G of T video - Wow is all I can say

Price for our sins

Mike V. said...

Man, they're dishing out a new G o T video every week now. It's awesome! I'll have to check it out later. I'm sure it's on the HBO Go apps.

I try not to buy a lot, but some of these shows I just know I'll want to watch again and wouldn't mind owning. Maybe to share with my son(s) one day! lol

ALCATRAZ - Maybe not EXACTLY tied to the "reversal" ....i was focusing more on the "enhancing" of whatever Lucy is doing. It would seem Lucy had good intentions with the work she was doing, but someone manipulates her work eventually and turns these prisoners into bigger monsters than they were. Or at least programmed monsters to do the "person in charge's" bidding.

HIMYM - Anytime Barney is acting all lovey dovey or upset, I have to suspect something is up. But I was half falling for it all episode! lol They've done "all episode ploys" of Barney's before and of course with me rewatching the whole's fresh in my mind! But it was still a good time. Nice on the QUINTERESTING. Loved every time Marshall cleared his throught in the episode. lol Loved how Quinn kept saying "Wait for it" when they were coming up with their plan. The female Barney! lol The Ted stuff was very mysterious...and yeah when future Ted said they wouldn't see each other for a long definitely was a little heart breaking. (totally called Robin getting a promotion though when she thought she was getting fired. I had thought that that NYE episode would lead to big things for her. I love how this stuff has been in the works all series and it's starting to happen!)......We have yet to see if Robin is at Barney's wedding (I assume she is but we just don't know if she's the bride or not). Is that what you're talking about? Or are you talking about Punchy's wedding? THey were all at Punchy's wedding but that's already happened in the timeline. I have no idea what a "long time" means though. I think there's only 3 episodes left this season which is hard to believe...but my tivo said that was episode 19. So unless they're going over 22 this year...that's it! So, maybe next episode we won't see Ted and Robin interacting with each other...maybe not for the rest of the season. But I definitely think they're going to need some distance if he ever wants to get himself out of his "i love robin" funk. BTW...loved the final scene with Ted in a hallway talking to people that looked like College Ted, Marshall and Lily "eating a sandwich" lol

ONCE - You meant CHARMING, not Valiant, right? lol But yeah...Rumple saying that if he had true love bottled up it would be the most powerful asset or whatever he said. Very interesting. The Mary and David back and forth drama is pretty intense. But how about David getting a vision of his past life? He didn't realize that's what it was, but it's progress!! And yeah...Grumpy has become a favorite character of mine now that he has had his back story. Good stuff!

Once: Mary's little speech to David was wrenching - how she believed him when no one else did. Can't believe she ran ! Loved how Grumpy helped her to find herself - and that hers and Valiants hairs together equal true love.

Leslie said...

I thought it was funny to see Soto following Hauser at the beginning. He’s gone from being a reluctant participant to really getting into his role in this! Of course, Hauser knew and blasted him with a great line, “If you ever follow me again, I may decide to shoot you after all.” I was hoping they were gonna show Soto on his date with Nikki, but instead we see her playing pool with Rebecca. . .maybe for the finale.

Read the recap earlier today, so I don’t remember if you mentioned that Soto & Rebecca also learned that Hauser had taken Lucy out of the hospital (before they found out she was a 63), and when they asked Hauser about it, he said it was none of their business.

Dr. B’s disdain for Lucy showed again when he said the Warden’s “got a new toy” when referring to Lucy success with Porter. I think he just needs to get over it already! lol

Agree that Lucy looked creepy when she opened her eyes! Interested to see where they take us in the next two hours. I’m still hoping this one gets renewed.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, seeing Soto on a date would be a good time! The whole following Emerson was a good time too! I definitely am rushing through these recaps these days so yeah, there are things I'm missing. :-) lol I covered the Hauser/Lucy stuff at more of a broad level. He's obviously keeping secrets from Madsen and Soto and in this episode, they started to uncover some of them.

One of the things I read in that TV Guide recap that is interesting is that Beauregard seems to have changed his tune about Lucy in the present day. My guess would be that once "the person in charge" whether it's Warden/Tiller or someone else got the skills they needed out of Lucy and Beauregard, they were both no longer necessities. Or they protested what their techniques were being put to use for. Obviously, they were kicked off Alcatraz or anything since they remain very much the same age that they were in 1960. So, it'll be interesting to see how that gets sorted out. But, it would seem that alliances/sides eventually change in the backstory!

