Monday, May 2, 2016

TV Discussion: Week of 5/1/2016 - 5/6/2016

Hello fellow TV Addicts! This is our weekly place for discussion of all non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Just want to be first to say it - I swear Melisandre cutting his hair was a call out to the fans obsessive hair cut watch for Kit Harrington ! LOL

Now I can go read your recap ;-D

Anonymous said...

Grimm---So the daughter--Diana seems strange to me. Adalind taking the boy and leaving is disappoiting. I mean why couldn't they have gone after Diana as a plot line? A great ep though. Wu is something they can't figure out. Hanks' girlfriend is a spy, maybe worse.

The blackclaw leader seems to be everywhere and telling lots of people what to do.

A lot happened in this ep really.


Mike V. said...

LOL @MJ on the hair. I meant to comment on that too! Of course, you put it on the wrong thread here but it's still funny. :)

Grimm - Didn't get to it yet.

orphan - Think I have about 20 minutes left of the latest ep.

Scandal - Pretty good ep with the standoff on the tarmac....but then they had to do the Trump reference with that other dude inexplicably winning Florida. I like this show better when it doesn't try to tie in real world politics or stances on real world social issues.

Which reminds me....they made a reference to McCain a few weeks ago and how he ran for president. But he ran against Obama who became president (and McCain was a republican which is also what Fitzgerald Grant is)....they mentioned a week prior to that that Olivia's ex fiancé running for president would be the first African American president. They are getting pretty lazy with continuity with trying to reference real world politics and merge them in with their fictional storyline! lol They should just stick to their story.

MJ said...

Hair - oh - I thought I was in the other thread ! Oops.

Grimm - dang ! Wu murdered someone ! It was self defense but still. I think we all saw it coming tht Hank's ex was not there cause she missed him so much. Guess we will never find out just how black Claw knew where to find the hidden Diana. I still refuse to believe that Renard is truly with Black Claw ! Diana doing her mind travels is really creepy. I wasn't surprised Adalind left - they are threatening both her children. And she thinks she's protecting Nick too.

FTWD - Thought many things about Strand - but never that he was gay. That surprised me. I was confused as to why Nick snuck away to do Strands errand of getting that guy. And lets guess tht Strand - since Maddy saved him - will be willing to go after Alicia and Travis.

DC Legends - this show has become so ridiculous.

Penney Dreadful - didn't get to it.

Orphan - it's been pretty good so far. Soccer mom and Donny digging up that guy was hysterical. And Elena pretending to be soccer mom to the cops too.

MJ said...

Blacklist - so yet again Red had been lying to Liz - cause she had a grandfather ! God I want her to just smack him across his face. Still say Mr Kaplan helped Liz fake her death to get her away from Red. Thinking Tom does not know that though. And no Tom - you are thinking you are a single dad - you shouldn't be going after the baddies any more. I hope Panabaker is not bad - I really liked her when she came in and rescued Liz.

Anonymous said...

Grimm--Yea, I don't believe Renard is a sell out to Blackclaw either.

I get why Adalind did it in this ep/storyline--agree with what you said. My point was they could have written it differently and still had the need for future conflict.

Blacklist--the funeral and everything was kind of like Superman dying. I just can't buy it. Famke Jensen is coming this week and so they will start to set up the spin off.


Mike V. said...

Orphan - I actually am that far in the episode. Just haven't caught the end yet. But yes that was funny stuff!

Anonymous said...

Grimm--Galavan, who is his super hero character? I hope the Capt doesn't die. I really didn't enjoy this ep that much. It felt kind of recycled due to Galavan and Barb and the sister. And Riddler escaping.


Mike V. said... confused me there. That is GOTHAM commentary! lol But the funny thing is....The Galavan/Azrael actor is pretty much on every show as a villain these days so it wouldn't surprise me if we saw him on Grimm too! Anyway...

Gotham - Azrael is the Batman Villain. The only reason I know him is from the Arkham Knight game (Amazing Batman video games). I feel like the writing is on the wall for Michael Chiklis...but, I guess if he didn't die by the end of the episode then maybe he will pull through. Eventually though....Gordon has to rise to Commish. Maybe season 3 is too early.

