Monday, November 18, 2013

TV Discussion: Week of 11/17/2013 - 11/23/2013

Hello TV Addicts! Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows.  Almost Human premiered this week, so I'm sure we'll have to discuss that.  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Almost Human - I like it so far! Popular theory already is that John is an android as well. Thinking back on everything we've seen, doesn't sound like it would be too surprising. We didn't see how he could have possibly survived that explosion. Of course, if he is an android, he doesn't know he is. Of course, just having a theory like that feels very much like the early days of LOST assuming that "It's Purgatory" lol. But, he was told Dorian was special, just like him.

Here's Doc Jensen to dissect further (that should be our first clue right there that it's not true!):

Anyway, it was an entertaining hour. Karl Urban is awesome, not that we didn't know that already. Minka Kelly feels like she's playing the same character she did on Friday Night Lights. lol But, I'm sure she'll be fine. Looking forward to more!

ONCE: So should've seen it coming that Peter Pan would end being part of this "continuingly" messed up family tree. So, he's Rumple's father? Nice. lol And Henry's dead? NICE!! LOL Kidding. I'm sure that won't last, but we won't find out for a couple weeks after the AMAs. Sounds like this half of the season will be wrapping up soon.

Grimm: MJ, not sure if you caught our comments in the last post, but it definitely was on Friday. Richard, I saw your comment. No idea who sent the email. It was a decent episode, but I was watching late at night, so I think I fell asleep through some things. lol

The Killing - Mentioned this in the last post too, but it has been picked up by Netflix for a final 6 episodes to close up loose ends. lol

Okay, off to write about walking dead!

Mike V. said...

Sleepy Hollow - Watched episode 3 with the whole sandman thing. Good stuff! Should be almost caught up by the end of the week. lol

AHS - All caught up. Ax Man episode was nuts!

Anonymous said...

Almost Human--will have to watch it another day, great NFL games during that time slot.

I did watch some marathoning of Firefly on the Sci channel yesterday. Funny how you pick up a little extra the 3rd time around--LOL!! Inara dieing--I watched these eps looking for the clues and so it was a little more obvious this time around. Particularly with her not aging, etc.


Mike V. said...

AH - Yeah, i've just given up on trying to watch football in prime time...unless my team is playing. lol Funny though, when MNF was on ABC, Fox would not put up something that appeals to the same demographic. And then it would premiere 24 on a Sunday after a playoff game aired, and then resume on Mondays at 9. There would be no more football to compete with and they'd have that audience hook, line and sinker! We live in a different world these days! They still used football to promote Almost Human, but now they're competing against it. lol I still think it should have some good numbers for at least this first week.

Firefly - I really enjoyed the series when I plowed through it earlier this year...but I don't see myself going back for a rewatch any time soon! lol

MJ said...

Almost Human - I liked it ! Don't know that I agree with EW
that Carl Urban is a machine though, so probably right LOL

HIMYM - see their spin-off got a call to make a pilot.

Killing - Yay Leslie - they are getting a final season but it will air on Netflix
Will be 6 episodes to close the series out.

Sleepy - glad to hear that you have started watching.

Grimm - yeah thanks. I realized it is off this coming Friday. Mermaids mermaids
everywhere. I had to laugh when the mermaid steals his phone and is looking at all
the pic of him - is it me ? Why would you have all the pics of yourself ? They
weren't selfies even. Just saying ! Wasn't the lady who kept trying to swin the
english channel called Diana Nyad? Wonder if this is some kudo to her. LOL Liked
their twist on the tale (no pun intended) that mermen are sterile so that is why
mermaids are always looking for other men on shore. Nick sure looked creepy when
he came back up - and of course he was under there longer then he should have been
able too. M = Mom ? She didn't get on that bus afterall.

Mike V. said...

Almost Human - As long as there is a twist involved with him being an android I might be on board with it. I can't imagine watching a show where both of the main characters aren't even human. But of course, due to the title of the's fitting. :-) lol

HIMYD - Yep..I saw it too. Don't think I can get on board with another one. But, I'm sure curiosity will have me checking it out.

