Monday, August 28, 2017

TV Discussion: Fall 2017

Hello TV Addicts!  This is our place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  I will be leaving this post up until The Walking Dead starts back up in October and then we'll resume weekly discussion threads.   See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Strain - *** Spoiler *** Holy crap - finally killed Eichorst. Thank goodness. But will Sertrakian survive ? Since he ingested the thinners does that protect him from the bite ? Hmmm. And glad to see the black market guy go too, and to have Gus back and everyone back together. Hope they don't 'rescue' Zach.

Talking - I'm sure you watched with Dominck Monahan - though maybe not since you are on vaca. Was pretty good. Hysterical question from the chick with pink hair and the 'hobbit followers'.

Mike V. said...

Hmm so chrome is the issue eh? I'll have to check that out. But probably nothing I can do about it. Hilarious though since blogger is a google application. lol

Strain - I watched too. Surprised he went so early! Wasn't sure with his speech if he thought he'd still kill the master or if he knew it would be someone else. Seems like quinlan needs to do it. So not sure if setrakian will live or not. Since he made it through tha episode I'm guessing the blood thinners worked. lol

Talking - I checked this morning to see who it was but didn't watch yet. ('My TiVo descriptions don't say who the guest is so I have to start the episode to see lol)

I'll respond to thrones later! Youtubing with my daughter then packing for the shore! lol

MJ said...

Well - the site says
This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.

But on IE it seems ok. And it happened half way thru the day. I'd posted several times earlier.

Strain - yes - Quinlan has to kill the master

Talking - I never have description either

Sore - it's raining in south Jersey ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Just makes no sense!! Maybe clear your cache. Lol

South Jersey rain - I know. :( just today though. We already prepared and are bringing games to keep us busy!

Episodes - first 2 episodes were hilarious!

M said...

Shore - enjoy !

Episodes - sadly re-watched the finale but not the new eps

Vikings - So Ragnar is dead - by snakes in a pit of all things. I know it's bee so long since I watched this but I don't even get why he wanted to die so much. Though the double cross of Eckbert was amusing. And I don't get why Eckbert wouldn't just kill him. Eckbert killed all Ragnars men left behind - why would he trust Ragnar ?

MJ said...

Midnight Texas - any one watching ? For a supernatural show it's been awesome

Anonymous said...

Vikings, I have forgotten a lot about things in the series. But Eckbert had a special relationship with him plus it's a drama, lol. He did die in a snake pit. Watch out for Eckbert's son.

Been missing MIke btw.


Anonymous said...

I'm watching Suits, salvation, perry mason reruns, and shooter.

Going to be taking the boat out more now, lol.


MJ said...

Richard - don't you watch one of the SyFy shows that I watch Dark matter or Killjoys or something ?

Anonymous said...

I tried Dark Matter but felt it started going crazy. I watch Expanse when it's being broadcast.

My biggest problem with almost all shows is the ever increasing desire of show runners to be "dramatic" and to me they end up going over the "crazy cliff".

It's kind of interesting that my wife and I both really like Perry Mason because it keeps the drama low and the intellect high.

And that's the other thing, I like shows that have some intellectual appeal. So, that takes out the reality TV shows like the 24/7 news channels, LOL.


Mike V. said...

Vikings – Richard can cover this better than I can now that he’s rechecking this thread. But yep…Ragnar died and now it’s all about the sons. Bit of a different show but still entertaining.

Midnight Texas – Have not been watching. Not sure if I’ll get to it. But good to hear it’s been good!

Missing Mike – Thanks Richard! Nice to feel missed. Lol
Suits – Always heard good things, but never got into it. There has to be like 7 seasons by now if not more. Lol

The Sinner – anyone watching this on Bravo? 8 episode limited series produced and starred in by Jessica Biel (AKA Mrs. Timberlake. Lol). Bill Pullman is in it as well. Very much like The Night of. A friend of ours called it “The Night of” in reverse. Lol Anyway, it’s pretty good. We’re 4 episodes in. 5 episodes have aired with one more this Thursday. They reair them all the time if you set your dvr.

Legends – I’m done season 1 except for the last minute or 2 (really had to leave this morning lol). But they killed the Egyptian dude and Snark is dead. (I knew he eventually died because of The Flash and crossovers) Season was decent but I’m looking forward to seeing them step up their game in season 2.

MJ said...

Legends - Snart you mean ? Funny you called him Snark tho - cause he is snarky. Yes - Egyptians were a total drag on the show. As was the time lord guy.

Vikings - finished it. Very good.

Defenders - finished this. Since when did Gau get like Yoda talents/powers ? LOL Where did that come from ? Was good. Sure Gau nor any others are dead. Fist was an idiot tho - Elektra totally put herself in front of that wall knowing he'd go to punch her and hit the wall. I enjoyed it.

