Sunday, November 24, 2019

TV Discussion: November 2019 to January 2019

Hi TV Addicts!  As always this is our place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  I’ll keep this post up until The Walking Dead returns in February. See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Watchmen – (Responding to your last comment then I’ll comment on last night’s ep). Now you have 2 left! Lol It’s totally a Lindelof show. I love it. I have no idea what’s going on (it gets clearer every episode) but it’s so well made. Jean Smart is a legacy Watchmen character from the comics/movie…she’s the Comedian’s daughter. Laurie Blake. She had a hero name too. Can’t remember right now. But she was in love with Dr. Manhattan blue dude who is on mars now (who she was calling in her episode). Jeremy Irons is a legacy character too. He’s Adrian Veidt/Ozymandius. That may not have been revealed in the eps you watched yet. But everyone had figured it out. He’s the one that ended the original Watchmen conflict with dropping a squit on Manhattan and killing millions of people. So most expect that he’s in some kind of prison. And the theory is that each episode is a year in his sentence. (hence the bday cakes) So it’ll make sense eventually when the stories tie together. It’s getting there.

Episode 6 – this is the one that they’ve been raving about. And it was pretty damn awesome. Very enlightening on William’s character. And it goes more into the Watchmen history stuff. I really am going to have to read the graphic novel in my spare time. I’ve heard so many great things about it. But it doesn’t seem required to enjoy this show. 2nd podcast should be up with Lindelof now that the 2nd batch of 3 eps are done!

Mandalorian - 3 eps are released now. They're about 30-38 minutes each. They're AWESOME! Totally not what I expected. They hid some secrets that are now all over the internet.

Other Disney + things - The Imagineering Story is a look at the making of the Disney Parks and the Imagineers...incredibly moving stuff following Walt's quest until his untimely death and the aftermath.

All these new content shows are releasing 1 episode every Friday. Makes it really easy to stay on top of it. the service is worth it! (not that i'm going to convince anyone lol)

MJ said...

Gbergs - caught a few that I had lingering. Animal House with actual guys. Rocky Horror - which I adored ack in the day - with the actual Brad saying Damnit Janet ! Think Guttenberg was in one too.

Watchmen - actually caught up over the holiday. Young Wade had come to Hoboken NJ of all places and Angela took her dads memory pills. But I think we are quitting. I watch TV to be entertained - this - while interesting - is not entertaining me. It makes me sad actually. It's a little too close to the mark on things that still go on. I am personally horrified that I never knew this occurred IRL in Tulsa. And that stupid Islands in the stream is still stuck in my head !

His Darker Materials - Just started last night - love it !!! Early yet but really enjoying it. Very Harry Potter meets I don't know what. Not that there is magic or wizards. It's early on but so far am good with it.

Supergirl - Think have 1 left. Really over Lena. Such a dumb story - people lie to me so I am going to control people so they can't hurt any one. UGH. THough the medallion thik was slightly interesting and Leviathan is interesting.

Flash - getting caught up. Trying to be ready for Crisis. Cisco had his ep with other Cisco (Can't remember name) who killed Cynthia. Liked this ep. Oh and Barry and Iris went to Tahiti for the ep so that Grant could be taping Crisis. LOL Still have a few to catch up on

Mike V. said...

Oh man...sorry MJ, didn't see you responded way back in November! lol

Gbergs - I'm way behind on this one :( It's a shame because I love it.

Watchmen - Loving this show. It's really pulling in the Watchmen lore now. I'm not an obsessive fan, but it doesn't matter for me. I know enough and read enough to know what's going on. I never doubted Lindelöf. The hardcore fans are loving his vision. Not sure if you noticed, but EW's Doc Jensen was heavily involved in breaking the story for this show and he co-wrote episode 8 (the latest one) with Lindelöf. This came up on the podcast I referenced. Apparently, when Doc Jensen was doing his LOST beat he and Lindelöf bonded over Watchmen. Then they wrote Tomorrowland together. And Jensen was the first person Damon called when he was offered to do a Watchmen show for HBO. And he pulled him in to break the story. Apparently it worked!

