Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Walking Dead: Season 9 Episode 13 - Chokepoint (Discussion)

Hi everyone and welcome back!  No time again for a recap this week.  Lots going on this weekend.  But I did manage to squeeze in the episode late night and am ready to discuss in the comments.  Let’s do this!


Mike V. said...

Episode was decent. The Daryl/Beta showdown was a good time. But, are we really supposed to believe that Beta survived that fall down the elevator shaft? He definitely didn't look like he came back as a walker in that ending sequence.

When the HIGHWAY MEN (awful name btw) changed tunes at the idea of seeing a wife said, "what has happened to this show?" lol It was fine and...and I get the point behind it. Little signs of their past humanity can go a long way. But it came off a tad corny.

So Henry/Lydia have no kissed. Lydia probably is conflicted on her allegiance which will definitely be tested again when she comes head to head with Alpha.

The biggest relief I saw last night was the tag for next week when it said "3 episodes left"! There's a light at the end of the tunnel! lol And it just means we're that much closer to Game of Thrones!!!

MJ said...

Been a rough few days for me - funeral thursday, wedding fri/sat, and now another funeral in a few days. SIGH.

I was pretty shocked they killed off Ryan Hurst so quickly, but realized they didn't. Loved Carols line 'they sent a gramically correct letter'. Was surprised to intorduce another whole group but ridiculous that the Highwaymen were bought with the promise of a movie ? LOL Guess they had to have a reason for the dumb caper a few weeks back for the projector bulb. I don't get Daryl's plan - to get patched up at Alexandria and then keep moving ? So Henry can't disappear with Lydia cause that would upset Carol, but Daryl and all of them can just hit the road. That won't upset Carol ? They really are doing alot for someone they don't know. Make the girl choose - and tell her mom her choice. Then no one is at risk who is not involved. I get that the girl has a hard time standing up to dear old mom - but some on now. And where does Connie get this never-ending supply of paper ? LOL

I agree - Beta didn't die and turn. Would actually be a good twist if he did though.

Mike V. said...

yikes. Sorry to hear about the funerals MJ. Hope the wedding was a nice break from all that.

Grammatically correct letter was a good line. And obviously I agree on the corniness of the movie being what sold them. Agree on all the Lydia stuff and Daryl's plan. It was a little hard to swallow. Connie and the paper...hilarious!

Forgot to mention, that whole hidden compartment in the building came in handy and they totally pulled a Star Wars millennium falcon move with daryl hiding in it.Good stuff.

Would definitely be an interesting twist if Beta died but was a conscious walker. yeah. Don't think that's the case though. Was interesting to see how they keep their dead around with them though...they basically just evolve into the next phase and become part of their walker pack.