Monday, May 20, 2019

TV Discussion: Summer of 2019

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This will be our spot for discussing all Non-Recapped shows for the summer.   If it gets too long, I’ll start a new thread.  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

BBT - Okay, what did we all think of finale? (SPOILERS AHEAD)….I actually thought it was a good ending for the show. Fitting of Sheldon finally basically apologizing for his antics and thanking all of his friends and acknowledging their contributions to society. lol The elevator working reveal was great (as was the gag of loading luggage and taking the stares anyway). Penny preggers was expected but funny how it all went down (got drunk talking to Sheldon then went home lol). The slap heard round the world was well deserved for Leonard and well timed! It was all good stuff. I think it was definitely time for the show to end, but they went out on top. The final shot on the couch with the stripped down bare naked ladies song (yes I intentionally said it that way lol) was a nice touch. Farewell BBT!

Supergirl - Ended better than it started but still had one more job on current day politics to close out the season. Not sure how they'll top themselves next year. Saw a recurring character in both Legends and Supergirl finale so I wonder if that will be involved in next season's crossover show. Lex seems like he'll be coming back from the beyond as well. But the juiciest reveal is that Lena now knows and it was before Supergirl revealed it to her herself.

Legends - Zara erased from memory....crazy way to close out the season. I hope she'll be back though. But it was a nice tie up of what the season was building towards. Definitely by favorite of the arroverse shows...(which is funny since it was the weakest to start.)

Voice (if leslie is here) - The right person won! they have that whole panel of coaches back next year. I don't see my self NOT watching until Kelly takes a season off. lol

As for Idol...yeah I agree Lane clearly had the fan support. Alejandro is extremely talented but definitely not mainstream. He got the exposure he needed to make a career out of his talent. I don't see Lane doing much unless he's going to join an Oldies Cover band or something. lol This show definitely doesn't have the pull it once did. I fast forwarded through most episodes. I can't stand the judges. They just praise everything. Part of the perfect formula was the original judges. The technical judge, the cheerleader and the hard truth....then in Ryan they had the buddy. Now it's just cheerleaders and some technical truth. lol

I'm still going to look for my links to the posts from before where I called you out. (Leslie)

Mike V. said...

LESLIE - Found the blog post. Just search for your name. You'll find it!

Anonymous said...

BBT--yes most of our predictions came true--elevator, penny pregnant, nobel prize.

I loved it. Everything made sense even Raj's date to the prize ceremony--from the plane trip. And they changed their mind to go to the ceremony.

Yes, Sheldon grew up and recognized what he needed to.

We were hoping to see the parents at the ceremony.

BTW, we just watched the pilot ep and the elevator wasn't working then. I thought it broke while they were in the building.


Mike V. said...

BBT - "Is that Buffy?" lol hilarious.

Oh yeah the elevator never worked. The opening scenes of the show were them walking the stairs.

I didn't even think about the parents being there but that would've been a nice touch. But in the end this ep was all about those characters. They had cameos all season long for everyone else.

MJ said...

I am Waaaaay behind on everything.

Surprised the cancelled Whiskey Cavalier. Wasn't too bad - fast moving and fun actually. But whatevs - now I can delete for 4 on my DVR. LOL

Lots of my sitcoms cancelled too. But that's ok - can delete them too.

Shield was renewed ! I don't know why but I thought this season was their last ?

Husband has been sick since we got back - now I got it. So not getting too much watched.

BBT - I didn't stay with it but I watched some of the first season - and I do recall that the elevator was broke when the boys met the hot girl across the hall. LOL

Mike V. said...

Wow. I googled the shield thing. Apparently that renewal happened in November. Lol I must’ve thought they were talking about season 6. I did see a season 7 on IMDb but just assumed it was a mistake. That’s cool even though I was bracing for an end. I think they’ve pretty much said they’re not really following the MCU anymore. The snap complicated things too much. Lol still on my phone will write more in a bit.

Mike V. said...

