Sunday, March 31, 2019

TV Discussion Weeks of 3/31/2019-4/13/2019

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This will be our place to discuss all non-recapped shows until the return of Game of Thrones on 4/14!  I’ll see you in the comments!


MJ said...

Supergirl - watched 2 eps I was behind on - and they were both pretty good. Lex arrived on scene - knew he was up to no good but damn - he had James shot ! What I totally did not see - for some reason - was that Eve worked for Lex ! I suppose if I had read the comics I'd have known - but whatevs. Comical that they can all just take over a navy ship long enoung to fire a weapon - but just going with it. Loved his 'Ironman' suit. Surprising that the guy saved the boy though. Red Supergirl is very interesting. Not sure I realized Lex and Lena had different moms ?

Lots of shows coming back all of a sudden. Brockmire, Happy, Veep. And a few new ones starting.

Mike V. said...

Supergirl - Yeah not sure if you read my comments on the past couple posts, but I've been enjoying the show since Lex showed up. lol He wasn't in last night's but it still was okay. I definitely suspected something with Eve because her last name is "Tessmacher" or however you spell it. I'll never forget Gene Hackman yelling for his assistant "MISS TESSMAAAAACHEEERRRRR!!!!" And Jon Cryer did it in the exact same way when he revealed she was working for him. lol

Totally missed that Lexa and Lena had different mothers. I missed something there! of course when they refer to their father I immediately think of John Glover's Lionel Luthor from Smallville. lol

I don't watch any of those but Legends of Tomorrow returns tonight while Supergirl and Flash go on a couple week hiatus. I do want to watch Veep though...just never got into it while it was airing. I'm all hyped for Thrones and End Game right now. bring it!

Mike V. said...

End Game - Booked tickets! New trailer out today (1 minute but full of stuff). Most speculate some shots have been doctored to cover up what is really going on. We'll see!

Thrones - 10 days! New teaser out today as well. I decided not to watch. As Jaime would say I want to go in "unbesmirched"! lol

This is us - finale tonight

Legend - Watched last night's ep. It was good. A little corny, but that's what we like about the show. lol

LOTR - watching these now in the morning (Fellowship extended done)....basically just delaying a LOST rewatch for a bit. :)

Mike V. said...

This Is Us - Good finale. raises more questions of course, but at least one thing was salvaged! I'll wait to say anymore until you confirm you're caught up!

Goldbergs - Caught up. Phillies themed episode tonight, I'm sure you're thrilled by that MJ. lol 4-0 (but who's counting?? :) ) Here's to a perfect 162-0 season!

9 Days until Star Wars Trailer (at Star Wars Celebration Ep IX panel in Chicago)
11 Days until Game of Thrones
23 Days until End Game!

MJ said...

GofT - been sick a few days so off the grid. and oh my - I watched it. DAMN. Of course - just like End Game - are they showing us for real or doctoring it up. But it was harsh.

Phillies - keep dreaming. LOL That's a hard streak for any team. But they look good this year - so far.

Santa Clarita Diet - been watching new season. Funny and nutty as ever.

Mike V. said...

Thrones - I think I've heard about it enough now but still haven't watched. I'm guessing it's just teasing the potential tragedy of the new season. lol There's no way they'd spoil!

Phillies - Ok maybe 161-1 season now! :) lol Obviously I'm kidding. But yeah they're looking good so far. Even in the loss yesterday.

Santa Clarita - never made it to season 2. So tough with Netflix to keep up. Too much stuff coming out! Granted, I could stop rewatching Lord of the Rings, MCU and who knows what else and watch the new shows! lol (Finished Two Towers...just ROTK left!)

MJ said...

And ROTK is the longest of the extended too.

Netflix - def hard. Enjoying Schitts Creek too. I want to try and hit Netflix hard this summer. Since I now don't have to watch Iron Fist, Dare Devil - maybe not even Jessica Jones - opens up time for other stuff.

Mike V. said...

