Monday, November 11, 2013

TV Discussion: Week of 11/9/2013 - 11/15/2013

Hello TV Addicts! Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Really nowhere else to post this, but I figured it was time I share why I've been so cranky with late night TV shows lately and why my time watching per night has decreased so dramatically. Baby V. #2 is on the way and should be arriving to our home in late April/early May 2014! That's right, you heard me right! Right in time for May finale sweeps!! lol Right before Ted meets the Mother! Right as 24 returns to grace our television screens! Right in the middle of Game of Thrones season 4!

All kidding aside (even though nothing I said there was false. lol) we are super excited! Parker doesn't even realize what's coming his way, but I'm sure he'll be a great big bro! But yeah, the Mrs. has been turning in pretty early these days. Combine that with Parker being a night owl, and Kurt Sutter rivaling Lord of The Rings Movies for an episode of television and it's the perfect storm facing any TV Addict!

So, I appreciate you guys being patient and tolerating the changes and delays with the blog and anything I have to say on a given episode of television (not that anything I say is that important. lol). I'm not sure what will happen come next TV season, but I'm sure I'll figure something out! :)

All that being said, I watched Grimm and Scandal from last week, but gotta write up something for TWD! I'll discuss later!

Leslie said...

Wow!!!! Congrats to you and Shanna!!!! That's amazing!!!

Mike V. said...

Thanks Leslie!! :)

Anonymous said...

Grimm--so Nick is still "dieing" on occasion, not good. I don't think Adalind is going to keep that "baby", I put it in quotes because I'm not sure what she's done to herself. Of course I doubt Renaurd's brother is dead and I'm not sure we know what's going on with their fight to effect so many people--or I forgot--LOL.

The Blacklist--a GREAT ep. It's now so hard to not believe Red is the Dad. I really think he killed Sam to keep him from telling Liz about her real Dad vs taking him out of his misery. It was a stretch for Liz to see him counterfeiting money and just let him go, esp since she knows he has the new plates. I guess that's his deal though with the FBI. It was great to see that comedian(forgot his name--Andrew??) as the doctor. OK, so who was the girl in ViCap? It seems her last name is Hayne, but her pic looked a little like Liz?

Loved the scene with Red and Tom. He truly believes Tom is a bad guy.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - The whole Adalind/Renard's Brother story is pretty confusing. I usually tune out to that plot. lol It'll all get resolved eventually. And yes, I doubt he's dead either. As for Nick dying on occasion, no not good....and basically not good because they'll drag it out over the whole season like Juliette's amnesia. At least no one else has amnesia this year. lol But, Nick is the star of the show, so no need to worry about him dying permanently. lol

Homeland - Watched it. It was okay. Liked them locking the senator in the conference room. They're clearly moving towards clearing Brody's name at this point. Critics are still bashing it...even though this is really the type of episode they have been begging for. The ones I listen to acknowledged that and said "well, it's not very good" lol Can't win! I'll admit this season is pretty slow and can be not very entertaining at times. But, it does have its moments. And I'm sure it's all leading towards some exciting stuff.

HIMYM - Obviously, one of the better episodes this season. They went to the format that I assumed would be a majority of this season. Extended flashbacks with using Farhampton as a bookends. But, it became clear after the first few eps, that they were probably going to save these powerful moments for sweeps periods. I like the twist that Barney met the Mother while trying to pick her up..and she set him on the path to getting Robin. He did seem to change suddenly last season into setting up his proposal with Robin. I like that someone set him on that path. Now, I will admit that it's a little contrived that some random woman would just be able to read Barney like that and set him on the right path. But, the Mother is supposed to be a special woman...and there should be a reason Future Ted is telling this tale, so I can forgive that. lol Nice to see Cranston again...even if they forced him to get all Walter White'ish on occassion in his phone call to Ted. It was still funny. Marshall and Ted at the Generals game was pretty funny too. (I'm guessing they filmed those scenes in Boston where Segel is filming his movie...I wonder if he was somehow greenscreened into the scene with the rest of the cast when he and Ted returned to the apartment)

So they're returning to the Ted/Robin well again...but we kinda knew that was coming with how last year left off and him booking that trip to LA. I get it. While the mother is the endgame, the central relationship to this "SERIES" was Ted and Robin. It's where it's what he needs to move past to meet the Mother. He needs to be in a place with Robin where she can be AUNT ROBIN to his kids but she is not a threat to replace the mother. So, I get why they keep going back to the well.

Good episode! Look forward to what else they have in store!

