Sunday, October 6, 2019

TV Discussion: Week of 10/6/2019 to 10/13/2019

Hello TV addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  I’ll see you in the comments!


Mj said...

I really doubt they stay on for 20. Says the person who started Supernatural a hundred years ago - which is starting their 15th and final season

Glad we skipped the whole birthday of Rosita's kid. So satellite was streaking PAST them yet landed close by. Yish!

Loved training scene. Like lost ton of weight. I don't remember new ones name either. But you remembered Luke so better then me. I only remembered Maga but not how to say or spell it. Lol

Siddiq is bio dad. Gabe is current boyfriend so will live with kid. Eugene just wants Gabe's situation with Rosita's. Lol.

Fishing boat? Too bizarre. Thought Oceanside had washed their hands of us.

Agreed. One walker spewed an awful lot of blood for a zombie. I also thought a whisperer

Mike V. said...

Ahh you commented on the wrong thread! lol I'll copy pate this into TWD.

Mike V. said...

This Is Us - Agree with Kate and the popular girls. but she turned it into something positive. He probably doesn't want to upset Kate with the gym stuff. he's channeling his stress/fears into exercise while Kate is stress eating. But I guess they finally got the actor out of the fat suit. lol

His Dark Materials - I'm with you on great characters/story in terms of fantasy. But I'm always looking for the next big thing. So I may check it out. I don't get it really either. There's parallel dimensions or something like that and in one their representation/avatars are animals or something. Preview looks decent and lots of big names involved.

Star Wars - That's hilarious you didn't remember it was coming out (surely you knew at one time they announced the trilogy would have a movie come out every 2 years starting in 2015)! That's a nice surprise for you. There's a couple trailers out but the main one will probably be coming in a week's time. After this there won't be new movies for like 3 years. But we'll have Disney Plus stuff. I'm most excited for the Obi-Wan series but I'm excited for The Mandolorian too.

TWD - I think my problem is the blogging. If I didn't have to "work" I'd just digest the content and move on. I actually have to think about it and write something down. lol But it's all in the name of our discussion!

Mike V. said...

I think this blog is finally dying. Damn streaming options! LOL

Supergirl - Was better than last year. I can say that much. New suit was fun, but damn if it’s going to take that long to put on each time she’s going to get realized by more people! Lol But I’m glad it’s out in the open between Lena and Kara. Of course, she’s full on villain now of course!

Flash - First episode was good. Love that they used Queen’s Flash Gordon Theme song and Cisco said he’s been waiting for years for the right moment. Lol. Seems like these episodes are going to be the biggest setup to the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

I’m not taking on Batgirl. Gotta start phasing this stuff out. It’s too big! Lol

This is Us - Lots of Philly stuff. Love that they live there now. I like how Kevin and Jennifer Morrison ended up running into each other. The laughing during AA was great stuff. Miguel saving Jack’s job was good stuff too. And the kids all gossiping in each timeline....sibling bonds. Good stuff.

Modern Family - I didn’t realize how far behind we got. I had to go digging on Plex because Hulu got rid of back episodes and my TiVo was set to only save the latest 5. Whoops! We just watched last year’s Christmas episode where Haley told the fam she was preggers. The ep after is where she found out it was twins.

El Camino (BB movie) will be on Netflix tomorrow! With the kids’ sleep schedule these days I have no idea when we’ll watch! Lol

Good Place - won’t be watching tonight but can’t wait to see what happens next!

MJ said...

Streaming - yeah - definitely harder to get us all on the same show.

Supergirl - much improved over last year so far. But the Lena not trusting her lying friend will get old

Mod Fam - too funny about being that behind

El Camino - might try this weekend

Batgirl - not watcing either.

Di't get much watched last night - watched NYG suck out loud. LOL

Mike V. said...

Streaming - agreed obviously. It’s all good. I think blogging is dying in general. I’d probably need to start a podcast if I wanted to keep this going professionally. Lol. The site is still here for anyone that wants to chat TV!

Supergirl - Agree on Lena as well. That’s the problem with these 22 episode season shows. A lot of the same ground covered over and over. I like that they cut down on the Legends season orders. Makes it fresher.

Last night - we didn’t watch anything else. I got updates on the Pats/Giants but we were out seeing Hamilton again. Lol