Sunday, November 24, 2019

TV Discussion: November 2019 to January 2019

Hi TV Addicts!  As always this is our place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  I’ll keep this post up until The Walking Dead returns in February. See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Watchmen – (Responding to your last comment then I’ll comment on last night’s ep). Now you have 2 left! Lol It’s totally a Lindelof show. I love it. I have no idea what’s going on (it gets clearer every episode) but it’s so well made. Jean Smart is a legacy Watchmen character from the comics/movie…she’s the Comedian’s daughter. Laurie Blake. She had a hero name too. Can’t remember right now. But she was in love with Dr. Manhattan blue dude who is on mars now (who she was calling in her episode). Jeremy Irons is a legacy character too. He’s Adrian Veidt/Ozymandius. That may not have been revealed in the eps you watched yet. But everyone had figured it out. He’s the one that ended the original Watchmen conflict with dropping a squit on Manhattan and killing millions of people. So most expect that he’s in some kind of prison. And the theory is that each episode is a year in his sentence. (hence the bday cakes) So it’ll make sense eventually when the stories tie together. It’s getting there.

Episode 6 – this is the one that they’ve been raving about. And it was pretty damn awesome. Very enlightening on William’s character. And it goes more into the Watchmen history stuff. I really am going to have to read the graphic novel in my spare time. I’ve heard so many great things about it. But it doesn’t seem required to enjoy this show. 2nd podcast should be up with Lindelof now that the 2nd batch of 3 eps are done!

Mandalorian - 3 eps are released now. They're about 30-38 minutes each. They're AWESOME! Totally not what I expected. They hid some secrets that are now all over the internet.

Other Disney + things - The Imagineering Story is a look at the making of the Disney Parks and the Imagineers...incredibly moving stuff following Walt's quest until his untimely death and the aftermath.

All these new content shows are releasing 1 episode every Friday. Makes it really easy to stay on top of it. the service is worth it! (not that i'm going to convince anyone lol)

MJ said...

Gbergs - caught a few that I had lingering. Animal House with actual guys. Rocky Horror - which I adored ack in the day - with the actual Brad saying Damnit Janet ! Think Guttenberg was in one too.

Watchmen - actually caught up over the holiday. Young Wade had come to Hoboken NJ of all places and Angela took her dads memory pills. But I think we are quitting. I watch TV to be entertained - this - while interesting - is not entertaining me. It makes me sad actually. It's a little too close to the mark on things that still go on. I am personally horrified that I never knew this occurred IRL in Tulsa. And that stupid Islands in the stream is still stuck in my head !

His Darker Materials - Just started last night - love it !!! Early yet but really enjoying it. Very Harry Potter meets I don't know what. Not that there is magic or wizards. It's early on but so far am good with it.

Supergirl - Think have 1 left. Really over Lena. Such a dumb story - people lie to me so I am going to control people so they can't hurt any one. UGH. THough the medallion thik was slightly interesting and Leviathan is interesting.

Flash - getting caught up. Trying to be ready for Crisis. Cisco had his ep with other Cisco (Can't remember name) who killed Cynthia. Liked this ep. Oh and Barry and Iris went to Tahiti for the ep so that Grant could be taping Crisis. LOL Still have a few to catch up on

Mike V. said...

Oh man...sorry MJ, didn't see you responded way back in November! lol

Gbergs - I'm way behind on this one :( It's a shame because I love it.

Watchmen - Loving this show. It's really pulling in the Watchmen lore now. I'm not an obsessive fan, but it doesn't matter for me. I know enough and read enough to know what's going on. I never doubted Lindelöf. The hardcore fans are loving his vision. Not sure if you noticed, but EW's Doc Jensen was heavily involved in breaking the story for this show and he co-wrote episode 8 (the latest one) with Lindelöf. This came up on the podcast I referenced. Apparently, when Doc Jensen was doing his LOST beat he and Lindelöf bonded over Watchmen. Then they wrote Tomorrowland together. And Jensen was the first person Damon called when he was offered to do a Watchmen show for HBO. And he pulled him in to break the story. Apparently it worked!

His Dark Materials - I'm caught up on this one too. Love it too! lol on HP meets "I don't know what"! Yeah, not sure if you remember that movie Golden Compass? That was book 1 of this series which I think is what season 1 of this show is going to be. The movie wasn't too well received, but I'm enjoying the show. Of course Lin Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton fame) has a starring role in it eventually. Everyone is saying he is miscast. He probably is but whatever! lol

Supergirl - Caught up. Agree on Lena. I'm almost finished Crisis Episode 1. They fooled me in the first few minutes! Won't say more. But loved the cameos so far. lol

Flash - All caught up and ready for crisis part 3. I set the TiVo for Batwoman just to watch Crisis. AHHHH...nice on the Tahiti thing. I didn't even think of that when he was gone for the ep. Makes sense.

What else is going oN?? well all I have left is Last Jedi in my SW marathon. RISE is next week! Woo hoO!!! Mandalorian is still great. Stinks we all can't talk about it! Surely, you guys have seen the memes though! We watched Jack Ryan ep 2 of season 2. It's going slow for us. Just no time. Maisel s3 is out, but we're not done s2! I now understand the parents who complained about not watching TV for like a 10 year period. LOL

Mike V. said...

Watchmen - just realized you said you're quitting. I think you should catch up. The last 3 episodes were fantastic and only one heavily dealt with the issues. But it all ties in nicely with the Watchmen mythos in the end. I have one ep left. Apparently, this is supposed to be a 1 and done season show. But Lindelöf apparently said he'd only do a 2nd season if he felt inspired. HBO marketed next Sunday as the "season" finale. But we'll see.

MJ said...

Super/flash. Not seen crisis yet

Watchmen. Done for now. Maybe in summer if I find time. Hear big info dump on Dr manhattan

Maesel. Dying to watch but no time yet

Vikings. Watching back half of last year now. Just dropped the whole Bjorn is Follow kid that. Got spoiled about

Good place. Still behind. Just done with bad Janet / good Janet eps

Hear living with yourself hysterical

Christmasing def getting in the way

Mike V. said...

Crisis - I'm caught up. It's aight. Cameos are a good time. That is all. lol

Watchmen - was perfectly weaved in in True Lindelöf fashion. And of course Lindelöf was originally inspired by Watchmen so it's almost like a Homecoming for him. He was on The Watch podcast (it's one of the pop culture podcasts I've been listening to for like 7 years lol) and he really dove into it. Love hearing that guy talk about the process. He was really broken up about the reception of that Lost finale. He says he's still worried about the Watchmen finale because he cares what people think. everyone's telling him he nailed this show. But he won't buy it until it all has aired.

Vikings - I saw it started but I haven't gotten to it yet. I wonder if Richard is still stopping by? Richard???? lol

Good Place - Nice. It's a slow start just like season 3 but it gets places fast. I'm sad it's almost over.

Is that the Paul Rudd show?? (Living with yourself) It's on the list, but not sure when/if I'll get to it.

I hear great things about Scorcese's The Irishman on Netflix. I haven't had a chance to commit 3 hours and 45 minutes yet. lol (or something like that)

Agreed on Christmasing.