Thursday, November 14, 2013

Revolution: Season 2 Episode 8 - Come Blow Your Horn

Welcome back to the Revolution folks!  Another enjoyable hour of season 2 here.  And we're diving further and further into Aaron's plight.  It was actually the central catalyst for all of the Texas action this week.  And Tom continues his ascent in the Patriot rankings.  I'm a little short for time this week, so let's hit the main points below.
Discussion Points
  • We learned more of Marcus Horn's motivations this week.  In flashbacks 18 years before the blackout we learn that his father was a very religious man whose wife was dying.  He prayed and hoped for a miracle cure while Marcus wanted and solicited medical assistance from the town doctor.  His mother ended up dying anyway, and his father blamed him for interfering with God's plan.  He beat his son as well.  This memory stuck well with Marcus in the present as he embarks on his investigation of Aaron who also is getting cured from an invisible healing power.  Of course, we know that this has something to do with the nanites.    Marcus believes that if he can harness Aaron's abilities, they can accelerate the timetable of taking the whole US Continent, rather than going town to town as Truman has been doing. 
  • We learned, after Aaron's abduction, what we already knew.  Healing powers were triggered by trauma and defensive powers are triggered by rage/emotion.  By the end of the episode, Marcus was going to use Cynthia as motivation to see if Aaron could heal OTHER people than himself.  And the final moment of the episode was Cynthia getting stabbed and Aaron raging out of control with flames bursting from torches.  I liked that Horn stepped out for this knowing it was going to get hot in there!  Note: We did see that Aaron's healing was not a one time occurrence.  Horn cut him open a few times, and the nanites healed him right up.  He mentioned something about Oxygenating and nanites repairing cells.  Aaron could not tell him why it's only him that this is happening to.  Something tells me we'll find that out very soon. 
  • Miles, Rachel and Charlie were busy all episode trying to first KILL Horn and Truman, but then it turned into a rescue mission for Aaron and Cynthia when they got caught.  Rachel and Charlie had words over how much Gene really is to blame.  Gene brought his case to them saying that he was just trying to keep them safe.  Of course, Rachel was really P.O.'d at her father for making her feel like she was insane.  Charlie tried to rationalize that she was P.O.'d at her mother for leaving them for years.  But letting her go would be even harder.  By the end of the episode, Rachel was resolved to save her father from the Patriot's clutches.  I'm sure it didn't hurt that he sacrificed himself to buy them time to escape from a no win situation.  
  • Monroe was up to his badass shenanigans again.  He did try to keep Aaron and Cynthia safe, and impressively took out 5 Patriots with his sneak assault and sword tactics.  But, it wasn't enough.  There were more coming and he decided to run for survival, knowing that they wouldn't kill Aaron.     
  • Not sure how I didn't put this together last week.  But Cynthia connected the dots of Aaron's spontaneous fire assault with the death of her husband.  I'm not sure why Aaron didn't go with the defense of not telling her by saying that he didn't know until recently that he caused it.  But, whatever!  Anyway, she said she needed time to figure out where they are and if she can trust Aaron.  I'm sure if Aaron gets them out of this jam, that might go a long way in helping.  
  • Meanwhile, in North Carolina, Tom does get to Justine Allen's husband Roger.  He pretty much manipulated Roger into not running off with his wife (saying that they'd both end up dead).  Now, I'm not sure if it was Tom's intent for Roger to shoot her dead, but that's exactly what he did.  So much for any predictions we had for her!  RIP Justine Allen.  So, now Tom has a friend in high places.  Well, not so much a friend but an asset.  
  • We also learned that Jason isn't fully de-programmed.  (Shocker! I know!)  He tried to choke the life out of Allen at one point, but then felt conflicted.  Stay tuned on this one. 
So that's about it.  I'm sure there's more, but those are the basics.  Next week we'll be picking up in the middle of the action and hopefully, we'll get to the bottom of Aaron's mysterious association to the nanites.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


Anonymous said...

