Monday, March 30, 2015

TV Discussion: 3/29/2015 to 4/11/2015

Hello everyone! As always this is our weekly spot to discuss all non-recapped TV shows. See you in the comments!

NOTE: Extending this post to 4/11/2015 which should take us up to everything before Game of Thrones recaps start!


Anonymous said...

From my comments of week 1 ep

"BTW, following copied for EW recap about Seer to Lagertha:
I see a harvest celebrated in blood.

I see a trickster whose weapon cleaves you.

I see a city made of marble, and a burning broiling ocean.

I'm pretty sure about all 3 of them. Normally when someone is cleaved, they die. But I don't think she will. (do you think we'll see that ax of Kalf's from the boat again?) Also, keep in mind she is an earl under Ragnar the King and so depending on politics he can legitimately defend her position.

The last one is likely the only one that is historically significant."

So, It looks like the first one has come and gone with the Viking farmers slaughtered in Wessex.

Who's the trickster--Floki, Ecbert, Kalf??? My guess is someone she trusted.

At the time i wrote this I really couldn't see Lagertha being killed off. But now with Siggy and Athelstan dead, I just don't know. It sure looks like she will be killed off but I just don't know how well the show would do without her. Such a brave show if they do kill her off.

The princess and bear is another prophecy to keep mind of.


Anonymous said...

******************GoT Book Spoilers******************

Let the unsullied not enter---lol. Some news I've been looking for although just speculation on cast members.


MJ said...

I was behind in watching stuff last week and now behind in commenting.

Coach - did I read that right ? They are bringing back Coach ? Yikes - wasn't that good the first time around. Are they really so out of ideas that all they can do is re-hash old shows and re-make foreign shows ?

Americans (last week's) - hey that's Sookie's grandma ! LOL Guess they've been showing Elizabeth in such a cold light they wanted to show her having some compassion - though still forcing an old woman to kill herself. Yikes. So did Hans kill that guy just so he can keep working with Elizabeth specifically or just so he can still be of use ? I think it's about her. Somehow I did not connect the dots correctly that Martha knew Clark was lying because he was not the guy investigating Gaad. I guess I never thought how she knew he was lying now. Personally I'm with Elizabeth - he should be cutting ties with Martha. Not trusting her sudden switch in wanting to foster some kids - and the fact that she is still telling him stuff about Gaad.

Flash - the sister and 'gold' gun were kinda dumb. It ca't honestly be turning things gold - cause then you'd be rich from selling all the gold. It must just be gold colored stuff. But Barry finally starting to wonder about Wells is big. When Cisco left his brother's party I so wanted Caitlyn to say 'nice to meet you - even though you're an ass - happy birthday'. LOL So if Barry can just snatch Cold and bring him miles away to talk - why can't he just snatch the guns from their hands ? Just saying !

Shield - real Shield guy (Charlie from Fringe) was absolutely right - Bobbi could have and should have stopped Hunter. And how awesome to have Charlie from Fringe and BSG captain in the same scene! Agent 33 was just creepy as Skye for some reason. But thank god May and Coulsen are finally suspicious of what is going on in the team ! When Ward and Agen 33 take that guy at the diner was I the only one who saw the Pulp Fiction scene in it ?

Blacklist - so all this so that Red could possibly help Liz recover her stolen memory ? LOL on Bloody eagle.

Shameless - I really thought Sammi was dead ! LOL That whole thing on the rail road tracks was hysterical. So Sheila drove off in the RV and we haven't see her and now Frank is going off to Brazil (or wherever) with crazy doctor ? Should have seen it coming that Monica would be back - but did not. Oh Ian !

Scandal - Hey - it's Sammy from Shameless - and she's not a total bitch. LOL Loved the new Sally Langston - gonna throw the man who helped you cover up murdering your husband to the wolves ! Nice. If only they'd just leave the whole Liv/Fitz thing alone !

Going out of town for a family funeral so won't be posting much for rest of the week.

Mike V. said...

Oh boy...I may need to stay away from comments for a bit. I'm so far behind from my trip I think I accidentally read a few things! :-)

But...MJ, bite your toungue COACH! lol I looooved that show! Now, reviving it? That's another story. lol

And FWIW, I'm sure it hasn't held up too well!

Anonymous said...

Justified--LOL when vargas was stating the obvious of what I've been saying about Raylan. I know we're not supposed to see things like that and we're supposed to pull for Raylan but it was just so obvious that it could be seen that way. Boyd killing the brother was just awful and maybe show's the desperation and that we're near the show's end. Raylan leaves the badge behind pursuing Boyd along with Ava makes me wonder if all 3 will be living by series end. I didn't see Markham's girlfriend getting killed. Can't wait for the dweeb to be taken out.