Killing - I mentioned this too, twice. :-) lol

Sleepy - I would say "HAVE CONTINUED" watching rather than started. lol Since I started when the pilot aired, and fell behind!

Grimm - Ahhh M = Mom...that almost makes too much sense!! lol

Anonymous said...

M=Mom, could be. Great memory going there.

AH--Just finished the first ep. Very familiar really and if not for Kurban, would probably not watch it. Yea, he's special just like you--meets deadpan face--no telltales--LOL. Androids trying to be human and "humans" not knowing what they are has been around--Blade Runner comes to mind among many others. There is absolutely NO way anyone should/could know about Kurban being a droid or not from the show--yet. He "bled" when he lost his leg and the underground doctor must think he's human. At this point I think of him as the "bionic man"--except we haven't seen super human powers yet--lol.

OK, so all the above is a little hard--it should improve. I'll watch the second ep for sure.


Mike V. said...

AH - Yeah everyone is making the Blade Runner comparison, but I think the homages are intentional. As for John bleeding...I think the theory would be that he WAS human in that opening scene and all of the flashbacks to that scene. But when he "woke up from the coma"...that would be the android. Like, they took his memories and planted them into a robot body. And even made him think he lost a leg.

I guess it's possible we will see what happened AFTER the big explosion, but it's tough to imagine him having crawled far enough away from that blast to survive. Of course, it could be a case where MORE of him than his leg is made up of android parts than he realizes. They may have gone all Robocop on him. Of course, some are theorizing that Dorian was once human as well.

But yeah, there are no distinguishing features from the show yet. And there shouldn't be after a pilot episode. They introduced the premise and the characters, and now we need to give the show time to grow. Look at took them a whole season before they found their sweet spot. And considering this is the Fringe team, I have faith they'll find one with this, if FOX keeps it on the air long enough. Ratings were decent, but not great if they don't sustain them. They'll have a lot of competition tonight too in its usual time slot. Of course, I'll be watching HIMYM, and I'll be watching Almost Human whenever my wife goes to bed! lol

MJ said...

SOA - tonights ep is called Aon Rud Pearsanta. Gaelic (Irish) for Nothing Personal. LOL Now I can't wait for tonight

Sleepy - another awesome ep. I wish I'd been keeping them for re-watching but I've been deleting.

Tivo - not liking their new updates. SIGH Now they feel the need to recommend stuff to us and put a folder in the menu! And they also threw in the list a prompter to add stuff to my Season pass. Don't like it in that list since they still have crap all along the top.

MJ said...

HIMYM - well at least the road trip will be ending shortly. You know I hated the whole thing with his parents - I hate it when they make Barney assanine. though the 2 songs his mom did was good. Probably just me. Loved the Ted adventure with the Gretsky pic. Really did LOL when the kid started yelling Drill Drill

Mike V. said...

SOA - Interesting! I'll get to it eventually. lol

Sleepy - you tell me. I've been deleting them as I watch them too. But, I may have them stored on another tivo! lol At my current pace I'll be caught up to discuss next week's episode on Tuesday. I just watched the one with the Boston Tea Party origins and Icabod talking to the OnStar lady. Hysterical. Oh and Abby's sister too. Good stuff.

TiVo - Those updates sound like things that have been around for a long time. The recommendations folder has ALWAYS been part of TiVo. It just fills up your storage with other shows it thinks you might like, but they're the first to be recorded over when your scheduled recordings need the space. Maybe I'm misinterpreting what you're saying. Maybe I just haven't seen what you're talking about. I'll check it out later.

HIMYM - I hated the parents thing too. It was ridiculous. But, the songs were good...that was probably the only excuse to do the lame plot in the first place. Ted's detective work and the reference to the pineapple incident was great. (supposedly they'll be solving that this season, even though Future Ted said it never was solved lol) My favorite part of the episode was all of the 80s nostalgia with Billy Zabkha. When he mentioned that he got many crane kicks to the nuts I was rollling. lol And the 80s montage of him with his Johnny hair was great. The nostalgic moments of HIMYM were part of what made the show so special for me. The cast is around my age (and I'm guessing the writers too) so they have the same sense of childhood nostalgia that I do. That's one thing that may work in himyD's favor...if they go for later nostaglia moments since it's a new generation of adults. But, if that's the case, they would need writers on the staff that could relate. Anyway, I'm still not excited about a spinoff/reboot. lol And yes...the Drill baby Drill was fantastic.

