Thursday, November 21, 2013

Revolution: Season 2 Episode 9 - Everyone Says I Love You

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Revolution!  Well, we finally got some answers!  Sort of.  If anything, we validated your favorite blogger's opinion of what was going on.  (is that a sly way of saying "I told you so" to stuff we all probably assumed?  Probably.)  I'm sure I'm sounding like a broken record by saying this show has been on a roll.  It definitely continued this week in what MAY have been the mid-season finale.  NBC didn't promote it as such last night, but they also didn't show any previews for upcoming weeks.  (Note: IMDB still has an episode slated for 12/12, but that could change I'm sure)  Anyway, let's dive into our discussion points from this week!

Discussion Points
  • Well, the title of the show is certainly true.  I think pretty much every character pairing had an "I Love You" moment in the episode.  Even Monroe came back for Charlie (ewww, gross don't go there right?  Then why did the show make me think THEY might go there!?).   We got a flashback to when Rachel and Miles were having their affair behind Ben's back.  6 years before the blackout, Miles was shipping off to the army or whatever armed forces he joined.  He did the noble thing by telling Rachel he didn't love her and that Ben was the better man for her.  He told her to have kids.  All things she did.  By the end of the episode when Miles is apparently dying from infection, he tells Rachel he always loved her and he should've never let her go.  It was always her.   We'll talk more about Miles in a second.   But, then there was the Cynthia/Aaron moment right before she was shot (which we'll also discuss more).   There was the Rachel/Charlie moment where they both said I Love You to each other expecting the worst.  And of course, even Tom Neville's wife, back from the "dead" and remarried to Ted Beneke, told him that she loved him.   I guess when you have that kind of public displays of affection in an episode, it's very fitting to name the episode that! 
  • So Neville's wife is alive!  We found out that house we saw her in during the bombings was a friend of hers outside of Atlanta.  She wasn't there when the blast hit.  The details of her marriage are sketchy at best, but she apparently did what she did to stay alive, and Tom was apparently okay with this (since he still got to have his action on the side with her anyway!).  Okay, kidding.  He's not fine, but wifey has a big plan to get what they always wanted.  Power?  Have we ever known what her intentions were?  Her behavior made it seem like she was always the mastermind behind Tom Neville's actions.  Anyway, she put a halt to his path to killing the President at the White House.  She wants him to keep his current position and she's going to maintain her cover being married to this seemingly powerful gentleman without a name.  But, he'll always be Ted Beneke from Breaking Bad to us!  And not much to add in this department except Jason did get to see his mother was alive too, but was quickly brought up to speed on a new plan in motion.   Maybe this story will get a little more interesting now!
  • In Texas the mission was all about saving Aaron.  Rescuing Gene was put on hold much to Rachel's chagrin.  She wanted to tell him how she really felt about him before it was too late.  (Hmm, another "I Love You" perhaps?)  Their last conversation didn't go down well.  We've been predicting Gene's demise since episode 2 this season, so I still have a bad feeling about this! 
  • Mile recruited Monroe for some help in rescuing Aaron and Cynthia.  Okay, they have to stop calling him Stay Puft.  Hurley will always be Stay Puft thanks to Sawyer's fantastical nicknaming!  Anyway, he recruited Monroe in exchange for helping him find his son.  Monroe was reluctant but definitely did help them in the end.  After all, "he's Batman".   I wonder if that was a sly nod to his venture as The Cape?  
  • The journey to rescuing Aaron came with some pretty interesting consequences all due to the nano-tech, which we'll discuss all in one shot.  Knocked out bodies, healed knife wounds, flaming Patriots (and yes, I realize that could be taken a different way.  Clean up your minds people!), etc...  Loved Miles comment that he's not all into this X-Files stuff.  Of course, he probably wouldn't have minded getting healed by Aaron's minions of nanites ready and willing to do his bidding.  By the end of the episode, it's not looking good for Miles.  In fact, it appeared like he died right after he told Rachel he loved her.   Now, us as TV aficionados know better than that, right?  They won't kill off Miles! There's no way.  So, it's really just a cliffhanger to keep us coming back.
  • But while everyone is working on rescuing Aaron, Aaron and Cynthia are hiding out in a high school with some kid he went to grade school with.  Of course, Cynthia can't see him, but encourages Aaron to talk to him.  She still is that woman of faith to Aaron's man of science.  Anyway, both win out as we find out what we assumed, this kid is visually representing the nano-tech.  And here is where we confirm exactly what's going on.  Ever since The Tower, the world went crazy.  Lightning struck all around, Aaron feared that he was going to destroy the world, the people of level 12 warned of restoring power.  And something did happen that day.  They WOKE UP the nano-tech.  Well, Aaron did more specifically.  He gave them some kind of human-like quality where they feel like they owe a debt of gratitude to their creator.  Somehow they can read what Aaron is thinking and react to it.  So, he was thinking he wanted to kill Patriots, and Patriots would light up on fire.  He didn't want to die, the nano-tech restored him.  They healed Cynthia for the same reason.  But, Aaron didn't want the nano-tech's thanks.  He wanted to be left alone.  He didn't want to be a freak.  Naturally, this was very bad timing for this to happen.   Aaron was left to face a dying Dr. Horn who wanted his brain tumor to be removed/cured.  He threatened to kill Cynthia, and then followed through with it.  The nano-kid returned and Aaron's first thought was to kill Horn and all of the Patriots instead of heal Cynthia.  The nano-tech was confused about the conflicting directions from Aaron and decided to leave, but not after burning ALL of the Patriots, at least on the high school grounds.  YIKES!
  • So many questions.  Did this end the Willoghby conflict?  Did Aaron kill ALL of the Patriots or just in the school?  I'm going to guess just the school since we didn't see Truman perish, and they still have to go after Gene.   Did this officially end Aaron's command over the nano-tech?  I assumed that Aaron would heal Miles, but it looks like he won't be able to do that now.  Oh and by the way, RIP Cynthia.  Was just starting to like her.  Also, what was up with the dead rats and the unconscious Patriots?  At first I was thinking the nano-tech absorbed power from the rats to restore Aaron.  Maybe that's still true.  But were the Patriots knocked out to restore Cynthia?  Or was it just a command from Aaron's mind to get them out of there?  If the latter is true, then did Aaron wish 1000 rats were killed?   Maybe absorbing powers from rats and crows (they showed one on the ground next to the Patriots) kills them, but humans are just knocked out?    
  • The biggest lead to where the story is going was the suggestion that Aaron needs to go to Spring City, Oklahoma.  After all, they do have the 2nd biggest ball of yarn in the world.  Why does he need to go there?  Who knows?  Maybe the Nano-Tech have created some kind of virtual civilization there.  Maybe there's someone there that has more intel on the situation.   It's anyone's guess.  But, I'm just going to assume we're going there after this Texas disaster wraps up.   Maybe we'll find out that's where Monroe's son is, and when Aaron finds out Monroe is going there, it will trigger him remembering what the kid said to him and realize there is some connection there.  Lots of possibilities, I guess! 
But for now, that's about all I have!  Great season so far.  Not sure when we'll be back for more, but I'll look forward to it.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you when I see you!  