Definitely hope it gets renewed. They'd have a chance to fine tune and fix what is working and what's not working. SEE: Fringe Season 2. They took a good concept and made it spectacular! I would hope Alcatraz would follow the same mold if FOX gives it a chance!

Mike V. said...

Ask Ausiello "spoiler" on Fringe. Nothing too spoilerish except maybe the last sentence, but it's what I've been suggesting all along anyway! Can't wait for this friday, and now especially for episode 19!!

"Question: Anything on Fringe? —Jeremy

Ausiello: Just a coy answer from exec producer Jeff Pinkner when we asked him about the casting of Henry Ian Cusick and Georgina Haig as FBI agents — the latter of which has been ID’d in some pap pics as Young Olivia (!). “We were unbelievably fortunate to have them… and they really enjoyed being part of the show,” he says. “But to tell you anything more than that would really be a betrayal to the surprise of seeing the episode.” And as fellow EP J.H. Wyman reminds, the duo appear in this season’s 19th episode, which traditionally deviates from the norm (see 2010′s musical “Brown Betty” or last year’s animated entry), “So half the fun is waiting.” Also factor in this: Joshua Jackson, when asked if he has scenes with Cusick and/or Haig, said, “I do not. For reasons I can’t tell you, I do not.” Pinkner also says that the lingering (frustrating?) question of when or whether Peter will return to his timeline will “very soon” become moot.

There's HIMYM, Breaking bad scoop and other stuff in the link too:

MJ said...

Atcatraz: I'm looking forward to some answers cause in the beginning it seemed like they all came back with a purpose or a task to be done. Then all of a sudden the sniper came back and he seemed to have no purpose other than to just resume his violent inclinations. So I'm hoping this is one of the things they expplain.

Once - Charming Valiant - LOL Same difference. I was very excited to see David have some memory bleed through!

LOL to Leslie on Dr. B needing to get over Lucy back in the day - but not too many women were showing off what great doctors they were in the late 50's and early 60's - Lucy is very unusual for that time.

Something might be about to happen that makes Dr. B feel they are in the same boat. Hopefully we'll find out in a finale or like you said Mike - season 2. Fox is a little more generous with time for shows to find themselves ususally. Here's hoping Alcatraz is one of them.

HIMYM - I had read that the NYE thing would help her career so I knew what was coming there. i thought that Robin was in the door way of the church when Ted and Marshall are outside ?

3 eps left ? OMG - I had not realized that at all. While I am sorta liking Quinn, Barney better not be marrying her this soon then. But he probably will - they are either setting up the wedding or setting up the psych on us with the line that she'd stop stripping if she married.

Leslie - Did you watch River ? I'm not saying anything until I know that you did. But OMG they def went somewhere that I did not expect.

MJ said...

Yeah - I sent a link the other day that said do not belive what you have been reading about the casting of those stars for Fringe. Take from that what you will.

Leslie said...

MJ - Yes, I watched The River. I'm curious what you thought because I was disappointed.

Mike V. said...

Alcatraz: Yeah but even the sniper was rambling off those numbers (47 being a one i heard a lot)...and apparently the numbers mean something. He probably had some "brainwashing" going on too of some sort. And agreed, hopefully Fox will be lenient with Alcatraz. With Terra Nova already canned...everyone's chances improve! We'll see how TOUCH does.

ONCE: Touche' on the names. lol

HIMYM - I dunno...i think we're still supposed to be wondering if Robin or someone else is the bride at Barney's wedding. We may or may not find out in this season's finale. And from rewatching season 6 (almost done my rewatch!)...Ted definitely meets the mother at this wedding, so I doubt if they're going to reveal the bride that they'll reveal the mother too....that must be sometime next season if it's the last...and MAYBE next season if it's NOT the last. lol ANYWAYS...yeah, I looked up to see how many episodes season 7 has, but I couldn't find it...but I did find that episode 20 doesn't air until April if they aired 3 straight episodes from there, they'd end in May. Crazy! As for setting up Quinn.....yeah they're either setting up a psyche or actually setting it up. But I think NORA was already the "psyche"... i.e. we thought it would be Robin or it's Robin or Quinn. As of right now it would seem Quinn makes more sense, but obviously the Robin/Barney drama is not over yet. Only Ted and Robin's "LOVE" drama is kinda over. lol They still need to deal with there's. So many layers to this show! lol

So the River is over right? do you recommend the watch?

Mike V. said...

