Monday, March 16, 2015

The Walking Dead: Season 5 Episode 14 - Spend

Wow.  That escalated quickly!  Welcome back to the waning hours of The Walking Dead Season 5!  What a crazy episode!  We knew it wouldn't be long before tensions rose in Alexandria.  And the events that unfolded over this hour will probably play a major part in it!  Let's dive in.

Discussion Points  

  • Abraham finally found his calling with hard manual labor and killing masses of walkers trying to disrupt that labor.  A subset of Alexandrians were tasked with getting more supplies near the mall for wall repair.  They had a look-out posted but a herd of walkers showed up and they did not seem prepared.  It wasn't long before Abraham took charge of the whole operation, saving the look-out lady and slicing up a bunch of walker heads.  The bosses were thankful but then wanted to call it a day.  Abraham and his new friend saw plenty of daylight hours left to get the supplies they need and go fix the wall.   This turned into a guy resigning his post and recommending to Deanna that Abraham be put in charge.   She hesitated because she didn't want to give Rick and crew too much authority.  Maggie insisted there's a reason why she wanted them there.  They've been living out there and know what needs to be done.  
  • Rick found a way to spend more time in Pete and Jessie's lives.  There was a broken owl in their garage that Rick volunteered to help investigate.  Pete came back to Rick's house later on with beers (and already clearly a few up on Rick) insisting that they be friends.  But, as always, it seemed like there was more on his agenda.  He mentioned Deanna's party and how he was watching Rick.  He implied that he meant in terms of drinking, but we should remember that Rick did plant a big smooch on Jessie at the party too.  
  • Carol found a little boy in the cupboard under the stairs.  This kid didn't have a lightning scar on his head though.  It was Pete and Jessie's son Sam.  Sam doesn't seem scared of Carol at all from last week's episode.  He just wants more cookies.  Carol tried to shoo him off by sending him to steal chocolate for the cookies.  He did.  Then he tried to bond with Carol during cookie making.  Carol is probably in no rush to bond with children after her past traumatic experiences with her daughter, and Lizzie and sister.  What unfolded was some of the best after-school special stuff you could want in your night-time zombie soap.  Guess what folks?  Pete gets drunk and abuses his wife, and possibly Sam too!   Oh yeah, and Sam broke the owl!  A cry for help?  Or maybe Pete actually broke it?   In any case it tied Carol and Rick's stories together bringing Carol to Rick's house for a debriefing.  Carol told Rick she knew how this ends.  Rick will have to kill Pete (and take Jessie for himself!  Okay, I added that part.).   Either Carol was skipping all of the conflicts that would lead to that eventual conclusion, or this was tying in nicely to a statement made by Gabriel to Deanna at the end of the episode.  We're getting there. 
  • Quick comment, but we should note that Daryl and Aaron departed for a recruiting run at the beginning of the episode, him on his new bike and Aaron in the car.  
  • The episode kicked off with Noah getting invested in his future of Alexandria.  He wanted to learn the ways of architecture and building that wall around the town.  So he turned to Orville Redinbacher, errr Reg, Deanna's husband.  He wanted to meet him early in the morning every day to learn.  Reg seemed to be please by his eagerness and handed him a notepad to jot down everything he tells him.   First line?  "This is the beginning..." 
  • A supply run, lead by Reg and Deanna's pompous son Aidan was the main story of the night.  He brought his second in command, Glenn, Tara, Noah and Eugene.  A power grid was out and they needed to get some equipment so Eugene could fix it.  Eugene was very hesitant to go on the trip because he is a self-proclaimed coward.  He kept reminding us of that too when he spoke to Tara and when Noah tried to hand him a gun.  We should have known that if he was reluctantly handed a gun, he'd be forced to use it before the episode was over! 
  • Now, Aidan actually seemed to have turned over a new leaf.  He was being surprisingly open to Glenn's suggestions before the run and during the run.  They did a perimeter sweep before diving into the warehouse.  The place was pretty much clean, except for you know like 100 walkers outside the front door (they went in the back), and then a bunch behind a fence IN the warehouse.  Eugene proved his worth (in smarts) by finding the materials they needed for the power grid.  
  • But Aidan, ran into an armed walker.  He claimed to have it, and Glenn was watching from an aisle or 2 over.  He must've noticed the grenade the walker had on him, but it was too late.  Aidan shot it in the wrong place and an explosion set this routine supply run off the rails.  
