Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Walking Dead: Season 10 Episode 4 - Silence The Whisperers (Discussion)

Hello friends! This gets tougher every year. Not due to my waning interest in the show but my growing responsibilities as a parent!  Rough bed time for the kiddos prevented me from watching tonight so I need to forego the recap.  Once I watch I’ll join the discussion below. See you next week!


Mike V. said...

This is bad. I didn't even get to the episode last night. I will try. I did see that the showrunner is hinting at Maggie's return this season (since she's back full time next season). I think we all kind of assumed that.

MJ said...

I didn't watch Sunday either

Why are they assuming the fallen tree was done by the whisperers ? Made no sense to me. Bullying teens even in the apololypse. Boring to me. But how did that girl die ? Didn't seem like he hit her that hard. Michonne looked weirded out by that kiss from Zeke. LOL Didn't get the whole Magna being uphappy her partner used to be her lawyer - but whatever. Whats with all the grafitti all of a sudden ?

Mike V. said...

Just finished the ep. yeah not the greatest. Not sure about how the girl died. I’m sure it was negan just in the heat of saving Lydia. Did we even know magna and connie were together? Yeah her being mad about the walker thing was weird. Guess it’s a “who is the leader when it really matters” type thing? I dunno. The lawyer thing meh. I’m guessing the implication was that they’re lovers now not attorney/client. Lol

Yeah I’ve made no assumption that the threat is the whisperers. But I had closed captions on at the end and it said the whisperers were whispering lol guess we’ll just find out eventually.