Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Walking Dead: Season 9 Episode 12 - Guardians

Hello friends and welcome back to our Walking Dead season 9 chat!  Time is short so going to jump right in.  Let’s go!

Discussion Points

We revisit Alexandria where Michonne is still being super cautious about communication with the outside world.  Rightly so after meeting the Whisperers and losing Jesus. She has the support of Aaron but no one else.  They want to get into the trade game and save the Kingdom as they’re hitting dire straights.   Meanwhile, my assessment of the Gabriel/Siddiq/Eugene/Rosita Love Rectangle was dead on a couple weeks ago.  It’s beyond convoluted.  It led to a few funny moments with Eugene, but they are all going to harmoniously help raise the child?  Okay.   Negan also is vying to be Michonne’s confidant to bounce leadership ideas off of.  We’ll see where that goes, but Michonne ain’t budging right now and isn’t too happy with Judith after finding out she had befriended Negan.

Long story short with Alexandria, Michonne is going to let Alexandria participate in the Trade fair, but is not a fan.  She wants things to be a democracy and not a dictatorship.  Meanwhile we know Alpha wanted to know all about what kind of trade was going on at hilltop.  So we know there will be conflict coming.

In Whisperville Lydia was questioned by her mother, the whisperers questioned Alpha (and paid for it with their heads and lives.  Ouch!).  Tough to figure out Lydia at this point, but it seems like she’s leaning her allegiance towards the good guys if I had to guess.  But, that doesn’t make her completely trustworthy.   Other than that, the whisperers are really not that interesting to me.  More annoying than anything.  When first introduced they were scary, now they’re just annoying.  But, that’s just me!

Most engaging story of the night?  Deaf Girl paired up with the guy that talks the least on the show and their trusty arrow retrieving Dog.  Granted it ended well with Daryl getting his own skin mask and leading a herd of walkers to save Henry and Lydia.

I’m sure more happened that I’m missing, but just wanted to give my quick thoughts.  We’ll get into more discussion in the comments. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I’ll see you next week!


MJ said...

I def don't trust Lydia. I don't think she wanted to kill Henry but she is too far under her moms thumb to just rebel at this point.

I like the Whisperers. I think they are creepy as hell. Was shocked to hear who is playing Beta ! Ole Oppie from Sons of Anarchy. On talking dead they talked about some differences from he books that were interesting.

This fair this will just be stupid. I man - if you want to trade just go talk about trading - don't need a fair. But that would not be the Zeke way - not would it put them all in danger.

Actually in this world you really are raised by the village. Between Game and some nameless Alexandrian - Judith was watched by/raised by a lot of people. And I am sure someone was watching Judith when Michonne was just at Hilltop. It's Rosita and Siddiq's kid but Rosita is with Gabe - so its basically shared custody.

Mike V. said...

Agreed on Lydia. She likes Henry but is still loyal to the Whisperers.

Beta....right OPIE! I did know he was cast but forgot he was. Whisperers....I think it's hit or miss with me at this point on the creep level. Alpha definitely did some gruesome things. But she was just getting on my nerves this last ep. lol But it's no secret my interest is fading by the season so it might just be fatigue.

LOL on Zeke!

Yep on shared custody. I get all that. But the love rectangle never needed to exist to get into that kind of story. It's just a lot of exposition that they squeezed in and I'm not sure I understand the need for it all. it was a 6 year time jump and they're like ….this guy has a crush, this guy had a fling, and this guy is the long term guy. Instant 3 men and a baby! lol