Sunday, March 17, 2019

TV Discussion: Week of 3/17/2019 - 3/23/2019

Hello TV addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones - Showrunners/Writers address Season 7 pacing or as my friend recently gave it the video game equivalent of FAST TRAVEL (Was actually impressed with the comparison lol).

I mean I always understood why they did it but it was fun to joke about. Sounds like pacing may be less of a discussion in season 8.

Supergirl - Actually a better episode of the season. Jon Cryer as Lex (shoutout to the crazy Luthor nephew from Superman IV: A Quest for Peace! lol) was really good. I like when they just focus on the Superman/Supergirl lore rather than focusing on their not so subtle social agenda. An Agenda is's in most of my favorite movies. But it's way more subtle. lol

MCU Rewatch - I'm flying through. On Black Panther now. I think I'm going to make it! lol Going to see Captain Marvel again tonight with the same friend who made the Fast Travel reference for Thrones. lol

MJ said...

GofT - pacing - yeah - lord knows we don't need to waste time on watching them travel across country. But the fun in mentioning it goes waaay back to Fringe and their 5 min trips from Boston to Manhattan. Ah the good ole days. And yeah - I read that yesterday too.

MCU - damn - you are going to do it ! And sigh - still not seen Capt Marvel yet.

Stranger thing - season 3 trailer dropped. Looks really good.

The Village - didn't record it and now regretting it. Heard it had some huge twist. Anyone watch it ?

Mike V. said...

Thrones/Fringe - lol I thought the same thing. We were so used to the slow pacing of LOST (which also adopted Fast Travel in the final season lol) that when it happened in Fringe it threw us off. But, I guess it was better than all fringe related activity happening in Boston like 24's issue with LA being the center of national/international threats every season. lol

MCU - almost done black panther! Captain Marvel was just as fun the 2nd time. I just don't get how people have to nitpick these things. My friend wasn't impressed (but he never is. He had same reaction to Infinity War now he rewatches it all the time and loves it) I listened to one of my podcasts on the way to work and they ripped the movie apart saying it didn't know what it wanted to be and it was the first time Marvel looked scared. REALLY??? The movie was good. Origin stories are always tough, but I thought they made an entertaining film. I think a sequel, just like Cap: Winter Soldier, could be even better because they have the origin stuff out of the way.

Stranger Things - I heard the trailer looks good. I never finished season 2!

Village - wasn't that an M. Night Shylaman (Sp) movie? lol I don't know much about the TV show. I'm sure I could access it somewhere. But no didn't see it.

Shameless - We finished Fiona's final episode (season finale). Will wait to discuss. Not that there's much to discuss. lol I enjoyed the season overall. But, I think it's time to end the show. Maybe 1 more season.

Mike V. said...

This is Us - not a fan of Randall/Beth being in a bad place. Shows always do this. They take their best couple and throw hardships at them. And when they do it drags the show down with it. I'm sure we have some good acting performances coming our way. But hopefully they don't draw it out too long. Their chemistry is too good when they're working together as a team than this nonsense.

I know...if they didn't have problems it would be less realistic. But, it's still painful to endure! lol

MJ said...

This is Us I am way behind on this. Though I know from annoying site's headlines that Kate's baby comes pre-maturely. I just watched the one about the kids graduations. Not sure I realized the kids weren't all in the same high school ? Probably just forgot. This was the one that Kate graduated college and Kevin was getting drunk. And where we find out Deja is super smart. Shocked at randal - telling Beth to hold off on her dream.

Shameless - finale was a little underwhelming. And why would Fiona give them half of that money ? I too am hoping it ends next year.

Village - yes It hink he did a movie with that title - or similar - don't think related to the show though

Mike V. said...

This is us - you're not too far behind. I think just 2 episodes. probably didn't read mine, but the Randall/Beth stuff is just so out of character. But I guess they're trying to portray 'real life' complications. lol

Shameless - Totally agree on the money! I was thinking, "okay but where is she going and how does she expect to start over with $47,000?" lol I totally didn't get it. And she totally Good Will Hunting'd the family. lol I'm sure similar to TWD and may other shows where the lead left...she'll be back for a series finale.

Deadwood - movie teaser was released. I saw your other post that you haven't seen the series. It's worth it! The dialogue takes some getting used to, but the characters are so great.

MCU - Just finished Infinity War! Was such a great mash-up of all the characters in one movie. Still holding up a year later. Just gotta watch Antman and Wasp which is a pretty underwhelming way to finish this rewatch. But that end credits scene is necessary! lol I've heard rumors, but I just can't wait to see a scene with ALL Marvel characters in one scene together. They've had that money shot in Avengers, Age of Ultron, Civil War with them all on screen at once. They had money shots of the individual groups on Wakanda and Titan in Infinity War. But add them all in one scene plus, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Wasp, Captain must be done! And it must be done after Cap says "Avengers Assemble!" for the first time ever in the MCU. Russo Brothers won't let me down. lol

Goldbergs - we fell like 4 behind on this one. Watched 3 last night. Still didn't watch last night's episode.

Modern Family - we're way behind on this...guessing we'll binge catchup on this next.

Mike V. said...

Whiskey - Watched first ep. We liked it. Cornier than I expected, but I'm cool with that. lol Saw Bill Lawrence is a producer on this and then saw the dude from Cougar Town was in the pilot (also a Bill Lawrence show). And he got killed off pretty quickly. I think I had seen you saying there were some twists in that first episode. So, now I see who the team is. Should be a fun show. I'm sure we'll watch more.

Gotham - I don't think anyone watches. There are 2 eps left in the series and will air in 4 weeks. A daughter of Ra's Al Ghul (not Talia, Nyssa??) has been the mastermind behind drama in Gotham since the end of last season. I have a prediction on the not so love triangle between Jim, Lee and Barbara. Babs had a daughter in the current episode but didn't name her. I predict Barbara will die in the coming conflicts and Jim and Lee will raise the baby as Barbara Gordon (who becomes Bat Girl lol). Boom. I could write this show!

MCU - Started Ant-Man and the Wasp. So once finished my rewatch will be complete! Next rewatches for the year...Toy Story and Star Wars lol I think this might be the year for a LOST rewatch too! YESSSSS!!!