Galavan isn't Galavan though...he's reborn as Azrael...another Villain. This season has pretty much lived up to its name as the Rise of the Villains...we have Penguin, Freeze, Azrael, Firefly, Joker 1.0 (and who knows...with everyone else coming back from the dead...maybe he will too), Hugo Strange....

That said, I'm not sure I'm enjoying the show as much as I was either. But I'll keep watching. lol

Grimm - Halfway through the ep...but saw that Adalind finally told Nick. And Diana is creepy. lol

Bates - Caught up on this...will comment later. But still have a bad feeling for the Sheriff this season.

MJ said...

Swamped lst 2 days. UGH.

Bates - so not only did he threaten Romero with an axe he managed to sleep with his mother again. This show is so intense and moving so fast that I can't believe we have another whole season. Oh - just realized - only 2 more eps left. And there is no way that the mention of starting that old furnace and how it would gas the house is not foreshadowing of what is to come ! Read that Freddie Highmore wrote the episode. Yeah - I am nervous for Romero too - but surely they'll keep him for the final season ?

Blacklist - actually read a theory that the whole spin off talk with Famke and Tom could be a red herring so that we did not guess she is her mother ? And that Liz really is dead and Tom then works with Red. Not sure I buy that either. LOL

Penney Dreadful - was a really great episode.

Mike V. said...

Bates - I don't think I heard that next season was officially the last. I heard of a 5 season plan though. Did they make it official? I really don't know if Romero will make it or not. Didn't even put 2 and 2 together with the furnace. lol I really need to watch psycho again. Yep, they mentioned 2 eps left on the preview...which I don't watch as closely for any show anymore. I could see Norman killing romero...and then Norma having to deal with helping him cover it up while being totally scared of her son at the same time. We'll see what happens!

Anonymous said...

Gotham vs Grimm--I must have been half awake--lol. Gotham, I'm hoping for a pay off for sure. I've been watching this season as a kind of set up season. But, that means they're confident the show will be around. I miss Gordon's girlfriend and can't stand the old girlfriend. Bruce is getting more involved. Did you notice how the Capt was wondering why he was hanging around so much?

Grimm--I hate to use the word creepy to describe a young girl though.

Blacklist--WOW, lots of theories. I have come to believe that the actress doesn't know if she'll come back. I wouldn't blame her. Raising a kid is a big deal and should be respected, imho. Famke would sure up the star power. And bringing in Brian Denehey as well. It would really up the show's star power. As I'm writing this, maybe she is going to stay dead. WOW. You know if she stays dead that would be great for TV too. I mean we have all become so cynical on people dying. Just look at Gotham and Shield among MANY others. And Red saying that his people will take care of the body gives them an out for her to come back made me cynical. I have learned to NOT take the show at what you see along with many other shows. So, if she stays dead, that would be one of the single biggest shockers. Think about "who shot JR". A show couldn't pull that off anymore due to cynism. If Famke and Denehey become more regular then I could see Liz not coming back and the show doing fine. Tom I think has become a surprise draw.

Mike V. said...

Gotham - Yeah I noticed Cap wondering what Bruce was doing there. And Gordon is teaching Bruce about Batman's #1 rule...don't kill.

Grimm - When the young girl is doing creepy things, creep works for me! Does scary work better? lol

Blacklist - I can't help but read....Has Brian D. been on the show? Where has that dude been the past decade? lol I, again, haven't watched the show in a long time but still refuse to believe they killed off Liz. They left it open for her to return. Same thing happened with Sarah Wayne Calles on Prison Break (She's on Colony now, was on Walking Dead as well) . They "killed her off" in season 3, but she was back in season 4. lol (Another pregnancy thing) And she'll be back for the reboot Netflix season as well.

But the fact that they have people guessing means that whatever they did is working!

Jason B. said...

FTWD - I agree MJ, that was quite the surprise haha. Although even on Talking Dead the actor hinted that he may have just been in the "relationship" to con the guy even further and would have done the same thing if it was a woman. If so then it's like Sawyer taken to the next level haha.

Did you catch that Jesse McCartney was one of the guys that boarded the boat haha? The guy who sings that "I want you and your beautiful soul" song. I saw his name in the opening credits and I was thinking that I must've read it wrong or it was a different person. But nope, that was him haha.

