Monday, May 16, 2016

TV Discussion: Week of 5/15/2016 - 5/20/2016

Hello fellow TV Addicts! This is our weekly place for discussion of all non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Sleepy got renewed ! Don't know where they are going but I am glad it will be back.

Mike V. said...

Sleepy - Nice! I didn't see the Fox updates this morning in full yet but that's good to know.

I did see that the 24 Reboot is premiering after the Superbowl. I applaud their effort to try and keep the format going, but I just don't know about 24 without Jack! I'm sure I'll check it out. lol

MJ said...

FTWD - where is this stuff with Chris coming from ? Seems sudden to me. We pretty much guessed that he killed Reed before he turned but how does that translate to letting Maddie get bit because she also thinks that? And then perhaps killing her himself. I was kinda tired last night and did not follow well what Celia was doing. Did she actually poison people because they killed zombies ? And she thinks killing zombies is wrong ?

Grimm - so Renard really does believe in Black Claw ? Wow - was so sure he was faking that. How funny when Adalind and Renard held hands without wanting to. Have to say that I did not immediately put it together that the guy with splints on his hand is Rosalee's ex and the one Adalind broke his fingers. Glad they didn't drag out the whole thing with Hanks girlfriend too long. And I think we can all guess why Nick has shown Trubel where the stick is.

24 - yeah will probably look at it but agree - hard to not have Jack there.

Upfronts - haven't read much about the new shows yet.

Anonymous said...

Grimm--Exactly--Nick showing Trubl--lol. I mean it's like a spoiler warning--something bad is going to happen to Nick and Trubl will save him. Maybe it's better then having Trubl finding out off screen then later using it to save Nick with an all too convenient explanation re the past. The daughter is just plain scarry and nuts, ie dangerous.

Again, I don't like the storyline with Renard/Adalind now. It really made no sense re the election since it happened on the election day itself and so would have given zero help since nobody could have met her, etc.

Glad to see Wu's gaining control.

I"m not giving up on Renard.


Mike V. said...

Upfronts - I think I read enough when I saw Fox is launching a Lethal Weapon TV show about Murtaugh and Riggs. SERIOUSLY???? I think NBC is going to have a sci-fi drama so I'll have to read about that one.

Grimm - halfway through the ep.

FTWD - We haven't watched since the 2nd or 3rd episode. Really haven't missed it. lol

Jason B. said...

FTWD - As far as Celia goes, I saw a comment on Reddit that I thought explained the situation really well: "I think the church people knew that Celia was keeping the dead family members. The church people were going to go put an end to that. Celia found out and poisoned them first."

Chris never did like Madison and her family much. He was starting to get a little closer to them, and was relieved that Madison believed his story about being forced to kill Reed because he was turning. However, it turned out that she didn't actually believe him and went and told Travis that he didn't need to do it.

Chris went really dark really fast, and I think he has quite the mental issues setting in. He went from being mad about his dad mercy killing his mom, to mercy killing someone himself, to killing someone that wasn't an immediate threat just because he made him mad. The biggest thing is that what Reed was saying definitely got into Chris' head, everything about him not truly being part of the family he was with and that they would get rid of him without hesitation. That, mixed with the betrayal he felt from Madison lying about believing him, led him to want her dead (huge overreaction, which is why I think that he's definitely losing/lost his mind). Then the whole confrontation with Alicia must have made him even worse off to the point of not caring if it was obvious that he killed her himself. I am really intrigued as to where that is going to go. I almost can't see a way around Chris dying/being killed but maybe he won't be. I just have no idea what I would do in the other characters' shoes.

Also, I saw on last week's post that you hadn't watched the plane video MJ, if you want to watch it you can here on AMC's website:
or, if you can't do that for some reason you could find it on youtube. It's only about 15 minutes long so not too bad.

And Mike, I see what you're saying with being burned out with zombies haha. Even the general Reddit community has started to like the show though, and that's pretty crazy. They would constantly hate on it haha (don't understand why they kept watching it though, same with all of the people that constantly hate on TWD). Next week is the mid-season finale, so maybe if you have some time before the second half of the season starts up in a few months you could see what you think of the rest of the first half of season 2. I'd be interested to see if you change your mind on it or not.

MJ said...

