Monday, August 12, 2019

TV Discussion: Summer 2019 (Part 2)

Hello TV Addicts!  This is Part 2 of our Summer Discussion Thread.  In part 1 we had my (mostly) one way discussion of my first full LOST Rewatch in 7 years, plus a lot of discussion about random shows that none of us are watching at the same time!  Amid rumors of difficulty accessing that thread, I’m creating a new thread for the remainder of the break until the return of The Walking Dead: Season 8 Million.   Let’s be honest, as much as I complain we all know I’ll be watching and reporting on it in some capacity!   Until then, see you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Not sure if everyone has having trouble accessing. Here’s the last few posts from part 1:

MJ said...
The Boys - dammmn. Didn't know that was Kripke. I love Kripke. I still watch Supernatural for goodness sake. though that is almost done now.

Finished Nos4a2. Pretty good.

OITNB - Almost done with this season - and it has been great. Topical but not preachy.

Fleabag - hearing great things. Might have to do next

Handmaids - def starting next week.

HMax - we shall see. But I don't need to rewatch friends. Or the CW stuff I've already seen. There is so much new stuff that I don't even have time for re-watches

Shield - still have to start that. And iZombie.

B&T - behind again but I now finale is this week.

August 5, 2019 at 12:15 PM

Mike V. said...
The Boys - yeah I've heard really good things. I'll get to it. Still wrapping up other stuff.

Nos4a2 - Haven't heard of it. lol

OITNB - I've heard this season is almost as good as the first season. I'd just have to suffer through last season to get to it.

Fleabag - heard the same.

HMax - Yeah there were other networks lumped in there. It wouldn't all be for rewatches. I'm looking for solutions where I don't need cable. lol Still not quite there. I priced out some options. I'd save but I'd lose AMC or Nickelodeon (kids just started watching it). I'm thinking when Disney + and Apple TV + come out this fall there could be some competitive offerings so I'll hold off for now.

Handmaids - we're 2 behind now with a 3rd this we'll be working on this next.

SHIELD - Finished the season. it was good! Weird, but good. lol Interested in the final season.

iZombie - I'm running through The 100 right now then iZombie will be next. I think it ended last week.

August 5, 2019 at 12:51 PM

Mike V. said...

Mike V. said...
So, general comment. This whole waiting for a show to air all episodes then binge it is actually a nice way to run through them. Of course, it eliminates the whole concept of this blog to have real-time discussions about what just aired. But, that’s just the way of the world these days! That said:

The 100 - Finished season 6. Final season airs next year. This show has been a real gem flying under the radar. Only the 1st season has some of the teen angst that plagues a lot of CW shows. They quickly get out of it. It’s been consistently solid year in and year out. Looking forward to seeing how they close things up. Cliffhanger for the final season was nutso.

iZombie - No Spoilers. Finally getting back into this. I watched like 3 eps today. Have about 4 left I think. I’m seeing them start to move into the end game. It’s been entertaining throughout though.

Handmaid - We watched one this week. Still have 2 to go plus the finale next week. I think the one we’re about to watch is the highest rated of the season so far so we’ll see!

BH90210 - I’m guessing no one else tuned into this one. I totally watched it! Lol That’s my childhood/early teenage through college-dom there. So of course I’m going to check it out for nostalgia. Great to see the cast again, minus Luke Perry (RIP). The show/concept is totally corny, but I couldn’t help but have a grin on my face the whole time. It’s only 6 eps so I’ll stick it out. Lol

Next Up on my list:

Legion Season 3 (final season) - I think 7 have aired so far.
Black Mirror (latest season)
The Boys (amazon prime)

Arrowverse crossover event - I saw that Kevin Conroy (animated Batman/Bruce Wayne voice. Think he did the voice for the Arkham video games as well) is going to play some version of Bruce Wayne in the event. That’s pretty cool. Anyone going to start watching Batgirl? I saw Black Lightning will be in this crossover event too. I just can’t do it. I’m at my limit on DC CW shows. Lol

Streaming Options - I saw that Disney is going to offer a streaming bundle of basic Hulu (with ads), Disney + and ESPN+ for 12.99 starting in November. Maybe they’ll have some other options too. I can’t give up my “no ads” version of Hulu! Lol. But they’re going to be really competitive with Netflix. I see them being an immediate success and rival.

