Monday, March 2, 2015

TV Discussion: Week of 3/1/2015 - 3/7/2015

Hello fellow TV Addicts! This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Ugh, work won't let me get to an editor screen so I had to post on my phone. I'll add in the Tags/labels later, though I'm sure not many pay attention to those! :-)

Still no Blacklist for me. No Better Call Saul from last week either. But I did watch Shameless and Episodes last night!

And Once Upon a Time - I may be the only one that still watches this,but there was a nice shout out to Mr. Cluck's last night. Rumple and the villains were out of Storybrooke and stopped for food at a Mr. Cluck's drive through. They even said "have a cluckety cluck cluck day!" lol

MJ said...

LOL on Cluck.

No Shameless or Episodes yet. Not even sure if I watched Blacklist. LOL

Worked from home today - no garage and my car was totally encased in ice. And snce I have to drive past Vinelend now (50 mins) I ddidn't feel like dealing. Roads and such are all good now though

MJ said...

Leslie - was it you who commented on Gaga doing Sound of Music tribute at Oscars? Got to catch it aon line - WOW. Who knew she could sing that well !

Mike V. said...

@MJ - I think I might have mentioned Gaga at the Oscars. If not, I certainly saw it. I actually she knew she is a very talented musician. But it's sometimes masked by her crazy antics she does for videos, concerts and awards shows. Anyway, she did an amazing job with The Sound of Music Tribute.

Ice - went to work today...only thing that was frozen was my walkway. Roads were fine! lol

Leslie said...

MJ, I did mention Gaga and the Sound of Music and Mike commented also. My comment was exactly the same as yours. Who knew? Julie Andrews came out and was a bit teary-eyed. So sad that she can't sing anymore. Sound of Music and Mary Poppins are two of my all-time favs! Dating myself now, but I remember seeing both in the theater as a little girl when they first came out.

Anonymous said...

Vikings--I missed something on how long Lagertha was with the other clan. She was there long enough for Bjorn to age. But not as Earl. Still though she's not there now.

Blacklist--still a lot about Red being a woman from the past. Maybe married to Red and took his place. Isn't that weird, but a lot of reasons behind it.


Anonymous said...

Oh yea, someone said that Spader and Shatner got married at the end of Boston Legal so Spader is capable of huge surprises.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone going to watch Dig, I think on USA


MJ said...

Blacklist - have not watched -but what ? Red was a woman once ?

Dig - I'm going to look at it. God help me I don't need more to watch but I'm curious about it. I like the actor in it and it's from one of the Homeland guys.

Gotham - had to laugh when Jim got saddled with Union Rep. Am over the whole Fish thing.

MJ said...

Leslie - LOL and dating yourself - I also saw them in the theater as a kid

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--the Red was a woman theory has different takes. You could check on the WSJ Speakeasy blog. I'll have to admit I don't like the show as much this season. I think it's possible.

Gotham--Gordon established himself as a player but the favor for Penguin will obviously be ugly. I'm over the Fish stuff too but thought what the doctor did to his former administrator was scarry. I'm still pulling for an age appropriate Salena/Bruce get together. I thought Jim wanted to be President of the union, that was one of the things he asked Loeb to do for him, recommend him?

I am SO glad Nobody mentioned the following--lol.

mj said...

Gotham - did he ask for it? Oh yes - just to push the dirty cop out

Last Man on Earth - didn't expect much but it was actually quite amusing

Mike V. said...

Hey guys still swamped....but I did watch Gotham. it was good stuff.

Caught up on BCS but I think I slept through most of last night's ep.

still no Blacklist...but they're hyping up Thursdays as a big one.

Recorded Last good reveiws

mj said...

Odd Couple - was ok. only seen the pilot and try not to judge on pilot alone. Nothing fab though so far

Battlecreek - anoter cop show with opposite/quirky characters. Was ok

Blacklist - still not sure if i have oneon the dvr or not. lol

Bcs - last weeks - did you realize Jimmy had hired the sign guy to fall?

Shameless - least we are done with Jimmy. Glad she found out that he lied about Dubai too. Still find Sammy annoying but loved her shooting Frank then squeezing the wound to make him say I love you

Episodes - loved them at Matts house for steak all while trying to keep hkm off their show

Grimm - why has this not been on ?

Leslie said...

Odd Couple - I've only watched the pilot so far, too, and it didn't wow me either, but I'll watch more because I have to give Matthew Perry a chance. He was so funny as Chandler!

Blacklist - Red may have been a woman?? I haven't watched any episodes this year, but that would confirm deletion on the old DVR!

Mike V. said...

Odd Couple - I skipped. Heard awful things. Which is a shame because I love the actors involved.

BCS - I should've picked up on it but I didn't!

Shameless - Sammy is definitely annoying, but it was a funny scene...agreed. Yeah maybe Fiona is finally over Jimmy. We'll see!

Episodes - awkward and hysterical I agree!