Veep/Silicon - just starting to watch the most recent seasons now. About 3 or 4 into each. Forgot how damned funny Veep is.

Mike V. said...

Legends - yep meant Snart. Probably was thinking of Snoke from the SW sequel trilogy (awful name btw) and mixed it up with Snart. lol I'm not sure what time lord guy you're referring to...the bad guy that was in line with the Egyptian guy? (horrible with names).... because the main dude that is leading the legends is still in the show. lol I started ep 1 of season 2...they're with Einstein...I can already tell this will be a better approach to the show. lol

Vikings - nice.

Defenders - Yeah...all of the "fingers" had some crazy powers. lol I guess Gao/Gau was hiding hers? Did come out of nowhere though. So Daredevil you think Elektra did too? Yeah I guess Fist wasn't too bright. lol

Silicon - I'm caught up on this. Veep - We're probably 2 episodes into season 1. I still want to watch them all.

AHS - Did you start this? I knew what it was going to be about going into it. I'll stick with it, but it might be a little too infused with reality. lol

MJ said...

Legends - no - though the 'big bad' was sucky too. I mean the time traveler - who's every plan sucked. LOL. Can't remember his name. He is in season 2 - but is very different. You shall see. And yes - definitely a lot more fun in season 2.

Defenders - yeah - guess they had to give her something. Was so Yoda like - even with the cane. LOL Yep - I think everyone survived but that one finger and the leader of course.

AHS - I did not watch last night. I get up to early for these 10pm shows. Will probably watch tonight. Heard it was cray cray.

Mike V. said...

Legends - ahh RIP okay. They already seem to be having more fun but I'm sure it'll get better.

Defenders - Right I forget her character's name but it was Sigourney Weaver's character. lol Wait...another finger died too? It's horrible how quickly I forget things.

AHS - I certainly was awake at 10 but I didn't watch until this morning. lol Cray Cray is a good word for it!

Anonymous said...

Suits--they had a walk of shame, between people saying shame, shame, shame on and on. Then even referred to GoT, pretty good.

Salvation--I think 2 eps left. "Walter" is back and more involved.


Mike V. said...

Suits - I think the guy who played Varys and possible Catelyn Stark also were recurring actors on the show too. They love their GoT!

MJ said...

Oroville - Any one check that out ? I heard no to so good so I didn't. McFarlane not my fave any way

Looking forward to our shows coming back, and a few new ones. Ghosted, Gifted, Mayor - all look promising. 10 Days in the Valley with Kyra Sedgwick also.

Mike V. said...

Orville - Recorded but didn't watch. Was waiting to hear things.

The Deuce - Recorded but didn't watch yet. (new HBO show with James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhal with the people that did the Wire)

Ozark - Started this. Watched 1st ep. Pretty good so far!

I'll have to check out Ghosted and Mayor and 10 days..don't know much about them. Saw promos for Gifted. Wasn't planning to get into new shows but we'll see! lol

G'Bergs - Trucking through season 4 (latest season)! We're into the January episodes. lol

Legends - Trucking through season 2! Just watched the civil war ep with zombies and the 1987 white house ep. Now they're headed back to old west.

Mike V. said...

The strain - I thought series finale was this past week, but looks like it's this coming Sunday. It's been status quo. lol

Anonymous said...

LOL, I haven't even heard of most of those shows.

Suits was good last night

Salvation was good and I think the next ep is the finale. GREAT twists going on now. More layers being uncovered. And yet it doesn't take itself too seriously.


MJ said...

Yeah - I am def not watching as many new shows a I usually do - but those ones are ones I am looking forward to.

Vikings back in like 5 weeks - not sure about staying with it. Not that invested in Ivar and the other brothers. We shall see.

FTWD - still only ok. Place holder for TWD - which I am dying to watch again. Hear all the drama over that little except at the end of the Comicon trailer? LOL Loved EP's (name not coming to me) response to it too.

Anonymous said...

Vikings--they have pushed out Ragnar's death as much as they could because they are afraid of loosing viewers. They have set up Lagertha to try and keep some. But the way they set her up has turned me off--they went way overboard to the point of being fakey. I used to be all behind her character with the actress having a black belt. Rollo and his wife are pretty good and interesting. Ecbert is interesting.

I'll take the eps one by one to see how the show goes.


Mike V. said...

Ugh just read a review about "The Vietnam War". Ken Burns has been working on it for like 10 years and apparently it's a masterpiece. I set the TiVo. But it's 10 episode, 18 hours! Starts this weekend.

Emmys - This wknd. Game of Thrones not eligible due to later start. If This Is Us was ever going to win, this is the season to do it!

Vikings - I'm in same boat. Not looking forward to the return as much. I'm sure I'll check it out.

