Sunday, October 27, 2019

TV Discussion: Week of 10/27/2019 to 11/2/2019

Hello TV addicts! This is our weekly place for non recapped tv discussions. See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

New Trailer for The Mandolorian released last night. Looks fantastic!

APPLE TV + shows - The Morning Show is getting pretty rough reviews. I'll have the service but only because we got new devices. lol

Star Wars/Thrones/D&D - The Benioff/Weiss downfall continues. They're off of the Star Wars project. The spin is that they're working full time with their Netflix contract. But I'm sure Disney wanted to distance themselves after the polarizing ending of Thrones. Now their quotes from recent events is getting taken out of context and making it look like they were totally incompetent. This is ridiculous. That show was amazing for 6 seasons. The end was not perfect, but come on people! They are excellent adapters and got put in a position they didn't expect to be in when GRRM wasn't done writing. Anyway...I'm sure the same thing will happen to Johnson's trilogy. It sounds like Kevin Feige is getting dropped into the Star Wars world to see what he can do for the film franchise. Should be interesting. As long as he understands that Star Wars and Marvel should not be treated similarly!

Watchmen - 2nd episode was good. Loving the Jeremy Irons stuff. His character is from the original story I think. He might be the guy that dropped the squids. Anyway, the did a retelling of the creation of Dr. Manhattan. It was nuts. I really need to watch the movie again or read the graphic novel to pick up on all the extra stuff I'm sure Lindelöf and crew are putting in there.

Mr. Robot - anyone watching the final season? It's been pretty good.

Supergirl - I guess Jimmy is leaving? If not, he's been put into a pretty lame subplot. lol

Star Wars Rewatch - Started Rogue One for this week!

Mike V. said...

Thrones prequel - that didn’t last long. The Naomi Watts thrones prequel is canceled. Crazy. I didn’t read the article to see if they’re moving forward with the other ones still.

MJ said...

See that CW is creating a Superman & Lois. Not going to even go there.

Behind on Supergirl - but got spoiled by who is no longer on the show. Won't say yet. Never mind - you know.

Need to start Watchmen and get caught up on SuperGirl and Flash. The shows we watch in common. Work been crazy - extra hours. And have to admit - been watching a scary movie here and there. LOL

Mr Robot - nah gave that one up.

Mike V. said...

Thrones prequel - so they canceled it because they’ve greenlit House of the Dragon. It’s based on George’s Targaryen history book “fire and blood”. Sipochnik is on board as a showrunner and will direct the pilot. (He directed some of the highest ranked eps of the show and a couple in the final season. Crazy stuff.

I’ll respond to other stuff when not on phone.

Mike V. said...

Mike V. said...

AHS - The story keeps getting deeper! Now it all spawned from Jingles' Mom. It's a pretty good season. Nice cameo from Dylan McDermit (sp)

LOST - So Maureen Ryan (one of the more well known LOST critics/supporters) and someone else did a 6 part Podcast called "Through the Looking Glass" where they review the legacy of LOST. The final episode featured Lindelöf and Cuse back together again!! It was a really great 40 minute discussion. Nice to hear how they look back on their time on LOST and what it was like to break a story. And Man Cuse and Lindelöf talked about how they reacted when GRRM said he didn't want to "pull a LOST" with the ending of his story. Cuse ended up meeting GRRM not long after that and basically said "i'm one of the people who wrote that ending of LOST. Why don't you tell me what you didn't like about it to my face." Or something like that. apparently he backed off. It was all part of a conversation of how Twitter doesn't represent true fandom. And even the people that complain do it because they are fans...and that's something Lindelöf has embraced looking back on it all. It's all about the changing landscape of TV especially since they got started with LOST where Showrunners became celebrities along with the cast of the show. Anyway, Lindelöf had strong words for GRRM and it wouldn't surprise me if it somehow leaks off the podcasts and makes headlines. He said there's something to be said for Dave and Dan apart from GRRM and DARLTON. They actually ended their shows so why don't you come talk to us when you end yours because "I don't think you have the guts to do it." Crazy stuff. Carlton said he also told GRRM why don't you come talk to me when your show ends...and it ended up being prophetic.

Speaking of Dan and Dave - apparently the TOXIC Star Wars fandom was one of the reasons they backed out of the Star Wars deal. That combined with the Netflix deal. They already are leaving one toxic fanbase. There are also rumors out there that after Iger/Kennedy saw the Thrones finale, their star wars series was over. But that's all hearsay. lol I'm sure there's some truth to all of it! I figured it was SPIN when I heard "there's only so many hours in a day" lol Next we'll hear that Rian Johnson's trilogy is off and Feige's "star wars movie" will turn into...."Kennedy is stepping down and Feige is taking over". We'll see!

Mike V. said...

This is us - Loved the most recent episode. Totally called Randall bluffing on the Linx! Didn't make it any more effective. When he hot the ball into the water at the end...there were waterworks going on! lol

Mike V. said...

Thrones Prequel - Forgot to add - George has pledged to not write any scripts for the show until he finishes Winds of Winter lol