Monday, November 4, 2013

TV Discussion: Week of 11/2/2013 - 11/8/2013

Hello TV Addicts! Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

ONCE: Convenient plot device to have to tell your deepest secrets in order to rescue Neal! Still, entertaining result. Plus, seeing Ariel come to life was a good time too. And apparently, the perfect casting of Joanna Garcia. People had been hoping she'd be cast to play her. I like how they tied plots from the movie into it with her losing her voice, and then the queen imitating Ursula. Liked that the visions of Belle were Pan's Shadow instead of some other silly plot contrivance. And, it looks like we'll be tying Storybrooke into things now! Nice use of Ariel for that too. So, looks like there is a legit love triangle in the making here with Emma/Neal/Hook. Once again this was a better episode and there was no Henry in it. lol The funny part is, they're all on a mission to save him when they'd be better off just letting him disappear from the show! :)

Grimm - Glad things are returning to normal (somewhat). Oh except that Nick you know takes on the signs of a dead person on occassion! lol It's cool that everyone is in the know now and works together, with the exception of Wu. I'm sure he'll get pulled in this season at some point (even if it's the end). They seemed to have proven that this show can continue to work when everyone is in the know...similar to Chuck. lol (different types of shows, same concept of keeping a secret) They just keep adding to that team mentality and it works. Of course, it gives Juliette more to do, but is she really qualified to be helping?? oh well, who cares?

Liked when Hank saw everyone change to their Vessen form and he said he wished he could do that. lol

Is Renard's brother actually dead or is that a ruse? Not sure if I was paying enough attention. and there's that whole subplot going on with whatserface which is getting kinda boring. (can't even remember her name. She lost her powers and now supposedly has them back lol)

SNL - Was actually really funny this week. Kerry Washington brought it!

Scandal - Another great episode! Of course, by the time I actually sit down to write about it, I forget what happened! I'll have to look at last week's comments. I think MJ wrote something. Oh right....Lisa Kudrow's "sister" is her daughter. Nice little SCANDAL! lol Fitz got his phone call into Liv and Mellie eavesdropped. oh right..and the cliffhanger! Fitz shot down a plane with Liv's mom on it because her dad ordered it?? WHAAAT!? Oh and why was Kudrow so confident that if Liv slept on it, she would want to be her campaign manager again? Does she know something? They did casually mention that she lost her husband in that "damn war". Maybe there's a connection.

Mike V. said...

Scandal - MJ, read your comments. Yeah, I don't know if Fitz knows that's Olivia's dad either. Good question. And yes, the "we've been poped" line was funny!

So, didn't watch Homeland yet, of course. I'm hoping for a really good HIMYM tonight as it is November sweeps, and I think I heard episode 8 was a can't miss ep. We'll see!

MJ said...

Grimm - Loved the title 'PTZD'. Guess Juliette wasn't really a Hexenbeast last week like I thought. Does anyone believe Capt's brother Eric was in that car? I sure don't. But how creepy was Nick when he kinda turned zombiesh in his sleep?

Anonymous said...

Behind again on pretty much everything from last night expect TWD. Probably not catching up tonight either since its a Bears/Packers game tonight.

I will watch HIMYM though ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Grimm - MJ, I was thinking and mentioned the same thing with Eric's brother. I thought I missed something! lol So no, I don't think he's dead. And yeah...Nick turning all cold and dead-like is certainly creepy. Maybe they'll keep that fun twist going all season like Juliette's amnesia! lol

I'm guessing HIMYM may be the only thing we watch as well, unless I can squeeze in Homeland. But, please make sure Aaron Rodgers has a 4 TD 400 yd no INT game! My fantasy team would highly appreciate it. :)

mj said...

Rodgers -boy did you jinx that! Lol

Himym - Teds dad thing was a drag, as is the whole road trip at this point. Just show them less!

Rest of the show was great. I do love Ted and the mother. Glad we got to see him pop the question too. Barney/Robin/mom less annoying, even sweet at some points. Though they are making Barney kinda wussy with it all - which is not his character.

Sure you saw the 10 things tvline said they have to answer

Sleepy - yay its back. Can't put my finger on it but I just love this show!

