Monday, May 30, 2016

TV Discussion: Week of 5/29/2016 - 6/4/2016

Hello everyone. This is our weekly place to discuss all non recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Saw Civil War with family. I was actually waiting to leave. I really didn't need Visions speech on blame the victim. Many years ago we saw a similar themed movie called the Incredibles. Basically how society rejects its' heroes, doesn't like the aftermath/consequences. Also, the last 2 films were somewhat about Bucky in essence.


Mike V. said...

Posted this on the wrong thread:

Grimm - Finally watched the 2 hour finale. I'm responding to your posts from last week. It wasn't too bad, like you guys said. I totally missed Nick getting shot and healed. Well, maybe in hindsight now I did see him get shot and just missed him get healed. But yeah...Juliette being back...come on we knew it would happen! lol They've been hinting at it that she was still in there. Now of course things are more complicated for Nick...and messy always makes for better TV! Now for really predictable...we had to know Rosalee would eventually be pregnant. You can already see a future season of this show where Monroe and Rosalee are trying to keep their baby quiet while giving Nick Wessen information over the phone. It's too perfect not to do it. lol

That was my impression too MJ on Diana using Renard to kill the bad dude. He hurt her she killed him. Just worked out to save Nick too. She could have done it at any time...but she's impulsive and seems to do things as quickly as they're upsetting her.

LOVE TRIANGLE -> Okay, what show does NOT eventually have a love triangle? Even our favorite show LOST messed around with this stuff. Fringe had it with 2 Olivias! lol Game of Thrones even sort of dangles with it with Jaime/Brienne/Cersei...if not in the traditional sense. Jaime is still torn between 2 sides of behavior. It makes for good television whether you like it or not! Not everyone wants to know the inner workings of Black Claw. Some people just watch TV to see if they're favorite pair can work things out. I remember talking with people about LOST at work...and getting into the nitty gritty of details...and one lady said, "I just want Kate and Sawyer to get together" or something like that. lol

Gotham Finale - Still working on this one. About 15 minutes in. Should be done tomorrow.

Americans - 2 eps behind..probably will miss tomorrow night's ep while I'm catching up. But i'll work on that after Gotham! Then I think I'll be caught up on the stuff I was keeping up with.

CIVIL WAR - Once I saw you say "I saw Civil War".....I contemplated how the rest of this post would go and just assumed since it was received well by critics and fans that you will find something wrong with it. I was not disappointed! lol CIVIL WAR is based on a comic story from years it's possible that the Incredibles borrowed ideas from that. As we are all well too aware....there are no original stories in Hollywood left to tell. lol

Bucky was the thread that held the Captain America trilogy together and made this one feel like more than just another Avengers movie. So that made sense to me. I was just really impressed with how the showcased so many heroes and didn't feel like any were wasted on screen. It was a summer popcorn flick and it was a lot of fun. Plain and simple!

I mean...Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty much the same story setup as The Avengers but they were both still enjoyable. (bunch of misfits grouped together, hate each other, some event happens that unites them and they work together to conquer their foe in the end) Star Wars is a rip off of other stories...and ripped off itself. Classic stories are classic stories....

Sitcoms recycle the same plots over and over but it's in the execution with this group of characters that makes it different. It's the change in generation and setting that makes things interesting.

If I didn't want to see a story I've already seen I'd never go back to the theater! lol

Anonymous said...

It's true that stories are recycled and I attribute that to the fact that humans make the same mistakes. You'll see that with your kids too.

The thing with this particular movie is the preachiness of it by Vision. Also, the rebel in the group is Stark while Capt is the by the book guy. So, having them switch on this basic issue of falling in line was just opposite world and so somewhat ridiculous. So, the whole set up made the movie hard to watch. Maybe it was too long too.

My wife found the movie boring. But, she's not their target audience. My daughter gave it a 6 and my son gave it a 7. I asked my son first and daughter second before offering my opinion.

Saw Rogue One previews and nobody was like--"can't wait to see it". I'm wondering if we're approaching the satiation point with star wars and super hero movies?


Mike V. said...

I don't even remember Vision's preachiness to be honest. And I heard the same complaint about Stark being the rebel....but Stark has evolved over the course of the franchise....they set this movie up with Ultron....He feels very guilty for creating that monster (out of a kind of rebelliousness attitude) and he saw the ramifications. So I think it's very intentional to be off-putting that Stark is being by the book. Meanwhile Captain America is partially motivated by his friend for his actions.

My wife loved the hell out of the movie. I loved the movie. The majority of the movie-going public loved the movie. And based on your family's previous reviews it just seems like you guys are looking for different things in your entertainment. lol I'm not saying it's wrong, but it's consistent!

