Monday, November 25, 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 4 Episode 7 - Dead Weight (Discussion)

Hello Walking Dead fans!  I'm sure this was another great episode of season 4.  Unfortunately, something has come up and I am unable to recap the episode this week.  I will watch it eventually, but I thought I would still post this to give everyone a chance to discuss.  I'll catch up in the comments.  I apologize and will try to make up for it in the mid-season finale next week!


MJ said...

No time to read the recap so will just post my thoughts. Will get back later to read what you wrote Mike.

Are they really going to let the Gov kill Michonne or Daryl? With this show you justnever know. But I wouldn't think they'd just take her out with a sniper shot (a la Kate from Ncis many years ago). And I am really dying to find out how Daryl is handling
the Carol news. damnit.

I was a little confused. First when Martinez offers to share some power/authority the
Gov kills him while muttering that he does not want it. So the road is blocked by the quicksand walkers - there's no other road ? Can't go the other way on this road? I don't get why coming upon this road blockage meant they had to go back to camp.

But how creepy was that udner water walker ? Didn't realize that he'd been left alive. LOL that and when Megan's aunt tries to pull that walker away from megan.

And all the heads at the cabin was def to remind us all that the Gov kept his
heads once.

So I guess our guesses that the gov had someone on the inside feeding the walkers to
cause the fence to weaken can be forgotten? He wouldn't weaken the place if he wanted
to keep it for himself would he ??

Mike V. said...

Well considering I didn't write anything you won't have much to read later! But thanks for doing a recap for me this week. :) I haven't seen the ep yet and probably won't for awhile so I'll catch up later!

mj said...

Too too funny. I was just trying to open it when I actually read what you wrote.

Hope nothing bad going on?

Mike V. said...

Well nothing great but I won't bore you with it here! Some family stuff we had to travel out of town for. I'll be home Tuesday night to start catching up! Thanks for asking!

Leslie said...

The Governor is back! Didn’t figure he would be able to let Martinez be in charge. I didn’t totally get why he was muttering that he didn’t want it either, unless it was that the only reason he wanted it was to protect his new family, and he knows all that came with a huge price before. What a way for Martinez to go!

When he threw that one dead guy in the lake, I remember wondering why he hadn’t turned, but I guess he did under water and is now chained up under there! So, walkers can’t drown??? Guess not, if they are already dead, huh?

Don’t think Gov will take anyone out right then. Too risky being by himself at that point. MJ, Good analogy with Kate….what a shocker when that happened!

I’m wondering about Daryl and Carol, too, but I guess we’ll get some answers next week. Can’t believe that will be the mid-season finale already!

mj said...

I agree - how can we be at the mid-season ??

Yes - Kates death on ncis was one of the most shocking on tv I think.

Yeah I guess he was not wanting to be in charge at first, trying not to become who he used to be again. What I didn't get was he had decided to leave, packs them all up, runs into the quicksand walkers so just goes back to camp? Just find another road!

Leslie said...

MJ - Yep, I thought the same thing!