Whiskey - Yeah I guess the ratings weren't any good. They had a good cast. But I was happy to delete all the episodes as well. I'm guessing Maggie will make a triumphant return to the 2nd half of the next TWD season.

That stinks on getting sick. You have plenty of time to catch up. I'm done with all of the Arrowverse shows...think I commented above. Still watching The 100 and iZombie.

I'm thinking the LOST rewatch will start next week. It feels time! Just listening to that podcast this week made me realize how much I miss it! lol

Cobra Kai - probably will start season 2 soon. (I think I mentioned this one on a recent post. Much better than it has any right to be! But yet another streaming service with YouTube. I access on Plex)

Other than that things are dying down for the summer. I'm sure I'll find some stuff. Been catching up on John Wick flicks lately. I watched 1 awhile ago but didn't remember a lot (probably fell asleep). I'm almost through 2. Not sure if I'll get to theater to see 3, but maybe. lol Mindless well done action flicks. lol

Mike V. said...

Happy 9 Year Anniversary of the LOST Series Finale! Can't believe it's been that long. September will be 15 years since LOST began. Doesn't seem that long ago. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

Whiskey Cavalier got canceled? That is one of the very rare shows my wife and I BOTH like. I don't think it was promoted very much. Interesting that it could have been a show for us to have commented on.

I'll keep watching until it's over to see how it ends.


Mike V. said...

Picard teaser -

It’s on cbs all access which is another subscription. But I have ways of watching. (Shhh lol) I’m intrigued!

Whiskey - due to fan outcry they’re reconsidering cancellation lol I can still access on Hulu to catch up if they renew.

Mike V. said...

Whiskey - that revival hope didn't last long. lol

SHIELD - Caught up. Space comedy episode was pretty fun. lol But dammit Fitz-Simmons! They just can't catch a break! lol

LOST - Started my rewatch. Watched parts 1 and 2 of Pilot and Ep 3 Tabula Rasa - First time people started thinking it was purgatory. LOL Jack said "we all died 3 days go" meaning they have a clean slate. People went nuts for 6 years after that especially when they thought the showrunners lied. My eyes can't go far enough back into my head. But watching this show's been about 7 years...Wow. I always look back and say how amazing the show was, but just being 3 hours back into it...there was nothing like it on network television. It's soooo good. The cinematography, the location, the characters...they were just batting 1000. Of course the allusions to Jacob and The Man in Black are there in the pilot with the backgammon "2 players, 2 sides, one is white, one is black". They probably didn't know when they wrote the pilot where it was going, (actually there is no "probably"..they didn't) but they were smart enough to tie it back to that.

Excited about my rewatch! I doubt I'll have a lot of insights, but I'll keep you posted on my progress. I'm also listening to a podcast that is rewatching as well so I'll share any insights if they come up with any too. Or listen used to be a Game of Thrones podcast called "A Storm of Spoilers" (it was a partner show to "A Cast of Kings". Anyway, they're rebranded as The Storm: A Lost Podcast. They'll do a section for new lost viewers called "the calm" and then when they get to "the storm" they take the whole show into account and reflect back. I've already sent them an email with some "reminders" for the storm section. (I can't help it. lol) I'm sure it got lost in the mix!

MJ said...

Wow on Loat anniversary.

Whiskey - no - they didn't save it. Cancelled yet again. Oh well The Passage too - which I liked

Haven't started iZombie or Shield yet. Sill haven't watch finale of This is Us sadly

*** Flash

Waaaaay behind on almost everything. After being gone for almost 2 weeks - then my husband gets a flu like thing for a week, and I have been sick since thursday with a bad cold/stomach thing. Haven't gotten anything watched hardly.

Flash - Joes is back ! LOL - told ya way behind. Barry showed his face to Cicada ! WTH ? And now there's a second Cicada ? Ugh - Future Grace is here now. LOL Is Thawne playing both sides ? Probably. Next - Grace wants to kill all the metas - what a surprise. Originl Cicada killed - and Nora finally outed ! Nex ep: Nora found the dampner and its out now. Argues with Future Iris. She starts wirking with Thawne. Barry bring Nora back to the future. ANd sees Thawne. WHat is this countdown thing ??