I agree it's great the road trip may be over. But, if Segel isn't done filming his movie...he may have another plot ahead of him that keeps him separated from the group. lol

Almost Human - It was late when I tried to watch it last night and ended up sleeping through some stuff I think. But, it was a decent follow up episode. They pretty much were hitting us over the head with the fact that John is it's either a massive red herring or there is no weight to the Blade Runner theory and they want to make sure they're not suggesting that there is. I did love when he stabbed his synthetic leg and the kids screamed. LOL

MJ said...

So swamped at work today. Don't they know I have some playing to do? ;-P

Sleepy - Wow ! His Best friend became the headless horseman. Apparently this was in
the short story - but I don't remember it well. And just who is the big bad in
charge that keeps stopping Headless from killing Ichabod? And why does he
want Ichabod alive ? It got pretty intense during that questioning. But seriously
- no battery backups on the UV lights? Just saying ! LOL - Loved zombie Andy - and
he did warn them that he will have to do whatever headless tells him to! We've
been making fun of Ichabods clothing but someone get Andy some pockets. So - I always
let it go that a guy with no ears can hear, and no eyes can see - but he's barely got
a neck and he's wearing a necklace ? LOL Cracks me up.

Castle - I can't remember who 3Xk is ! LOL darnit. What a creepy ep though. I
vaguely remember some guy who went off the bridge - but not his story. But the plastic
surgeon used to be on 24 - i called her jackie cause she was like the female Jack,
and of course the guy from Lost who's name is eluding me.

Almost Human - ok - that whole little conversation was hysterical. You know which one.
Don't know how to say it here. About kenex being backed up and what Dorian was
scanning. OMG - too funny. I am really enjoying this show.

Tivo - Now all of a sudden there is a 'what to watch' in the same spot where you select 'my shows' or search for example. and the bottom of that same menu had an added 'select this if you want to see Almost Human info and set it as a Season Pass'. They never used to be in the spot where 'My Shows' is.

MJ said...

BB - alternate ending going around. LOl Think this is an extra from the DVD box set.

Leslie said...

The Killing – hey, did you guys hear about this? lol Couldn't resist!

Castle – MJ, I’m so glad you said that because I don’t either! lol It WAS a creepy episode! Ethan was the guy from LOST.

Mike V. said...


Almost Human - Crap...I think I have to go back and watch that. I must've been sleeping during that conversation. I know that they're definitely pushing Kenex to get with Minka Kelly's character. Only like a 10 year minimum age difference there. But such is television! lol

TiVo - I just can't picture it. I'll check it out when I'm home. lol I'm pretty sure I got the latest update, but I haven't noticed any major changes. Well, only the good ones like my TiVo Mini doesn't occupy a tuner on my 4 tuner TiVo full time anymore! lol Still looking forward to the next update when I'll be able to watch my TiVo on my iPhone and iPad on wifi OUTSIDE of my own wifi network. Will definitely help with my travels! lol

BB - I think I saw that article, but I didn't look at it. I'll have to check it out.

Killing - @Leslie, wait, hear about what?! (couldn't resist either!)

Mike V. said...

BTW...the actor who played Ethan on LOST is William Mapother who just so happens to be Tom Cruise's cousin too. lol

Yep, I was being nosey and checking out your Castle comments. :-)

Anonymous said...

Shield--May and Ward at the end in the hotel room with alcohol--kind of what I thought would happen at some point. Now she'll probably shut him down the next day--LOL!! Maybe not, since it was her idea? Much better than going after the barely legal Skye. BTW, just another example of how we all know that girls are the ones really in control--LOL.

This was the Thor ep and was pretty good, probably need to rewatch to get all the goodies out of it. The shaft/spear was a great tie in. This was in the movie too according to my son. I'm wondering if the long term effects of holding the spear is something that encouraged May to invite Ward in??


