Sunday, October 13, 2019

The Walking Dead: Season 10 Episode 2 - We Are the End of the World (Discussion)

Hello fellow Walking Dead heads!  I watched tonight’s episode, but did not have time to recap.  And honestly, it doesn’t feel very recappable.  I think we can cover the gist in the comments.  So, for anyone still visiting, feel free to drop your thoughts down below.  See you in the comments and see you next week!


MJ said...

I knew young Lydia's childhood would be messed up but damn. So Beta is wearing he face of someone he is\wS find of? Ewwww. Shocked alpha spared woman who gave kid up. Even more shocked when woman attacked her. And def had forgot they all think Alpha killed Lydia

Mike V. said...

Yeah I was confused about who this person was supposed to be that Beta is wearing the face of. Chris Hardwicke opened his show saying it was Beta's best friend. So I guess we'll go with that! lol

I definitely didn't remember anything regarding Lydia's supposed death.

I was still waiting the whole time for the stories to line up and us see that walker we thought was human last week to actually be human lol (the one that bled forever)

I didn't really get much out of the episode (clearly!). It doesn't seem like we really learned that much more about Alpha or Beta than we already knew. I guess it humanizes them a bit more, but not really! Of course now there's a Gamma too so look out! lol

MJ said...

It did flesh out alpha a bit. And we see how alpha and beta aligned

Mike V. said...

Yeah it did. Stepping stones episodes. Stuff I appreciated in the past like the farm stuff in season 2! lol But now I just don't care about these new characters to know their origin stories! But, I'm still watching.

Sundays are about to get tougher with Watchmen starting. But that's the other thread!