Monday, August 28, 2017

TV Discussion: Fall 2017

Hello TV Addicts!  This is our place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  I will be leaving this post up until The Walking Dead starts back up in October and then we'll resume weekly discussion threads.   See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Strain - *** Spoiler *** Holy crap - finally killed Eichorst. Thank goodness. But will Sertrakian survive ? Since he ingested the thinners does that protect him from the bite ? Hmmm. And glad to see the black market guy go too, and to have Gus back and everyone back together. Hope they don't 'rescue' Zach.

Talking - I'm sure you watched with Dominck Monahan - though maybe not since you are on vaca. Was pretty good. Hysterical question from the chick with pink hair and the 'hobbit followers'.

Mike V. said...

Hmm so chrome is the issue eh? I'll have to check that out. But probably nothing I can do about it. Hilarious though since blogger is a google application. lol

Strain - I watched too. Surprised he went so early! Wasn't sure with his speech if he thought he'd still kill the master or if he knew it would be someone else. Seems like quinlan needs to do it. So not sure if setrakian will live or not. Since he made it through tha episode I'm guessing the blood thinners worked. lol

Talking - I checked this morning to see who it was but didn't watch yet. ('My TiVo descriptions don't say who the guest is so I have to start the episode to see lol)

I'll respond to thrones later! Youtubing with my daughter then packing for the shore! lol

MJ said...

Well - the site says
This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.

But on IE it seems ok. And it happened half way thru the day. I'd posted several times earlier.

Strain - yes - Quinlan has to kill the master

Talking - I never have description either

Sore - it's raining in south Jersey ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Just makes no sense!! Maybe clear your cache. Lol

South Jersey rain - I know. :( just today though. We already prepared and are bringing games to keep us busy!

Episodes - first 2 episodes were hilarious!

M said...

Shore - enjoy !

Episodes - sadly re-watched the finale but not the new eps

Vikings - So Ragnar is dead - by snakes in a pit of all things. I know it's bee so long since I watched this but I don't even get why he wanted to die so much. Though the double cross of Eckbert was amusing. And I don't get why Eckbert wouldn't just kill him. Eckbert killed all Ragnars men left behind - why would he trust Ragnar ?

MJ said...

Midnight Texas - any one watching ? For a supernatural show it's been awesome

Anonymous said...

Vikings, I have forgotten a lot about things in the series. But Eckbert had a special relationship with him plus it's a drama, lol. He did die in a snake pit. Watch out for Eckbert's son.

Been missing MIke btw.


Anonymous said...

I'm watching Suits, salvation, perry mason reruns, and shooter.

Going to be taking the boat out more now, lol.


MJ said...

Richard - don't you watch one of the SyFy shows that I watch Dark matter or Killjoys or something ?

Anonymous said...

I tried Dark Matter but felt it started going crazy. I watch Expanse when it's being broadcast.

My biggest problem with almost all shows is the ever increasing desire of show runners to be "dramatic" and to me they end up going over the "crazy cliff".

It's kind of interesting that my wife and I both really like Perry Mason because it keeps the drama low and the intellect high.

And that's the other thing, I like shows that have some intellectual appeal. So, that takes out the reality TV shows like the 24/7 news channels, LOL.


Mike V. said...

Vikings – Richard can cover this better than I can now that he’s rechecking this thread. But yep…Ragnar died and now it’s all about the sons. Bit of a different show but still entertaining.

Midnight Texas – Have not been watching. Not sure if I’ll get to it. But good to hear it’s been good!

Missing Mike – Thanks Richard! Nice to feel missed. Lol
Suits – Always heard good things, but never got into it. There has to be like 7 seasons by now if not more. Lol

The Sinner – anyone watching this on Bravo? 8 episode limited series produced and starred in by Jessica Biel (AKA Mrs. Timberlake. Lol). Bill Pullman is in it as well. Very much like The Night of. A friend of ours called it “The Night of” in reverse. Lol Anyway, it’s pretty good. We’re 4 episodes in. 5 episodes have aired with one more this Thursday. They reair them all the time if you set your dvr.

Legends – I’m done season 1 except for the last minute or 2 (really had to leave this morning lol). But they killed the Egyptian dude and Snark is dead. (I knew he eventually died because of The Flash and crossovers) Season was decent but I’m looking forward to seeing them step up their game in season 2.

MJ said...

Legends - Snart you mean ? Funny you called him Snark tho - cause he is snarky. Yes - Egyptians were a total drag on the show. As was the time lord guy.

Vikings - finished it. Very good.

Defenders - finished this. Since when did Gau get like Yoda talents/powers ? LOL Where did that come from ? Was good. Sure Gau nor any others are dead. Fist was an idiot tho - Elektra totally put herself in front of that wall knowing he'd go to punch her and hit the wall. I enjoyed it.

Veep/Silicon - just starting to watch the most recent seasons now. About 3 or 4 into each. Forgot how damned funny Veep is.

Mike V. said...

Legends - yep meant Snart. Probably was thinking of Snoke from the SW sequel trilogy (awful name btw) and mixed it up with Snart. lol I'm not sure what time lord guy you're referring to...the bad guy that was in line with the Egyptian guy? (horrible with names).... because the main dude that is leading the legends is still in the show. lol I started ep 1 of season 2...they're with Einstein...I can already tell this will be a better approach to the show. lol

Vikings - nice.

Defenders - Yeah...all of the "fingers" had some crazy powers. lol I guess Gao/Gau was hiding hers? Did come out of nowhere though. So Daredevil you think Elektra did too? Yeah I guess Fist wasn't too bright. lol

Silicon - I'm caught up on this. Veep - We're probably 2 episodes into season 1. I still want to watch them all.