Mike V. said...

Sorry to hear you're still behind on everything MJ and more sorry about still being sick. You have time! Better to binge these things anyway.

Flash - I'll stay quiet, but I had all the same reactions. lol

LOST - Almost finished Walkabout (ep 4). I caught a new parallel (I think) that I missed on the first 7 rewatches. lol When Jack sits down with Rose on the beach she tells him she's "letting him off the hook" from his promise to keep him company until her husband gets back. I think Jack promises to save Boone later in the season. And eventually Boone says, "I'm letting you off the hook." Just a nice parallel. Nothing earth shattering. Still love this show though and still amazed it was ever greenlit for network television. I always love the story that Lloyd Braun the guy that came up with the idea got fired for greenlighting the pilot that cost $14 million, but then it became one of the biggest shows ever. lol

MJ said...

This is Us - I was annoyed that I had not seen the last 2 so I watched last night. It was the one where Beth/Randall actually have the fight - and it was harsh as I thoght it would be. Very well written - cause they are both right and both wrong. LOL Enjoyed all the past scenes of them though. Wedding vows scene was hysterical.

How cute was Deja pulling a Randal on Randall. LOL And in the end - Beth will bend again. But this time at least she finds a way to bend and still keep her dream alive.

Knew immediately weeks ago that Kevin did not mean it when he said he was ok with him and Zoe not having kids. Just thought it would take longer. But damn - Kevin has a son in the future !

Oh - and Kate and Rebecca have more drama and sort it out. Blah blah. Strange now that next season most will be in LA with just Randalls family on the east coast - opposite of this season.

BUT - my finale cut off. Just as someone was about to enter Rebeccas room ! WTH ! And did Beth have a different wedding ring on in the future ?? I'll have to find out.

Supergirl - Alex's adoption goes south. Shocking! Kara almost tells Lena she is Supergirl. Red daughter is met. And - in a 'what sense does this make' Ben turns himself into a meta - the one things he hates most in the world ? SMH. And leaves his son alone at his own mom's funeral. Jerk. Most interesting is what the torture does to Brainy ! And Alex remembers Kara now. And they killed Red Supergirl ? Huh.

Mike V. said...

This is Us - Hmm didn't hear that about LA vs. East coast for next season. I think with NBC I finally updated all of shows to record an extra minute because they kept cutting off. This has been an issue ever since Jeff Zucker started cashing in on FRIENDS and having those episodes run an extra minute so the next show would get a ratings boost. Also promoted live television. lol Now it's just dumb! But you can always watch on or any NBC streaming app. Those last few seconds are pretty pivotal! lol

Yeah the Randall/Beth fight ep was pretty good. It was painful in the episodes leading up to it, but worth it in the end.

I don't think Beth had a different wedding ring in the future...I mean I don't know for sure, but I thought that future vision was confirmation that we can be confident they're not messing with that marriage! lol And yes Kevin gets his kid!

Supergirl - was a pretty rough season. Lex was the only redeeming part of the season for me. Obviously it was all the in your face, not so subtle political messaging that drove me up a wall. lol Really...I think Legends is the only one of these Arrowverse shows that I still enjoy watching. lol Flash is okay. Has its moments. Not really a spoiler because he doesn't do much in the other shows: The dude that raises Lex at the end shows up in some other finales across the arrowverse and will play a role in next season's crossover I think.

Anonymous said...

I've started watching this. Blood & Treasure


MJ said...

Watched Supergirl finale. So all of a sudden Supergirl has a Kryptonite resistant suit ? Ok. Was anyone surprised Lex told Lena who Kara is ? I know she will be pissed next season - but hope they don't make her a baddie. The due tht raises Lex ? Not following.

GofT Last Watch. Anyone seen it ? I liked it. Very enjoyable.

This is Us - well I didn't hear about it. But Mom and whats his name are moving there to be by Kate. And They showed Kevin showing in to stay in LA.