His Dark Materials - I'm caught up on this one too. Love it too! lol on HP meets "I don't know what"! Yeah, not sure if you remember that movie Golden Compass? That was book 1 of this series which I think is what season 1 of this show is going to be. The movie wasn't too well received, but I'm enjoying the show. Of course Lin Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton fame) has a starring role in it eventually. Everyone is saying he is miscast. He probably is but whatever! lol

Supergirl - Caught up. Agree on Lena. I'm almost finished Crisis Episode 1. They fooled me in the first few minutes! Won't say more. But loved the cameos so far. lol

Flash - All caught up and ready for crisis part 3. I set the TiVo for Batwoman just to watch Crisis. AHHHH...nice on the Tahiti thing. I didn't even think of that when he was gone for the ep. Makes sense.

What else is going oN?? well all I have left is Last Jedi in my SW marathon. RISE is next week! Woo hoO!!! Mandalorian is still great. Stinks we all can't talk about it! Surely, you guys have seen the memes though! We watched Jack Ryan ep 2 of season 2. It's going slow for us. Just no time. Maisel s3 is out, but we're not done s2! I now understand the parents who complained about not watching TV for like a 10 year period. LOL

Mike V. said...

Watchmen - just realized you said you're quitting. I think you should catch up. The last 3 episodes were fantastic and only one heavily dealt with the issues. But it all ties in nicely with the Watchmen mythos in the end. I have one ep left. Apparently, this is supposed to be a 1 and done season show. But Lindelöf apparently said he'd only do a 2nd season if he felt inspired. HBO marketed next Sunday as the "season" finale. But we'll see.

MJ said...

Super/flash. Not seen crisis yet

Watchmen. Done for now. Maybe in summer if I find time. Hear big info dump on Dr manhattan

Maesel. Dying to watch but no time yet

Vikings. Watching back half of last year now. Just dropped the whole Bjorn is Follow kid that. Got spoiled about

Good place. Still behind. Just done with bad Janet / good Janet eps

Hear living with yourself hysterical

Christmasing def getting in the way

Mike V. said...

Crisis - I'm caught up. It's aight. Cameos are a good time. That is all. lol

Watchmen - was perfectly weaved in in True Lindelöf fashion. And of course Lindelöf was originally inspired by Watchmen so it's almost like a Homecoming for him. He was on The Watch podcast (it's one of the pop culture podcasts I've been listening to for like 7 years lol) and he really dove into it. Love hearing that guy talk about the process. He was really broken up about the reception of that Lost finale. He says he's still worried about the Watchmen finale because he cares what people think. everyone's telling him he nailed this show. But he won't buy it until it all has aired.

Vikings - I saw it started but I haven't gotten to it yet. I wonder if Richard is still stopping by? Richard???? lol

Good Place - Nice. It's a slow start just like season 3 but it gets places fast. I'm sad it's almost over.

Is that the Paul Rudd show?? (Living with yourself) It's on the list, but not sure when/if I'll get to it.

I hear great things about Scorcese's The Irishman on Netflix. I haven't had a chance to commit 3 hours and 45 minutes yet. lol (or something like that)

Agreed on Christmasing.

Anonymous said...

Vikings--saw the first two eps of S6. Not buying the early set ups re Lagertha. Won't say much since you guys are behind. Bjorn has to make a big decision. Some new characters introduced this year and new geography.

Treadstone and Seal Team are still great to watch. Treadstone based on the Bourne movie franchise. And yes, they are serial.


Mike V. said...

Vikings - So this was confirmed to be the final season. I googled it one more time. lol I'll probably get to this in January. Too much other stuff I'm watching right now. Maybe next week actually. Got one more Star Wars movie to watch and a few more minutes of the latest His Dark Materials.

Treadstone - heard about it but hadn't checked it out.

Still no Disney + converts yet? Mando is a good time. lots of takes on classic Westerns and even 80s "story of the weeks" (A-team/Bixby's Incredible Hulk/Knight Rider type stuff) but in Star Wars setting and still weaving a bigger tale. They're short too. about 32-40 minutes each. There have only been a couple scenes that didn't feature the Mandalorian. It's an A story plot thread per episode only. So those 40 minutes seem like the right length.