Mike V. said...

MNF - UGH...not good for the rest of my season! Hopefully he's okay! lol

HIMYM - I thought driving through Ohio was a good time...since that's where Ted is from. Another chance to see Ted's mother and that dude that she married (that's not his dad I don't think). Plus...I was waiting for when The Proclaimers would start playing on this road trip! I thought it might come out when they were going through Chicago and the whole pizza place thing. lol I like these little shout outs from previous seasons. Always nice for a final season to hit that stuff.

But yeah...the rest of the episode was great. I figured we were getting the question popped in this episode...and I figured the Lighthouse would probably be the location. But it was still great to see! Some people are arguing that they haven't seen the mother enough to be emotionally invested in that moment. But I disagree. We've followed Ted for this whole series and he has talked about the mother for 9 years so it's almost as if we know her. Loved it. I actually didn't realize we never saw robin tell Barney she can't have kids. So, that was a cool moment to show too and nice mirroring with his mom hugging Robin at the end.

Did not see the 10 things...but I'm sure I could guess a few of them! I'll check it out! lol

Sleepy - I think I'm going to plow through these once I'm done Alias. Shockingly, it seems like this has been the breakout hit of the fall. I remember predicting it would fail just based on the concept! lol But, they hit all the right strides with the characters to make it a fun show. I'm still only 2 episodes in, but it won't take me long to catch up once I finish Alias! (8 episodes into the 17 episode final season. Vaughn has returned in flashbacks...but I'm guessing it won't be just in her past. lol)

MJ said...

Mike - you really should have caught up to Sleepy these last few weeks. This ep was really really good. EW has started recapping Sleepy Hollow now ! They are calling Abby and Icabod Icabbie - yuck. I think Ababod is better. LOL While Abby and Icabod have fab charisma together Icabod belongs to Katrina though.

Agree that its such a surprising hit ! Wish they were doing the full 22 eps but I think it's done in December. This week's ep was their strongest yet.

Sleepy - funny at the baseball game - him yelling at the ump when no call had even been made. They Fringed time though cause she left what appeared to be a local baseball field in bright daylight and while driving home it was pitch black. Just saying. LOL Pretty scary that katrina 'zoned her out' while driving though. Was that head Mason the Capts brother on Grimm ? And that red coat who shot Icabod - was he from Lord of the Rings? The elf who hangs out with the Caladria chick elf??

Thought it was interesting that Icabod had to tell his story to prove who he is - that others have lied. I wonder if they will ever follow up with that - people have come around saying the are Icabod Crane ? Probably not. But damn! They expect him to kill himself to end the headless Horseman to save the world ?? And Katrina stole his body to prevent that ? And Abby refuses to leave him as he drinks the poison ! And he called her Abby - and the web is arguing if this is that first time ! It's not like any one would believe that they'd kill Icabod - but it was very moving. And so the slave that died tells Icabod to let all the guilt go and he and the horseman are separated.

HIMYM - doing some reading on the net - they are saying that when Ted proposed it was 'not' two years later? I thought they said 'two years later'. So I thought he shared the table with her 1 year later, then proposed 2 years after Barney/Robin. Hmmm. And yeah - think you are right that its not his dad. Agree - I have no problem being invested in the mother - I adore her ! LOL They chose well. Don't think that I ever wondered if Barney knew just cause we didn't see it - assumed she would not keep that type of info.

Mike V. said...

Sleepy - I'm actually glad they're sticking to 12 episodes. It was an intentional short order so they have a complete story within a 12 episode arc. And then next season will be the same thing. FOX has always been front and center with trying to adapt the cable model. They're doing this with Almost Human, The Following, and the 24 Mini-series too. (I'm assuming with Almost Human, could be wrong)

Anyway, I just haven't had the free time to catch up on Sleepy. The wife is out on it (she wasn't sold after the pilot), and I'm not exaggerating with this Parker bedtime situation. It's just getting worse. He didn't go to sleep until 11 last night, and that was in bed with us! lol Stubborn kid!! Anyway, I'll get to it as soon as I can.