AHS - Did you start this? I knew what it was going to be about going into it. I'll stick with it, but it might be a little too infused with reality. lol

MJ said...

Legends - no - though the 'big bad' was sucky too. I mean the time traveler - who's every plan sucked. LOL. Can't remember his name. He is in season 2 - but is very different. You shall see. And yes - definitely a lot more fun in season 2.

Defenders - yeah - guess they had to give her something. Was so Yoda like - even with the cane. LOL Yep - I think everyone survived but that one finger and the leader of course.

AHS - I did not watch last night. I get up to early for these 10pm shows. Will probably watch tonight. Heard it was cray cray.

Mike V. said...

Legends - ahh RIP okay. They already seem to be having more fun but I'm sure it'll get better.

Defenders - Right I forget her character's name but it was Sigourney Weaver's character. lol Wait...another finger died too? It's horrible how quickly I forget things.

AHS - I certainly was awake at 10 but I didn't watch until this morning. lol Cray Cray is a good word for it!

Anonymous said...

Suits--they had a walk of shame, between people saying shame, shame, shame on and on. Then even referred to GoT, pretty good.

Salvation--I think 2 eps left. "Walter" is back and more involved.


Mike V. said...

Suits - I think the guy who played Varys and possible Catelyn Stark also were recurring actors on the show too. They love their GoT!

MJ said...

Oroville - Any one check that out ? I heard no to so good so I didn't. McFarlane not my fave any way

Looking forward to our shows coming back, and a few new ones. Ghosted, Gifted, Mayor - all look promising. 10 Days in the Valley with Kyra Sedgwick also.

Mike V. said...

Orville - Recorded but didn't watch. Was waiting to hear things.

The Deuce - Recorded but didn't watch yet. (new HBO show with James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhal with the people that did the Wire)

Ozark - Started this. Watched 1st ep. Pretty good so far!

I'll have to check out Ghosted and Mayor and 10 days..don't know much about them. Saw promos for Gifted. Wasn't planning to get into new shows but we'll see! lol

G'Bergs - Trucking through season 4 (latest season)! We're into the January episodes. lol

Legends - Trucking through season 2! Just watched the civil war ep with zombies and the 1987 white house ep. Now they're headed back to old west.

Mike V. said...

The strain - I thought series finale was this past week, but looks like it's this coming Sunday. It's been status quo. lol

Anonymous said...

LOL, I haven't even heard of most of those shows.

Suits was good last night

Salvation was good and I think the next ep is the finale. GREAT twists going on now. More layers being uncovered. And yet it doesn't take itself too seriously.


MJ said...

Yeah - I am def not watching as many new shows a I usually do - but those ones are ones I am looking forward to.

Vikings back in like 5 weeks - not sure about staying with it. Not that invested in Ivar and the other brothers. We shall see.

FTWD - still only ok. Place holder for TWD - which I am dying to watch again. Hear all the drama over that little except at the end of the Comicon trailer? LOL Loved EP's (name not coming to me) response to it too.

Anonymous said...

Vikings--they have pushed out Ragnar's death as much as they could because they are afraid of loosing viewers. They have set up Lagertha to try and keep some. But the way they set her up has turned me off--they went way overboard to the point of being fakey. I used to be all behind her character with the actress having a black belt. Rollo and his wife are pretty good and interesting. Ecbert is interesting.

I'll take the eps one by one to see how the show goes.


Mike V. said...

Ugh just read a review about "The Vietnam War". Ken Burns has been working on it for like 10 years and apparently it's a masterpiece. I set the TiVo. But it's 10 episode, 18 hours! Starts this weekend.

Emmys - This wknd. Game of Thrones not eligible due to later start. If This Is Us was ever going to win, this is the season to do it!

Vikings - I'm in same boat. Not looking forward to the return as much. I'm sure I'll check it out.

FTWD/TWD - I don't regret stopping FTWD. I did watch some of Talking Dead season 8 (9?? I forget now lol) preview show. So yes I heard some drama about the end of the comic con trailer. I forget Scott Gimple's response to it though. lol

Legends - So, I think I recall you telling me about a star wars themed episode. But the minute I saw a guy on a film set with big black hair and a black beard named George I knew where they were going. lol I was hoping they'd start watching Star Wars at the end and something would be slightly changed about the movie. lol RIP is back in the picture, but he's affected by the wand/staff/stick thing. Right now they're at Washington's crossing of the Delaware trying to prevent RIP from killing George Washington. lol

OZARK - It's been pretty good. I think we're 5 eps in.

Goldbergs - 9 episode left to be caught up. And OF COURSE it has started in syndication now. lol We just watched the Spencer's Gifts episode. Getting there.

MJ said...

Vikings - yeah well Eckbert is dead now ! LOL

Vietnam - yeah - I was tempted - butno way I'd get thru it

FTWD - watched the premier but not this weeks yet. It's merely ok

Legends - yeah loved the Lucas ep. Rip is way more fun this year - as are they all. And def a better show without the egyptions - they were kinda useless.

Gbergs - LOl on Spencers Gifts. tht brought me back. Still think it was weird that Laney wound up liking Big Tastey (can't think of his actual name) and Erica likeing his friend. But just went with it. They really changed those girls whole characters. They were the hotties and the clique - but guess you can do more with them if they aren't.

Mike V. said...

Vikings – I remember that! Lol Don’t remember much but that sticks out.

Vietnam – It’s recording but just stacking up on the DVR. Lol

Legends – Rip is finally back with the crew now and of sound mind. There was an ep where we were inside his mind and met a human form of Gideon. Lol Agreed on the Egyptians. It’s a fun show.

