Monday, May 6, 2019

TV Discussion: Week of 5/5/2019 to 5/12/2019

Hello fellow TV addicts! This is our weekly place to discuss all non recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Avengers and Future MCU Movies - Friendly courtesy. If you see any new trailers posted for future MCU Movies, do not watch them until you've seen End Game! One was released today. And it is only meant to be viewed after you've seen the movie. The Russo Brothers mentioned on twitter that the Spoiler Ban lifts TODAY. lol

Enjoy the show tonight MJ!

MJ said...

LOL - thanks. I am seeing End Game tonight

MJ said...

Well - I liked the movie very much. They gave the fans their closure. People cheered at re-appearances. And cried later. Nice seeing some of those old clips too. But ugh - time travel. LOL Always hurts my head.

Don't know how much we can say without spoiling. Is it later enough to not worry about spoiling ?

Mike V. said...

End Game (SPOILERS!!!) - I was confident Time Travel would be in this film the minute the last one ended but yeah it was nuts. I think I'm finally sorted through it all after reading all the interviews and processing everything. Spidey Trailer helps a bit too to talk about the post End Game world. We're going from Leftovers to Manifest! LOL

The Russo Brothers called an end to the Spoiler Ban yesterday due to the release of the Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer (I suggest you watch now!)

I'm cool talking about the movie here. RICHARD (and silent readers) Beware! If you haven't seen End Game, don't look! lol

MJ said...

Yes - I knew that Strange would use that stone too.

Ok - so I loved the return of all our faves. I hated that Nat sacrificed herself. SIGH - wasn't surprised Ironman died. I had tears - but people in the audience were actually balling. Was surprised by Cap - going and having a life, but liked it. Not sure I was on board with giving the shield to Falcon ? Just saying.

Blown away that Cap could use the hammer !! I remember one of the movies they all try to pick it up ? But non could. None. So how can Cap do that all of a sudden.

Just going to say it - not happy with Thor. I get that it was all for comedic affect - but didn't like it. Fat and man boobs ! UGH. LOL But loved when he saw his mother.

Who the heck was that one kid standing alone close to the porch at the funeral ?

Sigh - now I have to read all the articles I saved off for after I have seen it.

Oh - and now have watched the new Spidey trailer. And yeah - huge spoiler for End Game.

Mike V. said...

Strange using the stone....huh??? lol I mean he used the stone to look at the future in Infinity War, but he didn't use it in End Game. I just meant the only way to undo the snap would involve time travel. From the little hints we had gotten with the Antman end credits scene (Quantum realm)...I had pieced together a loose plot for the movie. (Just that they'd have to try and get the stones in the past. That Scott would reappear after a period of time it this would inspire time travel. I had no idea they'd try to make their own gauntlet. )

Yeah....some people are up in arms about Nat being the one that has to die. But, once we knew those 2 were going to Vormir we knew it had to be one of them. My problem with really feeling the weight of it was that I kept thinking it would be undone by the end. lol But it makes sense that some of these deaths really had to stick. Iron Man's ending was phenomenal. I knew it would be him or Cap. But "I Am Iron Man" was so great. And it makes sense for Iron Man going from Selfish to Selfless over 11 years and CAP doing a little bit of the opposite. They learned from each other on how to live.

CAP - I actually theorized about Cap ending up in the past. When I rewatched the first Captain America when he crashes the plane...his final talk with Peggy was about meeting up for their dance. So it was a perfect ending to see him getting that dance. Now...for a few days after the movie I thought we were going to find out that Cap was always the husband of Peggy Carter...but it turns out it's an alternate timeline. (which is further proven by Spidey Trailer. The multi-verse is here!)

As for Cap giving the Shield to the comics both Bucky and Sam take up the SHIELD after Steve. Bucky had an inkling of what was going on when CAP said goodbye in End Game. Hence the callback to Cap 1 with the "don't do anything stupid. How can I? you're taking all the stupid with you". There's a chance he's come across Old Man Cap in his journeys. But I don't know. This is all a setup for the Disney Plus series "Falcon and The Winter Soldier".

They also say there's a story to tell with CAP and his dealings in the other universe, how he gets back to the prime timeline and all that stuff. Maybe that will be told through other people's movies, through Disney Plus. Who knows? But it was a nice ending for him.

Mike V. said...