There's other great content on D+ too. I'm really enjoying the Imagineering Story. It's a weekly series on the creation of the Disney Parks starting with Walt Disney and then his successors. They even show the underground tunnels in the Magic Kingdom. I've wanted to see them for the longest time! but it's actually some emotional storytelling throughout the documentaries.

And of course a library full of Disney/Pixar/Star Wars/Marvel/National Geographic/FOX stuff (every simpsons episode ever except current season airing). Totally worth the price. Probably in January I'll reassess my need for traditional cable again. lol (I'd still need a live streaming service like Hulu or YouTube. But if it saves me a few bucks it might be worth it)

MJ said...

Good place - finally catching up a bit. Good Janet was in hell - being tortured. Hysterical with the whole Nick Foles thing. Next one was about that idiot and the book he wrote. Liked the Bad Janet moments though and the return of the Manifesto. Might be close to caught up. Time is running out and Simone inadvertantly has messed them up. And all the lies flow out. LOL Was fun. Loved the whole 'drop Brent in the hole' part too.

Mandalorian - meant to say I have seen baby Yoda - he's everywhere. LOL

Yes the Paul Rudd show. And same here

Treadstone - yes enjoying that as well

Trying to finish last years Vikings so I can jump into current ones. Yes - final season - but in two halves of 10 again. So not ending til summer 2020 or some such thing. Actually Vikings getting spinoff on Netflix too. But have to get my Xmas shows in too. Santa Chronicles here I come. Second movie for xmas 2020 !

Anonymous said...

Treadstone, well MJ finale is coming up. Where are you on the Eps, like to discuss.

Love the various storylines!


Mike V. said...

Good Place - Loved the Nick Foles bit. I was waiting for it. You could tell they dubbed in that he got injured. lol Yeah sounds like you're almost caught up! all good stuff.

Mando - Yep Baby Yoda (Janet voice: Not actually a baby version of yoda lol) is a hit! It was a big surprise early on. Such an intended surprise that they had no merchandise ready for the onslaught of baby yoda love. lol But, it was worth it for the surprise reveal. Still waiting to see what it's all about, but the world can't get enough of his cuteness. which is funny because people were up in arms about Ewoks, Porgs….this baby yoda is universally loved. lol

Treadstone - I'm really surprised I didn't get into that one yet. I do love the Bourne stuff.

Santa Chronicles 2 - I saw that! The fam did enjoy the first one so we'll be checking out part 2. lol

Good to hear from you Richard! Glad you haven't totally abandoned us yet. :)

Anonymous said...

Vikings--Well, I won't say much since you guys are probably behind. One thing I've noticed this year is the efforting on cinematography. And more time on bringing out personal elements. Missing the UK stuff and of course Rollo.


Mike V. said...

Vikings - Hopefully I can catch up next week. Star Wars marathoning finished, Arrowverse on hold until next year...and I'm off starting Monday until 2020! :)

I need to binge the last 4 eps of Silicon Valley too (series is over now)

MJ said...

Silicon - haven't even started.

Hulu - and have to say - working a couple of 12 hour shift next few days so not getting to much but Hulu is finally done with Castle Rock so we need to hit that in 1 month's time. And now 9 days til Xmas - gotta get some holiday movie faves in.

Treadstone - not even sure where we are. I will have to check again.

Baby Yoda - yeah I heard not 1 single thing available for Xmas ! Boy did Hasbro miss the ball on that one ! They could have has toys and not released them til after the ep aired afterall.

Good Place - holy crap. They win - but the points system can't be overhauled - so earth must end ?? And Bad Janet and all Janets is now on their side and stole the 'earth eraser'. Too funny.

Mike V. said...

Baby Yoda - it was a decision of the creative team. If the toys hit production it would’ve leaked! We’ve learned plot details from movies due to LEGO toys being leaked from production. It was a conscious decision, but i don’t think anyone predicted the viral sensation of baby yoda! At least not to this magnitude, lol

Good Place- yep good stuff! I think you may have one episode to go.

I’m off for the rest of the year! Not much TV gonna get watched though. Lol

MJ said...

