Monday, March 30, 2015

The Walking Dead: Season 5 Episode 16 - Conquer (discussion)

Hello everyone and welcome to the season 5 finale discussion of The Walking Dead! As mentioned last week, unfortunately I am out of town and unable to provide a recap, but I will say that I did watch and I think it was an excellent capper on probably my favorite season of the show!  I definitely want to discuss with everyone so please feel free to comment below and I will join in as soon as I'm able to!  See you in the comments!


Plumbarius said...

Just throwing it out there (I didn't read the comics) but are you really telling me that the Wolves are just two guys with knives and an empty pistol?

Need to watch the episode again before I comment about it but I will say having a 90 minute show really helped flesh out(see what I did there) more character and plot development. :)

mj said...

These 'wolves' are real nut jobs ! I hope they kill Gabriel - he needs to die. LOL Again Rick appears in front of this town looking a little insane - but this time they know he is right. I'm surprised at the low body count - thought for sure Glenn was going to die. Not sure why Morgan put those 2 in the car and then shut the door after making noise to draw walkers ? He didn't want to kill them but wanted them to have to fight to survive I guess ?? Thinking they will be back next season ! Sasha laying there among the dead zombies was creepy. Carol has been getting so many great scenes I was half convinced she was going to die. Loved her threatening Pete. So since the Wolves had pics of Alexandria are we then to assume they are people who were exiled? Or just that they took them off one of the exiled - cause the folks in Alexandria don't seem like they are the types to become these Wolves. Thinking that the woman tied to the tree was one of the exiled though.

mj said...

LOL on 'flesh it out'. I assume there are more wolves out there.

Mike V. said...

I'll write more tomorrow but good thought on the woman being one of the exiled. I just assumed the Wolves were the exiled. Lol

Plumbarius said...

@mj: I think Daryl or Aaron dropped the backpack of recruiting items incl. the pictures after opening the trailer door and getting overrun by the walkers.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to figure out the purpose of the death trap that was at the food distribution place. Are the wolves just so sick and twisted that they do this for fun? Is this their way of recruiting? 9 out of 10 people would not make it out of there!! Cajun

MJ said...

You are right about the back pack ! I forgot that part. LOL

Yeah - what is the purpose of catching people there and turning them ? Seems like that is what the wolves are doing - purposely turning people into walkers - just so they can hunt them?

I've assuming the wolves had more people then just the 3 exiled cause 3 people would probably not be able to take this town - plus the wolves already took Noahs town. This is why I feel there has to be a larger group of wolves.

It's amazing to me that Morgan has truly been in like 3 episodes and yet he is a fan fave.

Mike V. said...

Sorry guys I've really been busy and will conitnue to be busy the next couple of weeks. But I'm still around!

I really enjoyed the finale. I was surprised at the low body count too. At various times I thought Glenn, Maggie, Gabriel or Sasha would die. lol But, with the high casualty count this season already, I guess it makes sense that they teased a death but didn't go through with it.

I knew once Glenn had the chance to take out Nicholas that he wouldn't do it.

As for the Wolves - I'm assuming they're building an army of walkers. They have proven they can somewhat control these walkers with the use of music. So they pick people up and convert them for their army. Kind of like the White Walkers are doing with the wights in Game of Thrones. lol

Anyone else going to check out "FEAR THE WALKING DEAD" this summer? I'll definitely watch at least the first one, but I doubt I'll be recapping this one. lol

Morgan - Yeah he's pretty awesome. I'm sure he plays a significant role in the comics which is probably what helps him be a fan fave. He certainly doesn't look happy with Rick though!

Yeah I didn't understand him putting the wolves in the car. your assumption, MJ makes as much sense as anything I can come up with!

I wonder if he'll be a series regular next year.

MJ said...

Def checking out Feat the Walking Dead ! LOL If it's good and they spilt that season as well then we will have zombies all the time. ;-D I think it will be interesting to see the early days when people were just starting to understand what is happening. Same show runners writing and directors so all they have to do is give us interesting characters

Plumbarius said...

Just watched the 90 minute episode again...first time since March and I still have a sneaky suspicion that Glen was actually bit or scratched when the walkers were on him. It was too dark to see much other than he was bleeding from the fight and gun shot wound.

It would make sense that even if he knew he was bit, that he would still try and save the guy that shot him because that is who Glenn is now. The survivors need everyone and he recognizes that. If that's the case, then Glenn is pretty damn heroic. October can't get here fast enough!