HIMYM - Future Ted did say "not 2 years later"...I would expect that means "almost 2 years later"....the thing is, we know that Ted has his first kid in 2015 because they are showing her star wars. (btw...I was showing Parker Star Wars over the wknd. He is mezmeried by the opening titles, but that's about it right now. He did turn on my digital copy of Star Trek Into Darkness on the Apple TV all by himself though. So Smart!!) So people are crying foul on the timeline. I should be up in arms about it too because they're usually so good with continuity, but I'm sure there is some rational explanation for it! lol

But would seem like their trip to Farhampton (the location where they met) is an annual visit they make which is kinda sweet. And yeah...I wasn't waiting in anticipation to see the moment where Robin told Barney either. lol has the countdown set for 69 days which is January 13th, a Monday. Maybe that's when Marshall arrives at Farhampton. lol Of course, I thought this Thanksgiving had another slap in store. I just hope the final slap is in the series finale. I just forget how many slaps are left after they added some. lol I'll look it up.

Mike V. said...

Total of 8 slaps. And there are 2 left. Maybe the Slapsgiving episode will be in January and then the final slap will be in the finale. lol

MJ said...

HIMYM - OH I hope Slapsgiving isn't January ! Damn - Not 2 years. He was there at Farhampton with the mother 1 year after the wedding we know. Hopefully he didn't propose after knowing her 1 year. LOL You have lost me on 'kid born in 2015 cause they are showing her star wars'. What ??

Shame with Parker - is he napping too long during the day ? Probably not - probably just a horrible phase that you all have to survive.

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - I doubt if Future Ted said "not 2 years later" he wasn't suggesting it was 1 year later. I just think he was talking "poetically" for lack of a better word. Like "almost 2 years later".

As for Star Wars/Ted's daughter - Think back to last season's episode "TIME TRILOGY" where Barney, Marshall and Ted got together every year (or so many years) to watch the trilogy. At least I think it was last season. May have been 2 seasons ago. Whenever it was, it ended with a flash forward to 2015 when Ted had his baby daughter there to experience the event that used to be a guys only event.

So this wedding is happening in may 2013...and he had a baby in 2015. And he proposed to a not appearing pregnant woman "almost" 2 years later? Something doesn't add up. That's what people are complaining about.

Mike V. said...

Forgot to answer your Parker question. Yeah he naps from 1-3 at daycare every day. All of the kids do. Most parents hate it! lol He really doesn't need that long of a nap and we pay for it at night. But's a phase we need to get through.

Mike V. said...

Didn't watch SOA (shocker!) but I heard it was supposed to be the best of the season. We'll get to it ASAP!

Homeland - Wow, disturbing episode with that dude (not even gonna try to pronounce his name) killing his ex-wife and daughter-in-law and then Carrie having to leave the baby there. And WTH, Carrie is pregnant? What is with all the pregnancy tests? Would that indicate it's probably Brody's and not random drunk hook-up guy? But if that's the case...would they really not have found out at the psych ward? And how about all of Carrie's drinking and the drugs they gave her at the psych ward? That would make me think she is trying to miscarry which is disturbing in itself too. But, if it is Brody' would think that that nutjob would want to keep the baby too. In any case, I'm sure the critics are going to love this twist! I'll listen to my favorite podcast of haters on the way to work. lol (Grantland Pop Culture's Hollywood Prospectus podcast) Oh and the Dana storyline? Seriously? The mom would just let her go after putting up a 2 minute argument? Loved how Chris Brody didn't even get to say any form of goodbye to Dana but just try to express sadness with a smirk. lol Powerful stuff!!

New Girl - Coach returned! But I think the MVP of the week goes to Taye Diggs' cameo...he was hysterical. Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers. lol Good times.

Didn't get to Brookyln 99 but we'll probably sneak that one in today at some point. I'm assuming no Modern Family tonight because of the CMA Awards (which, having a southern influence in my household we'll be But, I'll have to sneak in Revolution at some point!

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah, I watched SHIELD too (forgot lol) - Not bad. Character chemistry is improving. Still beating away at the Coulson mystery. And did they kind of hint that Mae went through the same thing?