Anonymous said...

AH--missed the last ep and it's not yet on my ONDemand. At least the actor playing Valerie is 33 not 21(like Shield girl)--but yea they need to hit the magic formula to get eyeballs. BTW, I must not know the magic formula as evidenced by my not watching Sleepy anymore and it being a hit--lol.
Viewership went from 9.1M to 6.7M Sunday to Monday--I really don't know if that's bad or normal or even good--lol. I think Shields last numbers were about 6.7M, but started at 12.1M. Sleepy's last number was about 7.1M, started at 10.1M--all per wiki sites.

Wow, TV is a hard game/business, to me such small numbers vs 330M in USA.

Mike V. said...

Whew...rough night of TV watching last night. took over 2 hours to get my son to sleep and then when I started watching SHIELD later on, he woke up! lol No fear, I finished it this morning.

SHIELD: It was a decent episode. I had the same thoughts that they were still having effects from holding the staff which led to the hotel room scenario. I still haven't seen Thor, but I'm glad they did it in a way where it really wasn't necessary to have seen it. But, maybe you would've viewed the episode differently if you did. But come know TPTB are putting Ward and Skye on the "shipper" path. lol Now they both had their little fun on the side so they're even. As for barely legal...yeah, it's kinda how I feel about Kenex having the hots for Minka Kelly on Almost Human (don't know her character's name yet...but I just remember her from Friday Night Lights and she was just in college a few years ago on that show! lol) Meanwhile...Karl Urban has battled Klingons, Orcs, Jason Bourne, etc....he's earned his stripes! tough sell for me right now.

SOA - Obviously, I didn't see it...but I heard there was a SHOCKER. And based on who they're interviewing on ew...I'm not happy that I can't keep up with this show in real time! But, maybe it's not what I think. lol

Mike V. said...

Richard, funny I was just writing about that AH thing before I even saw your post. Funny that she's 33...I still see her as that 18 year old that cheated on paralyzed Street with Tim Riggins! lol (If you guys haven't seen FNL...seriously...WATCH IT!!!)

Yeah ratings are not great for either series right now. I think FOX was definitely expecting more with Almost Human. SHIELD...the only reason it got a full season pick-up was for its massive ratings for the premiere (Which I thought was 14 million actually). I'm not so sure it will get a season 2. Almost Human is competing against football like you said which could be tough.

As for the TV game...there are so many factors that have led to the decrease in ratings across the board. There are many more channels, services (netflix/amazon) and options than there were even 10 years ago. So, the audience is getting spread into niche crowds. Shockingly AMC is getting huge "bigger than network now" ratings for The Walking Dead. It just makes no sense. But, averaging 10 million these days is considered a success for networks I would long as they're hitting the 18-39 Demo with a 3.0 or higher. (I have no idea what that represents, I just know 3.0 is good lol) And then there's the DVR factor. Usage has just increased every year. People are not watching LIVE. Especially younger audiences IN those key demos. And the fact that there are so many shows on at the same time that people want to adds to MORE DVR usage. And then there's the binge watching crowd. Those that'll wait for a season to appear on Netflix or DVD and watch it and then pick up LIVE the next season. This has been working for AMC shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. I think even AMC shows like Scandal (worked for me!)

But yeah..the game is getting even tougher and the Nielsen system is still outdated. Sure, they have the DVR + 7 numbers. And they may consider purchased episodes from iTunes or Amazon these days. Or maybe they're even considering people catching up on Netflix. But many factors, you never know if a show will get renewed.

Anonymous said...

Shield--I said a while ago I don't think the Ward/Skye thing will work even though the series runners were trying to make it work. For example, recently they've been pushing him as her mentor/SO and she's been making friends more with the geeks. It's just not cool anymore having a subordinate/supervisor work related love afair--of course it could happen. But to me with May and Ward being more on the same level, it could be a better fit.

Being May's boyfriend could prove challenging too with lots of issues--LOL.

