Monday, March 23, 2015

The Walking Dead: Season 5 Episode 15 - Try

Hello everyone and welcome to coverage of the penultimate episode of this intense and pretty awesome 5th season.  Tensions were high and kind of boiled over setting up what we can only assume to be a crazy season finale!  No sense wasting time, let's dive in!

Discussion Points
  • We had the whole fallout from last week's supply raid.  OTHER DUDE (AKA Nicholas) fibbed in his recorded story of the events for Deanna as Glenn told the unbearable truth to Rick.  If Nick's version needed to be summed up, "it's they're fault!  They need to go!"  Glenn's version, "They're weak and they're killing us!"  While Glenn and Rick agreed that Alexandria's people are not up to standards for this world, they're "fix it" approach was a little different.  Rick wants to weed out the weak ones and Glenn wants to teach them the right way to live. 
  • The whole listening to Aidan's Nine Inch Nails mix disc as a way to grieve was flat out creepy! Deanna also seemed to put Alexandrea before grieving for her son as she recorded the debriefing immediately when they returned.  She also made a "I see a whole lot" comment which implies a shady agenda or she can read into Nick's lies. 
  • Glenn confronted Nick and told him he can no longer leave the gates and that he was saving him.  Glenn told him that the walls went up just in time to keep a person like him (who should be dead) alive. That didn't seem to go over too well!
  • Meanwhile, Sasha is losing her marbles still.  Michonne and Rosita got concerned and went looking for her.  Long story short, Michonne and Rosita discussed losing their edge in wanting to believe in Alexandria.  But they also found out Sasha has not been just defending the town from walkers creeping up on the town.  She has gone hunting (i.e. gone on the offensive).   Yes, she wants to kill every single walker in the world, but she's going to get herself killed.  That point was clear when she ran out of ammo and was saved by Michonne. She didn't appreciate the save.  Michonne also had some crazy flashbacks of slicing up walkers seeming to imply that she missed it.  Rosita dove right back into bashing some brains too.  It's part of who they are now.  As Rick implies during the episode, it's the same world within the walls as it is outside the walls.  The walls are a facade of safety.  
  • Carl has found himself an equally creepy potential girlfriend in Enid.  She caught onto him tracking her outside the gates.  They implied they're both scared of each other.  They bonded over traumatic experiences (without really saying what they were).  And then they hid in a tree and almost held hands as the herd of walkers (that Sasha and crew kill) walked by.  I did chuckle when Enid said, "it's they're world, we're just living in it."   It was a bit on the cheese side of things, especially since it was meant to pull these 2 into a romantic entanglement! 
  • Daryl and Aaron were on the road recruiting and sticking arrows into any dead things that walked.  They stumbled upon a fire in the distance and went to see who it was.  They found a dismembered body and a woman tied to a tree that got eaten alive.  (Sounds like what Carol said she was going to do to Sam!)  I believe I mentioned a few weeks ago when they were in Richmond (or somewhere near there) that I thought those dismembered bodies were alive when that happened to them.  If this is the same threat, which I think it is, it would seem my assumption was correct!  You're welcome! Anyone want to put money on this threat showing up to Alexandria just in time for Rick's points in this episode to become validated? 
  • Speaking of Rick, he got himself in quite a pickle.  You can kind of see both sides of the argument here.  If we just met Rick, we would think he's lost his marbles.  Carol didn't help with her whole "you have to kill Pete" speech.  She also kept on it explaining some of the things that Sam told her about home life for him. (locks on the closets and such)  There was a heavy handed metaphor in the episode of the Red Balloon.  I can only assume it was referring to the innocence of the people within the walls.  
  • Rick confronted Deanna at their mini grave site where I guess they dug up a pile of dirt for Aidan (I don't think they brought his remains back with them!).  Rick found out that she knew about Pete's tendencies but she has swept it under the carpet because he's the town surgeon/doc.  Speaking of which, we have no idea how Tara's doing but they implied that he's working on her.  Rick suggested they execute Pete and this was unacceptable to Deanna.  
  • Rick had a run in with Pete early in the episode and brooded towards him telling him to "walk away".  By the end of the episode Rick was telling Jessie the way of the new world and how he can protect her.  Jessie did the whole "I'm married, let me deal with my problems" facade when really she was saying, "Rick I kinda like you, can you please deal with my abusive husband?"   Rick clearly has wanted Jessie since he met her and has wanted to take care of Pete.  He just needed an excuse.  He told Jessie that he wouldn't do this for anyone.  
  • Wouldn't you know it, Pete stepped in at just the right time!  Jessie had asked for his help and let her guard down.  Pete told Rick to leave.  And Jessie told Pete to leave.  And the inevitable happened. FIGHT!!! But this wasn't any old fight.  They were both trying to kill each other with their bare hands.  Naturally, it had to go out the window and into the street for the whole town to see.  And just like that, the red balloon floated away in slow motion. Innocence lost folks!  
  • Deanna got there to stop the fight, just as Rick had the advantage.  Finally the undertones of this half of the season were brought to the forefront.  Rick broadcast his and several of his crew's concerns that they are not scared enough of what's beyond their walls and maybe even within their walls.  It's a different world and Rick is going to make sure they start doing it right.  They're going to assess the people that come into this town HIS way.   Granted as this speech is going on (in smiling approval of Carol) Rick has a bloody face and he sounds insane.  Deanna isn't buying it and is pretty much ready to excommunicate Rick.  While Rick is on his speech Michonne comes in and knocks him out cold.  (in her police uniform mind you)   
So, is our group really divided amongst the Alexandrians?   Even Glenn insisted that they are ALL Alexandrians now.   And Michonne knocked out Rick?  Whaaaaat?   It's possible she saw Rick was in a no win situation and this was a way to keep one of them on the inside of what's going on.  Clearly, Michonne's storyline this episode meant to imply that she was intentionally casting a blind eye to the reality of their situation.   We should know more next week! 