I heard that in a couple weeks they're going to have an episode dealing with fallout from Thor 2. Hopefully it won't be anything too spoilery, because I'm guessing I won't see Thor 2 until it's available to rent! lol

Anonymous said...

Grimm--not a bad ep, setting up a lot of stuff. I think it possible that Adalind is going through more than she knows, same with Nick. Which could set up some super hero/villain confrontation later in the season. As we've been saying a big show down is in the works with the teams forming up.

Sleepy--I quit watching, just couldn't handle it anymore esp up against good/reasonable MNF. Ichabod's uniform is just nuts in the 21st century, etc.

Shield--to me, this show is more realistic and a better fantasy than Sleepy. Chemistry is improving and tonight's ep helped a lot. I don't think Mae was saying she was brought back, but I'm not certain. The helmet and powers on display were pretty good this ep. I'm not saying I'm a big fan, but it's ok entertainment.

REvolution, really looking forward to it tonight. INteresting to see how much more of the curtain is pulled up.

The Blacklist--it's been a whirlwind week, but for some reason I can't recall watching--maybe it hasn't been on yet and I'm on the road again.



Mike V. said...

Grimm - Agree that both of them there is probably more going on than they realize.

Sleepy - Richard, you're the first that I heard who quit watching! lol But, I haven't really even started yet besides watching the first 2.

SHIELD - Yeah, it's definitely a harmless show. I'm still in the "if I miss it, I wouldn't care" category. That said, I keep finding ways to watch it even though my wife is not! lol

Revolution - Yep, looking forward to this too. I guess more immediately, I'm interested in seeing how they handle Monroe's "ressurection".

MJ said...

Soa - wow this got serious last night. Thought they'd hold off on Jax finding out about Tara's plan. But Hunnam really brought it watching his face. Actress playing Lowen did good - thought she looked really scared. LOL And how chilling was it seeing that gun on Tara's lap?? Hard watching Jax and Nero go at it. The young girl - the one who's mom is that homeless lady - that was an odd thing to throw into the show. Oh - just read that this homeless woman has been on before - popping up in random eps. Guess I don't remember it. Love jax's plan to hand over Gaelen to the DA - he's been deserving his comuppance for a long time now. But Clay ! Pulling an Otto and biting off some guys nose ! Eww! But boy did he pay the price for that. I officially have no comment on what he was saying during that mass - cause I don't know how to say anything. Reading some stuff on the web I guess fans have been hating on Tara - but I don't. I thought it was ballsy - and I think she tried to do what she could to save those kids - and to have the life that Jax promised her and has now backed out on. As Sutter has said - Gemma was her teacher. Interesting Gemma telling Nero all about JT - but I still don't feel she told him all. Both Clay and Tara have hinted that she was active in JT's death - not just silently giving permission.

Homeland - that was some tense stuff ! I had not realized that the plan was that Carrie would bring this guy in right away, but as soon as she gave him a day I knew it would be bad. And I totally called it on that kid we saw - knew the Iranian was watching for a reason and saw that the mom looked american but not he kid so much. Loved Saul's quick hit on him too. How old is Dana supposed to be that she just leaves on her own now? Guess mom had to let her go. The thing is - mom should have moved that whole family away! SO - now the biggest question - is Carrie preggers and by who? Can't be Brody - it's been months since he is gone now. Could she be taking these tests to determine if the drugs are out of her system somehow ??

Supernatural - an instant classic. Dean takes on dog traits and can hear all animals talk. Too funny. The fetching has me crying tears I was laughing so hard. And then losing the ability just as the dog was about to tell him why dogs are not mans best friend - too funny. Guess most of you will think this an awfully strange paragraph - but PJ will get it. ;-D Just a matter of time til Dean has to tell Sam about Ezekial - he's so suspicious now that he was injured and miraculously healed. Dean truly is a horrible liar.

Justified got a start date - 1/7/14 !

MJ said...

Richard/Sleepy - hah! he's getting new clothes next ep is what I hear. Agree with Mike - you are the only person who is quitting - most are joining.