I think the ending scene with Coulson on the beach is supposed to be a clue to something larger, but not sure I got it.


Mike V. said...


Oh I know what you're saying and agree. But, I don't think the show has necessarily taken those notes yet. If anything they have shown that Skye DEFINITELY has a thing for Ward now.

As for the last scene...I meant to mention something about that. They have really not progressed that Coulson thing since the pilot episode. They basically just keep repeating the same information in a different way every week. So, now we know he has dreams of Tahiti and how it's a magical place. We already knew that Tahiti probably didn't REALLY happen. There must not be much to advance there...and it can only disappoint when they reveal. Especially if he's a Life Model Decoy (LMD) like everyone already suspects.

Mike V. said...

Some ABC scheduling shifts for anyone interested. (Wonderland, Revenge, Nasvhille impacted)

MJ said...

Been swamped this am. Almost didn't watch SOA last night as got a late start watching
tv last night and husband wanted Shield, had to watch Supernatural. But - it's off
next week then only 2 eps left. Still feels like series ending type of year. LOL
Don't read my SOA comments til you have watched, but you are probably not wrong with
what you may be thinking. LOL No that shocking - but good tv for sure.

SOA - Gaelen is finally gone. But so is Clay ! Holy crap - that was some huge hole in his
neck. But they also killed a cop - which can't be good. I was half convinced Roosevelt
(sherriff) was gonna die though. And stupid Jax hasn't told Tara
that he's gotten her out from under going to jail so now she's gonna do something
stupid - maybe ! Like that Gemma was kinda conflicted about Clay - she talked like she
was glad, but could not stop crying. LOL on Nero's reaction to Tara when she finally
spilled all that Clay has done. After giving Ron Perlman that great thing last week
to get tossed into psych I should not be surprised that he's gone - but this show has
resisted more than most the killing of fan faves and major characters. And I do
believe that Unser is the only one who can get away with telling Gemma off - he does
it so well. Still got the chinese to deal with though. And I don't think the Irish
Kings will deal with Marks and the blacks. Tig - 'why are we pink?' - too
funny. Reminded me of Resevoir Dogs. How is Gemma assuming that Abel will find out that
Wendy is his mom? Jax has been adamant that Wendy will have no part in their lives, so
even if Tara is gone I don't see Wendy coming back in. Nero had a good line too - when
Gemma says he can marry her and he says I see what happens to your husbands.

Shield - can only guess at some of what was spoilerish for the movie - but I was
ok with that. The actor who played the Asgardian - he's been in so many shows -
it surprised me he was alien. Ward's back story was kinda sad though. But Coulsen
just reaching into this guys chest was pretty nasty! Funny cause I feel like May
is picking below her decade ! Skye is like mid 20's and Ward prob late 20's early 30's.
But tv ALWAYS had these old dudes with totally hot chicks. LOL Think Minka has to be
at least late 20's - she's a cop afterall so not just out of high school. I know her
from Parenthood

Mike - thanks for the 411 on shifting shows.

Castle - Ethan ! that's it.

BB - meant to post the link ! Duh !

Mike V. said...

SOA - I think I really got spoiled. I was reading some Person of Interest spoilers on EW because I thought it was so blatantly obvious what they were hinting at with their spoiler warnings. So I was reading the comments and some idiot spoiled SOA. But, whatever...I always said I thought that would happen in the penultimate season anyway. :-) lol But, I'll wait to see if I'm right for sure! Didn't read your comment.

SHIELD/AH/FNL/Parenthood - Yep, always dating the younger hot girls. Even Evangeline Lily was 26 when LOST started and Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway were both in their mid 30s. lol

As for Minka Kelly..funny that she was in parenthood. That's a Jason Katims show...his show right before Parenthood just happened to be Friday Night Lights! If that isn't any indication that you'd enjoy FNL, it should be! lol

BB - Thanks for the link! I'll email it to myself to watch at home. :-)

Mike V. said...