And I found out the end - that Nicky was sitting in the room and Randall had to introduce himself to his mom.

Blood and treasure - I think my husband is watching that.

Mike V. said...

Blood and Treasure - Don't think I heard of it?

Last Watch - Yes I watched. That Andy The Extra dude was awesome. He's actually had quite a presence on Reddit and some social media groups I'm in. So finding out he was one of the main characters of the documentary was pretty cool. I got choked up when he and Kit had their moment. Great stuff. poor Kit had to check himself in for stress/alcohol use....I thought I read it was related to the finale (or the finality of it al)...Seeing how much this show meant to him was pretty great. But having it all come to an end surely is quite a significant life moment.

I mean I talked to so many people who thought they half-assed this final season. I get that it seems like sloppy/lazy writing but I don't really think that was their intention. But from that Documentary you can clearly see it was anything but lazy. It's tough to do what they do for television. No matter how big the budget, it's not a blockbuster movie...and the pacing to get things done is much quicker. They were making 6 hours with a smaller staff than they have to make 2 hour big budget films with unlimited resources.

this is us - ohh okay, I forgot about that. lol Yep..that was the moment I didn't want to spoil (Nicky and the condition of Rebecca)

Supergirl - Yeah...that kind of defeats the purpose of Superman and Supergirl...if you have a krypto resistant suit then you're essentially undefeatable! But I think she still showed some mild vulnerability when wearing the suit. I think there will be Lena/Kara issues but will she be a baddie? I don't know. there will at least be trust issues. Or hell maybe it will be resolved in 3 episodes. lol

There is some alien guy at the end of the episode that comes to a dead Lex. We assume he's going to resurrect Lex. That character has a name in DC lore too but I forget. But he's also in some other finales in the arrowverse. I know of at least 1. (He might be in Arrow too but I don't watch that)

LOST - Watched Walkabout (Locke), White Rabbit (Jack), The Moth (Charlie), Sun's first episode (forgetting name)...and started Confidence Man (Sawyer). Man this first season is so good! One thing I observed...Man in Black (as Christian Shephard), while he didn't try to kill Jack did try to lure him off a cliff to end his own life. But then he led him to water instead. It was confirmed it was MIB in season 6...but I still don't know why he led them to water. I guess all part of the long con. lol Not regretting this rewatch. Just nice to come back to these characters after a few years away.

Anonymous said...

Well, check out Blood and Treasure, it's serialized.

Did I ever tell you guys I love Archer. This may be the final season.


MJ said...

Yeah - rad and ignored most of the haters. I had no issue with it on the whole. And supposedly it was Martin's idea that Bran was the final king - not the show runners. They actually created a petition to get them off the Star Wars movies. People gotta get some lives. LOL

Lost - yeah you are watching some fave eps right now. LOL

Archer - not sure you have mentioned that Richard.

So - sick all weekend still - but we are finally over it all.

Watched 2 of the last 4 Deadwoods I have so I can watch the movie. Have 2 Flash left - but then I need to hit Shield and iZombie - haven't seen any new eps.

Enemy within - with Dexter Morgans sister - I really liked it but they cancelled it. So why bother finishing it right ! Deleted.

Still have to watch the final season of Veep too. Not sure I'm gonna get a marathon in this year. Maybe Battlestar. Have so many shows on Netflix and Amazon to get too tho

Mike V. said...

Thrones - Yeah I figure a lot of the end results of the main characters is where Martin is going with them. He said so himself. He said it's the secondary characters and stories to get to that point that may differ. But yeah..Bran being king makes a lot more sense with his trajectory in the books. He was sidelined for a lot of the TV show because they didn't know how to make his magical journey interesting. It's mostly an internal journey. There were ways to do it though. lol I still loved the show. I won my pool at work and now have an Iron Throne figurine on my desk as a trophy!