Leslie said...

Blacklist – Richard, I think you would remember watching……we had the guy (Wilson from House) doing the chemical attacks which turned out to be a warped effort to save his sick son. Ressler turned Liz in for surrendering her weapon in one face off with the bad guy, then later, she was the one who killed him. I’m still suspicious of Ressler in general. The biggest thing was the house Red bought just so he could blow it up. He said he raised his family there and had visions of a little girl playing in the backyard. I would think this goes to the likeliness that Liz is his daughter which we have been guess all along, but interesting that he commented that he spends every day trying to forget what happened there. No sign of the watchers this week, and Liz seems to completely believe in her husband’s innocence now, but I’m don't.

ONCE – I enjoyed this episode with Ariel. The secret telling thing to save Neal was revealing. Was I the only one who thought of Indiana Jones? Glad to hear that we’ll get back to Storybrooke soon…..I know….after the break. So, do you think Prince Eric is really there? I happened to see an old episode of Mad Men this weekend with a young Henry as Don’s son (drawing a blank on his name), and he was really cute.

Leslie said...

*guessing *I don't
Guess I should have read that one again before

Mike V. said...

Homeland - You definitely called it on the kid. I don't think we can rule out Brody. But yeah, you're right, it has been months. But she has taken like 50 pregnancy tests! lol I forget exactly how long it's been since Brody has been gone...but yeah she'd probably be showing by now. Interesting theory that she's using them to determine if the drugs are out of her system. Didn't consider that.

Saw the Justified premiere date. Good stuff! Of course, I'm sure I'll be watching that on Wednesdays too. :) lol Unless the Mrs. will be more interested to stay up and watch that one!

ONCE - Leslie, I meant to say that I thought of Indiana Jones too. The whole "leap of faith" from Last Crusade. lol I think we're going to be getting to Storybrooke much sooner than after the break now. It looks like it may be as soon as next week! I wouldn't be surprised if Prince Eric is really there. But, that's a stretch to think we haven't met him yet in such a small town. It's a bit of a Nikki/Paulo situation!

As for Henry on Mad Men, I'm sure having that on his resume' got him the gig on ONCE Upon a time. But, his acting chops are probably the reason he's NOT on Mad Men anymore. Granted, Matthew Weiner's son still gets to play creepy Glenn (or whatever his name is) on Mad Men even though he might be the worst actor in the history of acting and prior! lol

Leslie said...

ONCE - Mike, I thought you read that Storybrooke was gonna be after the break. Maybe we have met Eric, but didn't know it was him since they all go by different names?? Can't say that kid did much acting on Mad Men anyway! lol

Revenge – Got caught up on this one. It’s been a little crazy! Patrick hooking up with Nolan; Victoria manipulating to become owner of the gallery; Charlotte taking the blame for Conrad’s accident when it was really Patrick; Conrad finding out he’s not really sick. Now, Daniel’s old girlfriend that was injured in a car accident when Daniel was drinking is gonna work at the Jack’s bar. Aiden still thinking Emily has feelings for Jack and trying to get him to go away. Then, just at the end, Emily says that the plan for the wedding on 8/8 is that Victoria will go down for Emily’s murder! WOW!

MJ said...

HIMYM - ah ! Now I remember the Star Wars ! LOL Think my nephew had his 3 year old watching them - or was it Lord of the Rings? Hmmm. yeah - I ain't worried about the timeline - letting it go. Probably cause we were given the gift of a final season rather than it ending last year.

Parker - wow that is a long nap. But out of your control.

CMA watching - I'm sorry ! LOL

I am very behind on my half hour shows - but am aware I will see alot of Tay Diggs. And that is always a good thing. LOL Going away this weekend so probably not catching up too much this weekend. Hitting AC.

Shield - I don't know that they are trying to say Mae is a clone like Coulsen but I think she was saying she has battle scars and might have been close to death too at some point. Think the point was that it changes you. But we all know Coulsen is probably changed in other ways. LOL Mystery this week was good - the alien helmet.

Homeland - my husband was the one wondering if the drugs she was on give false positives and she is talking these tests to see when they are out of her system. Cause her preggers is just gonna suck I think.