August 8, 2019 at 1:18 PM

Mike V. said...
Handmaid - we're caught up. woaaaa...things got real! There's a lot of slow burn in the beginning of the season, but obviously it all builds to something. Things are pretty nuts right now. We're excited for the finale Wednesday.

iZombie - Finished! it was a good run to the end. I won't say any more.

Black Mirror - watching the first episode of the newest season. Has Anthony Mackie in the starring role (also known as Falcon in the MCU). Interesting stuff! I see the latest season wasn't received as well as past seasons. Oh well. I'll still trudge through it.
August 12, 2019 at 10:35 AM

MJ said...

Serena's mom was some piece of work ! I'm sure we all had the same assumption when Serena walked into that water too !

Cmdr lawrence is interesting - he has no cares of the rules of Gilead - but no one in his house better break his rules. Interesting tidbit about Chicago falling to Gilead. They never actually say how much of the world was turned. I always assumed all since to get out you have to go to Canada as opposed to a free space in USA.

So sad seeing Emily reunite with her son and wife. Is the wedding ring the wife is wearing from their marriage - or did she move on with someone else ? Totally forgot Emily was a doctor before.

Ugh - is Serena going dark again seeing Nicole on that tv ? the nerve to make June call her husband to arrange a meeting !

Horrible that the house they are looking at in DC still has the peoples stuff

They make them do the hangings ! And she had to help with the one who told her about Hannah - who's family is now gone

Still having issue at work. SIGH

Mike V. said...

Handmaid - We just finished last night! Won’t spoil. As for what has fallen to Gilead vs what isn’t we had the same thoughts. I ended up finding a wiki last night to see what is Gilead vs. what isn’t. It’s actually laid out more than I thought. Though I forget what comes up when so I don’t want to spoil. I will say Hawaii, Alaska and the territories (i.e. Puerto Rico) are still American controlled. Most big cities are under Gilead rule. (MOST)

Don’t want to comment on a lot of it. You’ll see! The DC house was pretty crazy agree.

Sorry about the work access issues. Hopefully it gets resolved soon!

The Boys - Watched ep 1. It’s good!

Mj said...

Handmaid's - finishing tonight

Mike V. said...

Handmaid's - wow that was fast!

The Boys - I'm 4 eps in, still enjoying!

Mj said...

Handmaid's - yeah I haven't been able to comment on every episode. I thoroughly enjoyed the commander getting screwed and arrested. And was quite surprised when he turned the tables and got Serena too. I can't recall what's Serena present the first time Nick and June had sex? Cried like a baby last night. Ugh. Luke watching for Hannah. June staying behind to let them get out. Tho not sure if she intended to go either way. Guy in Canada seeing his daughter. I think her getting shot in abdomen means she might be a handmaid's for much longer. Also moving was the others carrying her out on a red cape. Ugh. Like I said. I was a mess

The only reason I can't post from work any more is you have that link to log into Google to submit comments. They block it here. And they frown on us being on our personal tablets too much. Sigh. I'll make it work

Mike V. said...