FTWD - ah - yes - Celia was probably acting to save her dead ones - good point. Yes - Chris is spiraling quickly. Guess it's only been a few weeks or so into the apololypse so it's alot to deal with in a short time. On Talking Dead saw an interesting clip for next week - don't want to say too much but very interesting. Thik season 2 is better then season 1 for sure though

Bates - RIP Norma. They really did kill her. And then crazy Norman went and dug her up and glued her eye lids open. Ewwwww. And Chick knows it! Odd that he's given Norman a few days with her. Love that the dead dog is back too. Know they kept talking about putting up a tree and doing christmas but didn't think they did - so did Norman do that after she died or is that another delusion for him ? Romero is an idiot - as a cop he had to know they would suspect him - and so he's gone around and now threatened Norman physically in 2 public places. Of course - they arrested him on something totally different. I debated a few weeks ago if he really was in love with her - knew he liked her but this 'love' seemed to come from no where - and now I I guess he was. Harsh that he didn't even have Dylan there for the funeral.

Trailer for Mr. Robot 2 looks awesome.

MJ said...

Limitless - still not renewed. Richard - I'm getting nervous. LOL

Mike V. said...

FTWD - Thanks for the heads up Superjay. I may check it out eventually. I actually have heard different reactions to the season so it's interesting to hear your perspective.

Limitless - Hmmm...maybe I'll wait to start my binge to see if it's getting renewed. That's odd for CBS to not renew a show. Do they ever have a show that fails in the 1st season? lol

Bates - OMG...when Norma opened her eyes on the slab I almost fell off the treadmill. Had to be the creepiest scene they've done on Bates. But yes...RIP Norma. I thought it would be anti-climatic if she ended up not being dead...and then when Norman actually killed her in the final season it just wouldn't have had the same impact. So I assumed she was dead. I totally forgot about the dog and wasn't sure if that was in his head too. Did Norman kill the dog too?

Yeah, I'm guessing Romero will get out of his current situation but still try to prove Norman killed Norma and in doing so get himself killed next season. I do wonder if Dylan will get killed or if he'll just enjoy his new life away from the madness. Of course, Cuse already said he'll be in next season with an important role. As for Dylan not being there for the funeral....that's all Norman's denial that Norma is even dead. He didn't tell anyone to come to the funeral.

I saw the trailer for Mr. Robot 2 was released...I'll need to check it out!

FOX Upfronts - I watched the trailers for 24 and Prison Break (what is this 2005? lol) ....naturally they both have be sucked in lol I tried to watch the Lethal Weapon trailer and just kept asking myself "WHY?????"

MJ said...

Bates - no dog got run over by a car. But he taxidermied it. And paper mache'd it in therapy. They are totally doing the shower scene next year. Wasn't sure they would. They keeps saying they aren't re-doing Psycho so thought they might not go there. They should totally get Jamie Lee Curtis to play her (janet Leighs daughter in real life)

24, Prison Break, Rocky Horror, Lethal Weapon, Exorcist - think out of that lot Exorcist might be only one of interest. Over all the re-dos. LOL on 2005

Preacher - not really sure what this is about but I will watch it. Getting an after show for premier and finale - don't know if watching that though. Xfiles - back again - no surprise there. Might watch it - last ones were ok if not great.

Penney Dreadful has been great so far this season.

Quantico - any one stay with that one ? Who was the bomber - just curious. LOL

Mike V. said...

Bates - they're going to overlap with the actual movie plotlines/timeline though? I'll have to read that. And oh yeah I remember the dog now! Thanks for the heads up. Jamie Lee Curtis would be good...of course she's older than Janet Leigh was in that scene! But a cameo for her would be good too.

Rocky Horror is probably just a live musical event right? I was actually pleasantly surprised by Grease LIVE so I wouldn't rule that one out just yet. I hear you on redos though. Prison Break isn't a's a revival lol But same concept I guess.

Quantico - I think I only watched 3 or 4 of them. so I have no idea!

MJ said...

Rocky Horror - yes a musical event. I grew up seeing Rocky Horror in the theaters every weekend - i don't think I can watch another version.

Mike V. said...

Rocky Horror - Got it! I'm not too thrilled about watching it either. But I wasn't with Grease Live...then we turned it on expecting to turn it off in a couple seconds and we got sucked in. Now I see ABC is going to dive into the Live Musical thing too....guesses are they're going to do one of the Disney ones.