Gbergs – Yeah…well I know Barry Goldberg is a real person. I think the sister was a made up character. Not sure if Barry actually dated this girl in real life. I just watched the episode where Erica kissed Barry’s friend. Very Friends like with the plot unfolding. Lol (Ross/Rachel formula) Yeah I get what you mean with the hotties/clique thing. At least with Barry and Laney I always saw that turning into something. This other one with Erica came out of left field. But I’m rolling with it and it’s entertaining enough. Adam F. Goldberg has finally encountered his rival Adam Goldberg in the latest ep we watched. Lol

Strain – So…it’s over. And, I’m good with it! Lol

Anonymous said...

Ecbert will have a legacy and heirs to pick up where he left off


MJ said...

Strain - yeah - Zach got to set off his second Nuke. LOL

Mike V. said...

Strain - Yep, and the entire small viewing audience rejoiced! lol In all honesty, once Fett volunteered to detonate the bomb, I kinda assumed Eph and Son would do it. Didn't see Eph becoming the master for a hot minute. lol

Legends - Watched the Tolkien Snart is back in a previous incarnation and he recruited Mick??? I'm guessing Mick did it on purpose to infiltrate but we'll see.

Ozark - 7 episodes down 3 to go. A little slower than we expected, but still pretty good. Can't go wrong with Bateman and Linney (SP).

Goldbergs - I keep watching too late and falling asleep! lol But we're progressing along. I honestly forget what the focus of last night's episode is. I think it comes back next week so I gotta get done!

This Is Us comes back next week too right? Excited about that!

Mike V. said...

GBERGS - Okay finished the last 2 eps I fell asleep on. JAR WARS (Swear Jar)/Grateful Dead ep and the Karate Kid episode. Good stuff. lol Always love when the musical selections align with the songs that I still love from the 80s. (i.e. anything with Peter Cetera involved lol Of course "Glory of Love" was from Karate Kid part II and they were paying homage to part 1 but they still played "You're the Best" too) Oh and Erica/JTP dude (Jeff?) decided it wasn't the right time for them.

Good Place - Great start to season 2! I really hope we aren't resetting every episode, but I loved the hour reveal of each of the main 4 and what horrible situation they were put in. The Cargo Pants. lol Also the descriptions of real hell torture were pretty hilarious too. And of course, "I'm going to the gym!" All great stuff. Glad this one is back. I've been looking forward to this and THIS IS US.

The Sinner - It was a good limited series if anyone ever gets around to it. 8 eps.

Legends - Finished season 2! There's dinosaurs in modern day LA! lol For awhile in that final battle I wasn't sure what instances of the Legends were dying and which were surviving...but I'm assuming it was the ones that planned to erase themselves from existence that were dying. lol Anyway...thanks for the suggestion MJ. Now, the only one left in the Berlantiverse that I'm not watching is Arrow...but I don't plan to start! lol

Anonymous said...

LOL, I haven't watched Strain in a couple of years and in just reading the last couple of comments have it all, lol. Yea, I figured there would never be an end to the "vampires", etc. Would end with a continuation of the age old struggle or something like that. Any more a good old fashioned "...and they lived happily ever after." would be an oddity, lol.

Salvation--Good season finale. Still more layers. This show has not really lost audience but maintained after the first 2. But, I don't know if it will be renewed.

Vietnam--there are 2 of these things going. I think one just finished. started recording the other. The one that finished was more of an historical reflection. Funny how few people know we actually beat the vietkong up re Tet and had them rocking back before we pulled out. I had family in it.


MJ said...

Strain - yup also knew Eph would do it and also did not see him becoming the master. Richard - they did kill the master. And the others became just dumb animials and we hunted them down and killed them. So they are all gone. But for 3 they kept in locked space at CDC to study. LOL They didn't necessarily do 'happily ever after' but they showed the world moving on and starting to rebuild.

Gbergs - yes ! Jeff. LOL

Good Place - I am behind stuff already and not watched yet. Heard premier S2 was forking good ! LOL Couldn't resist.

Sinner- taped and deleted before I could watch. No time.

Have contractors at my house doing work - supposed to be 2 days. Today is day 4 and they should be done. Had to move tons of furniture. Now moving bac tonight and tomorrow. Have company this weekend. It's all killed my free time this week

FTWD - not much to say - just a placeholder til 10/22 ! LOL

This is Us - back Tuesday I believe. Blacklist Wednesday - might drop it. New shows Good Doctor and The Brave start. Might check them out. My NYG are done stinking up the prome time now for a few weeks any way

Mike V. said...

Strain - Wait huh? No they killed them all off. lol Eph became the master and his son blew him up with a nuke...after being a punk b*tch for a season (let's be honest...the whole series lol). Once the master was dead there was a montage of the rest of them killing off the remaining infected and restoring NYC back to its glory. Basically only 4 of them survived but they sorta lived happily ever after. (Although I guess Fet and Dutch weren't together 5 years later or whatever, right?) lol

I just saw MJ's post. You get 2 different perspectives of the same thing! LOL

Vietnam - I did see there were 2 things going. The one I was talking about was the PBS Ken Burns 18 hour one. It's still going. I haven't watched any of it.

Good Place - I was worried about writing about it. Wasn't sure if you'd seen but it's all good. FORKING is always a classic! lol Premiere was awesome!

Sinner - Understood! I would've never watched if my wife didn't get the recommendation from friends. Which reminds me...Mr. Robot is starting soon. (same channel)

Ouch on contractor work! Enjoy all that work and your company!

FTWD - agreed!