Mike V. said...

FTWD - I'm not caught up but Jesse McCartney is actually an actor too. This may be embarrassing but I have no shame. He was on the show Summerland before he even made it big with that song. Zac Efron was on that show PRE High School musical as well. And it's where Jason Stackhouse of True Blood got his start as well. I watched for Lori Loughlin of course. Can never get enough Aunt Becky!

Looks like he's made quite the TV/movie career for himself including the voice of Theodore in those Alvin and the Chipmunk movies.

Anonymous said...

More on media below. Facebook and it's trending news section. This is the area that I keep reading about that gives publishers, reporters and editors pause. It's really only the news Mark wants.


Anonymous said...

Does anybody watch Banshee or 12 Monkeys


Mike V. said...

Facebook - Definitely potential for bad news...literally. lol

Banshee/12 Monkeys - Never got around to them. Banshee because I don't have Cinemax....Monkeys because I never had time!

Shield - ugh...I forgot to watch it this morning. Just realized. Guess I'll do a double header with The Americans tomorrow morning.

Grimm - Finished this though. Totally called that Hank's girlfriend would be up to no good (again...not tough to figure out lol). I'm sure the Adalind baby taking stuff will get resolved in a way that doesn't destroy her character too badly.

Anonymous said...

I saw this comparison to LOST about 12 Monkeys and so just had to post.

The Verdict

Stopping a society-destroying plague was a daunting enough task, but "One Hundred Years" gave us our first real look at the Messengers at work and their plan appears to involve stopping death. Or time. Maybe they're the same thing, depending on how you look at it. Like Lost, 12 Monkeys excels at posing new questions just as you start to understand the show's original mysteries. How did Vivian know she could manipulate Cassie by endangering Cole? Who was trying to call Cole at the Emerson? And most pressing, how are Cole and Cassie going to buy that TaB Cola if they're stranded in 1944? How could you not want to tune in next week?


Mike V. said...

Monkeys/Lost - Nice...I do like a good mystery show. I gotta figure out what I'm going to binge this summer. If it's available I could consider it. Then again, I've already deleted some of the season 2 episodes I recorded. But, I'm sure I could find them on streaming.

MJ said...

Flash - Well - since this was not the finale we all knew that Harry's plan couldn't go well. and since everyone had known that both Harry's daughter and Joe's son are both speedsters in teh comics them getting hit by the leaked waves. Also it was very heavy handed with Wally wanting to help people now instead of his dream of designing cars. And now we know that Barry's grandma from his mom's sides name was Garrick - telling us what ? Iron Mask man is Barry's dad from Earth two ? Another Barry from another earth ?

Bates - not sure been stated officially but have always heard 5 year show. Never know though.

Blacklist - LOL on who shot JR !

FTWD - i did not catch Jesse McCartney in the credits cause I have never heard of him. LOL But did hear them call him a singer on Talking Dead afterward.

Banshee - heard good things but did not have that permium channel when it premiered.

Grimm - I think it shows what a good little actress she is that she can pull off creepy ! Not sure about Adalind Mike - they seem to keep hinting that you can't be good/nice and a Hexenbeist. Eve keeps saying she will change.

I've been recording Night Manager, The Family and Underground - will binge them in early June. Then definitely doing Breaking Bad ! Still have House of Cards and Daredevil too.

Mike V. said...

TWD/FTWD - So this is neither here nor there, but the actor that played the guy that saved Carol and Morgan in the finale....(currently referred to as "THE MAN" on IMDB) is following my Twitter handle now. lol So my claim to fame now is this new season 7 TWD actor and the lead singer of The Spin Doctors are on my Twitter feed! LOL

Grimm - Yeah...true. But now there are children involved. Though...they seem to be hinting at Eve becoming Juliette again too. So it could turn into 2 Hexenbeists both in love with a Grimm and them fighting it out for him. That seems like the only way to do a love triangle on Grimm!

Considering I've been pretty on point with this show, I'm going to trust my judgment lol (References: Called Juliette was still alive, called it that Renard wasn't the target of the assassination, called that Hank's girlfriend had a secret agenda, miscellaneous figuring out the monster of the week it comes! MIC DROP! lol) Please read this paragraph as totally not serious!