Netflix - I'm still behind on the recent season of OITNB (would've probably just stopped if they didn't announce a final season). I'm still early in s2 of Stranger things. Never watched s2 of Ozark. There's just too much! I don't think I watched punisher s2 yeah not sure i'll watch JJ either.

ROTK - is! I'm just watching an hour and change each day in the morning. I'll be done by next week sometime. lol But I mentioned before, I might be ready for a LOST rewatch. Might try to squeeze in some newer stuff before that.

Mike V. said...

6 days until Thrones! We agreed we're going to rewatch the season 7 finale again before Sunday. Because...why not? lol

ROTK - Frodo/Gollum combo have destroyed the ring. There's still 50 minutes to go! LOL I love the zillion endings in the movie. But the extended goes even further. Still get emotionally invested when I watch this trilogy though.

Star Wars - Trailer this Friday at Celebration. The panel is 11-12 in Chicago, so I'm thinking that's 12-1 here. It'll live stream and then we're all assuming we'll get a title and the trailer will be at the end of it. Still secretly hoping they somehow roped George into making an appearance and giving his blessing (even better if he's been consulting) on the final saga episode. I think that's the only way to work towards mending the divided fanbase. lol I'm psyched either way....but in all this point I'm more excited for Endgame!

Mike V. said...

TWD Spinoff - Meant to post a link of this as well. Here's that rumored 3rd series centering on 2 female protagonists. I'm all for them expanding their brand. I just don't think I'll be making time for it. lol I'm all in on the Rick films though!

MJ said...

ROTK - I still well up at the very end when he tells the Hobbits they bow to no one - and then Arwen shows up. LOL Well - reverse that order.

Deadwood - started watching. Got first 2 done. Its ok - a lot to follow. Will take me a bit to figure who everyone is. So funny seeing so many actors so much younger. Westerns are not my fave genre - but so far liking it.

Mike V. said...

Rotk - exactly. Same for me! Just thinking about it coming Wells me up!

Deadwood - stick with it! Definitely confusing but the characters are great. Just watching the al scenes alone are worth the price of admission lol I barely remember the plot!

Mike V. said...

JJ Abrams Interview -

I read this mainly for the talk about Star Wars which was interesting. I'd known the details but to hear from his perspective is pretty crazy. But I'm sharing here for the overall interview and the subtle nod that he mentioned that ABC is constantly looking to reboot Alias and LOST (that was just casually thrown in there)… I mean, I figured as much but to hear that it's actively in talks. Oh boy. lol

Mike V. said...

15 Days until End Game!
3 Days until Game of Thrones!
1 Day until Star Wars IX Trailer!

Good times. In the meantime this is what I've been watching:

LOTR - Finished the extended trilogy rewatch! Still great. Actually got the audio books and am trying them. I struggled through the Hobbit and gave up (book), but maybe I'll revisit. Just so many dwarves to keep track of in the book AND movies lol Crazy how much more time passes in the LOTR books though. Frodo was 33 when Bilbo left The Shire and left him the ring. He didn't leave the shire until his 50th birthday. Gandalf also tells Frodo to set off for Rivendell (not to meet in Bree). I think right now they're trying to flee the wraith they met on the road.

Netflix: I ended up watching Triple Frontier. It was okay. Was cool to see those actors in something together. You can't make these movies for the theater anymore so it's nice to see they found a place to make them. But the plot? Meh. lol

Umbrella Academy - Decided to give this one a shot. I think I'm mostly through the first ep. Not bad! Dickon (always just think of Bronn laughing) from Game of Thrones is in it and Ellen Page. The rest of the cast is pretty good too.

Legends - Caught up, but don't want to spoil. lol

Anonymous said...

GoT--it's been so long I've forgotten so many details like some of the sword names and who has which one, etc. But, I'm not sure it matters in a way. Looking forward to Sunday. Will watch last ep before premiere.

I deeply hope I will be surprised by the ending!!!! Please, please give me an ending that isn't what I've predicted!

LOTR--have extended version BDs. Been a while. Have thought about rewatching but that is a big time commitment.