LOST - It's so good. I just got through the point where I realized this show was something special. It was Claire's episode "Raised by Another" where Malkin psychic dude said she had to be on flight 815. (still wonder if Jacob told him what to tell her). Then we find out Ethan wasn't on the plane....then the next episode we get Jack's backstory of getting his father disbarred from practicing medicine and saving Charlie with Michael Giacchino's "life and death" playing in the background. SOOOOO good!!!! Now I'm on the briefcase episode where Kate robs a bank to get that toy plane that belonged to her childhood friend....and Shannon sings "Beyond the Sea" in French because she remembered it from Finding Nemo. Okay...they weren't all gems! lol But it's still great!

Archer - I've always heard it was good but never watched.

Glad you're cured!

Deadwood - I watched the movie...I won't spoil, but I enjoyed it. I forgot a lot of the story but there were a lot of flashbacks to the show to remind us of stuff. There definitely was closure from where things left off so it was cool they were able to do that.

Enemy Within - lol....that's my approach on things. Cancelled? Delete! Guess there's something to be said for watching all episodes of a show you love...but I get it. There's so much content...may as well move on to something else that has a shot (or already had a SHOT in Lost's case lol)

Veep - I never watched the series. Always heard great things. It's on a long To Do list. But hey...have I mentioned how good LOST is? LOL

We're still working our way through Maisel Season 2. It's a really great show (i'm know that's on your amazon list you mentioned.)

MJ said...

Deadwood - well just finished the series. No wonder everyone was so pissed when it was not renewed. They left it off at a hell of a spot ! Probably watch the movie tonight.

Maisel - sure is ! Maybe after Deadwood - something light would be good.

Mike V. said...

Listened to a podcast around the drama surrounding the cancellation of Deadwood and the drama at bringing the movie back. Some people still think closure wasn't provided. Having been away from it since 2006 or whatever I felt it brought closure. lol It was interesting to hear about Milch and Olyphant saying the show is a "hang out with these characters" show and not about plot. Some of the characters are based on historical figures which kind of implies the eventual fates of some characters, but the movie may differ from those fates. lol I think it was still left fairly ambiguous to get to those eventual conclusions. It's just an entertaining bunch of people! Apparently, David Milch has been diagnosed with Alzheimers so some of that plays into the story of the movie. I didn't know any of this when I watched.

Black Mirror - Season 5 is on Netflix now! just 3 episodes like the old BBC seasons.

Handmaid - First 3 eps of s3 are on Hulu.

Guess I'm not out of stuff to watch anymore. Might hold up my LOST rewatch which is going well! They've found the hatch. Claire is back but with Amnesia. They're going after Ethan soon. It's so good! Watched the Michael/Walt episode where we find out Walt can visualize things and then they happen. That is one of the stories that it's unfortunately they didn't dive into further. But, the actor outpaced the character's growth. lol But we know he's special and belongs on the Island from the epilogue. That has to be enough!

Mike V. said...

Handmaid - S3E1 - Was pretty good. I remember being distraught that she stayed behind. But, some of it is more justified in the premiere. But there are some people that ream her out which is pretty much speaking for the audience. lol I just wish she responded to why with "because we need a season 3, duh!" lol

LOST - Charlie killed Ethan, Sawyer has come in contact with the spirit of the man that he killed thinking it was the Sawyer of his past. (It's Cy from Scandal!) I had closed captions on and heard the whispers this time saying "It'll come back around"....Frank said this after Sawyer shot him in Sydney. Considering we now know the whispers are the dead people that are stuck on the Island (that can't move on)...I guess that actually is this Frank guy? Maybe you don't have to die on the island to be STUCK on the island. Frank was no saint. And the light of the island is the source of Life, Death and maybe "stuck" souls are just hanging around the island? I dunno lol I haven't thought this fully through. But I did find it interesting that his voice is clearly heard on the island through the whispers. I'm in the JIN episode now where he and Michael get in a big fight and Sun is revealed to the WHOLE camp that she speaks English. Walt burned the raft down but everyone thinks it's JIN.

All good stuff!

No black mirror. Might finish season 1 of LOST first then take a break.

MJ said...

Handmaid - not going to watch til they have all dropped - so mid August I guess.

