Monday, November 11, 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 4 Episode 5 - Internment

Hello fellow avid watchers of the Zombie Apocalypse. Welcome back to another discussion of The Walking Dead.  I know this is a bold statement, but this may be the best or one of the best episodes they've ever done.  I don't remember the imminent fear or suspense of everything going on being so strong in the recent past, and maybe not even this much in the first season.  The focused plot and the pacing of the episode was near perfect.  I can't tell you how many times I thought Hershel was going down!  So, given my high praise, it would be hard for me not to reward this episode of The Walking Dead with my "WOW!!" seal of approval.  Really liking this season, and can't wait to see what's next.  But, until then we have an episode to dissect!

Discussion Points

No sense delaying the biggest reveal of the episode.  The Governor has returned!  Or maybe he has never left.  I could add more from the previews and sneak peak on Talking Dead, but I won't.  From what they showed us, they basically just let us know that he's still in the picture.  It's up to us to speculate how involved he is with what has been going on at the prison.  (the rats?  Seemed like an inside job, so who knows?)   But, with the fence down now, and the sickness about to be under control, time to start tackling the next problem! 

But, the main focus of this episode was dealing with the sick residents of the prison, Rick's return sans Carol, and trying to keep that fence up.
  • We debated for awhile last week what Rick was going to tell everyone.  I liked the solution of the show.  Honesty.  But, he only told Maggie and Hershel to start.  He probably played the odds that they would support his cause.  And with Hershel being the "humanitarian" of the cast for now, he definitely would not support Carol's approach to dealing with things.  I like at the end of the episode how Daryl was looking for Carol, and Hershel told him to go see Rick.  And also how Rick delayed having to tell Daryl by going for a stroll with his son.  Rick did tell the story in a way that seemed to give Carol a positive outlook.  He made it sound like he was doing Carol a favor, since Tyreese would be seeking revenge.  He also provided her with a car and supplies, so that was a plus to his story too.  
  • So, I know we've been all thinking Hershel was going to kick it soon (well, a lot of us have been expecting it at least).  But, then they had to go and make Hershel a badass!  This episode made it worth all of the pontificating he's had to do for 2 years to lead up to it.  He maintained his strength for the sick residents.  When one died, he'd do what it took to ensure the dead did not return AWAY from everyone's line of sight.  He was all about maintaining some semblance of humanity for everyone.  Of course, Dr. S. warned him that it's going to get bad quickly.  And it did.  They did such a great setup with people dying in different sections of the quarantine and turning.  Hershel was conflicted with trying to skewer one of the dead's brain while leaving another one dead in their cell.  Then there was the guy that said his son was sleeping, but he really was dead.  Then there was the guy that very sick Glenn was with who died and turned on him.   Yikes, it was nuts!  But, Hershel, Lizzie, Glenn and Sasha found a way to survive the whole mess, thanks to a sacrifice Rick made in letting Maggie break the quarantine and help out.  Awesome setup, awesome execution.  In Gimple we trust! 
  • Rick and Maggie were trying to brace the fence with sawed off logs, which according to the Mythbusters dude on Talking Dead was a bad strategy.   I have to think that the Governor has been helping with luring these herds of walkers to the prison grounds.  I'm sure the rats helped, and maybe someone on the inside was helping ol' Phillip.  We'll find out I'm sure.  But anyway, they heard the gunshots and Rick sent Maggie on her way.  Rick recruited Carl to help with the rest.  They had some great father/son bonding moments as one of the logs broke like a twig under the massive force of a LOT of walkers.  The fence collapsed and it was time to run.   They went through their options, but it ended up being time for Rick to teach Carl how to use their high tech automatic weaponry.  So, they upped the ante on their father/son bonding to a new level as they took out 100s of walkers together and then pierced their heads with some crowbars or something like that for good measure afterwards.  Temporary problem solved, but the fence is down!  It's not safe anymore!  
  • No more safety, being a theme that Rick brought up to Hershel as well.  They all lived under the illusion that they could make this new civilization work.  But, they were kidding themselves.  They got past the sickness, they stopped the onslaught at the fence, but things will not be the same.  And Rick is probably starting to understand that he'll need to resume his leadership role.  But, time will tell on that. 
  • So, was anyone else getting a creepy vibe every time Carl ran out of that corner of where the non sick children were being quarantined?  He said he did not use his gun, and maybe we should believe that at face value.  But the fact that we didn't see where he was coming from and the way he ran in from out of nowhere, it was a little creepy.  My mind started wandering to some dark places thinking of what Carl is capable of and the limits that this show is not afraid to go to.  So, I guess we'll see if there's any merit to that. 
  • There has to be a reason, also, why they keep building up this Lizzie character.  I thought she was going to start using Carol's advice in this episode with Henry that turned walker.  But, instead she thought the walker was still human and tried to lure him away from Glenn.  She was successful in getting it away from Glenn, but she also almost got herself killed because of her beliefs in these walkers.  At the end of the episode, we see her rubbing her boot in either Henry or Glenn's blood which was very bizarre.  Not really sure where they're going with her character, but I'm sure we'll see! 
I'm sure there's more to discuss as always, but we can tackle that in the comments!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you next week!   