  • Aidan was blown into some debris and stuck with pieces piercing through his body.   Tara was blocked off with Eugene with some serious head trauma (and unconscious).  Aidan's right hand man told them Aidan was dead (he wasn't).  They all got Tara to the office and then came up with a game plan to rescue Aidan.  Glenn, Noah and other dude would go.  Noah would provide cover as they tried to pull him off.   (Oh yeah, I should mention the grenade blew the fence down and there were walkers coming from every direction!) 
  • Other Dude didn't have the stones to help out.  He kept giving up on Aidan and saying that their contingency plan was always to run in situations like this.  Every man left behind.   Glenn still kept trying.   Eventually, this seemed to turn into a confessional where Aidan told Glenn he should've listened to Glenn.   It was too late to save him and Noah pulled Glenn off just in time to avoid the walkers disgustingly eating Aaron alive.  I don't think Deanna is going to react too well to this! 
  • Meanwhile, Eugene was talking to unconscious Tara saying that he told her he was a coward so takes no blame in how she ended up.   I should say that he told the other guys to go save Aidan and assured them Tara would be okay until they get back.   Then he put Tara on his back and shot through a hoard of walkers to get to the van.  
  • The other guys were forced to head towards the front door where they ended up stuck in a revolving door with walkers trying to get to them on the inside and outside.  OTHER DUDE had the ammo, Glenn and Noah were stuck in another portion with empty guns.  Things looked dire.  And they were.  Eugene had a bit of a Hurley - LOST Season 3 finale moment when the DHARMA Van showed up to lure some walkers away.   He was blaring Aidan's awful techno death music.  But he hilariously was able to lure some of their trouble away.  
  • But, teamwork would still be required to get all 3 of them out of there to safety.   Glenn had a plan to break the glass and get the gun from other dude.  But OTHER DUDE kept messing up the plan.  Basically, he escaped and it left Noah's legs exposed to the walkers.  They grabbed him planted him against the glass and Glenn could only watch as we experienced one of the most gruesome deaths on the show.  (Talking Dead referred to an instant classic tweet, "Everybody Ate Chris." referring to the TV show the actor appeared on previously.)   Just before Noah was grabbed, he told Glenn, "Don't Let Go."   Steve Yeun (Glenn) got all philosophical on Talking Dead trying to explain a deeper meaning to the phrase.  Like it was, "don't let go of the dream."   Really??  I think he was basically just saying, "Don't let go of me because they'll eat me!"  And they did.   And it affected Glenn big time.  As it was pointed out to us, Glenn has never lost someone on his watch.  And this plan fell apart quickly!  
  • OTHER DUDE tried to get Eugene to drive away without Glenn and Noah.  He refused.  Glenn showed up to beat the crap out of OTHER DUDE and filled in Eugene on what happened.  The put dude in the trunk and headed back to Alexandria.  There will be drama folks!   And of course, RIP Noah.  He wasn't here long, but he made a big impact while he was. 
  • Meanwhile, the show was bookended by some Gabriel scenes.  We saw him in the pre-credits scene at the Alexandria church.  There was a basket of fruit with a message from Deanna saying they're so happy he is there.   Then we just see Gabriel furiously ripping pages out of the bible.  By the end of the episode, he came to Deanna at an opportune time to tell them she made a big mistake bringing Rick and crew here.  He is thankful for himself personally, but Rick and his people have done very bad things.  (He most likely is referring to the church massacre which would stand out in anyone's mind)   Deanna acknowledged that she knew they had to have done awful things to stay alive.   But, Gabriel didn't back down talking about Satan disguised as the Angel of Light.  He said that Rick and crew will ruin what they have started here.  Of course, this coincides with Daryl becoming a recruiter, Rick being in charge of law enforcement, Abraham running the wall crew and we mustn't forget Glenn was just on a mission with their son Aidan and will be returning WITHOUT Aidan.   Maggie, overheard this entire conversation and will surely report it back to Rick.   
  • Throw on top of it Carol's declaration that Rick will need to kill Pete, well we got ourselves some drama here folks!!! 
2 episodes left in this crazy season that has taken us on many twists and turns!  I've said it a few times, but I think this continues to be the show's strongest season and I'm looking forward to seeing how it concludes.  Just a heads up, I will be most likely recapping next week's episode.  But, we have some bad timing on finale night.   I will be out of town, and chances of me getting to the recap could be really difficult.  Worst case scenario, I'll still put a discussion post up.  But, I'll try my best to get something drafted up.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!    