So I looked into my comments options. Since this is a google owned site, there’s no way to really get rid of the google link. Plus i post through my google account. I could change to DISQUS commenting but I’m not sure that would help you since you can sign in with any social media account in that. (Remember a few years back I tested DISQUS on my flashforward blog comments to see if it was worth switching over?). That really stinks they changed that on you. But it makes sense. I’m surprised I still have access honestly. But I’m home today and typing on my iPad anyway lol

Handmaid - Fred getting screwed was great and June’s husband punching him was great too (though I’m not sure why they ever let him in there with him). I vaguely recall there being one time where Serena forced them to be together to conceive a child. It was after they had already been together. She was involved though. Yeah there were tears on our side too. LUKE right that’s his name. Yeah that was rough. Yeah I’ve accepted there is no story once June gets out of there unless it’s for the final chapter or something. Did you mean she might NOT be a handmaid much longer? Either way, I have no idea. But the hand maids will save her. I leaned over to my wife and said “oh look, they’re about to zoom in on her face with a grin again” lol. Every episode ended that way. People were whining in the first half of the season that nothing was happening but June would still smile at the end of every ep. I’ll admit, that one in the mental prison or whatever was pretty rough. It got rated a 5 of 10 on imdb. Lol. But that one where June killed Chris Meloni was one of the highest rated eps of the series.

The Boys - I’m on ep 6 of 8 now. It’s really good. I recommend!

Mike V. said...

The Boys - On the finale. It's been a fun ride!

Mj said...

Handmaid's - guess since I watched all together I did not sense any slowness

Fleabag -. Finished. Was great. Goes fast as watch season only has like 8 eps and they are about 30 mins

Nah but thanks. I'll make this work. Don't change it for me

Mike V. said...

Handmaid's - sounds about right.

The Boys - Loved it! I'm ready for season 2! lol

Fleabag - I've heard good things, maybe I'll check out.

Legion - tried to start the new season then decide I'm not ready to endure it. lol I like the show but it's so out there. I know it's the last season so maybe I'll get around to it.

MJ said...

iZombie - watched last season's finale and then 2 new episodes I cried all over again when Liz gave Clive's girlfriend her cure. Major is the commander now. Food truck lady helped a guy blow up a checkpoint. Liv's coyote got the 3 kids in but died. Ravi ate aggressive brains which was so funny. Zombie attack was a fake. Guy snuck in scratches two girls. Bet Liv will be pissed if she finds out. Oh and Liv on exercise brain also funny. Think next episode is the dancing one ive been dying to see.

Mike V. said...

iZombie - All of that still sounds familiar to me! I really enjoyed the final season. They did a good job. LIV's many characters over the seasons were fabulous. She and Anna Torv (Fringe) could open an improve acting group. lol

I'm in a TV lull right now (I feel like I'm betraying the very theme of this blog by saying such things!). Don't feel like starting anything new. We still need to watch the rest of Maisel and Big Little Lies...but the kids never go to bed. We have vacation next week so once school starts maybe we'll get into a better routine. lol I'm all into letting shows build up and binge them now so we'll see how that goes with live tv. I don't think I'll be able to do that with The Good Place's final season! Or TWD (UGH!!!!)

MARVEL/MCU/SONY/DISNEY - I'm sure you all heard the Spidey drama. Ugh...we just can't have nice things can we? lol It was too good to be true. Still holding onto hope that this is all a negotiation tactic and Sony isn't really that stupid. I get not wanting to give into Disney as they're already too huge, but their collaboration as led to billions of dollars and a great Spider-man on the silver screen. For Sony to think they've learned all of Kevin Feige's secrets because of Spider-verse and mild success with Venom.....I just can't think they're that stupid. Marvel asking for 50% of profits (also would contribute to 50% of production) was high, but that's how you start negotiations. Sony didn't even want to play the game and said they're good with current setup. (Disney gets 5% and Sony fully produces) Hopefully they find some middle ground and resume talks.

Anonymous said...

Yellowstone--it's fantastic this season, next one is season finale.

ARcher finale was great, love the waking

B&T finale was great, didn't say much since spoilers


Mike V. said...

Rise of Skywalker - special look. Nice look back at the saga in preparation for the conclusion. (George, Rian and J.J. all sat down to workshop how to bring the 9 episodes to a close so my hope is high). New clips look great and the last clip looks awesome but surely is a red herring lol

Mj said...

