Sunday, March 10, 2019

TV Discussion: Week of 3/10/2019 - 3/16/2019

Hello fellow TV addicts!  This is our weekly spot to discuss all non recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Supergirl - It's just getting worse every week. I actually cursed at my TV this morning with their whole "one person can make a difference...and who knows? Maybe one day the good guys will win" speech. This has gone way beyond wearing your politics on your sleeve. lol I'm not even sure why I'm still watching. lol Habit I guess!

MCU Rewatch - I'm on Guardians 2. Trying to pace myself as I only really need to watch 1 movie a week until End Game. Not going well. I should've been watching Dr. Strange THIS week and Guardians 2 next week. lol

Captain Marvel - I thought it was really well done. Loved the 90s nostalgia. (the music was a bit on the nose but I love all the songs they used) Stan Lee's tribute and cameo are so perfect....I won't spoil. But would love to discuss when others have seen it! Post credits scenes were fantastic too. Overall just a fun movie (that felt like a 90s action film) with some pretty cool moments. Brie/Sam Jackson's chemistry is undeniable. They've done like 3 films together. And the de-aging technology has gotten so good it's scary. My son turned to me near the end and said "this is the best movie of my life". My little girl has a new hero in her life too. She wanted the action figure/doll right after the movie was done. And she wants the Captain Marvel dress that Target has now. :) And the best thing about all of it? It was a female super hero movie that never felt preachy about it. (take notes CW!) It was just a girl that could kick butt. There was one song selection moment that may have acknowledged it, but it felt earned at that point. lol Plus again...loved the song!

Mike V. said...

Thrones - First 2 episode runtimes for Thrones have been released - They're both in the 54-58 minute range which goes along with the estimates of 60 and 60 for first 2. The estimates were 80 minutes for each of the final 4. So we'll see!

The EW spread in the latest issue was pretty impressive. Like 70 pages of stuff to read. I scanned most of it. lol Cool family tree graphic and a map of each of the Stark's journeys through Westeros and Essos.

End Game - Speaking of run times...apparently the Russos (directors) have a 3 hour cut of the movie that they're pretty happy with. Kevin Feige was interviewed and wouldn't confirm but he said he doesn't care about run times. He's more concerned with any movie they release "feeling" like it's 90 minutes. It could actually be 90 minutes or it could be 4 hours but you have to get to the end and be left wanting more and not be bored. Infinity War was 2.5 and didn't feel like it so I get what he's saying.

MJ said...

Capt Marvel - good to know - saw some pretty bad reviews. Not that I necessarily believe reviews but some were awful. Lord knows when I am going.

Librarian - Richard I think you watched this. Apparently after show was cancelled the UP channel bought it. Never heard of it but it is broadcast tv and not a streamer. Supposedly new eps start Wednesday

Superman has always been about Truth Justice and the American way and very old-fashioned about the whole a good person can make a difference. So not surprised Supergirl is too. I am like 2 behind I think

Mike V. said...

Cap Marvel - Yeah I was skeptical of the reviews. In my Marvel rewatch I've been enjoying every single film. They have yet to make a truly horrible movie. There are some top tier films (Winter Soldier, Infinity War, Civil War, Iron Man 1), there are some really entertaining ones, then there's some decent ones. I'd say Captain Marvel falls into the really entertaining. Some of the reviews said it's your typical origin story.....I respectfully disagree. I felt like they tried a different method with the origin story while expanding on the MCU Mythology in the process. Plus it was just fun. Cinema Score of people leaving the theater is an A. Trolls hit up Rotten Tomato (just like they did for Black Panther and Last Jedi) to blast the film. RT is trying some new methods to prevent advanced trolling/reviews...but the day it opened up they fired in the negative reviews in the masses. All I know is my family loved it! And everyone I've talked to at work today loved it too.

Superman/Supergirl - Hey I'm all for that and agree with the message. It was the undertones to what they've been preaching all season. I don't want to spoil it...but they're making no secret of their agenda this season. They even threw "good journalism/media" a bone in this episode too. lol

MJ said...

Million Little Things - don't think any one here watches. Reminds me of the movie Big Chill but these friends see each other all the time but one commits suicide and no one knows why. I have been loving this show. Chandler Riggs guest starred - weird to see him as anything but Carl. Big twist in the finale that no one saw coming. And of course many more questions left for season 2 to ask and discover.

Whiskey - the pilot actually surprised me - and it moved very fast. And I can't believe the assigned the dude who broke up his engagement to work on the team in ep 2. Loved that Bellamy Young was on - Scandal reunion !

Mike V. said...

Whiskey - Definitely want to watch this one. Still haven't watched the pilot. Gotta make time!