So about next week, this is bad timing but I will be traveling when the finale airs.  I will still post a discussion thread but it's not looking good for a recap.  I will certainly share my thoughts when I return!  Sorry for the inconvenience! Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


MJ said...

Haven't had time to read your post yet but just wanted to say - I think there is a group out there doing the mutilations and carving the W's and that Enid is part of that group. She's a plant inside Alexandria to get the info on them - that is why she keeps leaving - she is reporting to her group. Our group will be close to exile and then will have to save Alexandria when the other group attacks.

MJ said...

I felt Michonne was trying to just stop the situation before it got worse. Of course - we don't know if Maggie even told them yet what she heard the reverand say - I guess we should assume so. And what was with that one person tied to the tree ? Yikes. Surprised we did not get a Tara update.

Husband feels Glen is dying. I'm getting a little nervous for Carol though - she's show a moral compass. We all know what happens then. LOL Also - she's had alot of screen time lately and some excellent scenes - also not usually a good sign.

I was hoping Deanna's comment about seeing alot meant that she knew 'other guy' was not telling the truth. Have to say I could not figure out what that balloon was supposed to represent. Like you said - looking at the group from the Alexandrians perspective Rick is just a big bully. They've lived like this for a long time now so for Rick or even Glenn to roll on in and tell them they are doing it wrong is pretty arrogant. Yes they have lost people due to some bad ways of doing things and yes Deanna recognized that they need people who have been surviving on the outside to come in and help them - but our group is definiely being too heavy handed. Change usually evolves slowly and our group is going too quickly - though the pace is something that is also being forced on them in some ways. And to demand that they execute one of their own ? That's going too far. Rick is pretty much showing that he can't re-domesticate himself - he's almost been looking for any reason to just let loose and was happy to find one.

Not sure what you meant by 'Clearly, Michonne's storyline this episode meant to imply that she was intentionally casting a blind eye to the reality of their situation' ?? I didn't feel Michonne was not seeing the reality at all. Opposite actually - she saw what Sasha was doing immediately - hunting. And she saw that she needed to defuse the Rick situation. I think she wants to stay - she saw how hey all suffered while on the road that last time. She sees how they need to put down roots. I think she does miss being outside a bit and killing (she seemed like she enjoyed it when looking for Sasha) but I think she sees the need for having a little comfort and a bit of the old world in your life.

Alexandrians might be too soft and naive - but our crew is now too hard and too brutal.

We're lucky we have you to give us a place to have our comments. Don't feel bad cause you can't recap once in a while. we appreciate all you do !

Mike V. said...