This is us - YES!

NFL - All I do is keep up with my fantasy teams at this point. lol

NBC/TIVO - MJ, you might want to check your One Passes. When I clicked on The Good Place last night it was recording Telemundo and NOT the Good Place. (it was listed as the good place though). Fortunately I was able to record 7 minutes in until the end and watch the first 7 minutes on PLEX. lol I checked my This is Us recording and it was set to do the same thing.

basically TiVo made an update to OnePass where it will look at any channel an episode is listed and pick one. I switched the NBC ones to only look at NBC (WCAUHD). Hopefully it didn't affect you. but I was fuming mad!

MJ said...

Strain - that's what I said ! But the showed 3 or 4 of them locked up in some vault for study. The voice over stated that they kept a few to study in a lockdown type place where they keeps stran of ebola and such things. Then said ' cause that's always such a good idea'. "They are all gone' refers to the strigoi. We said the same thing so not sure why you are puzzled ?

Good place - it was really good. Loved all the callbacks - Jumbo shrimp! LOL Trying to get Eleanor drunk. What is a Chidi ? LOL Yeah agree though - don't want a reset every week. Perfect torture for brit girl - cargo pants off the rack and tiny tiny home. I never really get Chidi's torture ? Eleanor was his torture in S1 - what was it this time ?

Tivo - uh oh ! I will have to check. Thanks for the heads up.

Mike V. said...

TiVo - You might be okay since Good Place recorded okay! I ended up just getting that extra channel off my TiVo for the future.

Strain - I know, MJ...I wasn't puzzled by your comments. I started typing before I read your post and was responding to Richard. lol But then I clarified at the end that I saw your post but left it anyway. :) Right...I did forget about the few they kept on lockdown though....yeah can't wait for THE STRAIN 2.0 one day! lol

Good Place - Chidi's torture is giving him decisions to make right? He's so indecisive that it's a pain to everyone around him. Or something like that. But slump for this one so far. Love it!

Mike V. said...

Gotham - Didn't finish the ep yet (10 minutes left) but they're starting Bruce's vigilante desires. He's running around gotham with a black hooded trenchcoat and a sorta mask. lol I know everyone gave up and I should too, but I'm still trucking along!

Ozark - 2 episodes left.

Goldbergs - like 7 episodes left? Just watched the Doogie Houser inspired episode. lol Barry and his GF know that when college starts their relationship is pretty much over. ahhh high school love. lol

Mike V. said...

Ozark - 1 more ep!

Goldbergs - 5 more eps! (don't think we're gonna make it by Wednesday but we should be caught up soon)

Episodes - Still hilarious! Don't want to say too much until you've seen.

Star Trek Discovery - Well I recorded the first ep because that one was on CBS. But of course, NFL delayed the start so I got 20 minutes of Oprah interviewing the Midwest population. lol So I've seen MOST of the first episode and the only way to see the rest is to subscribe to CBS All Access. Oh well! Not giving in. I know it's a losing battle. I know Disney will unveil a streaming service in the next year or so and pull all of its Netflix content to put on there...and they'll probably sell me on it with the first ever Star Wars live action TV series. So that...I'll probably subscribe to. But no...this is a broadcast network that is trying to get us to pay to watch their streaming channel. (And apparently subscription rates went through the roof last night) Until there is a stable streaming option where it makes sense to cancel cable, this stuff doesn't work for me. I know we already discussed this but it's relevant again.

New Shows - set TiVo for The Good Doctor (don't know if I'll watch but it does have Norman Bates lol) and The Gifted. I forget what else you mentioned, MJ? I know I could just scroll up and probably will. lol

MJ said...

Strain - oh ok.

Episodes - guess I'll be marathoning. Had company last 3 days so nothing got watched but football.

Star Trek/NBC stream - yeah - didn't bother.

Good Place - yeah I was confused. We'd both watched the premier and the second ep had not recorded yet so I couldn't see how you got it in Spanish ? LOL But it's all good - Mine was set for NBC and not Telemundo.

Good Doctor - yeah gotta see Norman ! I like the other guy in it too. We shall see. Other is The Brave - one of about 100 (j/k) coming out about either military or Fbi/Cia teams. I am only checking out Brave and Swat. Seal team is a rip off of Six. The other is on CW and heard it's very soapy.

Mike V. said...

Good Place - hmm...the season premiere was an hour. Is that what you mean by 2nd episode? Other than that, it has not aired on a 2nd night yet. And I think it went back to it's usual night (which I honestly forget which night that is. Maybe Thursday?) Good that it wasn't telemundo! Basically there was another NBC affiliate on the TIVO that had NBC shows listed...and the TiVo was set to record any channel that had the episode. So it picked that other one...only it was in Spanish and was NOT airing The Good Place lol It's all fixed now though.

Good Doc - We recorded but didn't watch yet.

Ahh BRAVE - I read the description and decided I'm out. But if it ends up being good let me know!

OZARK - Finished season 1. It was good. Not edge of your seat must watch TV good, but good. lol


BBT/Young Sheldon - Recorded these but didn't watch yet. So don't know the resolution to the cliffhanger. lol Young Sheldon - don't know about it but I do find it hilarious that Sheldon's mom is played by Laurie Metcalf (sp)'s daughter and she looks/sounds just like her mother. lol

Anonymous said...

BBT/Young Sheldon. Re BBT, some things you thought would happen, did. And a HUGE surprise. Young Sheldon--much better than I thought it would be. And the mother is perfect! Will def watch again. BTW, you get the real Sheldon via voiceovers.


MJ said...

This is Us - did not watch but heard a big twist at the end. LOL Def tonight.