ONCE - Watched this one while multi-tasking. I'm at that point with this Neverland story. lol It was a good episode though..and nice revealing Wendy and her brothers (in Storybrooke). Henry has to be brave and save magic? Oooh boy, get ready for some cheese! lol Nice to see Storybrooke again too. That's all I have!

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - correction...Ted/Marshall at a Harlem Globetrotters game rooting for the Generals. lol "Check your voicemail ref because I think you missed some calls." classic Ted. lol

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Forgot to even talk about the Challenges Barney took. They were fantastic. lol

Leslie said...

Blacklist – Richard, you’re right, it’s hard not to think Red is her father after that episode, but I’m still wondering. Why wouldn’t they have just confirmed it? It’s like they are spoon feeding us the information to make us think that, and then they are gonna hit us with the truth! Sam almost asked Red to take him out, so I lean toward that as why he killed him.

Andrew Dice Clay was the doctor. Didn’t even know he was still around.

The scene with Red and Tom was great! Did you notice he said that he will always be there watching (referring to Sam), but it made me wonder if that was a clue that the watchers work for Red. And, if you think about it, that may be how Red knows all about Tom and whatever secrets he has if he has always had someone watching them. Just a thought…..

I thought the same thing about that girl on ViCAP, but maybe she is Liz’s sister or something?? She’s probably part of the “complications” Red keeps mentioning. Sisters that were separated for some reason??? Who knows!

Kind of a sweet moment at the end when Red told Lizzie the best way to keep her dad’s memory alive is to talk about him, and he asked her to tell him stories.

PJ Carz said...

ONCE -- Did anybody else notice that Henry seems to have come down with Walt-itis, in other words he's growing too fast? It looked to me like they always shot the actor at weird camera angles to hide it. I'm thinking they're going to have him stay in Neverland so that when they bring him back in his bigger body (or different actor) it will seem less weird.

Mike V. said...

ONCE - PJ, I didn't notice anything like that but I think the LAST thing they would ever attempt to do is keep Henry in Neverland. The problem with staying in Neverland is that you NEVER age! lol In Storybrooke, time was standing still for a long time (besides for Henry), but now everyone is aging since Emma rode into town. This isn't like LOST where merely days/weeks/months are going by per season. At least I don't think it is. I think it is safe for the actor playing Henry to get older over the seasons.

MJ said...

Ah ! Here is the announcement. Again - congrats. And LOL on Sutter and the extended Rings movies. We watch all 3 extended every t-giving weekend. This year might have to be xmas weekend. Just told my husband that he has to decide if he is bothering to buy the Hobbits and if yes then does he want the extended on them too. He was annoyed that they were dragging that one over 3 movies. I thought it was ok - like Rings much better. Feel it should have been called the Dwarves so far.

Homeland - yeah the locking up the senator was fun. I wonder if the CIA will ever publicly state Brody did not do it. But - who DID give them then keys to his car then?

HIMYM - a little contrived that a total stranger would know what Barney needs and that he'd listen to her ? LOL - you are hopeless Vitullo ! For the most part I am enjoying the season but Barney is pretty much unrecognizable as a character we've known all these years. Yeah - mother is special TO TED - not special like omnicient. LOL Just saying ! ;-D Funny - i agree the end game is the mother but to me the central relationship was all of them as great friends - one tight know group and that's why they need to get to where Ted can see her as Aunt Robin. Yes - loved the challenges. Can't say 'e'. too funny.

Grimm - hmmm - I know I watched it and liked it - but I'm blank. Oh yeah - shirtless Nick on the treadmill - it's coming back to me now. LOL And Rosalee making Monroe actually ask her to move in was cute. Always love the vesen names - browerswine for pigs. Cracks me up. And they made Juliette useful ! But i really did think all the blutbatens were attacking the browerswine - sucker that i am. LOL

Sleepy - another good ep. And a different slant on Paul Revere and Jefferson. LOL Loved that jefferson is credited with Cranes quote. And his whole thing with us buying water cause we've polluted the lakes was good too. Can't believe the killed masons so quick though. I wanted to see Abby take them on for not letting girls in the club ! But now the Captain is in on the whole thing. And Icabod on the computer again was just still so funny - especially the live sex ad. I was rolling.

CSI - you up to date Leslie? Surprising ep - showing them investigating Greg's old case. i guess I have accidently seen a preview for an upcoming ep and thought they were going elsewhere with Greg.

Mike V. said...