Anonymous said...

1. I liked this ep very much but the interaction with AAron and the boy became extremely weak toward the end of the ep and it made me say to myself, really????
2. He did say that he wanted them dead, all of them dead--so it does make you wonder if they killed those beyond the school yard.
3. Well, I was right--Truman or Horn one had to go--but as per 2 above, maybe both.
4. Gene may very well still be alive now that Horn is gone and even maybe Truman. I can see an ep coming up where Gene stays behind in Willougbhy while the group heads off to OK. Of course, he could be dead too--lol.
5. Miles's condition is going to play a part in the upcoming eps and as part of why they go to OK--The nannites are there and they can heal. I wonder if they'll take Cynthia too? BTW, this storyline about his arm being very bad off and him not telling Rachel is kind of stupid. Just think about all the useless dialog they've had--lol. Anyone in the armed services knows and has been trained to take care of your body as a prime goal. There's a reason you're required to bring extra socks for example.
6. Yea, Charlie's starting to like Monroe--lol. Whatever happened to boy toy?
7. Aaron loosing it at the end was necessary for the end as was the illogical response of the nanotech. So, the nanotech is all good with him not understanding it and being upset with people "fired up" the entire season--but now since he told them to go away and then come back again they chose to just go away--sounds like a soap opera vs logic. Which makes me think the nanotech is being portrayed as having feelings and that it "loves" Aaron. Kind of like droids having feelings--where have we heard that before--LOL. Another "goal march" for our group, this time to OK to find out "the truth/more" and get people fixed. Timing kind of makes sense if this is the mid season finale(I hate those btw--to reset things. I think we'll see that boy again.
8. Horn is gone and he could have been a part of a great storyline. Just goes to show you that almost anyone is up for being killed off of the show. Oh wait, did I just hear someone volunteer Charlie to be killed off--LOL.
9.Neville's wife showing up on the train was a surprise and gives legs to this storyline. I'm beginning to wonder if our gang will go East to join Neville while we were thinking Neville would head West?
10. Does anyone remember how long Aaron was dead? Was it 3 hours? I'm wondering how long someone can be dead before the nanotech can resurrect.


Mike V. said...