Marvel phase 4. I have little or no interest save for maybe Dr Strange

Witcher. Saw first 2. Good so far

Hope everyone enjoys their holidays

Finished last season of Vikings

Mike V. said...

I’ve heard good things from regular folk on Witcher. Critics have panned it. Lol

Marvel phase 4 - yeah I feel like it’s how we felt about announcements of ant man and guardians of the galaxy. They’re risky but then eventually pay off. I know very little about the eternals and Shang chi. But I’m sure they’ll be entertaining films. Looking forward to Thor, dr strange 2, spidey 3, ant man 3, black panther 2, captain marvel 2 and a slew of Disney plus content.

Vikings - started new season but lots to go.

Merry Christmas all!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!!!

Vikings--So, We'll see if history is born out re the NOrway King. I think a surprise is coming, LOL. The Lagertha stuff is sooo boring and tired. Ubbe seems to fit the ruler role very well! Hvitserk--really, what's going on is also getting old.

Strike BAck--been binging on this. Midway through S5.


Mike V. said...

Merry Christmas/Happy new Year all as well!

Vikings - I'm way behind. Gonna start binging it soon. (I started the first ep of this season but didn't finish I don't think.)

Morning Show - I took the dive on this Apple TV+ series (had a free year with my phone purchase lol...). It's actually pretty good. I mean, they already had me with Aniston/Witherspoon/Carell but it's entertaining. Pretty on the nose with the whole "Me Too" stuff, but makes for good tv. lol

Mandalorian - First season was spectacular. I know you guys subscribing is a lost cause, but if you ever get the opportunity to see it I recommend! Definitely feeling Dave Filoni's touches on the show. There's some plot elements that tie into The clone Wars and Rebels. There's also a minor tie in to Rise of Skywalker. speaking of...

Rise of Skywalker - I totally get the complaints on this one. I may have been in that group on first watch. But, when I just let go and allowed myself to enjoy the film I loved it on 2nd watch and even more on the 3rd! lol Look...I'm a star wars fan. I just love seeing new content. I don't want to heavily dissect the flaws. And there are plenty in ALL of the films. But some of the stuff JJ and crew pulled off was pure poetry. And there were a lot of nice tie backs to the previous films. I can guarantee with 99% certainty that Richard, if you see this film you're going to hate it. lol MJ...I am going to guess you'll love it!

Next up for star Wars - Clone Wars final season on D+ in February! Just started rewatching the old seasons. Doubt I'll make it.

Shameless - I think I fell behind on this one over the holidays. It's still funny. It's just a question of "why is it still on the air?"

MJ said...

Star wars. Already know big They reveal that has peeps divided

Shameless. Also behind. Friend told me is pretty funny so far tho

Witcher. Finished. Liked it. Confusing til you read so e stuff after. Lol. Like any fantasy show if you have not read books many lands and characters to figure out

Still not started Vikings again

And happy New year to all

Mike V. said...

Star Wars - yeah...there's a few things I can nitpick. But with Disney owning the entity, I assume they're leaving holes to fill in with future content. lol George did the same thing. He skipped a whole damn war to have an animated series about it! LOL

Shameless - Yeah we watched a few. It is still funny.

Witcher - I heard audiences like it a lot more than critics. I've heard the video games are really good. I didn't even know it was a book series first. And I also have read that Henry Cavill's performance is worth the price of admission. I did hear confusing too. I'm considering checking it out.

Watchmen - did you ever go back to it? It was a true Lindelofian masterpiece. It's pretty cool what he can pull off after his growth since LOST and being able to tell a full story from start to finish. Hopefully HBO doesn't try to water it down with future seasons...but money talks.

Mike V. said...

Witcher - I'm 4 or 5 episodes in. I like it! Lots of time period jumping. I saw there's a timeline that helps you understand what takes place when, but I don't want to look at it until I'm done. I think I'm following though. I knew some basics about Geralt and Yenefer being an item and Ciri eventually being with them. (I was interested enough to buy Witcher 3 on PS4 for 15 bucks last Friday. I played a few minutes of it lol - Not easy to get the first 2 games) The episode I just watched, they cured the Bard and Geralt provided his last wish to the Djinn. The internet is in love with the "toss a coin to your witcher" song. It's been stuck in my head too. lol

Morning Show - We're about 5 episodes into this one too. I was watching on my own but my wife caught up.