Silicon - almost done. 1 left I think. Just done with Hoolicon. Been a great season. That Keenan is a bad dude ! LOL Can't believe that is the kid from Sixth Sense ! And Ehrlich went to india, but I already know that TJ Miller is not coming back.

Mike V. said...

BBT - Watched this last night. Definitely feeling like it's season 11 with some of the tired humor. But there was still some great stuff. The handling of the proposal, the "other huge surprise" and reactions of the cast. lol Still a fun show. I wonder if they're hinting at Leonard/Penny going down that path as well. (don't want to spoil for who hasn't watched)

Young Sheldon - good feedback. I'll check it out soon. Not sure if you saw but the mother is actually Sheldon's Mom's (on BBT) real-life daughter. So they kept it in the family!

This is US - It was a good return! It felt a little off to me but I chalk it up to season 2 jitters. They still set some great stuff up and got the feels working in parts of the episode. lol Won't talk details until you watch.

Silicon - I just can't believe Keenan is Haley Joel Osment from The 6th Sense. He looks totally different! lol (I swear I didn't read your next sentence before I commented on "That Keenan is a bad dude" lol) Yep on Ehrlich. I agree the season was good. Have I ever asked you this. Do we get the feeling that there is a will they/won't they vibe between Richard and Monica? Doesn't seem very Mike Judgey to go there...but I always get the feeling it's there. lol

Goldbergs - returns tonight and we're still like 5 behind. We'll get there!

Designated Survivor - Returns tonight and not sure when I'm going to watch! (treadmill is out of commission again so I've been outdoors. I need Google Glass! LOL)

AHS - I still feel this season is way too on the nose with real-life. I wonder how the ratings are doing for it. It's still entertaining, but the social commentary is just a little too much (on both sides)!

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--I'm actually liking this season opener. Different enough and believable to the point of enjoyable. And I"m so glad they have put the "who's your daddy?" stuff behind!!!!! And Tom's back. Won't say much to avoid spoiling.


Mike V. said...

Young Sheldon - Pretty funny show. Nice to see (hear) Jim Parsons is narrating. lol So, totally didn't realize that the actress playing Sheldon's mother (yes Laurie Metcalf's daughter) is also the woman who played that annoying villain in last season of Scandal. Like TOTALLY annoying. She's almost unrecognizable as that other character when she's playing Sheldon's mother...and sinks right into the role. Good stuff.

Modern Family - 9th season and still hilarious.

Goldbergs - We watched the Batman episode from last season. Have 4 or 5 more and then the season premiere.

Designated - Watched half of the ep. Working at home so may catch the 2nd half at some point. lol

MJ said...

Silicon - I def felt tht Richard had a thing for her in the early years. But Jared is the one who really has the hots for Richard ! LOL

This is US - I didn't think it felt off. Loved it. All of it. So Jack burned to death in the house ? Or did the house just burn down ? How awful. Loved Tobey and Kevin trying to work out how to deal with whats-her-name. LOL Am totally blank on it.

AHS- 2 behind. LOL As usual. But from the 2 I've seen I guess this season is about what fear will make people do ? Cause that chick wanting the gun seemed out of character. That's the last I saw - when she shot the guy from the restaurant

Mike V. said...

Silicon - touché! Lol

This is us - I’m sure it was just my expectations being high. They basically had a perfect season of television so when it returns your expectations are through the roof. It was a good episode. And I enjoyed the same things you did! As for the fire I read it’s a big piece of the puzzle but they’ll be unveiling more as the season goes.

AHS - yeah it’s definitely about fear. Some interesting stuff has happened since then so I won’t say anything! Lol

Thrones - not sure if I should talk about it here or in finale thread. Read that sipochnik (battle of bastards and season 6 finale) and Michael nutter (tons of episodes including red wedding) will be returning to direct episodes in the final season. . Benioff and Weiss will direct the finale similar to Vince Gilligan on breaking bad, David chase on sopranos, Matthew weiner on mad men. And the budget for each episode is like 16 million making it the most expensive season of game of thrones and probably of television ever.

Mike V. said...

Philadelphian slip there - the director is David nutter. Michael was the mayor in Philly. Lol

MJ said...

This is Us - yeah - cause we don't actually know if he was in the house when it burned.

AHS - watched the one where the crazy lady across the street got killed and they all had the smileys put on the houses. And Ivy almost left her.

Anonymous said...

This is Us, so started to watch with my wife and had to stop. It's nuts what was going on between husband and wife among other things. So, I was reminded why I quit watching.

Seal Team--I really expected this to be more hollywood diatribe and was ready to quit watching asap. But, things kept happening and the expected junk didn't happen. Bottom line at this point, pretty good. BTW MJ, in the description on the dvr, they called them soldiers!!! LOL.

Designated Survivor--I recall again why I quit watching. I'm sick and tired of politics and the intro scenes were about introducing a political coordinator(or similar) and so with that part ramping up, I erased it. I've quit watching the NFL too. AFter I quit watching ESPN due to their increasing politics. Why can't they just play the game. Millionaires that want more.

But hey, my son goes to Clemson and they are national champs!


Mike V. said...

This Is Us - They don't call it a drama for nothing! :) lol We already know the character dies so we need to see what happened to lead to that. I love the LOST-ish time jumping and makes for some compelling television. But to each his own!