Grimm - My guess is since it's following the traditional broadcast schedule, it's taking a mini break after February sweeps to amp up for the final batch of episodes.

Gotham - not sure if anyone noticed but this is taking a 4 or 5 week break too. They've already aired 18 they're probably only 4 left for the season.

Anonymous said...

Shield--Rhina as a porcupine, ouch. Not a bad strat play on Hydra to fight each other. Where's Ward? Does anyone think Skye's problems will last long? I keep hoping her Dad will turn out OK. So, Mac and what's her name are Hydra?

Blacklist--The Red was a woman theory is something I'm not buying, just thought you guys would like to know how crazy things can get-lol. I've also heard he's supposed to have a romantic interest upcoming?


MJ said...

Wonder if March madness is interrupting all the shows. Supernatural has been off several weeks now too. I'm not BB fan but I've not even heard anything about March Madness this year - which is odd.

Gotta run - will be back to talk Justified.

BCS - I was totally gotten too last week.

Mike V. said...

March Madness - Still early for the tourney. Maybe in a week or 2.

But all CW shows usually take off march too. 22 episodes from September to May. There has to be breaks. These days they usually take their breaks in big chunks instead of taking a week off here and there.

No Shield yet.

Justified - I watched! Good stuff!

I'm so busy at work, sorry I'm not discussing much at length recently! I'll bounce back eventually. :)

New Girl - Caught up on this too. Last week's episode started rough but when they went all Three's Company with the misunderstandings about Popcorn Machines and nether regions...I was rolling on the floor! lol

Anonymous said...

MarchMadness used to start the first week, but like with everything else they extend the season,so yes it starts this upcoming weekend and extends through first part of April.


MJ said...

March Madness - ah ! thanks. Yeah cause the super bowl used to be January. LOL

Justified - Boyd is making me very nervous with Ava. I believe he deeply loves her but he can probably only forgive so much. And Raylan finally finally held his daugter ! I was so mad last year when he was in Fla and did not go see Winonah and the baby. But now that he has I'm afraid they are going to kill Rayland off at the end. I felt it was weird what a turn Winonah has taken though - now it's ok that he be a marshall and it's ok for him to be himself ? So all the things that made her leave are not ok ? LOL Guess it's a convenience for the final season to get them back together. Cause yeah - sure - Harlan County has a better doctor then the state of Florida to treat their little girls heart murmur. So much for all that military honor and loyalty between the guys - ER dude saw that money and it was all over for Raising Hope guy. (I really am having a hard time with the names this year LOL)

Shield - I'd forgotten they killed Tripp ! I liked that character. Simmons was interesting with the 'I should study this stuff less and we should destroy more of it' aspect. Recognize Skye's mom ? Recently been on Shameless - she is the chick who drove Jimmy into town and has been tippimg Fiona heavily. I knew her from a previous show. No idea what or who Floweres us supposed to be now. LOL I had no memory of who the guy was in holding that they used to trick Hydra - but yeah - knew Coulsen and May were not dead. But why on earth would Fitz lie to eveyone about Skye and her results ? Really ? LOL No clue about this 'tool box' either.

BCS - I've always thought that Chuck's issues were mental rather then physical and I guess they just proved that with the doctor turning on that stuff on the bed and him not knowing. But how hysterical that Jimmy will absolutely not commit his brother just to screw over the company he works for. the Ricky bucks were so funny as was the talking toilet bowl. But really enjoyed Jimmy working the room at the old folks home. I was surprised that they went to Slipping Jimmy being bad (pun intended) is what makes Chuck ill.

Gotham - strange as this might sound I could care less about Bruce Wayne. I feel sorry for the kid but the show isn't really about him. This is really a cop/mob show. And why is this doctor keeping Fish alive ? By all rights he should have just killed her - or taken the eye that she did not yank out. Makes no sense that he gives her a new eye and keeps her working for him. Commissioner's daughter was creepy though.

MJ said...

Sound of Music info - just FYI

MJ said...

Broadchurch - season 2 starts tonight. Are you watching Leslie ? I don't think I will - it's about the trial. If you do watch BBCA has a 4 minute season 1 video to remind you what happened

Mike V. said...

Justified - I felt the same thing about Raylan meeting his baby this early in the final season. Agree on the turn Winona made. I'm sure they're playing it off like she needs all the help she can get and has always loved Raylan. But, I'm sure it was more the fact that she got a full time gig on The Following, but they wanted to keep her character involved until the end of the show. lol

LOL on the heart murmur and the doctors in Harlan. You're not alone on the names. I've just given up on trying to learn them all!!

Shield - Definitely recognized Skye's mom. It's probably why I found her familiar on Shameless in the first place. lol The guy in holding has been on the show this season. He was like the 2nd in command to Whitehall. Well apparently not since there was that whole round table of evil hydra people they killed off. lol No idea why Fitz would lie for Skye. I guess he recognized she was afraid. He tried to play it off as bad timing to reveal it because of the heightened anxiety in the SHIELD ranks...and Simmons' comments too.

