Sunday, November 10, 2019

TV Discussion: Week of 11/10/2019 to 11/16/2019

Hello fellow TV addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Disney + - It's a fantastic app. So much nostalgic stuff in there from my childhood. (original duck tales, flight of the navigator, honey I shrunk/blew up the kid, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Tons of Disney Animated and Pixar animated features) Then you have Star Wars and Marvel stuff....and the original programming coming. But so far, ep one of The Mandalorian was FANTASTIC! IS ANYONE OUT THERE READING THIS??? DOES ANYONE WANT TO TALK MANDO WITH ME??? LOL

SW Marathon - On Empire Strikes Back. Still the best!

This is us - caught up. another good ep. TG looks to be a disaster again. Man these guys should just stop celebrating that holiday! lol

Watchmen - Still awesome, still weird.

Mj said...

Much to say. Post later when not on tablet

Heard lots of issues day 1 Disney +.

Mike V. said...

Disney+ - Yeah, 10 million people subscribed on day 1 (including preorder). Pretty impressive. There were issues but it was still running pretty well for day 1. The best thing that went viral is that George was able to get one more tinker in on the Greedo/Han shot first debate. He was restoring the movies for 4K before the sale to Disney and they used those restorations to put on Disney+. Yep...he changed it again. google MACLUNKY! lol

MJ said...

This is Us - guess I was caught up then. Notnow again. LOL

Shameless - def time to end. Yes Ian is back and in jail with Mickey if I remember right

Watched first Watchmen. Weird. Def did not expect that they were covering so much of the play Oklahoma. LOL

So - I didn't think cops wore masks. I don't know why but i thought it was about Super heroes who aren't such good people - and they wear masks ?

And what a horrible opening - all the KKK imagery. Loved Robert Redford was president and squids falling from the sky. So was that another KKK organization that trued to kill that cop. And how odd the have to get permission to use their gun. And damn ! they killed Crocket ! LOL

Watched second one now. Sorry - been jotting stuff I wanted to say for few days now. Second ep directed by Nick Cuse - relative of Carlton I am sure. I truly never heard of this Tulsa massacre - which is a horrible thing. Knew Louis Gossett was going to be that boy - but not Angela's relative. I was horrified to see the 'outfit' I am going to call it - in Crawfords closet. I'm hoping that he was not a member but for some reason kept it for family egacy. Tho that is not a legacy I would care to keep. That attack in her house was a fab scene ! I did not pick up that her kids were her partners - read it after.

Eerily so close to what our own world is becoming. That is all I will say on this.

The airplane lifting the care - this is some of the issues I have with the show - just so out there. But I'll go with it.

Might still be lost on who the heck Veidt is. Saying. don't get his character at all. Its like they inserted some Twin Peaks - the good first season - into if for who knows why. LOL

Crisis episodes - you see the schedule ? they are airing pt 1-3 in december then 4 and 5 in January ! Idiots. I was watching SuperG and Flash until the Crisis event - then deciding if I would stay with them. But to seperate the event over week ? Ugh. I know its due to the holidays - possibly - but that sucks.

Disney+ - hearing lots of tech issues. Not surprising - they'll get it fixed. Heard they yet again changed the Greedo shooting scene from A New Hope. They need to quit meddling. Guess you covered that already.

Homeland begins it's end on Feb 9th.

Mike V. said...

Shameless – We watched Sunday night. It was okay. But hopefully they announce an ending. I don’t think I’ve heard anything though so you’d think at least one more season after this .

Watchmen – Oh yeah this show requires some homework if you want to understand all the ticks and ties to the original Watchmen Novel/Movie. Redford being president is related to the comics and it was a comparison to Ronald Regan (RR) being president at the time of the novel being written. I’d recommend listening to the official watchmen podcast (which lindelof cohosts)…they’re only doing 3 podcasts. Each representing 3 episodes of the 9 episode season. Watchmen was definitely about superheroes and only Dr. Manhattan had actual powers. Everyone else were just vigilantes. Now they’re working with the cops in this 2019 universe based on the 1985 watchmen. Eventually you’re going to start seeing characters from the 1985 watchmen. Veidt may be one of them. It’s supposed to be a mystery on what’s going on with him. Lindelof sounds like he’s talking about Flash Sideways in s6 of lost when he explains it. He says Veidt’s story and the main story will eventually intersect. But they’re independent stories for now. They filmed all the Jeremy Irons scenes first before they did the rest of the show.

I get being confused. I’m confused too but we’re supposed to be. There are tons of easter eggs in every episode back to the source material. I would never know any of this but it’s fun to read about it the day after. Or hear Lindelof discuss. Nick Cuse is Carlton’s son yes. I didn’t pick up on the kids thing either. LOL on Crocket. That mirrors the beginning of Watchmen where the Comedian was killed and solving his murder was the whole plot of the series/movie (coincidentally starring JDM in the movie)

Anyway, glad you’re watching! We’ll see if Lindelof continues his ingenuity or crashes and burns! Lol

Crisis – I did not see the schedule. I set a reminder to schedule stuff in December. That’s crazy they’re splitting it. But makes sense especially if Legends is going to be involved. They haven’t started their season yet.

Disney + yep…Macklunky!! It was all George Lucas…Disney had nothing to do with it. They may have not even known it was changed. Lol

Homeland – let me know how it ends! I bailed seasons ago. Lol

Mike V. said...

AHS 1984 - Finished. I think it was a pretty good season. Everything ticked and tied. I loved the final song they used. I saw a tweet that Ryan Murphy is looking to bring back some favorites for one final season. I'd be okay with that. This show has been going on for awhile! (about as long as TWD lol)

His Dark Materials - I'm 2 eps in. I'm liking it! I'm thinking maybe after this season I'll be able to dive into those audio books a little easier. I have so many podcasts to listen to right now, I can't focus on a book on my commutes. lol It's STAR WARS SEASON! lol

Mrs Hannah said...

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