Still slacking on Vikings. Maybe once I'm done Witcher. CW shows come back next week. I had to set the DVR for Arrow to get the Crisis part 4. Legends will be part 5.

Mike V. said...

Witcher - Finished! Loved it! Can't believe it won't be until 2021 when we get more. I've seen timelines since that help make it all make sense. Netflix released one a couple days ago. (But it made sense by the end of the season too.)

Morning Show - Finished! Loved it! Definitely over the top melodrama focusing on recent movements, but it has fantastic actors. This one will be back in November, same as Mandalorian.

Vikings - Got almost to the end of episode 3. Lagertha turned farmer, kissed her sword away but now all the women of Scandinavia need her help! lol So I'm guessing she's going to go hardcore. Who is Ivar hanging out with? Subtitles said they're speaking Russian.

Modern Family - Saw the series finale will be in April. We are so far behind! I'll see if I can catch up by then.

Good Place - Final episodes begin tonight!

Mike V. said...

AHS - Renewed for 3 more seasons AFTER the season 10 which hasn't aired yet. WHAAATT??? Last time they had asked Ryan Murphy he said that 10 would probably be the last. lol

Mike V. said...

Well it’s happened. I’ve been blocked from my blog at work lol. Still can access on my phone of course. I’m actually surprised it took as long as it did honestly! Lol

Vikings - caught up. Don’t want to spoil but Richard I assume you’re happy about recent turn of events. Lol. I had a feeling from tweets I was seeing the past week what happened. Still don’t know what’s going on with Ivar. Now his wife is mysteriously back? Or her clone? Lol

Mike V. said...

Shameless - one more season! Lol finally they announced an end date. I’m sure Fiona will return for the finale.

MJ said...

Shameless. Behind and saw next season is he last

Ahs saw renewed but not that it was for 3 more

Witcher. Yes I read all the stuff after as well as the timelines were very confusing

Good place. Ugh. Didn't know came back. Hoping my DVR got it

Lol on being blocked too. WAs so much easier when I could use my PC to comment

Almost done with Mrs maesel season 3

Anonymous said...

Vikings The Rus Vikings are for real. They came from a Viking immigration but the time lines on this show are so screwed up. Did you Notice Erik with the red hair--he is famous. I think the Lagertha and Ivar stuff is just stupid. Lagertha has to be about 300 years old by now, LOL. No Rollo and yet he founded so much and was responsible for so much change. I was watching to see if Finehair won--he became the King of NOrway. But the deal with Bjorn was nuts. He had his own thing going on elsewhere. No European action--it's like they forgot it.


Mike V. said...

Good place - awesome ep! Hope you find it!

Maisel - still in early season 2.

Blocked - yeah it really sucks! Not as prolific a typer on my phone. Lol

Vikings - yeah those storylines are just kinda meh. (Lagertha and ivar) funny on the 300 years old. I loved the one ep she was acting like an old woman but then she was back to her shield maiden ways and looking younger than ever lol I wondered about finehair too as I remember you telling me about him being king of Norway. I actually have heard of Erik so I found that part intriguing. 3 more eps till mid season finale.

Anonymous said...

Vikings. Spoilers below!


YEA, YEA, ding dong the wicked witch is dead, LOL. Lagertha is gonzo! What will the show do now, it's like they were more afraid of loosing her than Ragnar. I wonder if the show will switch back to more European action now with Bjorn?


MJ said...

Blocked. That is my issue with tablet now too

Crisis. Finished all. Mu husband and I disagreed on how it ended. He says just one earth now and they all live on it. I agree hey all live on one earth but then they showed other Earth's with other heros so there are others out there

Star wars. Finally going on Wednesday. Lol

Mike V. said...