Cap turned out to be worthy!!! There are words that Odin speaks in Thor 1 about who is worthy to wield the Hammer. Cap fits the bill. There's also the alternate thinking that maybe Cap could always wield the hammer and wanted to save Thor some embarrassment in Age of Ultron. Another thing....Cap wielding Mjohilner is also in the comics and was always a big deal when he did. (Please note: I haven't read one single comic. I read about this stuff afterwards! lol)

Thor - initial reaction was that I wasn't on board with Fat Thor...but reading stuff after and rewatching (on PLEX...I need to get to the theater and see better quality again lol)… I have new respect for it. Apparently, people with depression are really thankful to see this portrayal in the movie. But Thor definitely had the rawest deal of all of them. Losing his planet, his father, his mother, his brother...and then failing to take out Thanos and losing half of the universe. He felt like a failure and went into a deep funk. The Russos' thought was to play this off for comedic effect. But some of the stuff was really serious. And kudos to them for sticking with it. I really thought when the lightning struck he'd be chiseled again. Nope...Fat Thor with armor. lol And Asguardians of the Galaxy for Guardians 3!! YES!!!

Kid standing alone at funeral - do you know now who it is? No you weren't the only one. It's the kid from Iron man 3...that Tony crash landed in Tennessee on. Could be a future part of the MCU...or he could've been there just to pay respect to Tony Stark.

Spidey Trailer was intentionally released 2 weeks after End game....the first trailer didn't spoil anything. This one had to. Captain Marvel was similar. The last trailer of end game showed Captain Marvel in it (2 weeks after Captain Marvel was out)

Anyway...I thought it was a pretty amazing conclusion to the 22 movie story. Love or hate the some, hate some...whatever. No one can deny this was a pretty crazy story they structured...and unprecedented! I can't believe they filmed that funeral scene in one shot and there was no CGI involved. They were all there for that one take! Insane.

Mike V. said...

Avengers Articles: Anthony Breznican of EW (has the Star Wars beat too) did a good job of capturing all interesting information in one easy to access article with a bunch of links. There have been more since but this is a good starting point:

There was an interview with Jon Watts for Spiderman: Far From Home yesterday too which talks a little bit (maybe even a lot a bit lol) about the Post End Game world.

MJ said...

I meant Infinity Stone about Strange. And yeah I also thought after Infinity that they would use that stone and do time travel.

I thought it would be Nat too. She wouldn't let Hawk do it since he had a family

I think Gamorra should be dead. Everyone who came with Thanos died - so why didn't she ?

I was shocked they gave Ironman a kid !

Cap - for a hot second I thought we were gonna see him as his young self - before he became Capt American. But I like this version better.

Well - I have read no comics. LOL But I never felt that Cap and Falcon had much relationship. Would have meant more for me if he gave it to Bucky.

Dear lord - I do not remember Tony crashing on a kid.

Thanks for the link

New Spidey looks great. I might have to watch the others now. LOL

Ok - well - see everyone when I get back !

Mike V. said...


Ahh gotcha on Time Stone.

Gamora - Good question on Gamora. I think the Gauntlet Snap is very specific to whatever the holder is thinking. (I didn't know that until this movie) So if Ironman snapped thinking to get rid of Thanos and all those who support him, Gamora would be spared. They did not show Gamora after the snap. But most people theorize that Guardians 3 would probably involve a search for 2014 Gamora who is now in this timeline. She clearly was against Thanos in the end and supporting the Avengers so we just have to take some creative license and assume she's back! But it's a different Gamora than we knew.

The Ironman kid thing was great. Made stuff so much more impactful. They also named her Morgan as they mentioned they might in Tony/Pepper's opening scene in Infinity War.

Cap - That was my first thought too when I saw him on the bench. I thought it was pre-super CAP. lol Old Man Cap was great. Loved the potential of what it means. His story was concluded but he's still out there somewhere in all future stories to be told.

I didn't read the comics either. I just read wikis and other people talking about comics! lol Cap and Falcon definitely had a bond. Winter Soldier (the movie) did really well at introducing him. And the "ON YOUR LEFT" comment that Falcon gives when everyone returns in End Game was so perfect. There was a lot of people that thought he should give the SHIELD to Bucky too. (also happened in comics) You could argue it was a demographic decision to not do that. But story-wise...Bucky is tired of the fight. He's been through a lot and is probably ready to settle down too. I'm looking forward to the Disney + series with both of them even more now.

Iron Man 3 - Oh yeah...there was this kid who was a bit of a tech wiz himself and Tony was with him for a large portion of the movie recuperating. He ended up gifting him with a bunch of technology toys at the end of the movie. But he was all grown up at that funeral. Same actor though.

I'm telling you...Spider-man Homecoming is in my top tier of these MCU movies. They really nailed Spider-man with Tom Holland. and Michael Keaton is really good in it. Definitely watch it! (there's no others with Holland to watch unless you missed Captain America: Civil War)

Enjoy your trip!! We'll miss your Thrones comments. You're leaving me alone with Richard! lol

Mike V. said...

Watchmen (HBO) - Damon Lindelöf is back with his new show! After LOST I was a fan for life. Then Leftovers defied all expectations. The movie was okay, but I'm totally game for his TV adaptation!