Sunday, November 3, 2019

TV Discussion: Week of 11/3/2019 - 11/9/2019

Hello fellow TV addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non recapped shows.  See you in the comments! 


MJ said...

House of the Dragon - that I could look forward to !

Heard HBO max will be free for HBO subscribers. But I am screwed if it is not in a platform like HBO go. I can't ondemand on Fios since I have Tivo. That was the only drawback going with Tivo.

His Dark Materials - read one review that said it needed work. We shall see. I never read the books so...Taped it tho

Supergirl - all caught up now. Thought they were killing Jimmy so surprised by the way he left. NOt sure we will see him again or not.

JaclRyan - watched first 4 - very surprised by how good it was even tho read it was.

Mike V. said...

I didn’t read that hbo max would be free for cable subscribers. I thought it was just going to the introduced at the same price if you are an hbo now (streaming) subscriber. I have it through Hulu and that doesn’t count. Hbo max will definitely be a streaming app like Now and Go. But I did read part of their problem will be brand and service recognition and getting people to switch to the new platform.

His dark - about to watch now. I didn’t read them either.

Supergirl - oh yeah didn’t even realize you thought he’d die when you found out. Lol they like to leave the door open for a return on that show.

Jack - I heard the same but were struggling to find room for any shows we watch together at this point. Speaking of which:

Still didn’t watch TWD :(

Mike V. said...

His Dark Materials - I liked it for a first episode. Interesting/weird premise (I kinda knew some of it from interviews and from "trying" to get into the audio book a couple weeks ago lol) - And good setup. Previews look pretty good for the season too.

Watchmen - It's getting really good. I'm biased, but Lindelöf is one of the greatest creative minds for the TV medium. He just knows how to put together a TV show. Some of the legacy characters of Watchmen are being integrated into the plot now. Sure "Racism" is the entryway into this story, but it's far from the only think they're doing with the show. I've heard episode 6 is bonkers...we're only 3 in of 9 right now. Damon is doing a podcast with the creator of Chernobyl for HBO. They're doing one after each 3 sets of episodes. It was very insightful into his relationship with the source material, and his decisions for doing what he's doing with the show. I love listening to that guy talk and love watching what he creates. I'm all in on this!

Good Place - Had a slow start but it's been high quality in a low key way for its final season. Loved the Foles stuff 2 weeks ago. Was waiting for it. Was hoping for a St. Nick reference though. Would be fitting for the "GOOD PLACE" lol

Mike V. said...

oh forgot...HBO MAX - that makes sense that it would be free for HBO subscribers, I just hadn't heard it. But yeah surely you'll just be able to use your cable login on the HBO MAX app to get in.

Mike V. said...

This is us - Been loving this season. The Dinner Party in the 2 time periods was some all time classic stuff. Plus the tour of Philadelphia was nice. Cool to see they actually came on location to film a lot of this stuff.

Star Wars Rewatch - Up to the Original Star Wars now. Man it's so good. But Rogue One really was an amazing feat from the stories about how it came together. All the reshoots. bringing in Tony Gilroy to work his magic. The film is incredible and gets better every time I watch.

Excited for The Mandolorian next week! There will be 2 episodes. One on launch day 11/12 then another on Friday. Then will be weekly after that. The trailers look really good. With Favreau and Filoni behind this one...not to mention the directing talent they have involved...I'm predicting a hit!

MJ said...

This is Us - caught up - except last night. Clever randall with the golf stuff. My my - what was with all the scenes with everyone having sex. LOL yeah - the philly stuff and the diner parties were great.

Jack Ryan - Loved season 1 ! If you liked the movies you will like it. Also reminds me of a faster moving Homeland.

Super girl - think I am caught up. Except for the stupid reason Lena is kinda evil now liking this season. I just feel like 'my only friend lied to me so now I trust no one and have to make it so no one can ever hurt any one again' is really a stretch for someone so intelligent. J'onn Jones whole brother thing could get interesting. And now Lena has him. Saw it coming that William's missing buddy was Rip Roar a mile away tho. And Leviathan ? Made me feel like I was watching Supernatural ! LOL And now Lena has powers ?

Gberg/ModFam/Good Place - behind on all. And I realize now - it's not that we're all not watching the same shows - it's that our must-sees have shifted.

Think Shameless is back this weekend. And you chose a horrible time to stop being a 49ers fan! LOL

MJ said...

AHS - meant to add am behind on this - but I've heard they have taken a left turn

Mike V. said...

This is us - Wait...this is us is on Tuesday nights and the dinner party is the latest ep! Lol So what are you missing? lol.

Jack - we watched season 1 before. Not sure what I said above. Lol I remember when I was trying to convince you to watch the show. The minute it was announced with Carlton Cuse producing and Krasinski starring i was in. You couldn’t see past Jim Halpert! Lol. (I remember weird things :)) Anyway, we finished the 1st episode of season 2. It’s good!

Supergirl - I am liking this season much more than last season, but it’s still not great. But none of the CW stuff is “GREAT”. (Though i do love legends lol) OMG...totally on Rip Roar. I hope they weren’t trying to be subtle! Lol Oh crap...i didn’t even think about it that Lena has powers. I thought she was using her damn lenses or whatever but yeah I guess she does lol

I’m still in last season on GBERG/MF....But Good Place I’m all caught up. You’re totally right. Our Must Sees are probably different. Good Place and This is Us are must sees for me. And of course MANDOLORIAN will be must see for me. But I’ll be able to watch that when my kids are awake because my son will want to watch too. Lol. (Probably any Disney plus show will be like that)

Shameless - the show, but it’s time for it to end. No Fiona....but Ian is back i think. I’m sure we’ll watch. Not sure when though.

AHS - kinda a left turn. I just see it as us getting more info about what the whole thing was always about. It’s still good.