Leslie said...

Crazy episode! Pete definitely had a creep factor from our first glimpse of him on the front porch. Even before learning that he might be abusive, is he the kind of guy that you can trust as your doctor?

That kid must REALLY want cookies to go back to Carol! lol

Not sure Aidan would have survived even if they were able to free him, and he did it to himself, but I doubt that will make Deanna feel better. Then again, it seemed as if she knew he was cocky and inept in real survival.

Noah's death was gross, and it was heart wrenching watching Glenn. I didn't realize until TD that this was the first death on his watch.

I think Gabriel was feeling like he wasn't worthy of taking over the church considering his actions when it all started, and our gang knows about what he did. Good way to keep them from telling his secret is to throw them under the bus.

Can't believe there are only two episodes left! It goes so quickly!

Mike V. said...

Quiet Day in TV Addicts Land! lol

Absolutely on Pete. I think we already suspected he wasn't a great guy.

lol on the kid! Pretty telling on his dad if he's willing to go to Carol after giving that speech!

I think it's going to be a sum of the parts with Deanna. Gabriel's message, Abraham, Rick and Maggie taking leadership Glenn returning after losing 2 people in the field plus an injured Tara. And once Rick starts investigating Pete it's only going to get worse!

I didn't realize it with Glenn either until TD. So crazy where Glenn's character started. He was more comic relief in the 1st season and things got pretty serious pretty quickly!

Yeah, I think so too with Gabriel. He certainly did not tell the whole story there!

I think we'd be telling a different story about it going quickly if they aired 16 episodes straight! :-) lol But yeah, it does go quickly.

The end of TWD just means the beginning of the final Mad Men episodes and Game of Thrones' return!! :-) Best time of the TV year!

Leslie said...

I figured everyone was on spring break!

I am looking forward to Mad Men's return. It's been so long, I hope they do a "previously on Mad Men" to refresh my memory as to where we left off!

MJ said...

Holy Crap ! That was definitey one of the more graphic deaths on TWD. RIP Noah ! That was some crazy stuff. I guess since they were never forced became soldiers to defend themselves their policy was just cut and run ? If you think about it our group always found people who were experienced in either fighting or hunting. From the beginning they had Shane the cop and Meryl and Daryl the hunters. So they had people who could teach the inexperienced ones. Then they eventually collect Michonne who taught herself to fight and then Tyreese and Abraham and even Tara. There was always omeone to tech you how to stay alive - Alexandria never had that I guess.

And that dmaned priest ! He has some nerve telling Deanna that she can't trust them - but never comes clean about the bad things he's done. And where'd he get another collar ?? So is Deanna going to believe that they did all they could to bring Aiden back? If that other idiot lies will Deanna believe our people ? At elast theat one Alexandrian frm the construction was honest with Deanna that Abraham is the guy they need. They did lose Noah afterall. And I was sure Eugene was leaving Tara behind - as we all were. LOL

Pete is just downright creepy. LOL on the cupboard onder the stairs reference. I get that Sam is not going to just come out and say daddy beats mom and I but Carol went there very quick. She's just leaping and not even looking - kids do lie. But its probably true.

I should have known when he wrote 'just the beginning' that Noah was in trouble - but I didn't. Agree Eugene's constant reminder of him being a coward was a foreshadowing - and I still don't know why Aiden was suddenly so cooperative. Is the 'other dude' Richard maybe? LOL Can't remember. Every body ate Chris was hysterical ! I don't think 'don't let go' meant of me - Noah was already grabbed by that time. Just saying. Also - thought the fruit and note were from Rosemary - whoever that is.

MJ said...

Hah ! Just read that Leslie said Pete was creep too.

I was off from work today so spent some marathon time on Ntflix. Leslie - finally watched final season of The Killing. WOw !

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Nice with the day off! I could use a Netflix day, but usually when I get one it's still "Thomas and Friends" all day and night! lol

Good point with Team Rick's assimilating people into their system. They had a process, and got people on board. But yeah...that's why Deanna was looking for people like Rick and crew to come on board. I thought the same thing on Gabriel's collar! lol What was that all about???

Yeah...OTHER DUDE (idiot) probably will lie.

Well...Carol did go to the house and tried to invite herself in...and Pete said "Not a good time" and slammed the door on her. Like I was all very 'after school special' of them to go there, but all the tropes were there to indicate this guy is an alcoholic wife beater.

Yeah...I didn't even consider Noah in trouble from him wanting to do something with his life besides survive. lol As for Aidan being cooperative, I'm sure it was a combination of Glenn beating his a#$ and his mother scolding him! lol

Who did I say the fruit was from? Deanna? Whoops, thanks for correcting. lol (I don't take notes anymore for these shows so it's all just stream of consciousness the next morning!)

Other Dude - Sure...let's say he's Richard! :)

If "don't let go" was supposed to have deeper meaning, it was kind of a silly way to say it. Glenn was holding onto him when he said it. Maybe he could've said "keep the dream alive!" lol

mj said...

true enough on 'don't let go'

mj said...

His name is Nicholas. lol Apparently the web was not surprised Noah bought it as the actor signed up in Jan for Criminal Minds spinoff. i had not heard that.

Leslie said...

Hadn't heard about a Criminal Minds spinoff. Didn't they already try that?

Mike V. said...

Naaa...his name is OTHER DUDE! lol

Well it could be that Noah signed up for Criminal Minds spinoff BECAUSE he bought it on TWD! lol Usually after the split (2nd half of season airing), they're already writing the next season so they probably filmed his last episode last year! :)