Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Walking Dead: Season 10 Episode 1 - Lines We Cross

Hello friends!  Here we go again.  I’m going to try to start this season optimistically, but it’s tough when you hear comments from people close to the show that we may be on season 10 of a potential 20 of The Walking Dead.  Since we last discussed in recap form, the source material that the show draws from has reached its sudden conclusion.  One might have thought that would signify that the flagship show in the growing TWD empire would be heading towards its own end game.  The message from the show stuff is that we may just be getting started.  I’m gonna be straight with you.  I do not share this sentiment.  My long winded recap days are far behind me and this show is outlasting my patience!  But, I also ain’t a quitter!  I like to see things through.  So, I’ll keep playing this game of chicken with the show and we’ll see who comes out on top.  I still do enjoy our discussions. Honestly, if it wasn’t for that I would’ve given up on this awhile go.  But, besides this lengthy opening preamble, my comments will probably be brief.

So all of that said, it was a decent opening episode.  Lots of similar themes revisited but it set the stage of what’s going on everywhere in the aftermath of The Storm and the Border agreement.  Let’s dive in!

Discussion Points

Basically the opening episode boiled down to fear.  Alpha did her job well instilling fear into the “good guys”.   Of course Good Guys was also a question that came into play in this episode.  (One of those revisited themes I mentioned)  We opened in space following an old soviet satellite that was falling uncontrollably into orbit.  What would be the odds that this dish would fall right into Whisperer territory and inspire our crew to have to “cross the line”?  That is just some convenient timing!   Of course, that was just the trigger that will set forth this season into motion.  Lots of stuff happened on the way to that line crossing.  
  • Training Day - Oceanside was the site of some intense organized walker slayings.  Shield tactics, Bow and arrows, knifing, you name it.  It was pretty cool.  I’ll be impressed if we ever see them use these tactics again in an upcoming episode instead of just random run and knifing that we usually see.
  • We’re seeing some budding romances.  Luke and Jules from Oceanside have something going on.  And Daryl and the Deaf Girl with the note pad (sorry, I really am having a hard time remembering the newer character names!) But signing with a southern accent? Comic gold!  Other almost deaf girl is getting worse in the hearing category.  So, there will be moments that require us to look up from our devices to follow the conversation at times.  Just like a Sun/Jin episode of LOST!  (Note: Talking Dead just reminded Daryl’s new potential flame is Connie)
  • The Fear going across Oceanside and Alexandria spawned from RJ finding a Whisperer mask amongst seashells from the ocean.  This spawned various reactions.  They went on ALERT at Alexandria which triggered Negan to see an opportunity to pitch in and maybe rise to prominence eventually.  Negan is getting some garden time outside of his cell.  He was giving Gabriel some tips on how to lie with style to instill confidence in the people.  
  • Aaron is going through some stuff.  He has a lot of angst towards the Whisperers and losing Eric and his almost flame in Jesus.  He and Michonne had a moment on a bridge which triggered memories of Rick’s sacrifice.  (Also brought up in Judith’s story to RJ)
  • I’m gonna be honest. I forget who’s the father and who is the flame in the Rosita/Eugene/Siddiq/Gabriel mess.  But there was some high comedy going on with the 3 men and a baby stuff.   Siddiq definitely has some PTSD stuff going on as well with his encounter with Alpha.  And who the hell is this Dante doctor guy?  That was the oddest 2 minutes of TWD in all 10 seasons.  
  • Carol has been away since the storm.  She’s been fishing on a boat.  Basically, she needed distance from everything that’s happened.  But she was happy to see her “best bud” Daryl.  They went for a little hack and slash play date.  Things took a downward turn when the deer they were hunting crossed the Whisper line.  It’s all good though.  Even if they won’t be going to New Mexico any time soon Daryl got his best friend a friendship bracelet! 
  • I’m sure I missed some key moments, but everything went to hell when the satellite slammed down to the ground.  Oceanside, eventually joined by Alexandria, basically had no choice put to cross the line and distinguish the flames even whilst taking on walkers.  I thought for sure Carol’s kill was against a masked whisperer with the way it bled out, but I think it would’ve been more obvious if that was the case.  
  • Long story short, the all got the fire out, but Eugene seems some technological potential of scavenging the satellite.  Michonne wants them all back on their side of the border ASAP.  And for good reason.  After Daryl left Carol to think about sticking around, Alpha just happened to walk out and make eyes with her.  DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNN...
And we’re off!  The Whisperers are here and the pieces are in place to bring us more drama!  Interesting drama?  Time will tell.  One thing is for sure, my fingers are tired of typing!  I’ll be recharged and ready chat more in the comments tomorrow.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I’ll see you next week!   


Mike V. said...

From MJ (on wrong thread):

"I really doubt they stay on for 20. Says the person who started Supernatural a hundred years ago - which is starting their 15th and final season

Glad we skipped the whole birthday of Rosita's kid. So satellite was streaking PAST them yet landed close by. Yish!

Loved training scene. Like lost ton of weight. I don't remember new ones name either. But you remembered Luke so better then me. I only remembered Maga but not how to say or spell it. Lol

Siddiq is bio dad. Gabe is current boyfriend so will live with kid. Eugene just wants Gabe's situation with Rosita's. Lol.

Fishing boat? Too bizarre. Thought Oceanside had washed their hands of us.

Agreed. One walker spewed an awful lot of blood for a zombie. I also thought a whisperer "

Mike V. said...

LOL on Supernatural. I really thought that show ended in season 5, then they just kept going!

My wife made a morbid comment but I feel the same way...people don't want to watch a show for 20 years. I mean people that started it in season 1 that expected closure may not be here when the show ends. That's kinda depressing. Somehow they need to resolve things with Rick, Michonne and all these branch stories that are going to be starting (the Rick movies)...before people stop caring. I still feel that Rick needs to be in the series finale. Maybe they don't feel that is needed. But if they want to wait until 2030 before ending the series? I don't think people will wait that long. Surely they just made the comment because Robert Kirkman ended the comic. They wanted to assure fans they could go as long as they want. But I just don't know about it.

Hilarious on the satellite...hence my "convenience" comment! lol

I didn't remember Luke...they said it on the show and I wrote it down real quick. I was going to call him Fantastic Beasts/Goldbergs guy lol Magna was one I forgot too but they said that too. Connie I didn't remember until Talking Dead.

Siddiq being dad...I thought so. Just wasn't sure. Your description is how I remember it!

I think Oceanside came to the group's aid last season at some point. Hell that may have been 2 seasons ago. I can't keep it straight. But them living at oceanside? That was new. No news on Hilltop either. Is that abandoned?

Also MAggie was at least name dropped. She's officially back next season. But I guess that doesn't mean we won't see her this season.

glad I wasn't alone with the bleeding walker!