Shield--not a bad ep. One I could appreciate. This storyline with Shield always being threatened with existential like crisis is getting a little old though. Where will Ward fit in?


Mike V. said...

Justified - Definitely don't think all 3 will be standing by the end. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that both Boyd and Ava will get axed and Raylan will survive. Ava and Boyd have been trying to "leave Harlan" and the Brad Paisley song that infamously plays at the end of each season indicates you'll "never leave Harlan alive" Winona (sp) has indicated she is happy to stay in Harlan with Raylan if that makes him happy. So Raylon will not have to LEAVE HARLAN. lol

Very simplistic boiling down, but it works! Plus, I don't think the fandom would be happy if Raylan gets axed. He's too great a character. So is Boyd, but it's kind of been written on the wall that he won't survive the series. (he wasn't even supposed to survive the first episode)

Mikey coming through for Duffy in the end was nice (my bad...Michael lol)....Good way to kill off some of the secondary players before the final 2 focusing on the main guys.

Boon definitely should have what's coming to him. I sure hope it goes down to a DRAW between him and Raylan. We shall see.

I don't think Lapidus is long for this world either.

Enjoying this final run though...and glad that the chief shaved and is back for the final stint too!

Still very behind on all my shows...and not able to catch up in the mornings because of how busy I am at work. I'll catch up eventually!

AMERICANS - Did finish last week's Americans. brutal episode! I knew I recognized that woman...didn't realize it was Sookie's grandmother! lol

I totally think Hans did it to keep working with Elizabeth.

Mike V. said...

Shameless - Caught up. LOL - I accidentally read part of your comment a couple days ago and waited for Sammie to the punchline that she was still alive was hysterical! Love this show. Yeah...surely Sheila will show up by the finale, but maybe she's just off the show now. Who knows??

Fiona is a hot mess, but we always knew that!

Carl hasn't been on the show since he went to jail either.

And Lip...oh Lip...that situation keeps getting funnier. The woman, I'll admit, I know her from Dawson's Creek. She was Pacey's sister (the one and only Joshua Jackson). She also interviewed Joey in a clip show episode of Friends. lol But I'm sure most know her from Rizzoli and Isles (or however you spell it).

Mike V. said...

Winds of winter -

Anonymous said...

Grimm--new guy in town is just BA, things will change. I wonder about a finale with Adalind/Juliette showdown. Very funny with sterile prince making Adalind pregnant


Anonymous said...

Vikings--I love this show. I'm wondering if Lagertha will die as in the seers prophecy or take back her clan with the battle that's upcoming. I have always wondered if the girl floating underwater during opening creds is lagertha. And some longships on the broiling burning ocean seem to be on the opening creds.

Just when I thought Aethelwolf was a total looser, I like how he handled Kwinthrith.

Judith seems to like her father in law more than her husband.

Am I the only one who feels like Floki is being set up.

There is a classic strategy used during this time to take isolated castles and that is starve them out. Along with throwing dead animals inside the walls and catapulting the outside walls


MJ said...

Coach - I loved that too but looking back it wasn't really a good show. Kinda like how I LOVED the Brady bunch - cause I was young. But look at it now and I'd think not a very good show. LOL

Grimm - agree Prince Kenneth BA! Also loved that the other guy was sterile. Ironic at the end that he frogs side effect was that she was kinda ugly permanently - which is what grandma was gonna do to her. But for once the vesen were good and tried not to allow their power to rule them.

Americans - DO NOT READ

holy crap! They told Paige ! I could feel all their hearts stop when Agent Beeman asked Paige if she was ok !

HIMYM - sister sent me this link. People need to get lives ! LOL

Mike V. said...

No time right now but I am caught up on Americans. Crazy! Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

GoT link. So GRRM has a character with a different arc than the show. Any one surprised--lol? Interesting that he's using that as a selling point. I wonder how the devoted book readers feel about that?

Blacklist--Red shot at the end. I"m thinking by the Alliance or contractor thereof.


MJ said...

Last night just felt so wrong not watching TWD. SIGH. But Gof T will be on next week.

Last man - Got behind on this so just watched the two where he convinces Carol to let him sleep with Melissa Shart (love that name) for re-population purposes only and then the new guy shows up. These two episodes were def less funny to me then all the previous ones. And I felt I needed a shower after watching him sleeze his way thru the 2 eps. Hoping the rest I have on my DVR go back to being funny. The way he fawned over Melissa and lied about favorite movies etc was just not funny to watch.

