Sunday, October 20, 2019

TV Discussion: Week of 10/20/2019 - 10/26/2019

Hello TV Addicts! This is our weekly place to discuss all non recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


MJ said...

No TWD or Watchmen. Be back tomorrow. 😔

Mike V. said...

Sounds good. I surprisingly fit in both. Lol I’ll wait to comment.

Star Wars trailer tonight and tickets!!

MJ said...

Be back later but did you recognize Tupak from Star trek on AHS ?

Mike V. said...

Tuvok - That's a blast from the past. lol I didn't watch Voyager religiously but I was pretty big on DS9. I did NOT recognize him in AHS but I see on IMDB that he was in it. lol

Watchmen - The biggest revelation coming out of that episode is that the event depicted in the beginning of the film was a historical event in Tulsa that had been swept under the carpet. Other than that, I'd just say google "the sacking of Black Wallstreet" if you want to learn more. So Lindelöf isn't shying away from our messy history. I thought the pilot was good. I remember enough about the Watchmen lore to recognize some patterns. (Don Johnson's character is following the Comedian's arc a bit, we saw Dr. Manhattan on Mars as he had left Earth after the events of 1985 in the comic/movie, the Rorschach lore) This is a lived in universe that pretends the events of the comic happened but it's 2019 in that world now. Pretty interesting thing to do. But Lindelöf will thrive with it I'm sure.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Tickets purchased. Trailer hit all the feels. Also feels like they're holding back on big reveals which is a good thing. But there was a quick shot of PALPS! Alive/Dead/Reanimated/Animatronic/on life support? No one knows....but I'm psyched to find out. Since Star Wars was always modeled after Flash Gordon....the whole "ming never dies" mantra is something they could be playing with. If you're going to bring a 9 episode arc to a close, you need to bring back the guy that started it all...Sheev Palpatine! I'm on Solo in my "1 a week" chronological rewatch. Still enjoy that movie!

Mandolorian - 27 minutes was screened for critics and such. Rave reviews coming out that this is the star wars of old that we've been looking for. I wouldn't doubt it with Favreau and Filoni (Clone Wars/Rebels/GL's right hand man) running it. They're saying it's feature level quality. Granted....Disney usually gets positive early reviews because all these people want to stay in their good graces. I'm still looking forward to it. We're into Massive Star Wars content about to be hitting us over the next 2 months. (Mandolorian will release 1 a week and end on the 29th of December. They're usually going to come out on Fridays except for the week Rise of Skywalker comes'll be Wednesday that week) It's a shame I'll be the only one here watching it! :(

Anonymous said...

Watchmen--So, I lived in Tulsa. That wasn't swept under the carpet in the sense that it's not well known. It's been known for decades with reminders all along the way. I didn't think I would like this show and now I know I won't. Picking racism as an issue is so political at a time when the country doesn't need another show trying to divide. To pick on "white extremists" Well, the carpet baggers were for real after the civil war and used the gov to steal families' homes. And the former slaves were given assets as reparations. Funny how that's forgot too.

BTW, there's a legit problem stirring in Mexico now where the drug lords won a recent battle vs government troops. It's comforting to know those same drug lords are running drugs and people across our border. In the early 20th century the US had to send troops into Mexico for protection against violence. This could have been a good Watchmen plot?

I had hoped to find something to watch and comment with you guys?


Mike V. said...

Watchmen - I'm only going with what the Internet tells me. I'll trust your word more than them! lol I did see it started surfacing more in the 90s, but for awhile it was frowned upon to speak of it or something. But I'm paraphrasing my half-assed internet research.'s definitely a touchy subject and Damon said as much in his many interviews (including one MJ referenced last week). I'm not all about shows making political statements, but if it's done well I'm just in for good content. Supergirl - I use often - got preachy and it was done poorly.

As for Mexico...I don't really know if that stuff ties into what they were doing with the coming in the 80s. I think there were themes of racism in the graphic novel too. I could be totally off. I do need to read the graphic novel at some point, but considering how far I got into The Walking Dead comics...I'm thinking it's not going to happen. lol

I just don't know what we all watch anymore Richard. I'm probably going to check out His Dark Materials on HBO. I started listening to the audio book of The Golden Compass. Not sure how into it I am, but maybe seeing the show will inspire me to plow further in. I'm obviously all in on Disney + so I'm psyched about The Mandolorian. But, I know you guys aren't going to shell out the $6 a month for it! I pre-paid for 3 years and pretty much am getting a year for free. That deal was run temporarily this summer.

Other than that...I'm not really sure what else is coming up that we're all interested in. Definitely the next Westeros show I'm sure we'll all be checking out. but that's a ways off. Westworld S3? Did you stick with that one?

Streaming has really killed this blog...(as has me growing up and starting a family lol) There's basically a Sub-Reddit for any show we enjoy and can go there for our fixes. There are podcasts for any fandom. I keep posting here for the good company. :)

MJ said...

Vikings will be back soon. Lol. But I am behind on that

Yeah. Harder and harder to find stuff we all watch. I won't get any Disney stuff. Tho I heard part of a commercial about FiOS and Disney. Hmmmm

Star wars. Trailer looks awesome

Ahs. If they don't screw this up will be favorite season. So fake nurses dad was a serial killer. Are they ghosts now? Like the hitchhiker can they not leave? Then where are all the ghosts from first slaughter?

This is us. Two behind

Mike V. said...

Vikings - Is that one ending this year? lol I forget what shows have announced final seasons.

Disney: It's actually Verizon Wireless I think. You can get a free year of Disney + if you switch mobile service to Verizon. Maybe it's Fios though...because I saw something about an internet package. Worth exploring!

Star Wars - Agreed. Of course, there are grinches that find flaws in everything but I'm excited!

AHS - Yeah I think they're ghosts of some kind like the Hitchhiker. Good question on the first slaughter. No clue. It is a really entertaining season I agree.

This Is Us -It's been really good!

Flash - We have a new Wells! No answer on Earth 2 Wells yet. lol

Anonymous said...

Catherine the GREat is starting on HBO, I'm going to check it out.

I watch all of the premium cable channels. Don't know about His Dark Materials? Let me know if it's good

Watchmen--it was created in part due to the Vietnam War and its' hard realities. In WWII we killed so many innocent civilians in Germany and Japan but in VN the hands were tied. The heros became persona non grata in the comic. An irony about the comic is that Nixon got us out of the VN war in real life. The violence in Mexico is increasing drastically and is a current issue where he could have put it in this time frame. I used to go to Mexico a LOT for business so I keep up with it. There's also the issue of the endless middle east wars--any time frame. North Korea could be another good one. And the Chinese and Russian hacking of our computers could be a good one. So many possibilities that are more in line with the purpose of the Watchmen. A global/multi national life threatening plot just seems more interesting.

BTW,I am part Cherokee. There was a time when Indians were treated poorly as well. And reservation life is no piece of cake for those living in them. What Sherman did to the South and later the Indians was awful. It was like genocide. He intentionally killed everyone he could and destroyed their infrastructure, not just win a war. I personally feel like those things are ignored/not taught today. There are just so many examples of tragedies. As I recall there is a park in Tulsa where that tragedy occurred to serve as a reminder and honor those killed.

Vikings will be back

WEsteros--I'm up to speed.

I want to go see the Joker and Midway.

I too check in because of the company!


Mike V. said...

Nice I’ll respond in more detail later. Thanks for the reminder on the watchmen history. I’ll look that over.

Just wanted to let you know I saw joker last week. Definitely a disturbing movie but made really well. Would love to hear your thoughts.