Black Mirror - 3 eps only ? Wow. Way behind on that one too.

Happy! - cancelled. Hoping Netflix picks it up so not deleting yet

Lucifer - been watching that this week.

Mike V. said...

Black mirror - yeah that’s how they used to come out. The bbc model. They’re 1hr 20 minutes and hopefully a chance for high quality when they’re only focused on 3. I saw their star power keeps going up. I think they have Anthony Mackie (falcon/new cap) and Miley Cyrus in the eps.

Still plowing through lost. Boone just fell out of plane and Desmond turned the light on for Locke (of course we don’t know it’s des yet! Lol)
This first season was on another level of quality. The whole show was a happy accident and perfect case of right time right place for all of the staff and actors.

Mike V. said...

Good place is ending after next season. :( But it’s a creative decision. Ratings are fine, they just don’t want to milk it. I’m fine with that. Still sad though! Lol

MJ said...

Good Place - yeah I read that this morning.

Deadwood movie - did we discuss ? Was good they finally gave it an ending. Nothing surprising about it really - except wasn't thrilled they put Jane and Joanie together.

Mike V. said...

Deadwood - I had a one sided discussion above on 6/4 and 6/5 lol. You can scroll up to see. But I agree that it was entertaining. Yeah I couldn’t remember if they teased Jane/Joanie in season 3 or not. I assumed it was a new development. Lol.

LOST - Done Exodus Part 1. Have Parts 2 and 3 to go then done season! Still amazing. There were some good catches this time. I brought up the Rose/Boone “letting you off the hook” phrase to Jack in beginning and end of season. There’s also Christian telling Jack to “let go” in his flashback before the wedding. In the Flash Sideways in season 6 Rose tells Jack that he can “let go” now. Nice mirroring stuff I didn’t catch before. There’s also a Jack moment when he’s trying to save Boone where he uses Locke’s line “don’t tell me what I cannot do”. I’m sure there significance to him saying it when he and Locke are always at odds with each other in the science vs. faith debate (until Jack converts to that line of thinking in the end). Maybe it has to do with Jack’s savior complex. He thinks he’s a miracle worker in the surgery department. Didn’t Jacob actually fix Sarah after the accident or something like that? Even though Jack thought he performed some miracle surgery? I’m hazy on the details of that one. Need to rewatch season 5! Lol

Big Little Lies - we watched the s2 premiere.

Mike V. said...

LOST - I'm in season 2. One guess which episode I'm on. Here's the hint. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT!!!!!" lol Never gets old. So crazy you have a perfect season and Desmond wasn't even introduced yet. He brings so much to the show. I mentioned Jacob may have had a hand in Jack fixing Sara. I don't think that was ever confirmed, just a strong theory. I totally forgot that Jack let Boone and Shannon's Father die on the table and Sara is the one that caused the car accident.

Good stuff. Plowing right through.

Anonymous said...

Deadwood--saw the series and movie. The series hinted at Jane/Joanie toward the end. It's like anything that goes on screen HAS to have a box checked with "need a gay character". Many historians have written about Jane not being gay. It does a disservice to her. The rumor was usually about her and Bill or another guy in their group. Many of those characters are based actual beings. Seth having an afair was totally made up too. He was a very moral guy and his wife was not married before him.

The SON--I just love this show. 3 timelines--late 1800s, early 1900s, and 1970s. As you know I went to high school in TX. So, a show based on a great time in TX history is great.

Archer--been spending some time watching and recording. Archer being dead is of course a question.

Blood and Treasure--things keep unfolding. Sad about the Egyptian getting taken out.


Mike V. said...

Deadwood - Yeah well they needed to dramatize things a bit. Apparently they made Al a more humane guy than his real life counterpart too so there's that. lol But agree on the social political aspects of TV these days.

The Son - not sure I know about that one. What channel is that on?

Haven't had time for B&T and I'm way behind on Archer (i.e. never watched an ep lol)

Anonymous said...

The Son--on AMC. And yes it has it's box checked too, LOL


MJ said...