Americans - At least Agent Beeman was right about that Russian lady who supposedly defected. Father Tim put Paige up to asking ? That seemed strange - and Father Tim was very odd at the travel agency I thought. Is Tim some sort of spy as well ? When they talked about the ISI (pakistan Cia/Fbi) I totally thought about Homeland this year ! I always love how PHillip and Elizabeth spout how they are making the world a better place by spying on the US. I think they really believe it too.

Flash - WTH ! So Yellow Flash is not the real Wells ? What ? LOL This other guy stole Well's body ? Read an article - they are calling it 'genetic camouflage'. Damn this show is good !

Secrets and Lies - you still watching Leslie ? Couldn't belive last week when the neighbor kidnaps him and tortures him ! Getting a little crazy now.

MJ said...

Blacklist - Why do I keep thinking that Liz alrady knew Red hired tom ? LOL As if hey are going to kill Red - we all know he will pull

through. Liz - no Tom I will not steal the passports from evidence that is illegal, ize 20 mins later - I need to know your contact - I will give you your passports ! LOL

Scandal - I'm sure we all believed Jake killed all those agents. Was Olivia aware Jake was across the hall? Not sure. now.

MJ said...

Saul - totally forgot to comment on this one - broke my heart when Chuck says to him 'Slipping Jimmy is like a monkey with a law degree'. Yikes. Too bad he listens to them and becomes Saul. I look back now and remember how I doubted this show would be any good at all - now it's in my top 5 shows !

Justified - did we talk about that last week ? Being out of town had thrown me all off. That whole scene in the RV with Katherine and Michael dying - wow.

Anonymous said...

Flash, yea it's not too bad. Wells background from the future is kind of neat to watch unfold


Mike V. said...

MJ, we're still in the same post, so you can CTRL-F on "justified". We discussed but I think you were gone at that point. The RV scene was rough yeah.

Americans - Yeah it was nice that Beeman is right on this one. That would be an interesting twist with Father Tim. He did seem pretty shady.

Saul - It was a pretty rough scene with his brother. I thought in that flashback he wasn't impressed by the University of Somoa degree (sp)....but it came back big time this past week. Finale tonight!

Last Man - Yeah maybe not as funny as the early eps, but I'm still enjoying it! I think we still have last night's to watch.

Scandal - Yeah, I was duped on Jake. Shouldn't have been but they've been good at making him ambiguous where you question his motives.

When was Jake across the hall? I might have missed something. Olivia certainly knew Jake was across the hall in her apt. when she was abducted. lol

Yeah, sad no TWD, but Mad Men was back in all its glory for 6 more eps (well 5 now)!

I have 6 more eps of Game of Thrones to watch before Sunday to finish my rewatch. I really haven't watched season 4 more than once which is odd. I've just been too busy with NEW content to rewatch. Psyched for Sunday though!

Mike V. said...

FYI - way behind on Vikings and Blacklist. Might be a May catchup at this point.

ONCE - I know no one watches anymore...but pretty funny that PHIL from LOST is the Author. (he also did a stint on shameless recently). There was a shot in one of these recent episodes that looked exactly like a shot of looking up from the hatch to the outside. Not sure if intentional, but wouldn't surprise me with this crew!

MJ said...

BCS - did not get to watch last night. Things are just a little crazy these days.

Shameless - you see the finale yet ? I'll wait to comment.

Vikings - doing my marathon in June probably. Heard it's been really good. Accidently hear about a death though

Happyish - any one watch? Showtime I think. Half hour show - was pretty amusing. Quite the cast.

Mike V. said...

Shameless - Watched last night. Crazy stuff!

BCS - Watched also.

Things are definitely crazy here. I'm thinking i'll get back to normal in a couple weeks...maybe. :)

MJ said...

Totally silly - GofT parody by Sesame Street.

Anonymous said...

MadMen--I totally forgot to watch. Did anyone else see the season opener? I really hate this AMC junk of dividing last seasons. I'm really not excited to watch and if I hadn't put in the time for prior seasons, I wouldn't watch this season to see how it ends.

MJ on Vikings--it's an awesome season with expanded cast/geography. LOL, it's Vikings, lots of deaths-lol. I have tried to drop hints about the real vs show world for each ep without giving away spoilers. But I'm probably not good at walking a tight rope-lol.

GoT--For some reason they're starting a half month later than normal this year. I've been dvring the HBO marathon and rewatching with some fast forward as I just don't have time to watch it all in detail. Plus I've already seen each ep at least twice. I still like to watch Dany in the tower, reaching for but not grasping the throne.

Blacklist--taking yet another break during the season. I really think they do this so people will forget details of what happened prior along with the usual problem of content/show inventory.


MJ said...

