Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Walking Dead: Season 10 Episode 7 - Open Your Eyes

Hi all and welcome back.  One episode to go before the mid-season break!  I’m diving right in because well that’s just what I do now!
Discussion Points:
  • Dante was always shady, right?  He’s a whisperer!  The whole episode we suffered with Siddiq as he came to the realization that he was being duped and that Dante was the one that was holding him back while his friends died.  Dante killed the captured whisperer and blamed it on Siddiq.  Dante messed with the water and made him think it was his fault.  Now Siddiq is dead and there is an enemy in their midst.  And the really sticking point of all of this is Siddiq is the guy that Carl died for.  I guess he has a kid still on the show so there’s a legacy and stuff. But geez.  RIP Siddiq.  
  • Meanwhile Lydia says that they need to give the Whisperers hope of something better out there to mess with Alpha’s plans.  Carol tried this tactic with the captured whisperer but he wasn’t breaking yet.  And before he could, Dante killed him.  So Carol went ahead with plan B against Daryl’s wishes to keep her out of it. 
  • Aaron and Gamma spent the episode bonding.  Alpha punished Gamma for getting emotionally attached.  Carol intervened by the end with Lydia. Gamma lost it.  Alpha told all of her people that Lydia was dead.  Now they know Alpha is a liar and not totally committed to the cause.  Lydia is pissed that she was a pawn in Carol’s game so she went off on her own.  Smart thinking Lydia!
  • Also Daryl took off his shirt to Dixon’s Vixen’s fans everywhere.  And we saw that X mark on his back just like many of our friends.  

I mean there was a lot of talking in this ep.  I boiled it down to these high level points.  Things are getting intense.  We’ll see what the mid-season finale has in store for us.  Hope you enjoyed my brief ramblings and I’ll see you next week! 


MJ said...

Sorry - been long week and was away for some of it !

Well - I said from day 1 - who is this other doctor ? Husband immediately said a whisperer. Don't know why she would risk letting Gamma get close with Aaron if she had a spy - but whatever.

Still not sure Dante killed the whisperer. In his state we have seen Siddiq do several mistakes. But maybe.

Don't want to spoil - but did you see any comings? UGH Won't say more

I've been thinking all along that the illness everyone has is from them dumping walker guts into the water - not that someone was actually contaminating it.

And Lydia is an idiot. Sure - Carol could have handled it better - but to just go run into Whisperer territory ? Teenagers !!

Mike V. said...

Yeah Dante sure did come out of nowhere. I thought I saw the previews but not sure what they teased. Guess it doesn't matter now! :)

Agreed on Lydia!