Star wars. Looks great

iZombie. Almost done. Loved the dance one. You are right. Hey are doing it well. Even brought back the mom and brother

Breaking bad movie. Drops October 11. Trailer interesting

Mike V. said...

BB movie - I watched that trailer. Got hyped. Then the next day realized it was skinny Pete lol just thought it was some random dude. Hopefully they figure out a way to include Walter!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sony doesn't want Disney to destroy Spidey by getting involved more in production. You know how I feel about Disney's destruction machine.


Mike V. said...

Oh yeah I’m not really on either side on this one. 2 greedy corporations getting in the way of good story potential.

MJ said...

Spidey - meant to comment. Yeah - read all about it. Not caring either way. Feeling like I am done with Marvel any way. Now lesser characters (B group) movies and with the Disney+ thing - not going to watch much.

Supergirl/Flash - will watch til the crossover then we shall see. Over the whole Super hero thing mostly. But still love Legends so will watch that.

*** iZombie - meant to add - Clive dancing was most awesome thing ever !! And oh - Clive is having 2 kids ? Ugh! Loved the finale time jump. And that Liv and Major survived. Clive and Dale are marfried with kids and captains. And Ravi is married to Peyton and head of the CDC.

Watching Elementary now. One of the husbands faves. Still have to get to Shield. I was so confused last year over the whole not our Fritz thing. SIGH

Mike V. said...

Marvel - Well Iron Man was a b character until Marvel Studios and RDJ brought him to life and birthed the MCU. They built up Iron Man, CAP and Thor as the big 3 because they didn’t have X-Men, Fantastic 4 and Spidey. Now they own X-Men, F4 and still working on Spidey. There’s big stuff coming. If they could make hits out of Guadians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, they’ve basically earned my trust. I’ll be watching anything they put out.

DC CW Stuff - Yeah I’m with you on this one. I’m kinda spent on it. I still love Legends though. Lol

IZombie - Yep time jump stuff was good. Clive dancing was great as well! It all tied together pretty well!

SHIELD - Best to just go with the Fitz thing. Different timelines.....Fitz was still frozen in present day. Didn’t impact the Fitz from the future that died. Lol. There’s still some awesome episodes in the latest season. Looking forward to the end!

Disney Plus - There is a deal right now if you’re a member (free) of D23. $140 for 3 year subscription. Basically a year free if you did the annual payment. In other words, I’m sucked into this streaming service for at least 3 years starting in November. Considering breaking up with Netflix. (Exactly Disney’s plan lol) Or at least cancelling when I’m not watching anything. It’s silly to be spending as much as i do a month for not watching it a lot.

Anonymous said...

MJ, how about B&T finale?

Yellowstone finale tonight. My wife is even watching now. Very rare to be so pumped for a season finale. S2 is just amazing. I've already rewatched to get ready for finale. So much there and tie ins from S1 and foreshadowing for S3--just very good TV. Extremely well written with high quality production. I like not having CGI too, LOL. One thing to keep in mind is that I'm part Indian and we had a ranch. My grandmother's grandmother was Cherokee. Yes, that's great great grandmother, LOL.


Anonymous said...

LOST--Josh Holloway/Sawyer coming to Yellowstone for S3. Wow what a finale. You were never sure who would live or die. I actually liked how it ended since it defied typical story lines.


Mike V. said...

Hi all, it's bene quiet around here! I know on our end we're in a TV lull right now. I think we're all binged out on new content right now. I've been rewatching The Good Place in prep for the final season. (3rd season added to Netflix).

NBC has been throwing sneak peaks to all of their shows onto our DVRs with promos for new shows (clever). We might check out Perfect Harmony with Bradley Whitford and Anna Camp. And Sunnyside with Kal Penn. Comedies seem to be where it's at right now lol But knowing our schedule I doubt we'll be able to keep up with barely anything! Elementary School age kids are tough! lol

Disney + - I signed up for the 3 year D23 deal (expired now). Basically getting a year free if you pay the up front annual price. (or equivalent to $4 a month). Even if they never released new content the price would be worth it for the vast library of what Disney owns. But there is new Star Wars and Marvel TV Content coming and I'll be a happy camper! (regardless of if i'm selling my soul to the Mouse Empire!)

