Monday, August 14, 2017

TV Discussion: Week of 8/13/2017 to 8/19/2017

Hello fellow TV Addicts! This is the place to discuss all non-recapped shows for the week. I'll see you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Orphan Black Series finale - I watched! Really not much to spoil but I'll just start with a long preamble so that I don't spoil by accident. lol

It was a nice wrap-up. I got my wish of all the clones hanging out together at the end. It was a pretty well done scene. And crazy how many Ledas ended up being out there. For some reason I really thought Felix was bringing Michael Huisman (Daario/Baby Daddy) in to cheer up Sarah...but it ended up being Rachel. lol But, the show wrapped up the story and that's what a finale should do. So good show, good ending, glad it's over! lol (one less show to keep up with)

The next one I'll be glad is over is THE STRAIN, but still watching that latest ep. :)

MJ said...

Orphan - yeah it was a good ending. Still sad over Mrs S. She should have been there to see them all happy and together. Did you watch after the credits ? They had it on screen several times during the ep to stay after the credits.

Strain - yeah glad this is ending too. Been a harsh season this one. Is the final one, right ? LOL

Yeah - you need to start watching Timeless and finish Legends of tomorrow. LOL

Mike V. said...

Orphan - Oh but she that painting over the fireplace! LOL After Credits - The whole dancing segment of the whole cast?? lol Or was there something else?

Strain - I'm pretty sure this is the end. I finished the current ep. It's good, I'm just over it!

Legends - I did watch some last week and will get back to it this week. Kinda got sidetracked by a Band of Brothers rewatch (I'm not even sure why I started but it's soooo good!)

Timeless - I think we only have like 4 episodes left and it's not airing until next summer! lol

MJ said...

Orphan - nope - all the dancing was it. ;-D

Strain - yeah - i hear ya.

Timeless - what ? Next summer ? Huh!

Iron Fist - been watching these. I like it. Don't know why it got such poor reviews. A little more mystical then the others but good. About 7 or 8 watched so far. He found out that the chinese chick is actually with The Hand. Getting ready for Defenders.

Mike V. said...

Orphan - HA!! Yeah I watched. :)

Timeless - That's what I thought I heard. lol I do want to watch them. Still powering through Santa Clarita Diet and Goldbergs. (Almost done season 3! Top Gun episode and Dirty Dancing episodes were fantastic! Just watched the Columbia house tapes episode lol)

Iron Fist - I really liked it too. I don't get the hate either. you recognize the Chinese chick? She's actually a Marvel character...but the actress was also one of the Sand Snakes....she almost didn't finish her story arc on Game of Thrones because of Iron Fist, but they worked it out...that snake story was supposed to happen over 2 episodes apparently, but they got it down to that one scene.

I'm ready for Defenders too!

MJ said...

Iron Fist - finished couple of days ago. Did not recognize Colleen Wing as a sand snake. But Meecham kept bugging me. Just looked him up - he was freaking Faromir from LOTR ! LOL Blew me away.

Defenders - not sure I will start this weekend - usually wait a few days as Netflix always busy when something new drops - app gets funny.

Still no Vikings. Am debating if I will get to it at all. New season probably starts in like 2 months. LOL

Mike V. said...

Iron Fist - ....whaaaaat????? Faromir was in Iron Fist? WAIT...HAROLD WAS FAROMIR??? Wow...I see it now but totally did not piece that together.

Defenders - 2 episodes in already!! lol Of course this will delay Legends again. I'm 8 episodes into that.

MJ said...

Iron Fist - Right ! I was shocked too. Must have been the short hair. LOL

Defenders - read that post credits on the premier showed clip for The Punisher.

MJ said...

Meant to add - Episodes premiers Sunday ! Finally

Mike V. said...

Iron Fist - Definitely got a little older in appearance in 15/16 years too. lol Amazing how that happens. :-) :-(

Defenders - I saw that there was a Punisher preview/clip so I figured it was attached to Defenders somehow. Though with Netflix it automatically goes to next episode if you don't stop it so I didn't see it. lol

Episodes - YES!! I remembered. It's been available on showtime streaming but I decided to wait.