Did more research. The last 3 seasons of HIMYM had 24 episodes. The season before only had 20 beacuse of the strike. And the 1st 2 seasons had 22. I guess there's no reason to think this season won't have 24 also. But, I guess we'll see! :)

MJ said...

River: Awww! I liked it. It was an old fashioned spook-fest, though def a rip-off of the exorcist (they already ripped TWD last week).

I liked that Kurt turned out to be from some organization that are protectors - though I still am not sure what the 'source' is. The demon mentioned some named to Kurt - don't know if they were previous family members who were guardians or not though.

Was not surprised that they are stuck on the river though - I mean they keeps saying that this is the footage that is left behind - so I knew they did not get back.

So maybe I'm thinking of another wedding psych-out where Ted and Marshall are in the garden and Lily and Robin come to the church door and call them ? Or I'm remember it wrong.
Oh - I ahve no expectationt that we will meet the mother. She was also in his class, but we did not meet her then either.

Non-spoilery River: I thoroughly enjoyed it. Like a scary movie. It def got better each week. If you enjoyed Paranormal Activity or Blair Witch you will enjoy this.

24 eps to HIMYM !!!

Leslie said...

River - I was with them through most of the episode, even the exorcist part (creepy, but effective), but I was hoping they were going to reveal more about "the source" and why Emmett went back in the first place. I knew they wouldn't get off the river either, just like you said they told us that from the beginning, but I thought the reason they gave us was kinda lame. I guess they had raised my expectations too much. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed it overall, just wanted a little more info from the finale. But, I guess it's hard to write a finale when you don't know if it's a season end or series end.

MJ said...

Yah - I agree that I came away still wanting to know what the 'source' is. Is it this demon ? I say no cause Kuirt was supposed to kill Emmet if he found it and Kurt then did not feel the need to kill him.

So I guess that the source is being held for season 2 - if there is one. Sounds doubtful by the ratings.

I'm still trying to decide if I want to watch Killing S2 - i was one of the ones who felt pretty burned by the ending of S1. But I think I just might, they had some interesting characters.

Mike V. said...

Awesome on HIMYM!! Good job looking it up! I thought I looked at wikipedia but I didn't see it. lol

Keep me posted on The Killing if you watch, it will help us decide if we should catch up. Still have 9 episodes from season 1 on my tivo. lol

Mike V. said...

btw..that literally must have just been updated on HIMYM, because that's the exact chart I was looking at before! lol

Mike V. said...

No blood and chrome (bsg)coming. :(

MJ said...

Got sucked into sports world yesterday afternoon. Between all the Saints stuff then Tebow to the Jets !?! Crazy !

Can't believe they passed on Blood and Chrome.

BTW - tvline is not paging right on my pc all of a sudden. Are you haveing issues ? There are no pics or formatting. Weird - never had a problem with them before.

Season 1 of The Killing was good. It got a little slow at times, but the acting was phenominal - especially the actors who played Rosie's parents. It's a shame that the misunderstanding about the finale really gave it such a bad name.

This summer I am def re-watching Lost. I want to try to rewatch Homeland too as that was so fabulous and is coming back in Sept. Think I will also re-watch my Supernatural. That should about take up my summer. LOL

MJ said...

Oh - finally caught up to Smash. had to laugh when Karen says she fell cause she was so into Ivy's performance! No Karen - it's cause you kept picturing yourself as marilyn ! She was crazy not to go meet that record guy.

And FYI Mike - Justified is having another great season for when you catch up. Last season was so great that it was hard to imagine topping it, but they have so far at least been on par. Their guest star for this season has been Neal McDonough and he has just been phenominal.

Kelly said...

I've been pretty busy this week, I'm finally getting here to provide my comments. I know you're all waiting for my wonderful insight, lol!!
ALCATRAZ- loved the episode, can't believe next week is the finale! NOT FAIR! Let's all pool our good vibes and send them over to the Fox execs so they will renew it :) Loved the creepiness of Lucy's eyes when she opened them. Sorta makes me think that maybe the blood changed her? Like, maybe she'll be one of those people who acts all normal and good, but when no one's looking she's killing people and sabotaging the task force or something, lol. But we'll see.
RE: The stuff that's left in Alcatraz- it is VERY common for things to be left in buildings when they close down. I've seen/been to places that have shut down, and it's as if it was simply left one day exactly as it was. Mental hospitals still have beds and paperwork and wheelchairs and everything in them.