Thanks MJ! I'm pretty annoyed that they're dragging The Hobbit over 3 as well, but was entertained by the first movie. Haven't picked it up yet on Blu-ray, but I plan to get the extended version. Rings movies are definitely better, but I'll reserve full judgement until this trilogy is complete. LOL on "The Dwarves"!

Homeland - Yeah, no idea who gave them the keys. Seems like they'll never completely get rid of that ambiguity on Brody's character!

HIMYM - Hopeless?? Come on! She basically knew that Barney had a good thing going and messed it up and longs for those days! That's a lot to sum up in a pick-up line that seems to work on all other girls other than the Mother in this fictional NYC! lol Wait...why am I hopeless? Am I hopeless because I said it was "a little" contrived instead of "TOTALLY" contrived? lol I feel like we're agreeing here. So, I'm not sure why I'm hopeless! lol As for Mother being SPECIAL. Well, you said it yourself, they're a close knit group. This woman has to fit in with these group of 5 like gangbusters which has been tough to accomplish with all of Ted's former flings (especially since Lily sabotaged them all lol). So, she kind of has to be special to THEM too. That's all I meant by that. I think we can agree the plot was contrived, but effective! lol

Anyway...yes the story of HIMYM was the story of 5 friends going through young adulthood together. I wasn't saying Ted and Robin were THE central relationship of the show. But it was a major theme of the show that needs to be resolved in this final season.

Grimm - Yeah...that's how I usually am with the show. There are just parts I can barely remember to discuss. The Rosalle/Monroe stuff was a good time. lol Vessen names are a good time, agree with that too!

ALIAS - 3 episodes left and then it's Sleepy, AHS catch-up (didn't see last week's yet), Orphan Black and a ton of other stuff. lol I'm liking this final season of Alias though. Nadia was just killed by Sloan. I knew she died because I read that Greg Grunberg wasn't able to return for her funeral. But at the hands of Sloane? Crazy. All of the favorite characters are coming back for the end game. Sark, Anna Espinosa (whatserface from Firefly), Irina Derevko etc... Vaughn is still alive and the baby has been born. Actually...Anna was cloned to look like Sydney and killed by Sydney (finally!). Now Sydney is going to act like Anna acting like Sydney and move into Prophet 5 for the kill! And they're circling back to Rambaldi to finally nip that story in the bud. Good stuff. Glad I went back and watched this one!

Leslie said...

ONCE - Too funny! I had the exact same thought about Henry's growth spurt! He's getting to that awkward stage! I was glad to finally see some Storybrooke! When the cloaking spell was working, I thought about Under the Dome slicing the cow in half! lol

CSI - MJ, I was getting worried about Greg. I knew he didn't do it, but I was starting to worry they wouldn't be able to prove it. It's been kinda weird not seeing Stokes. He's one of the original cast members. You probably saw that he had some kind of dispute with the writers, I think, and had to sit out a few episodes. Guess he's in time out! lol

PJ Carz said...

Duh, I forgot that the never in Neverland means never grow up!

Mike V. said...

AHS - Not sure if you guys saw, but it looks like Ryan Murphy was able to cast Stevie Knicks for a cameo later this season. lol

Leslie said...

AHS - Didn't hear, but that's GREAT! lol

Anonymous said...

The Blacklist--Yea, I was thinking the same thing on Red having the Watchers but couldn't remember who we eliminated as being the Watchers a few eps ago. You are right about REd being Dad--why don't they just make it known--because "it's complicated"better not be just convenient--if he's not her Dad I have come to trust the show that they will handle it well. This ep helped me come along on the belief that he's not using Liz as he seems to really care--he might be using the FBI, but he seems to genuinely want to keep Liz safe. And good call possibly on that girl being a sister.

Shield--Not sure what to say except that it was entertainment--LOL. I mean Skye being dropped off at the orphanage by a Shield agent could be significant or just coincidence, probably significant. And Fitz having some capability was pretty good.

BTW, am I the only one who thinks Ward is way too old for Skye? He seems to be more May's age although I know they are trying to tie her to Coulson. Whenever I see Ward and Skye together I think of more of an uncle/niece thing which is way inappropriate for attraction. The bus having 3 girls and 3 guys of course makes for a kind of possible couples culture--LOL.

Many think Coulson is a Life Model Decoy(robot with outside human appearance), that would be interesting since he has the scars from the spear.

Revolution tonight sounds good.


Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Yeah, it sounds like they're going in the direction that her mother was a SHIELD agent so she was destined to be a part of this. But, they didn't definitively say it was her mother.

I don't know...I don't think Ward seems THAT much older than Skye. But, I'm sure the actor probably is. lol It seems like they're clearly pairing those 2 up though.

