Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Walking Dead: Season 10 Episode 5 - What It Always Is (Discussion)

Hi All, this is becoming more of a trend than I intended.  I honestly did try to watch the episode when it aired, but the kids had other plans.   I’m 10 minutes into the episode and probably won’t finish it until Monday night.  Will be happy to discuss in the comments once I’m caught up!


MJ said...

Well at least they explained Manga's whole ''you were my lawyer' thing. Cause damn - stealing from the very people who took you in ! And tried for a murder in her past - which her lawyer thought she was innocent.

Guess I am not remembering what exactly Kelly is dealing with but apparently has some hearing but is losing more of it ? Her sister and Daryl so cute together !

Part of me loves eeeing the old Negen - part not. That guy who adored him sure was creepy ! Felt horrible when Milo and the mom were killed. Kinda leaning toward Negen is NOT going Whisperer. If anyone can bring them down from the inside it is Negen though. LOL

Mike V. said...

Totally did not make the connection with Magna lol I mean I connected that she was stealing but missed the rest.

Yes Kelly is losing her hearing while the other one is just deaf. Agree...the Daryl/Sister (why can't I remember her name? I want to say Connie but that's the other one lol) is good. Remember when Sun lost her voice in the final season of LOST and had to use a notepad to write? Reminds me of that. lol (led to maybe the cheesiest line of LOST by Lapidus "Looks like someone got their voice back" lol

Yeah the Negan story was good. He seemed like a changed man but was forced back into his old ways. But yeah I don't see Negan being a whisperer either.

So now Gamma is going to infiltrate by bonding with Aaron? Maybe I misinterpreted that scenario.

MJ said...

TWD - not sure Gamma is trying to infiltrate. Seems like some Whisperers are now doubtful of the life they are living. I think it's a crack in their shell. However - Alpha did say something about wearing a different face. So maybe ....

Mike V. said...

I just thought they were going to try and use Aaron or turn Aaron. Who knows?? What are the odds that in the long run the Whisperers are actually our allies and there is a bigger threat out there? LOL. We’ve done that a few times now, right?