SHIELD - I only was able to squeeze in an hour this morning. Forgot it was 2! It's okay so far. Not sure when I'll watch the 2nd half because I leave for our trip early tomorrow morning.

I'm going to fall behind on a lot of these shows and won't be able to catch up until next week! But you can bet I'll find time to at least WATCH Game of Thrones. lol

MJ said...

Shield - well then don't read what I am about to post !

Shield - Gel stuff for Hive was a shout out to Han Solo I believe - besides the obvious Help me Obe-Won Kenobi joke. Loved that almost everyone had that cross at some point too. They made very sure to have Daisy state that Hive did not share info so that she could not know about the hidden Terrigen bomb. Figured it would be Lincoln or YoYo who died - as we all did. But wasn't sure they'd finally end Grant Ward. Biggest surprise is that Daisy goes dark in future - and Coulsen is no longer director ?? Whaaat ?

Have fun on your trip.

Next week I am having minor surgery - gallbladder - so will probably not be on much for a few days over next weekend. But that will afford me time to catch up on alot of stuff - probably some netflix and Vikings. ;-D

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the warning MJ! I avoided. And thanks on the trip. What could be more fun than a 14 (optimistic) hour road trip with the fam to see more fam? lol

Good luck with the surgery too!

MJ said...

Thanks !

Flash - don't know why people are upset Henry Allen is dead - he was pretty useless as a dad. He got out of jail spent like 2 days with his son and was lik - see ya ! The whol logic of Zoom wanting Barry to be just like him - didn't even make sense to me. It might make Barry very angry at Zoom and want to kill Zoom - but he won't become like Zoom and just kill any one. And the Earth 2 version of the Black Canary - isn't her 'power' one we just saw on a different meta a few weeks ago ?

Mike V. said...

Blacklist - I haven't watched a single episode all season and ew spoiled the finale. totally called that she'd be alive. Again not rocket science. I put this show in the same category as Grimm as following the typical tv playbook. Lol

Finished the shield finale - yeah wasn't surprised by Lincoln. Ward a little surprised. I figured that future vision was changed because Lincoln stopped Skye from going?? Maybe I misinterpreted. Lol

Anonymous said...

Shield--I FF through a lot of it and didn't really miss anything. What does that say about the show--lol. Very predictable. I was hoping for a true shocker, like Maye or Fitz dying. but of course they would just come back--lol.

Blacklist--Yea, I don't know anybody who thought Liz was dead. It's what made all that funeral and revenge stuff not nearly as impactful. I thought Red was in on it, so the deal with Kaplan was a twist. It would have to be her to pull it off though considering she used all of Red's assets. Everybody knew that when she spoke, she spoke for Red. I'm ambivelant about the Cuba scene. So much heartache from that place and yet you want to try and fix things. And her father is Alex! That'll be denied by a LOT of people who wanted her father to be Red.


Mike V. said...

Blacklist - well they fooled you for at least a week! Lol is red being the father still something people are theorizing or something the show is still teasing?

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--I wondered if she were dead after a couple of eps back. But never believed it. Yea, well some internet posters are never going to let go of Red as dad. I beleive someone from the show has even said that Red didn't lie when he saw her Dad die. But, I don't trust anything said by someone involved in a show. And the show's canon has changed on a few key points, which makes canon an oxymoron for the show. I used to take it with great inquiry and study. I even bought S1 on BD but returned it after the first ep of S2, unopened. So, now it's just a kind of fun show to not take too seriously.

I really did get fooled on Red not being in on it. I'm betting that they could have taken that either way. Now Kaplan's future is in question. She thought she new more than Red and turns out she didn't

One interesting note is that the WSJ does a great recap on it and has had as many as 800 posts per ep. After a while there were several anonymous posters which destroyed the blog and so the WSJ now requires you to have a sign in account in order to post. Since then they get about 2 or so posts per ep.


Mike V. said...

New sci nbc show in fall - timeless - looks promising even though there's some unforgivable dialogue in the trailer alone. lol looks like it could be a quantum leap type procedural.

Mike V. said...

Designated survivor trailer with kiefer- probably gonna watch this one. (Facebook link but you probably don't need to log in. Lol)