Monday, August 21, 2017

TV Discussion: Week of 8/20/2017 to 8/26/2017

Hello fellow TV Addicts! This is the place to discuss all non-recapped shows for the week. I'll see you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

On episode 7 of The Defenders! Might be able to finish by tomorrow. It's been pretty good!

MJ said...

I've heard good things

Vikings - several eps into last season. Lagertha just showed up to take Cattecut back and Ragnar and Ivar just walked/crawled into a british village. Rollo went with Bjorn - which really makes no sense but ok - and they pretended to keel haul him. I'm sure you guys hardly remember since it took me so long to watch these. LOL But I am pretty sure I got spoiled months ago that Ragnar will die. Not sure I get Lagertha's point in taking Cattecut either - it's not Anslaughs really - it is Ragnars kingdom. But I'm going with it.

Saw Suicide Squad this weekend. Was merely ok.

Mike V. said...

Vikings - As I recall, I think Richard was not happy with Lagertha taking Kattegut/Cattecut (I have no idea how to spell it lol). Don't want to say much else! But, you're right. I barely remember the season. I do remember some key things and I don't want to spoil that!

Suicide Squad - You praise it too much! LOL It was a pile of garbage! They tried to course correct the film after Batman v. Superman was "too dark" with not enough light moments. The reshots were purely focused on adding humor and you could tell where the awful one liners were added. Granted...I remember leaving the theater thinking it was "ok" as well. But looking back on it, I don't think I ever want to watch it again. lol

Defenders - finished! will wait to discuss.

Episodes - Watched last night. Still funny!

Goldbergs - Finished season 3. Loved the Big Orange episode (his flyers t-shirt)....then almost welled up when I saw it was dedicated to Ed Snyder. Then the finale was dedicated to Patton Oswalt's wife who died. Rough stuff. Season 4 is on my TiVo so from a technology perspective I'm looking forward to an easier watch. (I like Plex, but the plex app on my bedroom TiVo is very slow loading. And that's where we usually watch lol)

Think we're getting ready to watch OZARK and The Sinner (Jessica Biel show on USA)

We also finished Santa Clarita Diet. It was okay. I stopped paying attention in the last few episodes.

Friends from College - Renewed for season 2.

The Ranch - my wife watched this one. I sneaked a peak every once in awhile while watching stuff on my iPad had its moments. lol

Legends - Still in mid-season 1.

The Strain - Not finished current ep yet. But more of the same "meh" feelings. lol

MJ said...

Ozark - heard very good.

Suicide Squad - it had its moments.

Gbergs - love his mania of the fliers - tho i do not watch hockey. Miss the Wawa parking lot scenes - as time goes by they hardly go there any more.

Santa Clarita - I heard mixed things

Ranch on my to do list as is Ozarks.

Strain - found the flashback interesting for the Masters son (can't think of his name).

Good Behavior - season 2 starting on TNT - it's a good show ! Just saying

Mike V. said...

Ozark – me too. We have vacation next week so I’m guessing we won’t get to it until after.

Suicide Squad – Yeah…it did. Harley Quinn was good. Killer Croc? Not so much. Lol

Gbergs – I did see the kid that plays Adam actually went to Wawa in Jenkintown this summer. Love it! I used to be an obsessed Flyers fan. Watched evey game. Then they went on strike in 2004 and LOST came on the air. My priorities changed. LOL

Santa Clarita – I’m on the negative side of the mixed things! Like SS, it had its moments. But, it couldn’t hold my interest!

Strain – Invictus? I think that’s his name (had closed captions on) I guess essentially we found out that he has to kill the master for this to end. Maybe we already knew that.

Good Behavior – I was wondering why I had season 1 on my TiVo. Must’ve been your suggestion! Lol

MJ said...

Good Behavior - LOL - too funny.

Strain - that's it! But the 'team' calls him Quinlan.

Gbergs - how cool !

Enjoy vaca !

Mike V. said...

Thanks on vacation! I'll be around Monday and a bit of Tuesday before we head down. Parker starts Kindergarten next week (can you believe it?) so it cuts our shore trip a little short.

Strain - yes quinlan!

Goldbergs - watched 2 more in season 4. Poor Erica now having a crush on the dorky JTP dude. Saw that coming a mile away at the end of season 3, but it still worked. lol Adam and the waffle girl was funny. Barry being mentored by the gym coach was fantastic!

MJ said...

KINDERGARTEN ? What ? Oh man ! I remember when he was born. That is crazy.

Hurricane - hope Leslie will be ok. We don't hear from her too often any more I know - but I don't think she is too far south in texas.

Gbergs - I actually did not like them all of a sudden having Erica like the dork. It changes her whole personality really. You will see. LOL Are you on last season then ? LOL - not sure how many there are and what season is next. I just watch them. Supposedly a spin off coming that is all about the 90s.

Mike V. said...

Kindergarten - I know, it's crazy. My daughter is starting preschool!

Ditto on the hurricane. Be safe Leslie!

Gbergs - Yeah I can see what you mean. I'm on season 4 which is the latest season. Probably 3 or 4 episodes in. I fell asleep watching one last night. lol
Nice on the 90s spinoff. I like that every episode is preceded by 1980-something so they don't have to stick to the actual 80s timeline. This really threw my wife off because things were happening that happened in 1989. I had to clarify that they just threw 80s nostalgia in a blender and pressed play. lol It really hits home though.

MJ said...

Gbergs - yeah we used to crack up every time when they would do the 'some time in the 80's' Also loved the mom's sweaters and sweatshirts that she wears