Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Walking Dead: Season 10 Episode 6 - Bonds

Hi everyone and welcome back.  I’m just going to dive into the discussion as we know I could get interrupted at any minute!

Discussion Points

  • Carol and Daryl went horde hunting and there were trust issues abound.  Carol may have talked Daryl into going for it with Connie.  But eventually they were crossing borders and spying on the horde/whisperers.  Carol seemed to have a secret plan to capture one of them the whole time.  She hid a zip tie that wasn’t in the bag that Daryl investigated.   So, they went in saying they can’t make any mistakes or leave any trails. Daryl killed a walker, and they stole a whisperer.  That can’t be good. 
  • There’s a super flu in Alexandria.  It would be treatable in the olden days, but here it’s a problem. Rosita is down for the count with 6 others.  Siddiq is still dealing with stuff but coming to understand that Dante is there to help.  Did we see that Siddiq lost some time and sleep walked from the infirmary to the windmill?  Dude is messed up.
  • Meanwhile Eugene has broadened the range on his radio.  After an initial chat with Rosita (they miss each other), he found a new woman and they did some major bonding.  But they were both too scared to talk “real talk” due to each other potentially being a threat to the other.  I saw a few tweets saying this might be the start of the “COMMONWEALTH” which I’m assuming is a comic term.  
  • The highlight of the episode was surprisingly the Whisperers plot due to the infusion of NEGAN comedy.  JDM is still throwing his fast ball and being out of the prison works well for him.  I’m not quite ready to assume he’s ACTUALLY all in with the whisperers.  He might be doing this to prove his worth to the “good guys”.  But his rapport with Beta was delicious.  They hate each other.  But Alpha is falling for Negan hook line and sinker.  There’s certainly a bunch I can dive into here, but in summary Negan is a whisperer for now and he’s loving it.  We’ll see where it goes!

Okay, that’s all I have time for.  2 more episodes before the break.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings, we’ll chat more in the comments and I’ll see you next week! 


Mike V. said...

Commonwealth - Apparently this storyline was something that led to the end game in the comics. This excites me. lol

MJ said...

Negen as a Whisperer was hysterical ! Dude can't shut up ! LOL He is sooo playing them. Def can't be good to have kidnapped a Whisperer. And def do not trust the woman on the radio. Don't know about the Commonwealth.

Uh oh ! Rosita has been very sick and hardly on the show - just read she signed on with Netflix to make Selena the series. I'm sure she could do both - but why do I feel she is leaving too ?

Mike V. said...

Rosita-ahhh didn't know that. Yep she's probably a goner.

Agreed on Negan!

I read too much about Commonwealth. I'm gonna stay quiet. lol

MJ said...

And don't think I didn't catch your excitement about Commonwealth being start of end. Lol

Maybe she's the one who traded tech plans for albums. Especially since Maggie is coming back and Maggie supposedly with her

Mike V. said...

I wasn't trying to hide it! :) Hey, all good things need to end. If you keep it going indefinitely it loses any sense of urgency! But I'm sure they can still drag out the storyline they're moving towards for multiple seasons. I just wish they'd announce an end date. lol

I thought Maggie was with Georgie, the windmill lady?? lol

It was cool that she mentioned she was from Strasburg, PA. We took the kids there a few times to ride Thomas and Percy. Man when Parker was 2 he was obsessed with Thomas. It was nuts. Then one day it was just over. lol (Replaced by Star Wars. I wasn't complaining! Now it's just all Marvel all the time.)

Mj said...

Georgie. Forgot her name. And the windmill too