MJ - good theory on Enid! Obviously there's a group out there with the mutilations. We've been seeing them this whole half season. Seems like that will be the threat leading into next season. But yeah that makes sense the Ws are with them too. But yeah we agreed on the fact that our group will have to save Alexandria. Perfectly timed conflict!

I agree on Michonne, but obviously I had to write about the cliffhanger that could've gone either way! You'd think we would see a scene where Maggie talks about Father Gabriel's "confession" to Deanna. We got a Tara update in that we know she's in Pete's drunken abusive hands to save but that's about it.

Ugh...Glenn dying does sound like something that could happen here. I just thought he and Maggie were untouchable, but you just never know with this show anymore. Plus, he is showing a bit of weakness by wanting to train these Alexandrians. But they've all shown some kind of weakness in this town. Carol....yeah. So funny, I thought she'd be one of the first to go in season 1 and now she's one of the best characters. I can't say Carol has a moral compass though in that she wants to be civilized human beings. She wants to kill Pete. Sure, she has a soft spot for kids, but she still wants to do what needs to be done for the strong to survive...for THEM to survive. But this point I'd say anyone is fair game outside of Rick, Daryl, Carl and Michonne. But Carol, Glenn or Maggie would hurt the most if it happened. Sasha sure seems like she's on the cusp of getting axed...but then you'll start hearing comments about TWD being racist again based on who else was axed this season. (even though they are one of the most diverse casts on television these days)

I probably wasn't writing clearly this morning. I had my laptop out on my son's bed because he was up bright and early and not wanting to go back to sleep! LOL But with the Michonne story...she told Rosita that she feels she was giving this town the benefit of the doubt because she wants it to work. But by the end of that story, she was picturing herself slicing walkers with her sword and remembering what she went through to get here. And then she told Sasha that killing the walkers "ISN'T FOR YOU". She was doing it for herself. It's therapeutic. So...I think she WAS casting a blind eye to the situation. To the fact that the Alexandrians have been lucky so far and that they need Rick and crew's help. But, being with the walkers out there made her remember the threat is real. I was just trying to prove out what we agreed on up top...that Michonne was turning against Rick but trying to save him and still stay in the good graces of the Alexandrians.

Yep...they need to find the balance in between soft and brutal. lol

The only thing I feel bad about is that it's the season finale and I won't be able to post a recap! But, no, I understand my life priorities these days! And I appreciate your appreciation! :-) I love that people are still around to have discussions with this long after the influx of LOST readers! lol

MJ said...

There is alot of speculation that the exiled are the ones mutilating people and creating new zombies - but I don't think so. We saw this first when we were in the Richmond area by Noah's family's home. Seemed like that was some distance from there to Alexandria so I don't think it's realistic to think the exiled are behind all of it.

Talking Dead - sheesh! Carl was 10 years old when thi started? LOL We made fun of a little kid ! But he still needs a hair cut.

Lost - such a life time ago.

Yeah - I like how no one cares tha their doctor is always drunk ! LOL

Carol's slight moral compass is about kids and battered women - but yeah - not too much else.

Leslie said...

Good theory on Enid, MJ. They didn't tell us how she came to be there, did they?

Rick seemed a little to eager to spill some blood, and he looked a little crazy in the street after the fight! And, I noticed the different amounts of blood on his face each time they came back to his close up, but that's probably hard to do with all the takes.

Sasha has some crazy eyes going! She said she didn't need help out there, but she was sure in jeopardy after running out of ammo and falling down. Then again, she may still be in such grief that she's okay with dying as long as she's on the offensive.

I think the group is still figuring out how to get that balance they need. They can put their guard down somewhat and not be at the ready every single moment, but they also have to know they can still do what it takes to survive when necessary.

Chandler Riggs was pretty good on TD. He's grown up so much since he started!

Mike V. said...

I don't think Richmond is TOO far from the Alexandria. Richmond was close to D.C. and Eugene talked about how he got them this far last week or whatever. That's actually not too bad of a theory. But it doesn't sound like they have exiled anyone really.

I don't think they told us exactly where Enid came from. Just that she's semi-new and she has "dealt with stuff". lol

MJ said...

Deanna did state that they had to exile people. I don't remember the number

So - husband and I are trying to figure out a good (fitting) snack for the finale. I thought pizza rolls - cause sometimes they open up and look messy so like innards spilling out. LOL Or - mini hot dogs - they could look like pieces of intentines! Crazy right !?!