Blacklist - taking another break ? Season is almost over. LOL

TVD - read that the actress playing Elena is leaving ! Haven't watched in years but that surprised me.

Shameless - Debs preggers. She so wants into the guys family since that girl she met told her how wonderful they are to her. and who could blame her - her family sucks and Fiona has basicly left her to raise Liam. Creepy with professor's husband looking on during sex. Over the whole Fiona blowing up her life thing. I want her to let go of Gus - but I don't want her messing up Sean who has his s**t together. But Sammi chasing Mickey with the gun was just hysterical. I actually felt sorry for cancer girl - and for Frank ! He was a very different person with her - still wanting nothing to do but party but he was sweet and tender.

Anonymous said...

Blacklist, yea they're running reruns for a few weeks, I'm not sure for how many weeks, maybe just 2?


Anonymous said...

Shield--pretty good ep. Get to see Ward again soon. I thought Skye's Mom was dead. I've liked having Gonzalez on the show.


Anonymous said...

Justified--So this ep was to kill off a few people I guess. And we find out Rayland wants to go to FL when this is over. But how's he going to do that as a criminal.
BTW, the shooting scene between Rayland and Boyd is an example of why I say Rayland is an awful cop. It's partly why I quit watching. Upon reflecting on it, the issue for me is the set up of Boyd vs Rayland over a multi year arc which displays the incompetence of the police.
But that scene did serve to wake Rayland up when Boyd said he's already won when Rayland wouldn't go help Bob.

Season finale next week and they've got a lot to wrap up if we're going to see Rayland get back together with his wife in FL.


MJ said...

Blacklist - killing time until sweeps probably.

Justified - did not get to watch it last night. Sigh !

BCS - hey is that guy Marco the new guy Todd on Last Man Standing ? RIP Marco. I wish Jimmy would have looked into taking that possible job at the other law firm - but then we'd never get to Saul Goodman. Now that I've become invested in Jimmy I want him to succeed ! LOL We've seen Slippin Jimmy - the low life who is always in trouble and Chuck the successful brother who is tired of bailing Jimmy out all the time. Then we see Jimmy working hard and gone legit - even secretly getting his law degree and Chuck has mental illness and is home bound and heavily reliant on his brother and he then turns on Jimmy and screws him over. In a few 10 episodes they clearly showed us two sides of each character. And that's pretty amazing. But I'll never be able to hear 'soft serve' again without cracking up ! And did he say ex-wife ? Did we know he had a wife once? Not liking them making Howard less of an a-hole either. Saw on-line speculation that the kid now bringing stuff to Chuck looked like a young Gus Fring - but I doubt that. I didn't notice but there were some BB easter eggs I read about on-line.

* Breaking Bad Easter Egg 1: When Marco learns Jimmy has become an attorney, he assumes that means Jimmy is flush with cash and driving around in a white Caddy… which we know Saul Goodman eventually does.

* Breaking Bad Easter Egg 2: During Jimmy’s bingo game, he gets a string of numbers for the letter B, prompting him to say, “B as in Belize… I would love to go there.” Except we know in the future, it’s a very bad thing if Saul Goodman wants you to “go to Belize.”

* Breaking Bad Easter Egg 3: “I once told a woman I was Kevin Costner, and it worked because I believed it,” Saul Goodman boasted to Walter White in BB. And at the end of his Slippin’ Jimmy spree with Marco, Jimmy hooks up with a waitress who is very unhappy to awaken the next morning and discover he is not Kevin Costner, as he had claimed the (drunken) night before. “If you build it, I will come,” he chuckles as she stomps out.

* Breaking Bad Easter Egg 4: Marco’s mom gives Jimmy Marco’s pinky ring after he dies. It’s the pinky ring we saw Saul wearing throughout BB.

Last Man - it did get a little funnier again with the whole cow thing and cleaning the pool. Are there no septic tanks in Az that he could have taken a truck and sucked all that out of the pool? Just saying - LOL

Anonymous said...

LOST, today is special, read link below and push a button. LOL

mj said...

Lost -too funny Richard

Leslie said...

Things have been crazy lately and haven't had much time to comment.

Secrets - Yes, MJ, I'm still watching. Agree that the torture by the neighbor was pretty out there, but still enjoying the show.

BCS - still have last 2 episodes to watch.

Bates - Which one of them is crazier?

Last Man - Funny to see Betty from Mad Men is such a different role! Not liking Phil too much with the whole Todd thing.

Mad Men - Watched the new episode live! Roger with a mustache?!? And, Don back to his full time playboy ways. Too bad there are only 5 episodes left!

Leslie said...