Designated - I thought it was fairly toned down with real-life political situations. (The S1 finale wasn't) But if you compare it to last night's Will and Grace or this season's American Horror Story, it's mild in comparison. The show is still watchable to me. lol

As for the NFL - I'm not thrilled with the on-field/off-field drama going on either, but I'm not going to boycott the league. Granted..I basically do already outside of fantasy football. I don't have time to watch the games! lol

Will and Grace - never really watched the original except maybe in syndication. My wife did though so we tuned in for this. Yep...very politically charged. Of course, they're smart enough in tone to appeal to everyone. But the fact that 90% of the episode took place at the White House tests our suspension of disbelief! lol

Good Place - Funny that I said I hope we didn't see many more resets and this episode took us through over 500! LOL Pretty hilarious but I like what it led to by the end of the episode. This latest incarnation will probably stick and now we kinda know where things are headed between Kristen Bell (why don't I remember her character's name?) and Chidi.

Goldbergs - 4 to go before caught up!

Gotham - So he put on a mask that looks like the cowl but without the bat ears. lol Wow that's a stretch!

MJ said...

W&G - saw the premier - loved it !

Ghosted - not what I thought it would be. We shall see.

Mod Fam - they have not lost a thing - you are right

Good Place - True enough on your comment. LOL Eleanor

Seal - did not watch as heard it was rip off of Six on the History channel. Nor did I look at Valor. But Brave was pretty good. But LOL on 'soldiers'.

Ten Days in Valley - heard not good ratings. I am looking forward to it darnit !

MJ said...

Inhumans - eh! It was ok

Anonymous said...

Seals--In some ways it is better than Six. Hard to say it isn't about the same subject matter since it is---lol--and that's OK. I think in some ways a broader perspective. Six was raw and gritty, this one episode wasn't that way. We'll see on the rest. It's pretty easy to like both. Valor looked more like a pure drama and silly to me on the promos, don't know about Brave. Will have to check on it.

NFL--yea fantasy isn't really a football team or team vs team thing. So, how the team does is kind of beside the point. Fantasy doesn't depend on fans of the team, since it's YOUR team made up of a variety of players from various teams. So, yea hard to say you haven't already been boycotting unintentionally--as you say.


Mike V. said...

Inhumans - I had heard so much bad PR about the show I didn't even bother. lol I think I'm all comic'd out. Speaking of.

The Gifted - I did start watching this. Didn't realize Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) was in it or the first girlfriend of Adam Goldberg. lol And I thought the mother was whatserface from GRIMM, but turns out they just look alike. lol Not bad so far though.

Goldbergs - all caught up!! Finally.

BBT - Bernadette started showing quickly...guessing that means the actress is preggers in real life. lol

Anonymous said...

BBT--I was wondering about Bernadette being so hugely pregnant after just 1 ep. I don't recall her being that big last week? Leonard slammed LOST--basically saying,started out great but ended up bad. And yes, physics has been in a kind of purgatory. The colliders are essentially a failure vs the promise that was sold. I think some of their assumptions are wrong.


Mike V. said...

BBT - I rolled my eyes at the LOST comment and rewound for my wife to hear it because she missed it. Allowed me to roll my eyes again! lol As for their assumptions on the show, while it is a comedy full of geniuses I don't tune in to check their accuracy on physics! lol Bernadette definitely wasn't showing that much last week. Or they covered it up if the actress is actually pregnant.

This is Us - good stuff again. Can comment more later.

AHS - This ep was better. The cult is consuming both sides and they didn't focus on the real word crap! lol Kai's history was pretty sick as well. And nice with the shrink being related. I figured he was in on it.

MJ said...

Gifted - yeah I liked it. You didn't know Vampire Bill was in it ? LOL Had hard about both.

Inhumans - seeing if it grows on me.

This is Us/ AHS - not watched yet. Might not get to it tonight - babysitting my nieces.

Mike V. said...

Gifted - I didn't really know anyone who was gonna be in it. Barely watched a preview. I only thought I had seen Rosalee (Bree Turner - Had to look her up) from Grimm in a preview, but it is some other actress playing the mother. lol

Inhumans - I'll wait for your assessment and watch on Netflix eventually if necessary! lol

Anonymous said...

Seals--I like that they use a dog. Another good ep.


Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones - Will be filming until the summer of 2018. Liam Cunningham (Davos) says they usually do it in 6 months so he believes the episodes will be longer. We've been hearing those rumors so this is just more confirmation. But Hibberd thinks this essentially confirms a 2019 release.

Here's hoping GRRM can fill the gap with a book! (I heard it. I'm laughing too.)

Scandal - Watched. Oooh Olivia is turning in to her father. SCANDALOUS! My guess is Fitz will be MIA for awhile and will show up in the mid-season finale as a cliffhanger. Then it'll be a fitz-heavy 2nd half. Of course, I could be totally wrong and he'll be back next week.

W&G - Watched. Jack is hilarious still.

Good Place - Still loving this show!

Gotham - Still watching. lol

Once Upon a Time - New era starts tonight. (Basically the last episode was a series finale for the Emma/Charmings story) Not sure when/if I'll watch. But I'm sure I will. lol

LAST JEDI - All rumors (started by Mark Hamill himself) point to a trailer during Monday Night Football 10/9 (probably halftime). If it follows Force Awakens, this will include ticket sales as well. But maybe they'll wait until November for that this time. Anyway.....the production has shown no signs of issues considering what's happened with every other Star Wars film in the Disney era (new directors, writers, reshoots etc....) Kathy Kennedy and Disney must be really happy with The Last Jedi and what Rian Johnson has put together. Not only are there no issues...the film is COMPLETE (through post and everything) with 2 months to go! That gets me very excited.

MJ said...

Gifted - You mean Amy Acker ? I knew her from so many things - Dollhouse, Angel. She guested on Grimm though - and many others.