Hostages - I was like no freakin way ! She finally goes to someone for help and it's his father-in-law ! Too funny. But is he dead now? Cause the poison was supposed to be instantaneous. I'm guessing he swapped that poison out for something else - he does not trust this family now to behave. Father-in-law was interesting - there are others pulling the strings - was he saying he and his family are being forced to do this as well ?

Anonymous said...

Leslie, thanks for the Blacklist update!! I will make sure and watch it ONDemand then, sounds like a great eps.

Sleepy--that's OK, I'll be the oddity--it won't be the first time--LOL!!


Anonymous said...

Sleepy, OK if he gets new clothes and the eps start making better sense let me know and I may start watching again!!


Mike V. said...

Parker - slept all night last night! Went to sleep around 8:45, so not bad! lol Probably means we're in for it again tonight. But, if he's up during the CMAs, I don't care! lol

SHIELD - Got it with Mae vs. Coulson. Everything you guys are saying makes sense.

AC - Sounds like a fun time! Jealous!

Homeland - Her preggers, agreed would suck. Of course, I'm sure they'd just skip time between seasons and she'd just have a kid next season that we'd barely see. But who knows if they'll go in that direction? After Fringe, nothing surprises me with pregnancy twists anymore! lol

ONCE - Leslie, I read one critic's theory that it probably wouldn't be until mid-season. I think he honestly didn't know and just assumed. I would think this neverland plot will at least continue for this first 11/12 episode arc and then they may return. But, it looks like Storybrooke is getting tied into this arc too!

mj said...

Strangely I'd have predicted Hostages and Shield as the big shows this year. Def not Sleepy Hollow.

Didn't watch Returned- was in french with subtitles which I find annoying.

Leslie said...

Returned - I knew it was French, but didn't realize it was gonna be in subtitles either. It was annoying, but I watched. May be a good story, but when I have to read, I miss the stuff I am supposed to see! lol

MJ said...

Homeland - so they are saying that at the poly graph Carrie took Brody left in Mid-december and she was taking the polygraph in March. Guess it could be his kid.

Black List - So he raised his family in that house that was once lovely - then blows it up ! LOL Funny cause I do NOT think she is his daughter at all. I think that her dad has some connection to Red. Seemed bery quick to me that Liz and Tom are all lovey-dovey again, but it's tv. I def don't trust him yet either. Maybe it's her dad who is having her watched ! Nah - the FBI would know her background and know if her dad was either a big criminal or mob guy.

Subtitled - Exactly Leslie ! can't read and watch at the same time either. LOL

Mike V. said...

Homeland - I think that makes more sense than random drunk hook-up. But, still scary territory for the show! lol

Returned - I heard about the concept of the show which sounds really interesting. Sounds like a show that has potential to get remade for American Audiences. lol

Anonymous said...

The Blacklist--thanks for the heads up and I watched!!! Great eps. I am starting to see that REddington character may be the best in TV right now??

Yea, Red blowing up the house is very interesting. He could have done it at any time really to get rid of the memories. It does really go to the question of him and Liz and I am starting to see him more and more as the real Dad. I mean she was brought up with a step Dad that was in prison I think. She kept some of her background from the FBI.

After this ep and the beginning of the series I am thinking something has been a major trigger with him wanting to reconnect to Liz. Maybe he has terminal cancer and is reaching out and trying to clear things up,etc??? Maybe he has a big deal going down. BTW, what's he going to do with all that nuke material he just bought? Originally I thought it was her starting with the FBI and something to do with Tom.

Yea, Red has said you shouldn't trust him---"I'm a criminal".

I really feel sorry for the Doctor's son not getting the injection.


Leslie said...

Blacklist - I think Liz being his daughter seems like it's too easy. Red has said more than once about it being complicated. Richard, good point about whatever triggered Red to reconnect. I also thought Liz was too lovey-dovey with Tom too quickly. Not very realistic at all.

AHS - Anyone else watch yet? Wow! Pretty bad when I'm not believing some of the zombie killing ways because I know how it's really done from TWD! lol

Mike V. said...