Leslie said...

No kidding, WOW!! That was one intense episode! I thought Hershel was going down several times, too, but as Daryl said, he’s one tough SOB! Not sure how to spell it the way Daryl said it. lol They even said in Talking Dead that Scott Wilson did his own stunts. Great job! Loved it when Hershel suggested spaghetti Tuesdays and Wednesdays! lol

I was wondering what Lizzie’s plan was luring that walker. We didn’t find out for sure since she tripped. Yeah, she got it away from Glenn, but they are contained in that cell block, so it’s not like she could go very far. It was creepy when she put her foot in the blood.

That walker on the roadside that dogs were feeding on was kinda gross!

Rick and Carl were going to town on those walkers! Loved the comment on TD that it was a classic Cats in the Cradle moment! lol I wondered about Carl, too, coming when Rick called. They didn’t show anybody on that side in the episode, of course, there was a lot going on with everyone else!

I’m glad Rick didn’t try to lie about Carol, but he knows Daryl will be his biggest problem, so good job in avoiding that as long as he could. On TD, they had a point that they will probably be too busy dealing with whatever the Governor has planned to do anything about Carol at the moment. I wonder if Carol might end up coming to their rescue and get back in with group that way.

Side note to Mike – Isn’t Parker getting ready to be 2 at the end of December? I remember I watched the first season and half of the second season to the winter break between Christmas and New Year’s a couple of years ago and posted something about you being on baby watch then. And now, you guys are expecting again! Another WOW!!! lol

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah...that would be "SOMBEACH!" lol See, if you listened to country music you'd know the song. Blake Shelton complains about his day and turns the chorus into "SOM...BEACH....Some..where.." wishing that's where he was instead of stuck in traffic lol

But's a mash-up of the 3 words into some version of that. And yeah...Hershel is awesome. I loved how he said "hell yeaah" to go with Michonne at the end of the episode. lol

Yeah...roadside walker was pretty rough, agreed!

Yeah...really could go either way with Carl. Maybe he was just hiding out back there, but I will always think that kid has some shady plan going on!

I agree, their next problem will be upon them before they can fully deal with Carol's departure. But, there might be some conflict brewing with Rick and Daryl, and Tyreese too.

Yeah...I feel like we haven't seen the last of Carol. But how she is incorporated back in is anyone's guess. I wouldn't be surprised if you're right!

Sidenote: Yep, Parker will be 2 at the end of December. So, they'll be almost 2.5 years apart. Not too bad. lol That's funny that the birth of my children are so closely associated to discussions around The Walking Dead! :-) lol I think I posted the Parker announcement in August before he was born. I combined it with the Fall TV preview as any good parent should! :)

MJ said...

Between Hershel and Glenn I was a nervous wreck. LOL Then I thought Maggie was gonna get bit or have to gank Glenn cause he turned. Yikes. I saw the sneak peak on Talking Dead but also won't comment. We all knew he was returning - and between Michonne deciding to stop hunting him and sweeps month coming - well it was inevitable it would be soon. LOL Rat feeder had to be inside when he fed them at least so kinda a stretch to think someone was climbing the fence, feeding the rats from the inside, then climbing back out and going to the Gov camp ?!? But we'll see. But Lizzie - playing witht hte blood and goo with her shoe? That girl is so not right in the head. Still say too obvious to make her the rat feeder so think it's not her. Can't decide if I think the Gov is hekping bring the horde to the prison - we certainly saw a very large herd by where they got the drugs ! So there are walkers hording without any help afterall. Loved all the talk on Talking Dead over the Andy Willims/Opie feel of the pea pods. I'm surprised it's taken them this long to show dogs and cats and such. And will these dogs get infected by eating zombie flesh - like the birds in the Mila Jojovich movies ?? With Carl - I always feel he's ready to spring into action as soon as dad lets ! LOL

What did I miss ? You and your wife are expecting again ? Congrats ! I think I must have missed you saying it.

Mike V. said...

MJ - Just got to this week's weekly discussion post and you'll get up to speed. :-) and thanks! lol

Yeah, definitely a nerve wracking episode! Maybe my beliefs are too strong that Glenn and Maggie are super safe right now. lol I never feared for him in that situation. But Hershel, every second of that episode I feared for him! Yeah...if the Governor is behind the rat feeding, then it has to be an inside job. Someone residing with Rick and Co. Hmm...don't know about the dogs/cats eating zombie flesh. Are you referring to Resident Evil movies?? lol I've never seen any, but I know that's the only thing she's really been in since The 5th Element!

Yeah...Carl definitely is ready to spring into action when his Dad lets him, but I dunno...I just got a weird/shady vibe from those scenes. But, it could be nothing. lol

Leslie said...

MJ - Forgot about the pea pods discussion - too funny - but it's Andy Griffith, not Andy Williams! lol I knew what you meant!

mj said...

Yes -Resident Evil.

Lol on andy williams vs andy griffith.