ONCE- I love Charming, but David is a douche!! WTH?! Good for Mary Margaret for telling him to get out! But bad that she ran, even though it was obvious that was gonna happen when she found the key. I loved August and Henry's conversation, we need to know more about him!!

THE RIVER- I'd be completely surprised if that gets renewed, but I definitely enjoyed the ride. I do wish we could get some explanation about Lena's birthmark/The Source/what Emmet has to say about everything (besides that it's evil). Oh well, I'll get over it, lol.

BSG BLOOD AND CHROME- so annoyed!! Then again, Ron Moore wasn't involved, so I'm not sure how great it would be anyway. We all saw what happened to Caprica, lol. However, from the trailer I saw it looked good. There's still a chance it'll be a web series, so let's at least cross our fingers for that.

RINGER- MJ, did you watch? I was surprised Bridget told Andrew that she killed that guy.. I totally forgot about that! I think Malcolm is alive, maybe he killed the guy they found and ran away.. Though if he killed him, why bother burying him? Henry's finally starting to grow a brain, even though he killed Tyler (accidentally, but whatever). I can't believe Juliet told Bridget about the scam! Can't wait to find out what happens with that. Oh, and I knew Catherine looked familiar. She was on Lost- she played Goodwin's wife, the one who was all mad at Juliet for having an affair with him. That was a terrible episode, lol. Though still not as bad as that stupid Jack tattoo one. UGH.

Mike V. said...

@MJ -
Yeah, I was getting tweets and texts all day with the NFL stuff (while I was in meetings all day.) Insane stuff. Niners at least got Alex Smith back admist all of the drama so that's good I guess!

I guess we're still going to see the "pilot" as a TV Mini-series or something? (Blood and Chrome) And then it's going digital? I don't even know what it all means.

TV line looks fine to me...that's weird! What browswer do you use and what version? Some of these sites don't like older versions of internet explorer.

Yeah, I watched 4 eps of The Killing and really liked it. There was just so much on Sunday nights that something had to take a backburner. That was it!

SMASH - Yeah, that was all a bit weird. lol Definitely crazy not to meet with the record guy!

SUMMER - Good to hear about Justified. Still planning to dig into that one. Wish it was on Netflix streaming. That would make life easier! lol I have Supernatural on my streaming queue so I'd like to watch at some point. Definitely want to rewatch LOST (might do that on the treadmill however long it might take. I'm almost done with HIMYM!). Oh right...and Revenge! The whole season is still streaming on ABC right now, so hopefully it will be there this summer too. I have most of it tivo'd just not the first few eps!

@Kelly - of course we've been waiting for your insight!

ALCATRAZ - Hmm...interesting that the blood may be what is affecting these people's behavior. Possible I guess! Considering the Beauregard did inject something into last week's guy before he started brainwashing him. But I don't think Lucy went through any brainwashing procedures. Hmmm. And yeah..I guess if Alcatraz wasn't a national tourist attraction, it might be acceptable for old stuff to be in these shut down buildings. They wouldn't have the desire to clean it up! But Alcatraz I figured they would. But since there's this secret "restricted" area in this fictional story....they probably did NOT clean that up intentionally.

ONCE - I don't think David is a douche...just confused! He doesn't realize what he saw. It will all get cleared up one day! lol Did love August and Henry's conversation. Forgot to discuss that earlier. Sounds like he wants to start waking people up. Kinda like the Desmond of Sideways land! lol

BSG - Never saw the trailer, but I'm sure it would have been at least better than Caprica. Whew...that was painful! Not even sure I finished it once I heard it was cancelled. lol

MJ said...

Kelly - LOL on the changes for Lucy. Very funny.

Once - but where is MM going to run to? She can't leave town apparently.

I'm behind on Ringer again. SIGH.

TV Line - I'm on IE 8 - this is my work pc so I don't have too too much control. I'll see if it improves.

I avoided Caprica - and glad I did.

Must be a chick thing cause David is a bit of a jerk to both MM and his wife. Though his little flashed of memory will make for very interesting times.

Mike V. said...

ONCE - I dunno...I just try to see the big picture with ONCE so I don't see "Storybrooke" Dave as a jerk. I see him as Prince Charming with clouded memories of his true past. So, any out of the norm behavior is due to that confusion. I would say the same thing about any character not "in the know"....I guess in the immediate present, yeah he's probably a jerk...but I think it's because there are these subconscious tendencies for him to want to be with his true love. And then there was conflict with those tendencies when he got a flash of his past that seemed relevent to a present storyline. I think you guys give him a bad rap! lol

TVLINE - I think IE 8 shouldn't be a prob. I have the same issue control over work browsers. At one point recently we were still on IE 6 when Google was leading the charge to make it irrelevant. lol

MJ said...