Mj said...

Been crazy few weeks

B&T. loved it

Finished Elementary and. The Boys

Watching Homecoming with Julia Roberts.

Ugh. Forgot Shield again. Have to hit that

Mike V. said...

Another thrones show in the works -

About the fall of the Targaryens 300 years before game of thrones. So probably the dance of dragons and stuff George wrote in his “history book” fire and blood. Grrm is producing so another thing to distract him from the books! Lol

Still rewatching good place here. That’s about it.

Apple TV +. So they’re giving customers who buy a device a free year of their service. (Going to be $5 a month) my wife and I are due for an upgrade so there’s another service we’ll have lol probably would check out the news one with Aniston Witherspoon and Steve Carell

How’s homecoming?

MJ said...

Homecoming was good. Def had some twists but could be slow at times.

Watched Marianne - Netflix scary series. Liked it.

Have to start watching some finales now for returning shows.

New shows. I know awhile ago I said I had not heard much that interested me - but changed my mind now that I saw more. LOL Gonna look at Emergence, Evil, Prodigal Son, Stumptown (Cobie Smolders), The Unicorn (Walton Goggins).

AHS looks off the charts good. I didn't watch premier yet but a send up of 1984 AND slasher flicks ? Dying to see it. Will watch tonight. Hopefully doesn't disappoint

Mike V. said...

AHS - wait, did AHS air last night? ugh...I never set the dvr!!! I forgot. I'm sure I can find on an app somewhere. lol

Good Place - I binged the whole series and totally ready for next week. Gets better with every rewatch. Love all the LOST shout outs/references.

Only one of those I've seen anything about is Stumptown, but I doubt I'm going to be watching. We really have run out of time with elementary school kids and now my wife has returned to work. lol We'll get ourselves in order, but probably have plenty already to watch. I'll need to start loading up my mornings for the workouts though.

Mike V. said...

AHS - it's on the FX app (now owned by Disney lol). I'll probably try to watch in the morning. I was watching the Indiana Jones movies on Netflix. in the middle of Temple of Doom. Gotta get back in TV mode!

Mike V. said...

Arrow verse crossover - tom welling reprising his Superman for the crossover event!

Mj said...

Ahs. Was awesome. Counted three References to other movies

Mike V. said...

Ahs- watched half so far. Was really enjoying it but my work from home day got busy lol

Mj said...

Wow. Almost all awards went to cable or streamers. Was shocked to hear Fleabag won

Mike V. said...

AHS - Finished! Enjoyed it. takes me back to the good ol days of 80's horror flicks. lol

Emmys - Yeah and articles are still dissing on Thrones for not winning "many" awards among its 32 nominations. Best Drama was a shoo-in. Dinklage too. It would've been nice to see some others get recognized. But just getting noms was great. Maisie Williams deserves it!

We're definitely at a crossroads of television. Just look at this blog. None of us are watching the same thing anymore. It's going to get more and more niche with the additional platforms coming. We got new apple devices so we're getting a free year of Apple TV + in November. A couple of good shows look good there (one with Jason Momoa and one with Aniston/Carell/Witherspoon). If I was even going to entertain recapping a new would probably be The Mandolorian on Disney + but I know you guys won't all get it! And, I think my recapping days are probably mostly behind me. (still going to suffer through a little more of TWD).

Reddit seems to be the best platform to have online discussions about shows now. You can just find the subreddit for your show and you have your built in fanbase there. The top comments get voted to the top and you're instantly as smart as everyone else!

Of course, out of tradition and the tiny community we built here I still like having our smaller discussions. We're just running out of common shows to discuss!