Yeah, LMD is the big rumor going around. If it ends up being that, it's probably going to end up being a disappointment to the fanboys because it was too predictable. Or they'll just eat it up because MARVEL!!!!!!! LOL

Next week will be interesting since I probably won't be seeing Thor 2 until it is available to rent. So, hopefully it doesn't spoil the movie! lol

Rev - Yeah, I'm sure it will be entertaining!

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how the women respond to Ward & Skye as they seem to be an audience for this. And again, to me it has an ick factor.


MJ said...

Watchlist - See - I still feel Red is not her dad and one of those reasons is that they keep wanting us to think that. Obviously Red had a family but don't think it is Liz. maybe Liz was the daughter of a woman he loved and that woman was killed because of Red so Red feels the need to look after her. My biggest issue with this show is that they always let Red do/keep whatever he wants. Seriously - you let him keep the design plate for the new 100 dollar bill, besides letting him continue to counterfeit money ? On some eps he's collecting info and I see that - he has to stay current in the bad guys worlds in order to be able to assist in catching them. But it's ridiculous to think that any gov't agency would enable this guy to commit actual crimes. i think Red's nemesis is watching Liz.

HIMYM - you misunderstand - you are hopeless that you only thought it was a LITTLE contrived and that the mom could know Barney so easily cause she is kinda special. LOL i meant hopeless in that you will make excuses for the shows you love. I love this show - but that was just baaaaad ! LOL So yeah we were kinda agreeing.

Alias - wow i have forgotten almost all of that ! LOL

CSI - LOL on Stokes in Time Out. And yes I did see that. I also saw a promo that made me wonder if we were right to worry about Greg.

AHS - I did see that Stevie Nicks will be in. And once you start watching Mike you will why that is just so awesome. ;-D

Shield - no Mae is quite older than Ward in my estimation. I have no 'ick' if Ward and Skye get together but I will yawn. LOL I'm always the one saying that why do all shows have to have their characters hook up? Like no one in the world can work with the opposite sex without hooking up ? I like that they are softening Ward a bit each week - they are all bonding. Simmons knocking out that guy was funny. Coulsen looked at the phone and it was a woman lying in a pool of blood on the right and then an ID type photo on the left. Were they the same woman? Is it Skye's mom dead and the agent who brought her in on the left ? Feel the same - hope they don't spoil the movie.

MJ said...

Know you didn't watch SOA so I'll just leave my thougts for when you do.

SOA - very tense. Plus it was our annual 'Katie Sagal gets to sing' episode. But the Nero/Unser road trip was just too funny. Alot of movement around the club - some of which I couldn't even follow between the Irish, Italians, and chinese ! LOL Both irish and Chinese want to run all the guns in NoCal ? And now Jax has promised both he can have it. I get a little lost - but I could not see how Jax would get out from under Pope last year and he did. Can't believe Jax agreed to help Galen break Clay out from the transport though. I know he kept saying they had to - but really ?? I really don't know how the chinese believe so readily that the MC had nothing to do with their guy gettings shot - but ok. Even Connor said Galen did this on his own. I've been saying it for weeks but Gaelen is soooo dead this season.

Very tense scene with Gemma and Tara - what you do now determines that we tell the boys you moved away or passed away. Yikes. But Gemma is wrong. Gemma is forgetting how just a few seasons ago wh worried Jax was so much more like his dad then Clay - and he is. The end of the show where Jax is working on his dads bike I think is about him being more like JT and wanting his family and MC safe and legal. I think Tara knows him best and I don't think Tara should be afraid of him - he knows what he's cost her and what she has lost to be with him. He knows all the promises he has made to her and that he has kept none of them. Wendy strangely had the best advice - telling Tara to go tell Jax how much she is hurting. Tara is definitely feeling boxed in with both margaret and Lowen gone and Jax having her watched - loved when she made sure Juice could not follow her. LOL But even the DA doesn't want to deal her any more. Then finding Jax screwing around on her. But my husband wondered how dark they will go - like she could kill her boys and then herself to 'save' them. Ugh - I would hate that.

So when Jax was at the school and then the church - was he seeing his sons when he watched those two boys? I think so. And I think he is seeing what Tara keeps seeing - that they need to get out of the MC lifestyle.

Mike V. said...

I did not see SOA, you are correct. Hopefully, we get to it tonight because if we don't I may not see this week's and next week's until next week sometime. My wife will be out of town and I can't watch without her! lol

HIMYM - I didn't misunderstand, since that's kinda what I thought you were getting at! Just wasn't sure! lol I wasn't making an excuse for it rather trying to figure out how the WRITERS rationalized it! lol I definitely agree it was very convenient and kinda silly.