BINGES: Night manager - I've heard good things about that one. I gotta do Daredevil as well and technically house of cards. (behind 2 seasons on that one) My wife still needs to watch seasons 5 and 6 of The Sopranos too!

Anonymous said...

Grimm--I'm pulling for Adalind. I think her and Nick have much better chemistry. I'm not sure anybody could have good chemistry with Eve--lol.

Yes Mike, you've called this show pretty well.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - It's not that I want to take too much credit for calling things on the's more bringing up the point that while it's an entertaining show and I enjoy also is pretty formulaic with the character stuff. It's worked for years so why recreate the wheel? lol

SHIELD - There were some minor tie-ins to Civil War but nothing big. Ward/HIVE mentioned that Billionaires can create super suits and governments can create super solidiers and "that can lead to a war of its own" Seriously??? They also referred to how He was one of the first inhumans (if not the first)...and how it led to CIVIL WAR.

So Daisy is a descendent of these inhumans created by these aliens? All interesting stuff, but I still don't buy that they're going to keep Daisy away from SHIELD too long. They did fool me with WARD though.

Americans - Great episode. I had a feeling they'd finally go to EPCOT! Didn't expect the 7 month jump though...felt very finale-ish but it's on the middle of the season! A lot of baggage was brought up that had been simmering so it led to some good tension.

MJ said...

Grimm - too funny.

Twitter feed - nice !

Americans - just watched last night. Jeez - can't believe Martha ! She's being sent to Russia knowing no one and what does she say - it's ok for you to be with someone ! What ?!? That is nuts. She should be screaming mad ! Yeah they really went back with that Lisa thing - and yikes Elizabeth. For a second I thought the pregnant one playing golf was Elizabeth ! LOL Yes - surprising about the 7 month fast forward. Agree felt finale like. Guess they want to start on another sotry thread so they wrapped up a lot of stuff. Odd though. But Paige - she is not looking good. It's like her parents have had the weight lifted off them for awhile but Paige is very burdened now.

Anonymous said...

So, was last Friday the Grimm finale? I checked and it's not on tonight.

Blacklist--So we were introduced to Famke last night. She is just so skinny now. Kind of a hard ask on the REd not killing her stuff. Particularly after he just easily kills others and he knows who was behind the Liz killing now. And she's not the Rostova so many speculated she was. LOL on Ressler saying Tom is the Keen they're working with now.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - No they're reairing Adele's concert tonight for some reason. They still have a few left. (one of the reasons they're shortening next season...just too many episodes and not enough slots. Granted, not sure they really needed to reair Adele but something tells me they'll get better ratings in may Sweeps for it)

Americans - yeah that was a crazy scene with Martha. I thought for sure they'd kill her. It's horrible to think but that might be a better fate than going to Russia and starting over! Paige seems to be going down the path that they avoided for so long. But she could still go either way. She could become an accomplice or totally turn on them in the end.

CIVIL WAR - The Mrs and I got our sitter and we see it tonight. Have heard good things!

Mike V. said...

Grimm - I looked it up there's an episode airing may 13th and then a 2 part finale on may 20th.

MJ said...

Blacklist - I have to admit I dozed during the ep. I did get however that Scottie was hired to kidnap Liz - but not kill her. Kinda ridiculous that Red goes killing her associates in order to get her to meet with him though. I think I missed the part where Scottie was trying to kill Red though. And also the reveal of who hired Scottie - yet another person with a grudge against Red. And who is watching Agnes while Tom is illegally working for the FBI ? Cause ya know - the FBI always lets non-agents run around and do work for them.

Supernatural - I know there was one other person on the blog that watched - and OMG what an episode this week ! Finally confirmed Chuck is GOD !

Adele - I think they are adding a few songs.

Americans - right ! When the old guy got in the car behind her I thought uh-oh. But they let her go.

MJ said...

Blacklist - meant to say Richard - Famke has always been very thin (nip/tuck, Xmen) but her face now looks like she's had a little too much Nip/Ruck done ! LOL See what I did !

Mike V. said...

Adele - Oh yeah?? Ugh...Better make sure it's recording. Adele has been a bedtime lifesaver for both of my children during the 0-2 years phase. lol