LOST - I wonder if Mike is doing something special today! Lol! Richard, Thanks for sharing that.

mj said...

Flash - DId any one catch Mark Hamill saying 'I am your father' ? LOL I did not know until reading afterward that Hamill played Trickster in the original tv show.

Last Man - yeah I don't like Phil as much as I used to either.

Anonymous said...

Mj on Flash, yea I noticed the I am your father line and just laughed. It wasn't until a few scenes that I recognized Hamil.

Madmen--seems like an almost unconnected ep except for Ken. But I know that can't be true. I think it's supposed be 1970. The plane thing with Rachel is interesting. Will it come into play, all this plane stuff? Roger's mustache is kind of strange looking. VietNam winding down. Ken, what a fool, should have taken the severance. But he will like telling them what to do. Is that all there is.


Mike V. said...

lost - I knew about 4/8/15 day but nope nothing special. Lol I'm training a class so it's why Ive been so busy! (Nothing to do with TV unfortunately but someone did pull up my lost blog lol)

I watched justified btw and mad men. I'll comment when I can!

Anonymous said...

GoT parody on youtube. SesameStreet

Anonymous said...

LOST, but did you know the time-lol?

Vikings--wow previews are awesome. Only 3 eps left.


Mike V. said...

I'll have to check later but considering Carlton cause tweeted 4-8-15-16-23 and then tweeted again "and yes 42 seconds" 20 minutes ago I'm guessing they hit it on the west coast lol

Mike V. said...

BCS - Thanks for the breaking bad easter eggs MJ. I was so tired when I watched I didn't pick up on one! lol

So behind on TV. We watched the first Tom episode of Blacklist last night, so we're on our way back to catching up. :) definitely better than it had been.

After this training madness is over, I'm sure I'll be doing lots of catch-up!

TVD - I saw that news too MJ. Very shocking, and very bizarre that they'd keep the show going without her. Well, not bizarre in CW land. They're just as bad as Showtime with keeping shows on too long. lol

Anonymous said...

From WIC on GoT. I hope they don't try to extend and let money make the show less. LOVE what they said about the stupid stuff AMC does!!!!!! Even NBC with Blacklist is doing similar stupid stuff and so I'm getting turned off on that show too.

From D&D interview:

So there is room to negotiate–unlike, with, say Sean Bean’s one season contract, which they discuss earlier in the interview. (“You guys sure you don’t need options here?” “No, no, we’re good, thanks.”) We could very well get a Season 8. Or a half Season 8. Or god forbid, a split season over two years, like we had to endure with Breaking Bad and Mad Men. Our perhaps those last few hours could be a couple of Peter Jackson-length movies. No, the show won’t run ten years–they’re not interested in stretching out the back half of the story just for money’s sake. But maybe that idea of the hard end in 2017 is coming a little faster than they’d like.


Mike V. said...

GoT - I think D&D have very good heads on their shoulders and are going to do what's right for the show. That said...I'm sure HBO will look to extend the show as much as they can as long as D&D can find a create way to handle it. It's not just AMC that split the final season. HBO started that crap with The Sopranos. They had a 20 episode final season split into 2 parts. (Over the usual basically 2 seasons lol)

Really excited about Sunday! Unfortunately, due to work and home life right now...I wasn't able to complete my rewatch nor will I be able to. But, I think I remember everything that happened anyway!!

Way behind on VIKINGS still, Bates same....1 behind on Americans.

Watched another Blacklist last night. It was the ridiculous CLIP SHOW episode. What on earth did they do that for? To attract new viewers? I saw on IMDB it was rated 6.6 out of 10. But I see that the episodes that followed were really strong (and heard as well). So, maybe we'll try to catch up on all of that next.

Anonymous said...

Vikings--WOW, WOW what an ep. The banner the Princess at Paris has is called the Oriflamme, but is really not used until later. It was dipped in the blood of the patron Saint of France. So interesting about religion in this ep on both sides. Interesting to watch Ragnar. If Bjorn had died this ep then the show would have been making a major change from reality.

Floki is in trouble and needs help, surprised Helga left him alone.

Both the French and Vikings have learned from this battle and both will be better prepared next time. The one thing the Vikings have is the ability to starve the French out.

Am I the only one that thinks Kalf is NUTS! he should kill Lagertha NOW if he wants to survive. But this is a non historical story and so they want it for drama and audience draw. He must really love that woman.

Porrun leaving will open up room for Bjorn, I never really liked the character but wonder if we'll see her again.

The fire on the water seems like another prophecy coming true. Leaves me wondering about Lagertha. Maybe Kalf is the trickster??

Only 2 eps left. I wish the seasons were longer.