1.) was a little bizarre. The kid reminded me of the kid from Liar Liar (and not in a good way lol)
2.) Yeah...that's kinda what I was thinking too. But, usually if you don't see a main character die, they're not dead. So, I'm thinking Truman and some patriots are still alive.
3.) I really thought Horn would be around longer. Truman could be on his way out soon enough.
4.) Same concept as above. We didn't see Gene die, so he's probably not yet. But, I do think he won't go to OK with them as well.
5.) I like that theory about the motivation to go to Spring City. And agree it was silly for him not to tell Rachel about it.
6.) I was wondering what happened to Man Candy this episode as well. lol Maybe they'll run into him enroute to Spring City.
7.) Droids with feelings? Well, we first heard about it in Star Wars (I'm sure MJ will tell me that's not true. lol)....but yes Almost Human now. :-) But yeah...the nano-tech "woke up" with whatever Aaron did, so I think that does suggest they've been "humanized" a bit. How? I doubt we'll get into those specifics. lol You hate mid-season finales? I really don't mind them, especially with recapping. lol But, it's better than having intermitten reruns here and there. You get back to back episodes and usually a complete storyline. It's definitely becoming more common to compete with the cable model. Though, with Revolution, I'm a little worried they did a mid-season finale early for ratings concerns. Of course, if they were concerned about ratings and wanted to burn the show off...they'd air through December. lol
8.) Yes, anyone can be killed except your core characters of Miles, Rachel, Tom, Aaron and you guessed it Charlie! Probably Jason too, but I'd say he's the most expendable of the season 1 series regular characters. I actually thought Charlie was better this episode than even earlier this season. I think they've just resorted to making her look good and not talk or wince as much. lol
9.) Heading East? Maybe...but where does Oklahoma come into it then? Maybe the gang splits up?
10.) Aaron was dead for like 2 hours....unless I'm thinking of Sayid in season 6. lol But it's a good question to how long people can be dead.

Anonymous said...

MIke,btw thanks for the recap.

8. LOL on Charlie looking good, not talking or wincing!!! Just thought of something, Jason vs Monroe over Charlie--LOL or maybe gag.
9. I'm thinking the OK bit won't take too long, but who knows and could split up? Could very well be that everybody heads to OK, ie Neville and his crew as well as our Willoughby gang? I guess my main point is that the wife coming back into play will make the East coast gang have a longer storyline somehow.
10. OK, so that might make it just too unbelievable for a Cynthia reboot. Also, I keep thinking Bonnie will come back into play somehow??

As I was rewatching Firefly eps this weekend it occurred to me that this might be REvolution's last season. Do we know if there's the rest of this season for sure, that is complete rest of season? This show is just finally hitting it's stride. Last week I think it had 5.2M viewers, don't know if that's enough.

But, interest can't be too good, I mean the lack of comments here is discouraging too.


Mike V. said...

Richard, no problem! Thanks for your comments as always too.

8.) Yikes...I don't know about it! Something tells me Rachel won't be a big fan of her daughter getting together with her arch-nemesis! lol And it's not a very compelling love triangle I don't think. I don't even think anyone is hoping for a Jason/Charlie pairing at this point...but maybe they will start playing with that again later this season.
9.) Yeah...I think you're right that the East Coast storyline may last longer than we thought. I just assumed everyone would be heading to Texas because that's where they're filming the show. But, they can make Texas look like many different places I'm sure.
10.) Bonnie...who is that? Was that the press lady with the Texas Rangers? I'm sure she'll be back in play eventually...yeah.

I'm pretty sure Revolution got a full season 2 pick-up but I could be wrong. But, I would not be surprised in the least if this is the last season. You have to consider the network it's on though. NBC does not have many shows getting higher than 5.2 Million viewers. And I'm sure it does well in DVR+7 plus digital viewings. And it's the mighty demographic statistic that is the most important. (i.e. NCIS may be the most watched show in the US but the demographic skews older than 18-49)

I wouldn't look too much into lack of comments here. It's not like we're on the LOST blog anymore! That was a phenomenon in itself that the blog got that much attention. This site doesn't get nearly the amount of hits that LOST got. But if you look at popular posts from week to week, Revolution posts are usually up there. But where LOST was getting 1000s of views per week, each post on this blog may get 50-100. lol

MJ said...

Revolution - I knew that kid was not real ! The minute I saw him. Felt like a
mid-season finale. LOl on saying 'Benecke' ! So I guess Tom's wife was out of the
nuclear blast zone? Really? Ok ! LOL And instead of being mad the just jump
eachothers bones ? LOL Jason's face was hysterical. To answer your question -
I always felt her intentions were what would be considered president back in the day
which was Monroe's job. But yeah - she wanted a powerful and important husband.
Good catch - The Cape and Batman, but no ! Will not clean my mind. LOL Yeah - Miles
def not dead. Huh - I just kinda assumed the animals were knocked out like the Pats -
didn't think they were dead. Weird though - Spring City Ok ? really? Guess we'll
see. I'm thinking that just Pats at the school affected for some reason. And the
order was to kill all Pats so assuming Gene still alive otherwise if it was kill
everyone then Miles/Charlie/Rachael/Monroe would be dead too.

My recollection was a full second season as well.

Mike V. said...

MJ - Neville's wife mentioned she was not in the blast. She wasn't even in Atlanta. We saw her in a house and we just assumed she was in Atlanta. But she said Atlanta was going to hell so she left with a friend and wasn't there for the blast.

I assumed it was just the patriots in the school as well. They wouldn't kill Truman off screen.

I forget why I said Clean your minds! lol Ahhh yes..."flaming" patriots. lol good times.

Agree, it definitely felt like a mid-season finale.