SOA - Finally watched. Whew...powerful ep! You pretty much said it all, MJ. I will add on to Clay's speech in the mass though. I thought it was so out of character for him but absolutely hilarious. lol As for the content of what he spoke about, well that's not for me to get into here! lol

I think Tara falls into the same category as most "old ladies" of these anti-hero television shows. Whenever they go against the protagonist (who is a bad person), they pretty much are designed to be annoying to the audience. Same hate was out there for Skyler. I think she definitely has the right intentions in mind, but she's gone to some pretty crazy extremes to get what she wants. And in doing so, she has become the person she has been trying to avoid (Gemma) just like Jax is on the path towards Clay. Nothing new here, we're just seeing the characters devolve further and further.

The lawyer did do a good job showing her fear. I just can't believe that is the same actress that played Rachel (Juliet's sister) on LOST, and even crazier....Calamity Jane on Deadwood. You'd never recognize her from that role! Great character actor.

Didn't realize the homeless mother had been in other episodes. Was that just season or a running thing from other seasons too? Anyway, they had to be doing somebody a favor by getting that girl's father on screen. There was no way he was an actual actor! I saw in the opening credits a lot of "SAGAL" last names pop up. Since she is Sutter's wife, maybe Katy got her brothers or cousins to play small roles. lol But, that was a little bigger than a small role!

Yep, like the Gaelen (sp) plan too. Seems so obvious, I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner. lol And yes...Tara with the gun at the end...pretty crazy! We'll see where things go! I'm guessing we'll be clocking in at 1.5 hours for the rest of the season. lol

MJ said...

Scandal - how creepy is that old 'friend' of Huck's with showing Quinn how to shoot better ?!? Great moment when the trick Josie into getting mad - and her sister/daughter sees it. TVLine made the joke - smelly cat's got claws. LOL

Not getting this whole thing with Harrison and this Salif guy - Harrison is dead if this guy come to the USA ? Huh? But yay - Harrison is getting a story line.

Also confused that the chick who jake went to was going to kill him, but the guy tailing Jake kills her ? Who is having Jake protected ? Did I miss something ?

Was glad that Fitz seemed shocked to find her mom was on that plane. So guessing he doesn't know commmand is her dad too. But best of all was that the Reverand was working for Cy and not Sally ! That Cy is just too brilliant !

AHS - watched last night ! Looks like Witch of the Woods has a new friend. LOL Guessing the Supreme just might be the brunette girl ! She just ended that VooDoo curse going on without even knowing it. LOL at the chainsaw thing though, and Queenie cutting her own throat. I so wanted them to all go to the butlers room and find dead madison having tea - thought Madison would also have re-animated. Creepy when they brought that still born back to life though.

SOA - agree - it was hysterical. Just didn't know how to discuss here either. hah! I looked up the Sagals - Tara's doctor friend - whom Gemma confronted - is Katie's sister-in-law and the psych doc a the prison who gives Clay the phone is her Brother.

MJ said...

New Girl - finally watched by the way. Heard Coach is staying longer then even planned. Not always a fan when he's back - know I'm in the minority. But he usually eclipses Winston - but not so much in this ep. Though he does bring the show down a few pegs in intelligence. I've liked the show better since they all grew a little - especially Nick and Coach brings it back to when they were idiots. Hysterical with the Bunny Money - and Winston bring back food at the end from that place so he can spend the money. Outside the police station too. And awesome that Nick didn't even blink an eye and totally believed Jess that nothing happened with Artie. So not the way 99% of sitcoms would go.

Mike V. said...

Don't have time to comment on everything (also haven't watched Scandal or AHS yet).

New Girl - You speak as if Coach has ever been on the show since the pilot episode when he was SUPPOSED to be a main character and Winston wasn't supposed to exist. lol The only reason he wasn't on the show is because Happy Endings got renewed. Now that it's over he's back visiting. And yes, since he doesn't have a show he's been invited back for the whole season, but will still be available for Pilot season for other shows next year. I agree though...while I thought the show wouldn't be as good without him, now I think they don't need him! lol