Crisis - As far as I know the multi-verse is dead. The same thing apparently happened in the comics after crisis. It was a way to get all their heroes on one earth. But after the first supergirl last night there may still be ways for other earths to exist. So you’re both right! Lol (not really spoiling. I didn’t even finish the episode yet so I I dunno how it ends) I’m confused about Arrow though. I mean i know it’s the last season, but they still have episodes to air before the end. I can’t imagine Oliver won’t be a part of them. I don’t watch though so not too concerned. Loved the super friends theme at the end of Crisis with the monkey thing too. I’m not a big super friends or dc nut but even that rang a bell for me. Lol

Star Wars - Enjoy!

Picard - Starts this week. Still not going to subscribe but I’m counting on my Plex buddy to get it. Excited about that one.

MJ said...

Good place. Attempting to get caught up so can be current for finale. Watched last week's. Hysterical with Raylon Givens.

Checked out The Outsiders. Pretty good

Avenue 5. We shall see

Mike V. said...

Good place - I actually had a feeling Timmy o would be showing up based on maya Rudolph’s diatribe about him. That was a top 5 good place ep out of nowhere. Only this week and next week’s hour finale left for me. Sad it’s ending but they seem to be on track for a perfect series!

Outsiders - I’ve heard good things so I may check out. I’ve been rewatching clone wars in anticipation of its return for a final season on d+ (great service btw if I haven’t mentioned already lol)

Ave 5 - I checked IMDb and the ratings are mediocre on this one. I was actually looking forward to it.

Curb - Larry still has his fastball. The premiere was hilarious. I pulled a muscle in my side a week ago and it hurts to laugh. I was in pain the whole episode. Lol

MJ said...

Star wars. Loved it! Couldn't you have warned me I'd cry like a b***h? I'd have brought tissues!

Mike V. said...

SW - now why would I ruin that for you? Lol Yeah there were some pretty powerful moments. I’ll admit the first watch is always tough for me. Takes me time to process what I’m watching. But I saw it again the next day. The whole movie slowed down for me and I loved it. The big reveal is still a big leap but it works. And I’m sure they’ll fill in more details like George and now Disney always have with the ancillary content, films, tv shows. But Luke Leia and even the other guy’s final moments were perfect! As were kylo and rey’s.

Mike V. said...

Btw was being vague intentionally in case there are wandering eyes. But I’m happy to go full nerd and discuss the film too! Lol

MJ said...

I loved it. I can see that people who aren't invested emotionally would think it was schmaltzy. But after almost 40 years they should be showing us some love. Was a bit taken aback when she tells that woman (and who was that woman?) My name is Skywalker since weknow that is not true. But I got it then. She is the last Jedi so taking that name. And OMG Abrams voiced D-O ! And we had a Hobbit in this one

Mike V. said...

Sw - yeah it’s not about being critically adored. This movie was a Star Wars movie. I hate that it’s become a jj vs rian thing and that people think this undies what rian accomplished in last Jedi. I don’t see it that way. I think it enhances it. But it’s pretty telling that both Rian and George have not made any commentary on this film. The woman at the end was no one. She was just there so that Rey could tell people she chose her family and it’s Skywalker. She chose something other that what are true familial ties would lead her. I’m starting to wonder if we’ll see grandpappy palps’ exploits in this final season of clone wars. I left that theater with images in my head that I never thought I’d picture. Lol like what woman succumbed to his flirtatious or forceful ways? And was he still chancellor palps or was he wrinkly emperor palps? Lol the timing seems to suggest emperor. But we’ll see if clone wars touches on it. Yes Charlie/Kerry was it this movie. Jj likes using his people! People complain that his lines could’ve went to rose. Apparently rose had a whole storyline with Leia that got cut because they couldn’t quite make it work with the old footage of Carrie. And yep D-O is jj! That wasn’t supposed to be final but Chris Terrio (other writer) insisted they keep the temp dialogue in. There’s more to discuss. But limited by my phone typing! Lol

MJ said...

Good place. All caught up and ready for finale. Going to try to watch it Thursday for once. Lol

Mike V. said...