BCS - Yeah I figured it was mental too with Chuck. I might have mentioned I think I slept through half of this episode. Probably not going to go back and watch just for timing purposes, but I found your comments helpful! lol

Gotham - Yeah, I was concerned about the Bruce Wayne story not having enough meat to it to justify it. I guess it's better than I thought but it definitely is the weaker part of the show. The kid is the kid from TOUCH I think. (with Kiefer) It's tough to follow batman before he was or close to being Batman!

Modern Family - had me rolling on the floor again last night. The whole opening scene with trying to get Lily to sing in tune and Cam playing the keyboard...pure gold! Haley's little love story with the nanny dude has been turning into a pretty entertaining arc too.

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--did you catch the Jekyl Island reference and relate it to the fulcrum? Maybe I'm reaching but that was really good.


Mike V. said...

2 behind on Blacklist now. We'll catch up at some point.

Scandal - Ahhh not very subtle what they were covering on last night's episode. Though, if they were trying to mirror the events of Ferguson, then I'm calling Shonda out on glorified fan fiction! That said, it was a well done episode and pretty emotional with the father at the end. Love the new VP!

Vikings - stranger in town is Keamey from LOST season 4! No way he's good news for the town! lol

Anonymous said...

Vikings--Wow what a great ep. I don't like Porun so her getting hurt was ok with me. But she'll probably live. Seriously understand Ragnar being upset with Bjorn. Bjorn has to become stronger to do what he does later though.

The stuff back at Kattegat is eerie and that stranger is no friend. Interesting that they all three saw him coming in their dreams.

Was anyone surprised about Lagertha and Ecbert having relations?

So, was Ecbert turned on or scared from the sacrificial ceremony? I like how they handle the religious differences. They were serious but of course the Vikings become Christians. And that story is one of the biggest stories not often told in European history, how the Vikings came, conquered and then blended in due to Christianity.

It will be interesting to see how they handle Mercia going forward. I know Ragnar will return home and suspect Lagertha will too due to the Kalf situation. So, who will be left behind that matters??


MJ said...

New Girl - agree with Three's Company thoughts. This week's was funny too witht he Walk of Shame. You know Coach is leaving ? I hope they fix Winston - his stuff is always horrible.

MF - agree - was great again. Loved the end where they all get a shot at what the commercial line - and Gloria does the 'say hello to my little friend'

Leslie said...

MJ, thanks for the Sound of Music link! And, no, not going to watch Broadchurch. Watching too much already!

CSI:Cyber: I watched the first one. Not sure I'll stick with it. I don't really like Patricia Arquette's character. Can't put my finger on why, but I felt the same way when she was a guest on CSI.

American Crime - Watched the first one. Definitely interesting enough to keep watching. Felicity Huffman looks really different with brown eyes!

Secrets and Lies - I have this recorded. Has anyone watched yet?

MJ said...

Gaga/AHS -

MJ said...

Blacklist - I did not understand the Jekyll Island thing but I head them say it.

Secreta/Lies - I liked it'

CSI Cyber - her character was a little stiff maybe but I didn't hate it

Returned - that critically acclaimed French show had been re-done with Americans. I could not watch with all the sub-titles on the French one but the American version starts tomorrow 10pm on A&E right after Bates Motel FYI

Amer Crime - still on the DVR

Dig - any one watch ? Ok so far

Odd Couple - second one was actually a little better then the first

MJ said...

Scandal - yeah very ripped from the headlines. Tho have to say they did give another perspective when allowing the cop to have his tirade. Yeah - Courtney Vance is an excellent actor. LOL on new VP - she should be amusing. But yikes when she was going on about having your kid shot.

Anonymous said...

Jekyll Island is where the Federal Reserve system was created by the leading business leaders including JPMorgan. Several books written about it as the Fed is a private institution that controls the lending rates and flow of money for the US and in effect most countries around the world. So, the real power if you will resides with those that "own/control" the Fed and it's leaders. The Fulcrum is about the people who really control power on a global basis. So there should be much overlap between the powerbrokers of the fulcrum and those of the Fed.
Remember when Red told Liz while driving by the WhiteHouse that the real power in the world does not reside there, but in the people who put them in office.


Mike V. said...

Scandal - he did go on his tirade but the tirade had to start with him saying "you people". Come on shonda. Seriously?!? I'm sure they tried to show both sides but there was one side that seemed to be "in the right" in the end. Whatever. It's over and we'll move back to scandalous scandals again next week! Didn't even realize that was Courtney Vance. Nice.

Odd couple - good to know. Not sure if I'll catch up or not.

dig - recorded but hears mediocre reviews. Maybe after I'm done my got rewatch I'll watch them. Lol

Returned - right I remember that was coming and it was all confusing because resurrection is similar themed and people that that was the American version of the returned. Lol maybe I'll set the dvr. Just too much TV to keep up with!! But I'll need stuff to watch in the summer!