SOA - I can read all the spoilers I want, nothing would've prepared me for that craziness! The one I heard about was Clay. But once Galen was out of the picture, the writing was kind of on the wall for Clay. That was always the reason they kept him alive. I remember saying back in season 4 that it was too early to kill Clay and that he probably wouldn't die until the penultimate season at the earliest. Crazy. I forget when Claudius dies in Hamlet. (since this is Hamlet on Motorcycles) I do know Ophelia kills herself, so we'll see if Tara does....seems like she's heading into a no win situation. lol Still trying to figure out who Laertes would be in this world since that's who Hamlet fights at the end. I'm really trying to figure out what their conflict will really be in the final season. Turning the club legit? Jax vs. his Mother? Finding out the WHOLE truth about his father? I do remember the 5th act of Hamlet being "cray craaaaaay!" lol But, nothing says this is all going to play out exactly like that.

Anyway the episode was really good. Loved all the stuff you mentioned with Nero. Does Jax really have Tara off the hook? The papers are signed, but the deal didn't go down as whatserface wanted, so she said the deal is basically off.

I do wonder if Tara really will turn in that bullet though now that Jax has apologized. lol We shall 2 weeks. 2 more eps then back to 60 minute episodes for the final season, right? yeah right Kurt!! lol

mj said...

Soa - lol doubt they will get him back to 60 min eps. All interesting with Hamlet - but think they will diverge. Agree - what will be next yrs conflict? Prob still some irish clean up. I don't think Tara dies this year - so sure to be drama there. Maybe someWendy too since Gemma seems willing to let her see Abel and Jax never agreed to that

Mike V. said...

SOA - No I don't think so either with the 60 minutes! I agree, they will probably diverge. Of course, Hamlet is a tragedy and he certainly dies in the end. I don't know if Jax can avoid that fate, but I guess we'll see! Of course, it's getting kind of old trying to predict if an Anti-hero will die or not die in the end. lol We'll just find out when we find out and be happy or mad about it!

As for next year's conflict, yeah they're all probably stories that will be at play. I don't think Tara will die this season either. Maybe just SOA vs. Law Enforcement one last time. And yeah, I guess there could still be some issues with the Irish. Guess we have to see how this season ends before we can really speculate. :)

BTW, have you watched Homeland yet? We still haven't gotten to it. lol We did watch last week's Scandal though...

SCANDAL - Totally called the mother being alive!! lol (Not on the blog but to my wife) But Fitz's dad raping Mellie and fathering one of his children? Yeah....didn't see that coming...well, I started speculating after the whole rape scene. That show is just so SCANDALOUS!!

Mike V. said...

SOA - Just brushed up on my Hamlet Act V. Definitely will have to diverge since Claudius (Clay) was in the final scene. He orchestrated a sword fight between Hamlet and Laertes and the tips were poisoned. But he also offered Hamlet wine which was also poisoned. Gertrude, his mother (i.e. Gemma), drank the wine in salute to her son and collapsed in the middle of the fight. Hamlet then stabs claudius with the envenomed sword and forces him to drink the wine. Hamlet dies while restoring order to the kingdom and handing the key over to his best friend Horatio (Opie...we think, maybe Nero now).

I can see them borrowing from that. Jax still killed Clay, just not in the same order. I could see Jax finally getting his club into a clean business, but maybe Nero will be the one in charge as he will get himself killed in the process. The only thing is...Clay won't be around to cause Jax's that will definitely diverge!

Anyway, I think I'm looking too much into it anyway (just for fun of course). I'm sure Hamlet was used to loosely base his characters on at the start. But then the show took on a life of its own, as it should.

Mike V. said...

SOA - Can't stop talking about Hamlet! lol Perlman brought it up in his interview, but he totally messed up and said Claudius dies before Act V. And then the interviewer agreed with him!! lol He got called out in the comments though. But they do get into some of the Hamlet discussion in the interview:

Sutter's interview too:

Anonymous said...

AH--just finished second ep. Pretty good. There was certainly a lot about droids and humans and emotions.

The Stahl vs Kennex age difference isn't as much as many others, she's 33--maybe I can just see the wrinkles too--LOL. Skye is 21 btw. But, they weren't just hinting at the relationship--the droid was trying to make it happen---lol. Kind of crazy having a droid matchmaker for 2 humans. And trying to make him more human than Kennex.

