Monday, May 23, 2016

TV Discussion: Week of 5/21/2016 - 5/27/2016

Hello everyone. This is our weekly place to discuss all non recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Grimm--somebody's got to say something-lol. OK, I'm not liking the predictable return of Juliette. Diana being the one who defends Nick is interesting. I'm kind of surprised she did what her mother wanted re Nick. Back to Juliette, it seems the wand cured her of the stab wound plus the wessen infection. And it fixed Nick. Rosalee being pregnant is kind of neat. Actually not a bad finale.


MJ said...

Tried to post this yesterday but the image thing was not working. Same on GofT page.
Grimm - haven't gotten to this yet. Nor Blacklist. Was away for weekend and then came home to find a family member in the hospital so not alot of free time.

Grimm - now I have seen it! LOL I like that Juliette might be back. Loved Nick getting shot and healing due to the stick. Yes - it appears - for now - that it cured Juliette's stab and her being a Wesen. So now we will have a nice triangle of Nick Juliette and Adalind. Man - Black Claw was way organized - a whole precinct of Wesen ! I didn't feel that Diana defended Nick so much as made her dad kill the man who hurt her mom. I felt Nick was incidental.

Anonymous said...

HOspital--take care of it.

Grimm--That's true that Diana killed the man who hurt her Mom and was primary motivation. But she could have done that at any time so I'm thinking she wanted to help the man whom her Mom was helping too. Seriously, I didn't think anybody liked Juliette? But the love triangle seems ready to happen. What a soap opera style storyline-lol.

I don't think we've seen the end of Blackclaw either. They've done a good job of creating new major storylines to refresh the show some so I'm looking forward to the after Blackclaw action too.


MJ said...

Grimm - have never disliked Juliette. hated that one storyline - think 2 seasons ago - where she was cray cray and seeing stuff - but always liked her.

Anonymous said...

Gotham--glad Gordon is going after Lee.

Fish being back is of course silly


Mike V. said...

Hey guys, back from vacation. Behind on a lot of shows but going to try to catch up as soon as possible. (no Grimm yet, no Gotham so can't comment on either of those)

MJ, hope surgery went well...and sorry to hear your friend is in the hospital. Hope everything is okay.

Limitless - Saw this was cancelled officially. Looks like I'll be deleting the 22 eps on my TiVo. Granted, I'm sure they're still worth watching but I need an excuse to make room on the TiVo!

Orphan - half of the latest ep left.

Americans - 2 behind but will binge them soon.

Wayward - Didn't watch yet. I saw there was a "surprise" in the opening episode. I would bet with almost 95% certainty that a main character from season 1 was killed know since it was only technically a 1 season commitment. lol

That's about all I have for now! Just wanted to say Hi and I'm back! :)

Mike V. said...

Americans - Oh yeah and it's ending after 2 more seasons (13 ep and 10 ep seasons). That's actually longer than I expected. lol

Mike V. said...

Grimm - Finally watched the 2 hour finale. I'm responding to your posts from last week. It wasn't too bad, like you guys said. I totally missed Nick getting shot and healed. Well, maybe in hindsight now I did see him get shot and just missed him get healed. But yeah...Juliette being back...come on we knew it would happen! lol They've been hinting at it that she was still in there. Now of course things are more complicated for Nick...and messy always makes for better TV! Now for really predictable...we had to know Rosalee would eventually be pregnant. You can already see a future season of this show where Monroe and Rosalee are trying to keep their baby quiet while giving Nick Wessen information over the phone. It's too perfect not to do it. lol

That was my impression too MJ on Diana using Renard to kill the bad dude. He hurt her she killed him. Just worked out to save Nick too. She could have done it at any time...but she's impulsive and seems to do things as quickly as they're upsetting her.

LOVE TRIANGLE -> Okay, what show does NOT eventually have a love triangle? Even our favorite show LOST messed around with this stuff. Fringe had it with 2 Olivias! lol Game of Thrones even sort of dangles with it with Jaime/Brienne/Cersei...if not in the traditional sense. Jaime is still torn between 2 sides of behavior. It makes for good television whether you like it or not! Not everyone wants to know the inner workings of Black Claw. Some people just watch TV to see if they're favorite pair can work things out. I remember talking with people about LOST at work...and getting into the nitty gritty of details...and one lady said, "I just want Kate and Sawyer to get together" or something like that. lol

Gotham Finale - Still working on this one. About 15 minutes in. Should be done tomorrow.

Americans - 2 eps behind..probably will miss tomorrow night's ep while I'm catching up. But i'll work on that after Gotham! Then I think I'll be caught up on the stuff I was keeping up with.