Alias - Yeah, I'm sure it's tough to remember. Well now Sydney got "the rose" from some dude who knew Rambaldi in prison. Then Sloane tried to kill her thinking was Anna and thinking Anna shot Sydney in the back (when it was the other way around). Vaughn finally met his daughter. And Sloane realized in the end that it was Sydney and thanked her for giving him everything he needs to complete his journey. 2 episodes left!

AHS - What are you talking about? The only episode I haven't seen is last week's! lol I know that the one witch loves her Stevie Knicks and thinks/knows she's a witch herself. lol

Shield - Agree. Mae is older than Ward. Yawn is the appropriate word for Ward/Skye. No chemistry whatsoever. Just putting beautiful people together in a cliche' way. Maybe Skye's mom is dead. But, with these shows (especially after seeing Alias now), I'll never believe someone is dead until there's proof! lol

Mike V. said...

SOA - Watched last night. When the episode ended, I was under the impression that Tara is on Suicide watch. This show IS Hamlet on Motorcycles right? And she's the equivalent of Ophelia, right? Pretty sure she kills herself before the end. Whether that's this season or next, who knows? And, I know it's not an exact mirroring of Hamlet, but I'm sure Sutter's had some ideas in mind since the beginning that he'll want to follow through on.

Good episode...loved the Nero/Unser stuff too.

Yeah all of the gun trading politics gets confusing, I agree. But, I'm pretty sure Jax has made promises to one too many people but it was to buy his crew time. Maybe he's hoping they all just kill each other. lol But yeah, I totally agree that Galen is a goner this year. Has to be.

I wonder if Jax is gonna be pissed at Juice for giving Tara his location.

Deadwood alert again - The Chinese head dude was Wu on DW. lol I laugh (because I LOL too much) because his character was hysterical on Deadwood! Didn't have many English words to say, but the one he did was funny every time.

I'm sure there's more to discuss, but I gotta get to that Revolution briefcap! lol

Mike V. said...

ALIAS - FINISHED!!! Great show. Finale felt a little rushed, but I got the feeling that they were rushed with a 17 episode order when they were originally planning for 22. But, it hit all the right beats. Sad that Jack had to die, but I like how he trapped Sloan in Rambaldi's tomb or whatever that cave was at the end. So Sloan would live forever trapped under a rock. lol They went a little the same route with LOST with not really explaining the mystery behind Rambaldi's technology and prophecies. It just existed in that universe and probably any answer they came up with wouldn't have done it justice. I thought it was interesting that Irina died at the end with the horizon in her hand. Not sure if that meant she would survive in the end. But whatever. lol And of course Sydney's kid is all set up to take the reigns from her mother and father in a future ALIAS spinoff series! (she solved that puzzle thing that alias solved making her very special). Anyway, glad I watched this show! but, also glad I can catch up on everything else now that I'm done.

AHS - Watched last week's, still have to watch this week's. Crazy that they burned whatserface at the stake. But then she was brought back of course. No one stays dead on these crazy shows! lol

I heard Scandal was a crazy one last night. My wife accidentally read spoilers and she is out of town. So, I have to wait to see if she watches before I can watch! :-)

MJ said...

Grimm not on tonight ???? BooHooHoo

AHS - don't know why I thought you were further behind on this one. LOL Stevie
Nicks will be an awesome guest I'm thinking. Especially since this week
Frankenstein broke her Stevie. LOL

Scandal - OMG - not SO surprised that Olivia's mom is alive - but shocked
that she's this "igor" or whatever that russian name was thats being held
all these years. Now the Pres knows it all - who her mom and dad are !
But - ewww. Mellie's first kid could have grandpa as the dad? Yuck.
And the Lyndsey storyline is now officially stupid.

SOA - I've said 'has to be' about Clay twice now. But agree on Gaelen.

Alias - ThAT I do remember - that after all the crap they still made no sense
of Rimbaldi. LOL

PJ Carz said...

Hey, MJ, why do you think Grimm is not on tonight? NBC says it is see link:

Mike V. said...

Yeah my tivo is scheduled to record Grimm too. Hope you still see it MJ!

Breaking news. Netflix has picked up The Killing for a final season. That show just won't stay killed! No pun intended?? Lol

PJ Carz said...

Mike V., you always intend your puns; so much the better for your readers!

Anonymous said...

Grimm was on last night, not a bad ep. I wonder who M is that sent the email?