What's going to be weird is if the droid starts having a girlfriend, which was hinted at as they killed the black female bot.


Mike V. said...

AH - Yeah...maybe that's intentional that Dorian is showing a more human side than Kenex. Maybe that's why they're both "almost human" lol But yeah they certainly were hinting that he had the ability for a romantic attraction. We shall see.

Sleepy Hollow - Almost caught up. One more episode left that I might get to today, if not I'll watch both this one and the new one before next Tuesday's discussion opportunity! lol They just captured the horseman at the end of the one I watched. Crane stumbling upon online "naughty" chatting was pretty funny. As was his lecture to the museum folks about Paul Revere's Midnight Ride. lol

Still have to watch AHS from this week (which I think the cover of EW spoiled for me, not that I care lol), and still Homeland from last Sunday. And of course Scandal from last night. Also falling behind on comedies. Just watched LAST week's BBT and 2 Parks and Recs, but didn't get to last night's. Whew. Parker needs to remember how to sleep! lol

MJ said...

Scandal - If I worked for Olivia Pope and I was in the situation that Quinn is in then
how do you not run straight to your co-workers when you are in her situation and ask
for their help? Duh! But that was scary good to see Huck sitting there waiting with
his 'toys' for her to get home. So how did Olivia's mom know where she lives?
LOL - just saying. And gnawing thru your own wrist ? Yikes. Cy never fails to amaze -
now he's pimping out his husband? LOL I so wanted him to actually screw the VP's
husband - but I don't think they did. Think james just did fake pics to mess with Cy.
Love that Eli wanted to move Maya out of country since Oliva was looking into her death
- least he knows how good Olivia is. I suppose it says something about Josie that
she took the fall for her daughter/sister, but does this mean the end of any storyline
for Harrison? And just when he finally had some sex too. So what - Maya did
something bad and had to fake her death rather then go to jail? Or some terrorist
organization is after her (or the mob) and she had to fake her death or be assasinated ?
I continue to feel sorry for Mellie. Bad enough that secretary could not get Fitz
to take a call from his wife - but then to have her check Olivia too ! Has to hurt.

AHS - that's some threesome - a girl and two zombies. LOL Kinda sad to see him
recognize who's body parts he has though. Queenie is going to the dark side, Delphine
LaLauarie def deserves whatever she gets, but why would the voodoo chick ?LaVeau?
do the very same thing that Delphine did back in the day (meaning brushing blood
on yourself). They killed the butler - but will he really stay dead ? No one else
has ! The truth spell on the tongue was hysterical. But Delia's husband sure know
to arm himself ! But I found it confusing that Axeman has been watching Fiona
all her life ? What ??

Boardwalk - this season is still so sluggish ! Did not see the twist with Gillian
being with a Pinkerton man and getting arrested though. Lou Gossett jr looking
rough these days.

**just saw you have not watched this weeks Homeland - so don't read my comment Mike

Homeland - getting better. Was shocked to see that Saul knew where Brody was ! The
actor looks like he really lost some weight again for this role. I know they put big
clothes on them but he still looks gaunt. And Carrie going against orders again - in
the real world she'd have been fired so long ago. LOL But ?Quinn? shot her ! I now
just a shoulder wound but damn. i'm not trusting that Dar Hadal - or whatever his
name is. And Saul's wife should just leave already !

SOA - yeah saw both interviews and the comments too. LOL

AH - Kenex was great with that kid. And i want that toy giraffe too !

mj said...

Just read syfy released new sched for Lost Girl, Being Human. New show Helix by BSG guy starts jan 10. Bitten starts jan 13.

Mike V. said...

Well that's just a whole lot of stuff that I can't read yet!! lol I heard Boardwalk hasn't been too exciting. I've only watched like 2 episodes. Maybe I'll watch them after I'm caught up on Sleepy.

mj said...

Sleepy d4f better than boardwalk. Think boardwalk finale this weekend. Boardwalk has been all putting pieces in right place but slowly

mj said...

Def. Sigh. not d4f