1. Well, I missed in my guess on her being married to the Pres. I guess in their world a Commander is higher than a Sec since he tried to have her killed. Which kind of drives me nuts because he got all wafflely on the issue. I guess all of that is to point out that Tom is going to be controlling him soon, maybe even taking him out/replacing him. Maybe the weakest part of the show overall ep to ep.
2. I loved what the Sec said of Neville--"he's evil(I would add he's very intelligent too)". The new guy won't figure it out until too late--LOL. I really thought she was going to be with us a while and so with her death it makes me wonder whom else might be short for the "REvolution world". Her acting was very good and I'll miss it.
3.Good to have Rachel back with her "homicidal tendencies"--lol--wouldn't answer Charlie on killing her Dad. And good to be working in the kitchen together making lethal gas--it's just all in the family now--LOL. Kind of like Neville and Jason.
4.I'm not sure what Horn was doing with Aaron at the end of the ep? He obviously wants to be healed somehow from Aaron and wants to harness Aaron's power to take over the US. But he said when he gave him the shot that this should make him more aggressive while the healing occurred in a more settled state. I think he left and had her stabbed to make Aaron angry to see the other side of his powers, not sure as I said earlier. But, he left because he didn't want to get killed by Aaron so I tend to think he wants to elicit a killing response from Aaron. With the drugs Horn gave Aaron I wonder if the powers are going to be amped up and something more happens than in the past? Any bets on if Cynthia lives?
5.There is a rift now between Horn and Truman, will be interesting to see how that develops.
6. Any bets if Gene lives now?


Mike V. said...


1.) Agree...the Tom plot is the weakest story. But, it's a means to an end. He'll eventually be weaved into the A. plot, I'm assuming.
2.) I didn't expect her to be killed off so suddenly either. But yeah, it's a good question. Of the newbies, I would think Truman would be the next potential candidate to go. Unless we're talking good guys then Cynthia and Gene are possibilities.
3.) Yes the cooking gas was a good time. lol
4.) Totally forgot to mention the brain tumor in my quick recap. I think Horn is hoping that Aaron will be able to heal Cynthia, but he assumed anyone messing with Cynthia would be fried to a crisp. It was confusing though yeah...It was all a test. He doesn't care who fries as long as Aaron doesn't. But, if he heals her, then he's made progress. I'm going to guess Cynthia lives for now.
5.) Agreed.
6.) I would've said Gene was a goner in this episode, but since he lived, it would seem he might be around a "little" longer. Who knows??

MJ said...

Poor Aaron - that was getting nasty. Not surprised that Horn has some
illness that he wants healed so that is why he is pushing the whole thing so
fast. And how does Horn get the others to agree to stay while testing Aaron's
ability to heal others ? LOL Had to laugh that Miles could cross that roof so
quietly to stop Rachael that she could not hear him ? LOL on not putting together
that Aaron killed her husband - I did but figured it didn't need to be said. My
husband said the same thing 'why didn't Aaron say he only recently figured out
he did it - but I don't think that is true. He didn't know what/how but he had
to guess he was the one who lit up her husband. Nevilles story is beginning to
bore me. Probably just my mood LOL. Rachael's line to Charlie about always
dreaming about cooking together was funny. Truman prob is dying - which cracks
me up as that actor died on Housewives too.

Mike V. said...

MJ - I really just forgot about the flashback so that's why I didn't put it together. lol I guess it makes sense that he knew he caused the fire. Maybe he was just in denial until the later events.

No, I think we all agree the Neville storyline is pretty boring. lol

I thought I recognized Truman...don't remember him on DH though...but I didn't watch the final couple seasons.

mj said...

Truman was brees hubbt Rex.

So tonights isthe mid-season finale? Didnt realize

mj said...


Mike V. said...

OHHHHH YEAAAAAH! Totally forgot about Rex. He was just in the first season, right? lol

IMDB has an episode listed as airing on 12/12 after tonight (weird 2 week break. TG Eve I understand, maybe Voice finale the week after??). I think season 1 only had 20 episodes that would be midpoint if s2 is only supposed to be 20 as well.

Mike V. said...

I saw on TVLINE that they're calling tonight the mid-season finale. Maybe IMDB just isn't updated yet. Interesting!

I'll never complain about one less show to watch on a given day! lol