Flash - (SPOILERS)- Figured there would be some kind of twist to keep the story going for 6 more episodes. lol As for the actual twist...I was expecting the daughter not the niece???? ehh?? Do we know this girl?

MCU Rewatch - Up to Spider-man Homecoming. Taking a break or I'm going to finish too early. Watching CREED II now since I never saw it in the theater. Feels like a combination of Rocky II, Rocky III and Rocky IV so far. lol No complaints! Maybe even Rocky V and VI with the hype man (Hank from Grimm) trying to create the dream match-up.

This is Us - Took me half the episode to realize we were witnessing a bottle episode for the first 50 minutes or so. Lots of pent up emotions in that room!

For the Reality Viewers (again, Only if Leslie decides to drop in)
The Voice - still entertaining. Once I figure out where a singer's story is going (there's only so many arcs that they go with) I fast forward to the performance and the coaches bantering. Kelly has found her true calling. But I think we always knew she'd be good at it. Looking forward to her talk show. lol

Idol - oh it's so painful to endure. I'm not even sure why I'm still watching. The judges think pretty much everyone they see is amazing and most of them are not. There was the one pseudo homeless guy that seemed way too talented to not know he was talented but I'll go with it. But man...they did a 1-2 punch on me in this Sunday's episode when they compared one girl to Kelly Clarkson and then another guy to Billy Joel. WHAAAAT!?!?!?!??! There is only one of each! lol Unique specimens. The piano guy though did write a pretty emotionally effective song. But that doesn't make him the next Billy Joel!

Anyway...yeah...we're just filling the void until those 6-8 precious hours of Game of Thrones coming our way. If I'd just ditch the 5 hours of these talent shows I could probably catch up on one of these shows I keep saying I want to watch.

Shameless - I know it's over and Fiona has left the show (and Ian has returned), but we're still like 4 or 5 episodes behind. lol

MJ said...

Whiskey - oops - hope I didn't spoil you then.

MCU - I am not even sure I've seen the new Spideys. Ugh.

G of T - someone post on reddit a picture of Baratheon and Ned talking about I have a son you have a daughter. We'll join our houses. Then show a picture of Gendry and Arya ! So the joining could still happen. never even thought of that.

Mike V. said...

Whiskey - I only glanced at it and had no idea what it meant! lol

MCU - Spider-man Homecoming came out after Civil War and directly follows Peter after those events. It was really good. Really captured the essence of Peter Parker and Spider-man. Tony Stark/Iron Man is in it too. Far From Home is coming out this summer and is supposed to take place 5 minutes after End-Game. Spoiler Alert....probably means Spidey will be okay. LOL (SHOCKER I KNOW!)

G of T - Never really considered the joining of houses message with Arya/Gendry...but I definitely have always thought of Arya and Gendry as something that had potential. The books focused on that bond even more than the show. And the show did it really well. Guess we'll see!

MJ said...

Supergirl - was 2 behind til I watched the older one yesterday. I liked the Manchester Black parts. There is somethingoff about this president.

FLash - Same - 2 behind so watched one from 2 weeks ago. Yay ! My 2 favorite metas - she says sarcasticly. It actually was not horrible. Story behind the King Shark was actually interesting and moving. But I was very tired. LOL Did we know all that before and I forgot ? Sherloque was a bit annoying with the oceanic chick though. Were we supposed to know the one from Argus - cause I didn't. And I liked Barry leaning a little over the line - like we all do. Hate when they are perfect humans. Nice to have joe again - but really - he took the infant son to Tibet ? Ok.

LOL on Spidey being ok

Mike V. said...

End Game Trailer - I'm hyped! Already have overanalyzed it. Need to just calm down and wait 6 weeks. lol

Supergirl - Yeah I do like Manchester Black. I read some stuff the other day where people think this season of Supergirl has gotten the show back on track. There are some positives, but I think overall it's been kind of rough. Agree on the president.

Flash - I don't know if we knew all the King Shark stuff or not. I honestly forget most storylines the week after the air so trying to remember from a 1-more seasons ago? yeah right! lol Yeah the excuses for why Joe was gone are kinda bizarre. And isn't Kid Flash on Legends now? So why was he just hanging out in Tibet? lol

Shameless - Watched 2 of the last 4. They got a lot of repairing to do for Fiona's character but it's been really entertaining. Hobo Loco contest, the Blackout......Frank and Fiona finally having a bonding moment after 9 seasons. All I'll say is Poor that guy can't catch a break! lol

I'll probably plan on watching the final 2 tonight/tomorrow just to get it off the "to do" list.

BBT - we're caught up and I saw the finale is May 16th (1 hour ep).