FTWD/TWD - I don't regret stopping FTWD. I did watch some of Talking Dead season 8 (9?? I forget now lol) preview show. So yes I heard some drama about the end of the comic con trailer. I forget Scott Gimple's response to it though. lol

Legends - So, I think I recall you telling me about a star wars themed episode. But the minute I saw a guy on a film set with big black hair and a black beard named George I knew where they were going. lol I was hoping they'd start watching Star Wars at the end and something would be slightly changed about the movie. lol RIP is back in the picture, but he's affected by the wand/staff/stick thing. Right now they're at Washington's crossing of the Delaware trying to prevent RIP from killing George Washington. lol

OZARK - It's been pretty good. I think we're 5 eps in.

Goldbergs - 9 episode left to be caught up. And OF COURSE it has started in syndication now. lol We just watched the Spencer's Gifts episode. Getting there.

MJ said...

Vikings - yeah well Eckbert is dead now ! LOL

Vietnam - yeah - I was tempted - butno way I'd get thru it

FTWD - watched the premier but not this weeks yet. It's merely ok

Legends - yeah loved the Lucas ep. Rip is way more fun this year - as are they all. And def a better show without the egyptions - they were kinda useless.

Gbergs - LOl on Spencers Gifts. tht brought me back. Still think it was weird that Laney wound up liking Big Tastey (can't think of his actual name) and Erica likeing his friend. But just went with it. They really changed those girls whole characters. They were the hotties and the clique - but guess you can do more with them if they aren't.

Mike V. said...

Vikings – I remember that! Lol Don’t remember much but that sticks out.

Vietnam – It’s recording but just stacking up on the DVR. Lol

Legends – Rip is finally back with the crew now and of sound mind. There was an ep where we were inside his mind and met a human form of Gideon. Lol Agreed on the Egyptians. It’s a fun show.

Gbergs – Yeah…well I know Barry Goldberg is a real person. I think the sister was a made up character. Not sure if Barry actually dated this girl in real life. I just watched the episode where Erica kissed Barry’s friend. Very Friends like with the plot unfolding. Lol (Ross/Rachel formula) Yeah I get what you mean with the hotties/clique thing. At least with Barry and Laney I always saw that turning into something. This other one with Erica came out of left field. But I’m rolling with it and it’s entertaining enough. Adam F. Goldberg has finally encountered his rival Adam Goldberg in the latest ep we watched. Lol

Strain – So…it’s over. And, I’m good with it! Lol

Anonymous said...

Ecbert will have a legacy and heirs to pick up where he left off


MJ said...

Strain - yeah - Zach got to set off his second Nuke. LOL

Mike V. said...

Strain - Yep, and the entire small viewing audience rejoiced! lol In all honesty, once Fett volunteered to detonate the bomb, I kinda assumed Eph and Son would do it. Didn't see Eph becoming the master for a hot minute. lol

Legends - Watched the Tolkien Snart is back in a previous incarnation and he recruited Mick??? I'm guessing Mick did it on purpose to infiltrate but we'll see.

Ozark - 7 episodes down 3 to go. A little slower than we expected, but still pretty good. Can't go wrong with Bateman and Linney (SP).

Goldbergs - I keep watching too late and falling asleep! lol But we're progressing along. I honestly forget what the focus of last night's episode is. I think it comes back next week so I gotta get done!

This Is Us comes back next week too right? Excited about that!

Mike V. said...

GBERGS - Okay finished the last 2 eps I fell asleep on. JAR WARS (Swear Jar)/Grateful Dead ep and the Karate Kid episode. Good stuff. lol Always love when the musical selections align with the songs that I still love from the 80s. (i.e. anything with Peter Cetera involved lol Of course "Glory of Love" was from Karate Kid part II and they were paying homage to part 1 but they still played "You're the Best" too) Oh and Erica/JTP dude (Jeff?) decided it wasn't the right time for them.

Good Place - Great start to season 2! I really hope we aren't resetting every episode, but I loved the hour reveal of each of the main 4 and what horrible situation they were put in. The Cargo Pants. lol Also the descriptions of real hell torture were pretty hilarious too. And of course, "I'm going to the gym!" All great stuff. Glad this one is back. I've been looking forward to this and THIS IS US.

The Sinner - It was a good limited series if anyone ever gets around to it. 8 eps.

Legends - Finished season 2! There's dinosaurs in modern day LA! lol For awhile in that final battle I wasn't sure what instances of the Legends were dying and which were surviving...but I'm assuming it was the ones that planned to erase themselves from existence that were dying. lol Anyway...thanks for the suggestion MJ. Now, the only one left in the Berlantiverse that I'm not watching is Arrow...but I don't plan to start! lol

Anonymous said...

LOL, I haven't watched Strain in a couple of years and in just reading the last couple of comments have it all, lol. Yea, I figured there would never be an end to the "vampires", etc. Would end with a continuation of the age old struggle or something like that. Any more a good old fashioned "...and they lived happily ever after." would be an oddity, lol.

