Sunday, October 20, 2019

The Walking Dead: Season 10 Episode 3 - Ghosts

Hello friends!  Season 10 continues of our never ending zombie drama!  Tonight’s episode had some crazy drama.  Still not finding much inspiration to write but I’ll come up with a few things that we can discuss in more detail in the comments!

Discussion Points

  • Waves of Walkers were coming to Alexandria over 3 days straight.  The Whisperers claim it’s not them.  So if not, who is it?  Or are they lying? 
  • Alpha requested a meeting at the border.  She was able to report on the 3 times that our people crossed the borders (snow, Aaron/Michonne, and the Satellite).  She was going to let it go without bloodshed but she did change the borders and take more land.  Meanwhile Carol is going through some crazy hallucinations and tried to take out Alpha.  Our friends stopped her even though we were secretly rooting for her to get away with it. 
  • Highlight of the episode was the Negan/Aaron stuff.  Negan is still playing this “path of redemption” stuff that I had not so rocket-scientistly predicted last season.  It’s easy to want to believe him and there may be some truth to it for now.  But, you know once he sees an advantage he will be inclined to take it.  He could have gotten away in this episode, but he knows he has it made in the shade in Alexandria right now.  Aaron and Negan got some harsh words off to each other.  Negan claimed Aaron is responsible for Eric’s death which in turn had Aaron suggesting that Negan is responsible for his wife’s death.   This resulted in what you think it would.  Aaron went temporarily blind and Negan had to help him! 
  • Everyone else was either sleep deprived staving off walkers and coming out with truths of non-relationships (Poor Eugene deciding to abandon his friendship with Rosita) or they’re suffering from PTSD from their previous abduction from the whisperers (Siddiq).  The other doc dude that seems to be into Siddiq is a PTSD sufferer from Iraq and quick with a joke (or to light up your smoke?).  
  • Carol’s hallucination trip was nuts.  She was lacking sleep (because she thinks of Henry when she sleeps) and taking meds to stay awake.  She started seeing things, hearing stories that weren’t happening.  I guess eventually we have to believe that she did have upside down rope fight with the walkers?  Or she just fell into a shard of glass. 
  • Anyway, after all that insanity things are safe “for now”.   But then we see a shot of a whisperer who had appeared dead open her eyes.  Who the hell was that?  Was that Gamma’s sister from last week?  Or something I totally missed? 
I think that’s enough talking points to get us going.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I’ll see you next week!  


MJ said...

Hallucinations were cool. Still can't figure where new doc came from. So now we have confirmation the whisperers are often close and watching. Lydia seemed doubtful her mom was sending the walkers. Why would she lie? There was a big crash and huge fire after all that could have drawn them

Mike V. said...

Yeah I don't remember this new doc either. He seems like a new character. He's charismatic so I guess that's good lol

Yeah I'm guessing the walkers being sent is another group, but who? Yeah the fire might have sent them...but why specifically to Alexandria, and why in what seems to be controlled waves? Seems like they're hinting at a new threat.