Monday, November 25, 2013

TV Discussion: Week of 11/24/2013 - 11/30/2013

Hello TV Addicts! Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


mj said...

No Boardwalk last night - watched Pats/Broncos instead. Trying to avoid getting spoiled as I heard was a shocker

Leslie said...

Hostages - MJ, you caught up on this one? This show has turned out really interesting and complicated! Now we find out Duncan's wife is the president's daughter who he doesn't know is alive???? WOW! I like that we will get a conclusion to this storyline when this one wraps up.

Anonymous said...

Pats/Broncos--WOW what a game!

Missed having a Grimm Ep too last Friday.


Anonymous said...

Probably not many comments this week

But, Wow what an ep on The Blacklist==1st part of a 2 part finale. Red's right hand killed at the end. I wonder what language they were speaking? Interesting bonding between Red and Donald. The burn Teddy Bear, good link.

Almost Human--a good, but somewhat ordinary ep--unless I missed something.


mj said...

Behind on blacklist and hostages.

Boardwalk def surprising

Sleepy- wow they hold nothing back. Abby's descendent delivered Icabods son! Ichabod had a son. Loved the whole McDonalds is not very scottish tasting.

Almost Human - yeah - nothing special but liking it. Was amused that in the future dropped calls still happen since he faked that with his captain.

MJ said...

Almost Human - bubble gum stuff was cute, as was his name being Reginald and Doarian
singing Elton John to him. Didn't realize showrunner Wyman (Fringe) also did Keen
Eddie. That show did not last but I loved it.

HIMYM - haave to hand it to the writers - writing all in Rhyme must have been hard
but alot of fun. Guy on the bus's rhyme was awesome ! LOL And funny that they
brought back the Dawsons Creeks guy too. Bet you were rlating big time Mike with
trying to get marvin to sleep. LOL

Sleepy - forgot to say Ichabod still calling it the Innanet just cracks me up.

mj said...

Hostages - that was last week. This week we find out that Duncans wifes mother isn't dead ! What? Lol getting confusing. And now the Pres supposedly had his own brother-in-law killed? And now they want to shoot the pres but now Duncan has to stop that so the pres can die in surgery. Crazy!

Blacklist - very good ep - hated that it was 2 parter. We all know Red will be desperate to save profiler chick. Knew immed at start that Red was not hurting Reston like they made it look.

Homeland - actually felt sorry forDana.

Leslie said...

Hostages - haven't seen this week's episode yet.

Blacklist - yep, good episode. The flashback Liz had with the burned teddy bear was interesting. Yeah, no way Red will let anything happen to her.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Mike V. said...

Whew...what a rough week so far. I'm finally home but am so far behind on TV now. Maybe over the wknd I'll catch up a little. Here's my status

Homeland - 2 behind (yikes)
HIMYM - 1 behind
Sleepy - 2 behind
TWD - 1 behind
New Girl - 1 behind
Brooklyn 99 - 2 behind

My wife is 2 behind on TWD, so I'm trying to let her catch up before we watch. But, if she doesn't catch up by sunday, I'll have to watch without her! lol

Almost Human - Did watch this and agree with the comments. Standard procedural cop drama episode...but with a few extra futuristic twists. I liked the Star Wars homage (and there can be no mistaking that it was an homage to the most popular Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Adventure saga of all time)....When Kennex pretended to be getting static on the call, he told Dorian "Boring Conversation anyway"...a direct quote from when Han shot the communicator in the detention center of the death star!

One critic's opinion of the show was that J.H. Wyman took the worst season of Fringe and decided to make a show about it. lol I think that might be a little harsh and there could be some good ongoing stories here eventually. We'll see.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!