MJ said...

What is Triple Frontier ?

Umbrella - husband likes it.

GofT - finally ! Premier weekend is here. Richard - I doubt there is room for anyone to be truly surprised as there is so much conjecture on the ending. No way they can come up with something that no one has thought of. Though Lost did manage that. But they went way out there for that finale.

Mike V. said...

GoT - I've filled out many death pools and realized I really have no idea what's going to happen. Most I picked Jon and Dany to die and the iron throne to be destroyed but somehow they will have inspired or put forth a new government to rule the land. I could see the child of Jon/Dany running things in the future. I dunno… But surely the landscape will be changed by the end of the show or what's the point? Yeah I did a full rewatch over the past few months and my wife watched for the first time. We're geared up and ready! May rewatch the finale Saturday night.

LOTR - Definitely is. I run every morning on treadmill (broken right now but still getting up and doing something lol), so I just broke it up over a couple weeks.

Triple Frontier - movie on Netflix starring Ben Affleck, Jax Teller (brain lapse on actual name), Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron among other things), Oberyn Martell (also will be the Mandolorian on Disney +)… ex marine guys that do "one last mission" to get set for life. Things go wrong. LOL

Umbrella - I'm enjoying it.

Disney Plus - Big reveal/announcements yesterday from Disney. We knew a lot of the shows but they gave prices and dates. 11/12, 6.95 a month or 69.95 for a year. Full catalog of Disney movies (or a lot of them)...all of Star Wars movies within a year. But the TV Shows:

Loki (starring Tom Hiddleston)
WandaVision (starring Elizbeth Olsen and Paul Bettany) - I'm starting to think they don't have the rights to the name Scarlet Witch (or didn't...but they have FOX now. Scarlet Witch is also an X-Men. So is Quicksilver). But she never goes by Scarlet Witch in the movies.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Starring Anthony Mackie and Drawing blank of W.S. name. lol

Cassian Andor TV Series (Rogue One guy....Alan Tudyk will be playing K2-SO again too!)

Mandolorian - Starring Oberyn Martell (again forgetting his name right now but know it when I hear it)… show being run by Jon Favreau. Taika from Thor Ragnarok is directing an episode. Dave Filoni (ran the Clone Wars and was George's hand picked successor) is heavily involved too and will direct an ep.

PIXAR Shorts and TV series (Monsters Inc tv show, Toy Story Shorts)

Disney stuff - behind the scenes making of Frozen II.'ll all be streamed in 4K which already makes it worth it so you don't have to upgrade your libraries. I know people will still balk at another streaming app. But this one sells itself for me and my family! lol

MJ said...

Read that about Disney+

Sharing - 60 MInutes sunday CBS 7pm - doing a piece where they were behind the scenes for GofT. Kitt Harrington, Emilia Clarke, Dinklidge, and show runners talked to and tour of the props and costumes.

Mike V. said...

Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker - Trailer.

Panel was great. They couldn't reveal much but there were some still shots. But the trailer was the highlight. And a big reveal in it. It's been theorized about. Puzzling but makes sense if they want to tie the 9 films together.

Mike V. said...

MJ, thanks for heads up on 60 minutes. I heard the same and TiVo is set! :)

MJ said...

SW trailer landed. Looks awesome

Anonymous said...

A ranking of GoT episodes

Mike V. said...

MJ - come on, you know I was watching that thing live as it was unveiled! (link is above lol) Yep it does look awesome!

Richard (i'm guessing) - Pretty controversial list putting battle of the bastards at 10 given its IMDB rating as 9.9 tied with Winds of Winter. lol But can't argue with what they chose as #1-3 either. So many good episodes to choose from.

Now that the Star Wars trailer is out of the way I'm super hyped for Sunday night!

And for one day, I'm actually forgetting my excitement for Endgame (though it's still there!) Disney knows how to get you excited for the next big thing and that trailer will be attached to EndGame.

Mike V. said...

End of tv recap article. I kinda feel this way too.

It’s the end of an era!