Monday, May 13, 2019

TV Discussion: Week of 5/12/2019 to 5/18/2019

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non recapped shows.  See you in the comments!

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Mike V. said...

With MJ out this week, not sure anyone will comment here! But I'll give my brief thoughts.

Flash (finale) - It was aight. I was wondering if Nora was going to continue on after this season and wondered how they'd get rid of her. Found out! Cool that Joe will be Captain now and funny that the old Cap knew about Flash/Barry all along. I know there was a tease for next season, but I already forget. Oh no I remember...Flash disappearing moved up in the timeline to 2019. I wonder if that means it's a first half of season mission to fix? I see that next year's team up is going to include Batgirl again (which will air on Sundays with Supergirl). Not sure I'm gonna start another one of these shows.

Legends - 1 episode to go. It's been an entertaining season. Have enjoyed seeing Brandon Routh return to his villain-side (i.e. SHAW on Chuck). But it's time to get what's his face back! Horrible I can't remember all of their names! lol

Supergirl - I think there were more surface-level ties to modern politics...but I just went with it for this week. At least sister got her memories back (seriously...I'm struggling with names today for some reason!). And at least Lex is coming back for the finale!

iZombie - still good. Can't think of anything specific to discuss. lol

The 100 - Still really good. Seriously, don't know why people missed the ball with this one. I enjoy it!

Big Bang Theory - Worth spelling out for the final episode right? Series Finale tonight! we caught up 2 nights ago. I seriously thought Leonard's mother was going to say she was sick or something. But, I guess them hugging it out was still heartfelt. Loved the twist on the FRIENDS finale with Howard going to get Raj. lol I guess that ends the arc with that girl? Glad, because I didn't like her! Still think Penny will be preggers at end. They will address the elevator. We'll get a last name for Penny. But, not sure what the end game is beyond that. Nobody really seems like they're moving on to a new phase do they? Well Sheldon and Amy have their Nobel thing. So yeah...if Leonard and Penny are going to be Parents maybe they'll leave the apartment. Or maybe Sheldon will be leaving after winning the award?? Who knows? I really never spent much time theorizing how this show will end. lol (A problem for Game of Thrones right now since people are all up in a tizzy!) Guess we'll find out tonight!

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Finished season 1. It was a masterpiece! Looking forward to starting season 2.

Cobra Kai - Anyone check this one out before? We watched S1 last year and loved it. (I don't have the YouTube channel package, but we found a means to watch) Looking forward to starting season 2! Never would've thought Karate Kid: 30 years later would make for a great half hour episodic drama! lol It does!