This is US - Randall is so totally crazy. Manny thing was hysterical. And for a second time half of them bail out on Kevin during a performance. The mo9m truly is passive aggressive with Kate. It's a shame really since Kate is sorta trying to follow in the mothers footsteps. But she always adds derogatory to her compliments. Not sure she means it - but it keeps happening. Loved Kevin telling Beth her first call with Randall was had with Kevin also on the line.

Exorcist - know no one watches but it was excellent last week. Very creepy.

Brave - second ep was also very good.

Mike V. said...

Gifted - I guess that's who I mean. I didn't watch Dollhouse or Angel though. I'm sure I've seen her around...obviously I did in Grimm if she guested. lol

This is Us - Yeah it was a good episode. I thought it was great that mostly everyone left Kevin's performance. lol Yeah the Mom/Kate stuff was rough. But really sweet at the end when she gave approval of Toby. lol Toby continues to be the MVP. Kevin/Beth conversation was great, agreed!

MJ said...

Inhumans - Nice to see Ramsey from GofT is still playing a jerk. LOL And love the HUGE bulldog that transports/teleports people around.

Blacklist - I think I'm giving this one up. Kinda over it.

Good Place - not sure I commented on last week. Could be an interesting twist that Michael has to join the ethics classes if they agree to pretend to be tortured.

Dollhouse I can see - it was a fringe show - but no Angel ? You watch Buffy ? Probably too young for those. LOL

MJ said...

Gifted - continue to like this one.

Mr Robot - watch this recap (top of page) and realized I don't remember a lot. LOL Then found this recap.

Mike V. said...

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Everyone get their tickets, see the poster, see the trailer? AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Can't. Contain. Excitement!

Gifted - yep I enjoyed the 2nd ep too.

Supergirl - Ooh she's full of angst. Oh wait, she resolved her issues in an episode? cool. lol

Mr. Robot - Yeah, I remember vague elements but I might need to check out that recap. thanks!

Good Place - I enjoyed the plot twist. I wondered how they could keep things going and this surpassed my expectations. lol

Curb - Anyone watching? It's been on fire as always. Also bizarre with all of the cross referencing of actors. Ted Danson (Good Place), Mary Steenburgen (sp - Last Man on Earth), Jeff Garland (Goldbergs)....they've always been on Curb but it's just so crazy that it's all happening at one.

Episodes - did you watch the series finale? It was a great send-off in my opinion, but I'm going to miss it.

Inhumans - still didn't watch...or record. Keep me posted if it gets more enjoyable. I can set the TiVo and watch the ones I missed on streaming or plex.

Trek - Keep hearing great reviews...but still see massive amounts of people refusing to break down and subscribe to CBS All Access. I'm still in that camp. lol

Anonymous said...

BBT--The various Sheldon's was funny. So, the ceremony will be interesting with his Mom coming.


MJ said...

This is Us - Stuff with Stallone was cute but OMG - why have none of them dealt with the death of their father? It's one thing that Kate still had issues but now Kevin too ? And I really really hope they are not going down the Kevin being addicted topain pills road. SIGH. Almost wish the foster kid was a boy somehow - but yeah this will be pretty predictable. Tough kid but she will come around. Nice to get another William flash in the show though. The youngest kid is just adorable !

SW - of course I saw the trailer. Will wait for the movie crowds to lessen as usual to see it. LOL

Trek - yup - me too. Not going there

Episodes - I am hoping to marathon them this weekend. Heard good ending.

Inhumans - will do.

Good Behavior - back soon. S1 was great. TNT show.

Mike V. said...

This is us - Stallone...awesome. I just marathoned all the Rocky movies and Creed over the past month or so. Hadn't done it in awhile. They all hold up well (except 5 of course. horrible!) Did you hear Stallone is going to write and direct Creed 2? He did all the other ones besides Creed so it's not that much of a stretch.

As for dealing with the death...I don't know. They started to show Kate finding Kevin after Jack died. He looked like he was asleep or something. Was he with a girl?? Maybe he caused the fire?? That would explain things more if he was involved somehow. Kevin is definitely going to be addicted to pain pills. Justin Hartley said his character is going to go down a dark path. lol Agreed on the tough kid coming around. Youngest kid is awesome! And love the William flashbacks!

SW - Not possible for me. Gotta be there first! :)

Flash/Legends - I'm caught up...and of course just like Supergirl all cliffhangers essentially resolved in the 1st ep. They both have some carryover though. lol They were both entertaining also.

AHS - Started it but saw it was edited due to Vegas. You can watch the full ep online. I probably won't bother.

Anonymous said...

Blacklist, was really pretty good with some humer even I could enjoy. IE, not stupid stuff.


MJ said...

Behind on a lot now. LOL No Flash, Supergirl or Legends yet.

AHS - behind by 2 but heard they cut out some mass shooting.

Inhumans - I am liking it. Had Desmond and the Chinese guy who could hear dead people from Lost in it ! LOL

MJ said...

Superntural - a fabulous return episode. Know I am the only one watching.

Good Place - If I has a Janet who can just recreate any party of the past I'd have great one too ! LOL. And Janet has quite the bod ! Never noticed in all the other outfits she has worn.

Mike V. said...

Good Place - I think Janet is officially my favorite character on the show. She always has been great, but it was solidified in this ep. lol The show is still hilarious. My wife told me that she thinks I like it a lot more than her. She enjoys it, but I'm rolling over laughing at every ep. lol

W&G - I'll admit, the show is still pretty funny. I never watched consistently in the past. But they've still got it. My wife wants to go back and watch the old ones. I logged into the NBC app on iOS and all past episodes of the 8 seasons are available through the app.