Salvation--Good season finale. Still more layers. This show has not really lost audience but maintained after the first 2. But, I don't know if it will be renewed.

Vietnam--there are 2 of these things going. I think one just finished. started recording the other. The one that finished was more of an historical reflection. Funny how few people know we actually beat the vietkong up re Tet and had them rocking back before we pulled out. I had family in it.


MJ said...

Strain - yup also knew Eph would do it and also did not see him becoming the master. Richard - they did kill the master. And the others became just dumb animials and we hunted them down and killed them. So they are all gone. But for 3 they kept in locked space at CDC to study. LOL They didn't necessarily do 'happily ever after' but they showed the world moving on and starting to rebuild.

Gbergs - yes ! Jeff. LOL

Good Place - I am behind stuff already and not watched yet. Heard premier S2 was forking good ! LOL Couldn't resist.

Sinner- taped and deleted before I could watch. No time.

Have contractors at my house doing work - supposed to be 2 days. Today is day 4 and they should be done. Had to move tons of furniture. Now moving bac tonight and tomorrow. Have company this weekend. It's all killed my free time this week

FTWD - not much to say - just a placeholder til 10/22 ! LOL

This is Us - back Tuesday I believe. Blacklist Wednesday - might drop it. New shows Good Doctor and The Brave start. Might check them out. My NYG are done stinking up the prome time now for a few weeks any way

Mike V. said...

Strain - Wait huh? No they killed them all off. lol Eph became the master and his son blew him up with a nuke...after being a punk b*tch for a season (let's be honest...the whole series lol). Once the master was dead there was a montage of the rest of them killing off the remaining infected and restoring NYC back to its glory. Basically only 4 of them survived but they sorta lived happily ever after. (Although I guess Fet and Dutch weren't together 5 years later or whatever, right?) lol

I just saw MJ's post. You get 2 different perspectives of the same thing! LOL

Vietnam - I did see there were 2 things going. The one I was talking about was the PBS Ken Burns 18 hour one. It's still going. I haven't watched any of it.

Good Place - I was worried about writing about it. Wasn't sure if you'd seen but it's all good. FORKING is always a classic! lol Premiere was awesome!

Sinner - Understood! I would've never watched if my wife didn't get the recommendation from friends. Which reminds me...Mr. Robot is starting soon. (same channel)

Ouch on contractor work! Enjoy all that work and your company!

FTWD - agreed!

This is us - YES!

NFL - All I do is keep up with my fantasy teams at this point. lol

NBC/TIVO - MJ, you might want to check your One Passes. When I clicked on The Good Place last night it was recording Telemundo and NOT the Good Place. (it was listed as the good place though). Fortunately I was able to record 7 minutes in until the end and watch the first 7 minutes on PLEX. lol I checked my This is Us recording and it was set to do the same thing.

basically TiVo made an update to OnePass where it will look at any channel an episode is listed and pick one. I switched the NBC ones to only look at NBC (WCAUHD). Hopefully it didn't affect you. but I was fuming mad!

MJ said...

Strain - that's what I said ! But the showed 3 or 4 of them locked up in some vault for study. The voice over stated that they kept a few to study in a lockdown type place where they keeps stran of ebola and such things. Then said ' cause that's always such a good idea'. "They are all gone' refers to the strigoi. We said the same thing so not sure why you are puzzled ?

Good place - it was really good. Loved all the callbacks - Jumbo shrimp! LOL Trying to get Eleanor drunk. What is a Chidi ? LOL Yeah agree though - don't want a reset every week. Perfect torture for brit girl - cargo pants off the rack and tiny tiny home. I never really get Chidi's torture ? Eleanor was his torture in S1 - what was it this time ?

Tivo - uh oh ! I will have to check. Thanks for the heads up.

Mike V. said...

TiVo - You might be okay since Good Place recorded okay! I ended up just getting that extra channel off my TiVo for the future.

Strain - I know, MJ...I wasn't puzzled by your comments. I started typing before I read your post and was responding to Richard. lol But then I clarified at the end that I saw your post but left it anyway. :) Right...I did forget about the few they kept on lockdown though....yeah can't wait for THE STRAIN 2.0 one day! lol

Good Place - Chidi's torture is giving him decisions to make right? He's so indecisive that it's a pain to everyone around him. Or something like that. But slump for this one so far. Love it!

Mike V. said...

Gotham - Didn't finish the ep yet (10 minutes left) but they're starting Bruce's vigilante desires. He's running around gotham with a black hooded trenchcoat and a sorta mask. lol I know everyone gave up and I should too, but I'm still trucking along!

Ozark - 2 episodes left.

Goldbergs - like 7 episodes left? Just watched the Doogie Houser inspired episode. lol Barry and his GF know that when college starts their relationship is pretty much over. ahhh high school love. lol