Blood and Treasue - Liking it. Very Indiana Jones meets The Librarian vibey ! Was sad about the death. His friend the priest is a hoot. Loving that its in Rome a lot since I was just there

Shield - have not seen any this season yet - but seeing whining that they are not keeping in the timeline with EndGame. But how could they really?

Heard Sean Bean has a new show - too bad no one will see it. Curfew will be on Spectrum On Demand only

Mike V. said...

Shield - they really couldn't. The show and the movies have been separate for a long time now. Even the Netflix shows are linked very loosely. These Disney Plus shows will be certifiable MCU Canon. SHIELD has been good. I forget if I'm up to date or not. Been watching LOST and lost track of everything else. lol I have an iZombie to watch too.

Spectrum On Demand eh? No idea what that even is! Is that a cable service in a certain region? IF it's good maybe it'll spread to other providers.

Thanks on the info on The Son. I'll add these shows to the list. But no telling when I'll get to them.

Designated Survivor - S3 on Netflix now....they added minutes per episode, language and more adult themes. lol Premiere was actually decent. I'll get to the other 9 eventually.

Anonymous said...

YEA, I have Spectrum on Demand. It's the old Charter cable.

Great, MJ, you're watching B&T. It definitely has those vibes. And I'm liking the guys with the green broaches/amulets. They've been around forever it seems. So, the Priest is great, just great. Showing him more normal than usual and he's funny. BTW, one of my nieces is getting married at Lake Cuomo next Spring--lake region of Italy


MJ said...

Lake Como - oh - what a beautiful wedding it will be.

Good Omens - finished it. Only 6 eps. Was pretty quirky/funny.

Anonymous said...

B&T So, Danny and Lexi--how do you see that going?


MJ said...

B&T - the usual dance - will they won't they ! LOL As I always complain - on tv a man and woman apparently cannot work together without an attraction. But I did not watch last night so not exactly sure what you are referencing

MMM - Marvelous Mrs. Maesel - started this. Pretty funny so far.

Mike V. said...

MMM - enjoy! It's hilarious. We still haven't gotten too much into S2 yet.

LOST - On The Other 48 Days....seeing how the Tailies became what they became. That's when the blog started! lol

MJ said...

MMM - yeah we are loving it so far.

Lost - I loved that ep.

MJ said...

MMM - almost done season two ! You didn't tell me that Chuck was in it !!!

Mike V. said...

Mmm- I didn’t know he was! I think you passed me. We’re still like on ep 2 of s2. We got busy and now vacations coming up. Plowing through lost though! :) got through the Aaron baptism and sawyer just took the guns. This was the low point of s2 lol

Anonymous said...

ARcher--well, it has that boy/girl song and dance as a central them and it's done 10 seasons! I think Lana is great and good for Archer. I'm kind of binging on this show now and didn't realize how serialized it was/is.

B&T--seraphims are a big part of the action now. Lexi seems to be growing.


Mike V. said...

Archer - that's pretty crazy that it's serialized. I think I had heard that before. a friend of mine had mentioned it to me way back in season 1 and I just never got around to it. Can't believe that was almost 10 years ago! Of course, I'm married 10 years now so that puts things in perspective.

LOST - (speaking of things I was doing 10 years ago) - Henry Gale/Ben Linus has entered the show! Definitely past the low point of S2. Sun cheated on JIN with Baldy#2 (I think that was my nickname for him) off island, JIN has a low fertility issue and Sun is pregnant. I remember us debating whether or not Ji Yeon would be Jin's child. Claire got her memories back and went to the medical station. Alex rescued her and she was able to fill in those blanks for Rousseau too. Sawyer killed a tree frog and hurley said DUDE. Sayid/Anna Lucia and Charlie found the hot air balloon but we won't find out until a future episode that Henry Gale was buried under it. Ahhh good stuff. The LOCKDOWN episode should be coming soon. I remember studying that map on the wall. Those were the days!

Mike V. said...

Thrones prequel - filming has started.