Good place - it’s been a great season and a great show. Lisa Kudrow in this ep was icing on the cake. But the concept of eternity getting boring is kinda depressing! Lol they kinda telegraphed how this show is gonna end. Surely the last shot will be someone, someones (chidi/Eleanor) or all of them walking through that door with us wondering what comes next. But we’ll see! (Btw kudrow being in the good place was a callback to Michael running through the list of friends and how 5 of them deserve to be in the bad place but he pleaded “but phoebe????” ) I’ve rewatched the show 3 times but forgot that gem. Lol

MJ said...

Good place. Still not sure where they are going to take it. They always manage to surprise us

Mike V. said...

Good place - yeah I agree. I listened to the official good place podcast too and it seems like they want us to be thinking that’s how it’s going to end. So I’m sure there’s still one more surprise coming our way.

Mike V. said...

Vikings - seems like they’re finally setting up a voyage to the “new world”. I remember back in season 1 when they went to england or France I thought that’s where they were going. Lol oh how young and naive I was. :) So Erik is obviously Leif Erickson right? Then of course Russia is planning to invade “all of Norway”! Couldn’t resist saying it that way like they love saying this season. Mid season finale next week.

Good place ends tonight! I’m not ready emotionally!! Lol

Clone wars rewatch - almost done s2.

Office - I’ve been rewatching this too. Trying to stay ahead of Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey’s “office ladies” podcast which had great behind the scenes insight on each ep. man that was a great show.

Mike V. said...

Oh right modern family - we set a goal to catch up before the series finale. Lol we basically have a season’s worth of episodes to get through. We’re like at ep 16 of season 10. Exactly one year behind where the show is right now lol

MJ said...

MF. I am behind but not that far lol

Good place. Loved it. Only this show can have heaven be boring. Lol. Felt Lostian to me by the way. Jason's exit waS perfect for the character. Especially him hanging by the door forever to give Janet the gift. And by the end he became a little like Janyu. Liked Thank staying to be an architect. Chick was sad of course but loved the calendar. Michael's was awesome - he got to be human. Funny having his wife in real life play that teacher. Then Eleanor felt she could go. Great finale. Haven't watched after show yet.

Mike V. said...

Good Place - I see autocorrect got to you in that post lol! I agree it was a great finale. Mike Schur knows how to end a show. The penultimate is really the finale to the main story and then the finale is what happens after. (Parks did the same thing). In last week’s episode I kinda had a feeling where this would be going but they still surprised me in how they did it. Agreed on Jason becoming Jianyu in the end. Totally knew Michael’s final line would be “Take it Sleazy” when the other dude (inspired by Eleanor’s positive vibes) told him to take it easy. Lol. It was perfect. But yeah...the whole concept of afterlife getting old after an eternity of being there is kinda depressing...but it also makes sense. The fact that they are at peace after infinities of existence and can send their positive vibes to the living is kind of a cool thought. It was cool to see Mary Steenburgen (Ted’s wife) show up agreed. And bringing back Mindy and Derek. The only person that really didn’t get an ending was Janet. She was there for everyone else I think. Well...she was going to be there when Michael returned. And of course her evolution happened over the whole show just like everyone else. Even Brent was showing signs of growth after many Bearimys. Lol. Loved that they each got to see their families when they eventually died and made it to the good place through their system. I’m gonna miss the show. Maybe one day I’ll rewatch it one last time knowing how it ends. Definitely very LOST-Ian. It always was. Schur actually went to Lindelof before he even pitched the show to see his thoughts. He pitched the season 1 finale revealing they’re in the bad place. Lindelof loved it and the rest is history.

Picard - watched ep 1. The dude i follow on plex is being a little lazy on getting ep 2 up there. But I’m enjoying so far!

Mike V. said...

Good Place - In case you didn’t remember Michael’s rant in season 1 where he brings up “take it sleazy” lol (Couldn’t find YouTube link)

Mike V. said...

Vikings - mid season finale - wow. They took out 2 big ones. Makes sense. Seems like the final stretch will be about discovering the new world. But dealing with Rus seems like it will be a focus too.

MJ said...

Officially quit Supergirl. On the fence with Flash as their post crisis was interesting. But Supergirl went right back to Lena and trust story. And Lex gets on my nerves

Legends. Been good. Crazy as always.