Scandal - Really thought that Fitzhanger (you know Fitz plus Cliffhanger. Bad when you have to explain your bad jokes!) would happen at mid-season. Guess they have some plot to burn through. But I loved the previews after that say they're going to explain. WHERE. THE. HELL. FITZ. HAS. BEEN. Ummmm it's been 2 episodes since we've last seen him! LOL But good stuff regardless. Way to go Huck for saving the world again. I sense a vibe between Pres Mellie and that other President guy that's been in every other show.

Star Trek Discovery - Finally someone on my plex feed has the episodes. Still don't know if I'll get to it any time soon. lol

Marvel Inhumans - I set the DVR, but I have to find a way to fit in the 3 eps I missed! BTW...surprised Desmond is in it since he's a regular on The 100. And Miles is in it? Cool. He was in The Force Awakens too as one of the Resistance peeps.

Designated - Caught up. They wrote about some pretty recent events into the episode 2 script. I wonder if it was coincidence or if the episode was really written that recently.

Mr. Robot - idea what's going on. I didn't watch the recaps but I remembered enough I think. lol

MJ said...

Inhumans - funny thing is that (not spoilery) some of them wind up on Hawaii. LOL Not sure it's really Hawaii or not but it is Hawaii on the show any way

Episodes - watched them all ! Loved that ending. They wrote the show Episodes and the pages actually have Bev and her husbands name on them. Great. Hysterical when Matt comes to the game show and is like 'any one got windex?' I was crying I was laughing so hard.

Mike V. said...

Inhumans - nice on Hawaii. I gotta catch up.

Episodes - it really was a great final season and finale. the windex line was fantastic. The cast in that opening credits was great as well. I don't really remember it but I do remember laughing. lol

MJ said...

FTWD - know no one here is watching but they have said there will be some sort of crossover to TWD. I think next season they will move to Texas. Wasn't Rosita from Texas ? Guess Abraham and Eugene too. They could show one of them with someone from FTWD in Texas before they left Texas for Virginia. Can't wait for TWD premier in 5 days !

Good Doctor - quit this one. It was good and the acting was great - but going to be the same story every week so ...

Mike V. said...

FTWD - I did see there will be crossovers....That annoys me when I saw it, but I'm sure that was inevitable. Makes sense from a location perspective though and that it might be people that died on TWD already. For some reason I thought this meant we'd see FTWD people on TWD....but makes sense it's the other way around.

Good Doctor - Yeah we're still watching, but it's just another run of the mill Medical Procedural with a twist. I could easily give it up, but I think the Mrs. likes. lol

MJ said...

FTWD is way earlier into the apololypse so they could meet up with any one before they showed up in TWD later seasons. That's how I thought of it.

Supergirl/Flash/Legends - 2 behind on all . And going away this weekend so not sure when will get to it. SIGH. Not seen Mr Robot yet either

Mike V. said...

@MJ you're falling behind!! it's a rough feeling I know. lol I'm caught up on all of those...but behind on gifted and ahs. and a tons of others that I probably gave up on.

FTWD - yep makes sense...just didn't think too much about it!

MJ said...

AHS - yeah behind on that one too. LOL

Gifted - still enjoying it.

This is Us - don't want to say too much til I know you saw it. They talked about the big twist at the end. It was a surprise but would not have called it a twist. Kevin is an idiot. Deja makes me sad. Liked Rebecca (and even young randall) stand up to her mom. LOL

Mike V. said...

AHS - took an interesting turn this week. The season has definitely flown by. I like the 10 episode format better (I'm just assuming it's still only 10).

Gifted - Didn't get to this week's yet but I will.

Designated - Definitely were addressing current platform issues head on this week. lol

This is Us - Oh we watch on Tuesday nights whenever possible. We saw! Yeah I saw a tweet while watching it "WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KATE'S SURPRISE TWIST!!!"....I agree. It's not THAT big of a twist. Kevin is definitely an idiot, and it's only going to get worse! Deja story is definitely sad. Yeah the Rebecca/Young Randall stuff and mom was good. Did you notice the mom is Elizabeth Perkins? She's been in tons of stuff, but I remember her mostly as Tom Hanks's coworker/girlfriend in BIG and Nancy Botwin's friend on Weeds. lol

Inhumans - just can't find time for it. I started the pilot on the streaming app, but haven't been able to get back to it. Afraid they'll start taking them off before I watch them!

Mr. Robot - This episode was much better than the premiere in my opinion. But any time you have montages to awesome late 80s tunes (INXS, Roxette) I'm all in! lol I know you're not caught up yet but had to at least mention that!

Mike V. said...

TWD - Excited for its return, but not sure I'm mentally prepared to get back into the recapping game. lol I'm just so pressed for time! And I'm sure I'll still write something up. At the very least I'll still post our dedicated discussion space!

MJ said...

Designated - just watched the premier last night. LOL

This is Us - yes - def recognized the mom

Robot - Still not watched. Roxette ! LOL Wow - that takes me back

TWD - cannot wait ! Just thank god NYG played last sunday nigh and not this sunday night. I'd have been so screwed. LOL

MJ said...

Gbergs - been meaning to say - been funny as usual. The messy dorm cracked me up few weeks back

Mike V. said...

Designated - nice

Robot - Love Roxette! Been listening to them a lot in the past few years. We're always going for nostalgia with friends with SONOS on the weekends. lol

TWD - Nice on the Giants. lol

Gbergs - yeah the show is still great! Revenge of the nerds homage was pretty good. Every episode has the same arc. They're always getting mad at each other and learn a lesson and make up by the end. But it's still very identifiable with the decade and even the family dynamics. lol