Oh yeah - mean to add that I was surprised the 49ers threw their hat into the ring after Peyton. The are lucky Smith decided to stay. And now you got Manningham - great catcher in clutch situations. My team is just letting everyone go - I'm not too happy so far. LOL

Once - the jerky part is the way he handled the wife and MM. He should have just been a man and decided who he wanted to be with. LOL - It's a chick thing.

I even tried Firefox - still looks bad.

MJ said...

Netflix may try to save Terra Nova and The River !?!

Sci-Fi made up words. Wow - they hit on alot of my faves : Farscape, Firefly, BSG, B5, Star Wars, SG-1

Cute story about how Lost came to be called Lost

Kelly said...

I stick by my assessment of David. I get that the curse blah blah blah, but he's certainly no Prince Charming in Storybrooke! His saving grace in my eyes is the fact that the curse has rendered him to be this way. I know he'll redeem himself, but if I were Mary Margaret I would feel the exact same way she is. He's like my ex boyfriend! lol!!
I'll have to check out those articles, MJ- thanks!

MJ said...

Hey - didn't someone here watch and like Downton Abby ? i was thinking of checking it out.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - I'm glad we picked up manningham....crabtree has been a bust so far. And don't forget we have Randy Moss now too. Well, we used to have T.O. so it can't be any worse. lol Even thought he's not the receiver he used to be!

ONCE (@kelly too) - Fine...that was jerky!! But it's a dude thing for me to be able to understand he was trying to avoid confrontation! lol

Sorry about your luck with TV line...that's just bizarre! Maybe it's a work server/firewall thing not that that makes any sense...who knows? lol

Yeah, I had read a couple weeks ago that Netflix was looking into keeping Terra Nova alive. Most analsys think that they will not succeed. lol I'll check out the other 2 links!

And yes, my wife and I started Downton Abbey. 1st season was really good. We started season 2 but just haven't finished. Entertaining so far though!

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Well that explains why there are no eps until April 16th. The finale date was announced and it's a 1 hour (i.e. 2 ep) finale! Slight spoilers in the description but it was what I figured would happen in this episode.

MJ said...

Hmm - i might have to check it out then. I don't think I've ever watched anything on PBS before.

Ok so I heard a joke yesterday and didn't put it out on this family friendly blog - but one of the articles I linked earlier reminded me how I could !

Now that Tebow is going to the Jets he won't be a virgin any more. The Jets Frak everybody ! ;-D

Oh - Forgot you guys took Moss.

Mike V. said...

Well, I don't know what channel it originally airs on in the UK, but PBS just airs the Masterpiece Classic shows. So it's not like they're the original broadcasters!

Love the TEBOW joke! lol Ahhh gotta love the "family friendly" blogging. :) It's not like many children would be interested to read all of this in-depth analysis we do on these shows! lol Most adults wouldn't be that interested either!! LOL

MJ said...

Fringe article on TV Guide.
Wyman and Pinkner preview tonights ep, and some future stuff. Not too spoilery (Just a little) - it's really about what we will find out and when.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the link, MJ! Sounds like everything we've been speculating all year, even some last year culminates in tonight's ep! Or at some point in the rest of this season.

Never really thought about us spending time in "william bell's" mind. I thought we were in "OLIVIA's" mind where William's consciousness was residing. But, I guess it kinda makes sense that some of William's memories would leak into Olivia's. Excited to meet this X-MAN! Not exicted that it may lead to Olivia's death. But obviously, if she dies FOR REAL, the show is over. lol

Mike V. said...

Another good Fringe article with the producers talking about how they have distinct plans for a series finale that will reward the viewers who have stuck with it!

MJ said...

Kelly - Ringer
Whew ! Got to see it last night finally. Is there anyone left that Hasn't killed someone ? Not too many.

How funny was it last week that when someone finally figures out she's not Sib that he's the hired driver !?!

I def don't think Malcolm is dead, don't even know why Machado goes there. His wallet by another dead body screams that Malcolm killed him, but is not dead.

That was so close with Sib and Bridge both being a the hospital ! You'd think the man would notice that his wife changed clothes in the last 2 minutes? But they made sure he was very pre-occupied to cover that.

The whole tarot card thing is pretty weird though. I guess we'll see where they are going with it.