Where is your evidence for lack of interest in Rogue One? I'm psyched for Rogue One and can't wait to see it. Do I think it will do as well as Force Awakens? Not by a long shot. I'm more excited for Episode VIII as we all should be, but I don't even think THAT will do as well as ep VII. That movie was an anomaly of many different factors including anticipation of seeing the original characters, prequel fatigue and superb marketing. I do fear that Star Wars will one day reach a saturation point but I don't think that'll happen before episode IX and I have read things by execs that they don't plan to run the franchise into the ground. They aren't just announcing film after film like their plan out to 2028 for Marvel. For now we have films planned through episode IX. More will surely get announced but we don't know if it'll be annual or not after 9. But this is just where we're at with franchises now. Studios own Intellectual Property and they don't want it sitting there unused. That's why we're seeing new Harry Potter spinoff films by Warner Bros. I guess it's why we're having a new Ghostbusters (which I'm not excited about at all). It's why Fox keeps making more X-Men movies and even spinning off Deadpool. And of course WB is trying to get the Justice League off the ground. Everyone wants to repeat what the Marvel Universe has created. Is it a good thing? I don't know. We'll get less stand-alone films and more serialization of cinema. But it definitely isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Super Hero movies - Oh we're way past the saturation point on these, but each movie takes on a different genre and the Marvel ones have been generally decent films. Disney has been handling the franchise really well. Now if you ask me if I'll still be excited about Marvel Movies PAST the Infinity Wars grand conclusion to this arc that started with Iron Man 1? I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Rogue One reaction--based on audience reaction vs previews for SWVII. Some in the audience kept talking and just didn't even pay attention to the Rogue One preview while the audience several years ago were whooping it up for SWVII

I liked Batman v Superman considerably more than Civil War and if you recall my comments there was some I really liked and some I didn't but did find it entertaining.


Mike V. said...

Rogue One - Oh you're talking about when you saw Civil War people watching the trailer? I guess that's a good barometer...I certainly whooped it up when I saw it in front of Civil War. Depends on your audience. If you went opening weekend you might have had a different experience. But also...the trailer has been out awhile too...and it's been seen a lot.

I don't think there are any expectations that Rogue One is going to do nearly half of what Force Awakens did. OF COURSE that was the more anticipated film for the various reasons I discussed. I'm sure it'll be successful though.

You liking BvS more than Civil War is all I need to know to not even discuss this subject further. lol I look at Civil War at a comic book movie done RIGHT and BvS as a comic book movie trying to do WAY TOO much. Civil War earned the movie it was trying to tell through years of setup. BvS and Man of Steel are "catch up movies" trying to bring us Justice League.

I agree...there were things BvS did well (particularly Batman), but it was mostly a jumbled mess of a movie with a lack of emotion. I didn't feel for those characters in the fight of all fights. The stakes weren't earned. I just thought Civil War was paced very well, the characters all earned their moments and the reveal at the end to cause the Iron Man/Cap America fight felt earned as well.

But, it's really just a matter of taste.

Anonymous said...

So funny, I really liked Lois and Superman a lot and thought there was some chemistry there not found before. Batman was good too. It certainly had it's fair share of problems for one, the set up was pushed, kind of like Civil War. And you may be correct in playing catch up. I didn't see it, but I can see where you might.

I can tell you that I didn't get bored in Batman Vs Sup.


Mike V. said...

Catch up - well for starters the whole shoed-in scene of Bruce opening Diana/WW's email with all of the Justice League candidates in it. lol That came out of nowhere and didn't really fit too much except revealing to Bruce that Diana is Wonder Woman.

I wasn't bored watching BvS, but am intimidated at the thought of having to try and watch it again. (i.e. I saw with my friend and when my wife wanted to go, I really didn't want to lol So we haven't!) They just released the trailer for the Director's Cut which will be longer but apparently more coherent of a story. I've read that Snyder's movies always come in long and have to be chopped up and reorganized to fit a decent run time. But, I've also read that his director's cuts are almost always better. So, I might have to force my way through that one when it comes out later this month/or next month on Blu)

I wasn't bored at all during Civil War.

MJ said...

I'm back ! Been out due to minor surgery. Feeling better now.

Americans - behind on commenting this of course like everything else. Wow when Elizabeth took those guys out in the parking lot. I get it was all instinct - but it was unfortunate for Paige to have seen it. Can't tell if Elizabeth is totally working Pastor Tim - or if she really is needing some inner reflection. Almost seemed genuine. Loved the awkward dinner with Stan and the Pastor and his wife. LOL But I hate how much 'Patty' misses Hung Yee. Surprised they are going back to the mail robot and the killing of that poor old lady. But Stan and the FBI sure are getting lots of pieces of info these days. Crazy that Paige now reports on info she learns about Stan - not just Pastor Tim and his wife. Most surprising was William stating he did not want to get the Lassa virus - but he did change his mind, and Oleg going to Stan and telling him that the Russians are getting biological weapons ! Wow. Of course - the fact that we are breaking the treaty and have them for the russians to steal to begin with is another story. But now Phillips is going to be seen on surveilance when he meets with William ! Getting very tense. Crushed next week is the finale !

Veep - killing it this season.

Civil War - going next week

So many issues last week with the screen Captcha - seem fixed now

MJ said...

Daredevil - like 6 or 7 in - been good !