Speaking of the shows of yesteryear that brought mass communities together: Happy 25th Anniversary of Friends (9/22/94) and 15th Anniversary of LOST (9/22/04)! Don't think I ever realized my 2 favorite shows of all time premiered on the same date 10 years apart. And for anyone curious to know if I went to the NYC Pop-up for Friends? Of course I did! And it was AMAZING! lol

Mike V. said...

Lost - Lindelof posted on insta yesterday with a video and a message. Not sure if it’s visible if you’re not logged in.

But here’s the text from it on a Reddit thread

Mike V. said...

I mean what is happening here? Kelly Clarkson has a daily talk show and now the TV Universe is going to bring Billy Joel's songbook to life in a scripted series????

Just when I thought I was out.....they pull me back in! lol

MJ said...

Didn't know there was a pop up. Lol

Ahs. Still Loving it

Stumptown. Liked it

Emergence. Liked it

Prodigal Son. Is good. Great acting

This is us. So many new faces. Didn't see last night's yet

Yeah getting harder and harder to watch same shows. Especially like you said with streamers. I won't see any of those

Mike V. said...

AHS - yep it’s been good.

Stumptown - recorded not watched

Didn’t look into others.

Perfect Harmony - really corny, but like the people in it. We’ll see if it improves after the pilot.

Sunnyside - probably 1 and done lol

This is Us - still good, still melodramatic, still all the feels. Like the Randall and crew being in Philly lol

TWD coming back soon. Watchmen starts this month. Lin Manuel Miranda - saw him on Fallon and he’s going to be in His Dark Materials (which is the TV series based on Golden Compass series?? I think I heard that right). Never read the books, but maybe I’ll check out. November is going to be busy with the streaming stuff too.

CW stuff starts soon...ugh. Now i read Batgirl is going to be in the universe of The Batman movie that is being made with Robert Pattinson. Was it you MJ that was discussing bailing after this mega crossover event? I might consider it.

Star Wars - 11 weeks out. Started Phantom Menace today. If i keep pace I’ll watch one a week. But knowing me I’ll do it faster lol

Mj said...

Star wars. Umm. 11 weeks til what? What am I missing?

Cw. Yeah. I am thinking of giving all superhero shows up after crossover. Unless Flash and Supergirl are really good. But they haven't been for few years now

Watchmen is hbo right?

Think TWD is this sunday

Mike V. said...

Star Wars - I thought everyone had 12/20 penciled in on their mental calendar! Lol Episode 9 releases in December. The Rise of Skywalker - the exciting conclusion to the rebranded "Skywalker Saga" lol I'm marathoning the films as always in prep. Finished 1 and will do 2, 3, Solo, Rogue One, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 in the weeks to come! If Disney + was out earlier I'd probably do a Clone Wars rewatch too since the last season of that is coming out in February. But there's a lot of episodes of that.

Watchmen is HBO yes. Saw a trailer for His Dark Materials (also HBO) last night. I'm intrigued. Might look into the audio books for my commutes. Lol (Golden Compass is book 1)

CW - Supergirl I'd happily abandon if they continue to preach! Surely the Flash is almost done.

TWD - You're correct. I saw an ad last night and I cried internally. Lol I'm so excited to get back to writing about it! :) I'm sure it'll be entertaining.

Mike V. said...

Twd 3rd series trailer. Looks like Friday night lights meets twd lol

Lots of announcements from New York comic con including above. Twd also renewed for s11 and Maggie will return as a regular.

MJ said...

This is us. Was nervous for Kate with popular girls. Thought something really bad would happen. Can't understand why Toby hiding going to gym

His dark material. Read about it but still can't quite grasp what the hell it is. As much as I love Lotr and GofT fantasy not my genre. I like them for the story and characters. While Avarar was stunning visually didn't love the movie.

Star wars. OMG! I don't think I knew it came out in December at all. WTH! So much SW stuff is now about dinner+ that I don't read slot of it now

Lol on TWD. I still love it

Mike V. said...

gonna respond on the new thread! lol