Sunday, February 24, 2019

TV Discussion: Week of 2/24/2019 to 3/2/2019

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows.   See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

GoT Update - 48 Days to go! 8 episodes to go! (just watched Battle of the Bastards this morning) I think we're gonna make it. lol

MCU Update - 10 days until Captain Marvel, 60 Days until End Game, 12.25 movies to watch. Finished Thor: The dark World last night (first time I watched the whole movie....for the worst MCU movie it really wasn't that bad. lol). Started Winter Soldier (Best movie of the MCU!)

Recorded Whiskey Tango (? is that the name? Has Scott Foley and Lauren Cohen (Maggie - the reason she left TWD). It started late but since I watched the Oscars I knew to add an hour to the recording. lol Not sure when we'll get to it but we want to watch.

Shameless - 2 behind now. We'll catch up after thrones!

Anonymous said...

GoT--I heard the girl playing Dany say some anti Trump things along with everyone else at the Oscars. Why can't we have actors who are more like they used to be--staying out of politics.


Mike V. said...

Oh yes...any awards show can be painful to endure with all of their self-righteous jabs. I forget what Emilia said, but it sounds familiar that she may have made some comment.

The problem is...if we made pacts to never watch any content where the people involved are outwardly spoken about politics, we wouldn't be able to watch anything! lol

Mike V. said...

Thrones Update: 47 Days to go. 5 episodes to go! Dany is in Westeros has requested Jon to come bend the knee. Jon is Rhaegar and Lyanna's son. My wife was glad I didn't spoil it by telling her the theories. lol then I showed her a youtube video of all the R+L=J moments from season it was right there the whole time. Good stuff. Now we're into fast forward mode and everyone is everywhere at once! Can't wait until Dany flies the Dragon Express to North of the Wall after a raven did the same thing south to tell her to do so (not to mention Gendry, strong from his rowing for 3 seasons was able to sprint at warp speed to Eastwatch to send said raven!) Ahh good times.

MJ said...

47 days ! Wow.

Awards - I don't even watch them any more. Mostly hate the movies nominated anyway. LOL

Shameless - behind as well. This is Us too.

Whiskey Cavalier - I am taping it this week when they repeat it - didn't want to bother sunday and have to the overage.

Dark World - didn't know people thought it was the worst of them.

Mike V. said...

Awards - yeah I've mostly stopped watching...but Grammys, Emmys, Oscars...I still fast forward through them. Grammys i'm not even sure why...most of the music is for the youths! lol

Dark World/MCU - Well...once you have a list of films or episodes..something always has to be ranked LAST. I would think Incredible Hulk gets it by default since it doesn't really fit with the rest of the MCU (but still counts). After I finish this rewatch I'll have to see if I can come up with my definitive ranking. But all of the movies are fairly good. I don't know where I put what! (Winter Soldier is up there though)

Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones - 46 Days to go - 3 episodes to go! (we flew through this thing) My wife is complaining now that she's going to have to wait 6 weeks to watch the conclusion. Ummmm….we've been waiting 2 years!!! lol And book readers have been waiting 8 years for book 6! lol We just watched the awfully named but brilliantly executed "LOOT TRAIN BATTLE" where Dany, Drogon and the Dothraki invaded the Lannister/Tarley armies and their harvest and payment for the iron bank. Jon showed Dany the cave drawings/etchings that look like Davos drew them up the night before. lol

One thing I think I forgot was that Jaime is using Widow's Wail now (Joffrey's sword forged from Ned Stark's Ice...along with Brienne's Oathkeeper). So he's heading north with more Valaryan (SP) Steel. Good stuff. Maybe in the end those swords will end up with the surviving Stark kids.

MCU update - Captain America Winter Soldier Done! Guardians of the Galaxy next! 9 days until Captain Marvel, 58 Days until End game, 12 movies to watch before then.

TV Update - Still haven't watched much. Watched the finale of The Gifted. Pretty good. Glad it's over for now. Started the premiere of The Voice (only Leslie cares if she's reading). Glad the CW shows took a break for me to get in this Thrones Rewatch! lol

MJ said...

OMG this looks awesome !

Mike V. said...

Anthony Breznican writes the Star Wars beat for EW and he dropped a giant spread on his exclusive access to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge in Disney Parks at midnight last night. It had 8 chapters of everything you'd want to know including Smuggler's Run...(which yes looks amazing. Can't wait to chill in the Millenium Falcon cabin!) It sounds like my dream place to be. I can't wait until the crowds die down enough to enjoy it! lol We've been talking about making a trek out to Disneyland since I've actually never been there. (always go to Orlando) Might be a nice change!

Mike V. said...

Thrones Update - 45 days left, 2 episodes left....just comical to keep the countdown going at this point! We're going to tackle one tonight and one tomorrow. Stretch it out as much as possible. My wife said to me that the plan to bring a wight to King's Landing makes no sense to her. I told her to join the club with the rest of the viewing audience. lol And when the magnificent 7 went north of the wall at the end of the ep I said "this is the most ridiculous storyline ever, but it makes for good TV!" lol

MCU Update - Finished Guardians this morning. Avengers: Age of Ultron next! 57 Days until End Game. 13 movies to go. I might be able to slow down. It's cool to rewatch these after we see all the Infinity Stones in more depth in Infinity War. They've been present in the movies since the beginning. ( least since Thor and Cap 1) Dark World was all about the Reality Stone which ends up in Knowhere in the end credits. Guardians is about the "Power"? stone...and thanos is even in that one. I mean I've known this before...but some dialogue stands out more now that we've seen where it's all going.

MJ said...

MCU - def more stands out about stones in re-watch. In early movies they weren't even referred to as Infinity Stones.

Have to check out the SW stuff on EW. Said the same thing - have to wait at least a year after premier of SW stuff to go with less crowds. Went to first Harry Potter only months after opened and it was hard with the crowds and lines. Not sure I am into the whole SW hotel immersive thing. A little overkill for me. LOL

Never been to Disneyland either - heard it was so much smaller then Orlando

Mike V. said...

MCU - Right the space stone was hidden in the tesseract. The mind stone was hidden in Loki's scepter. But the Aether (Dark World) was referred to as Infinity Stone in the end credits. And the Power Stone was referred to as an Infinity Stone by the Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy. He even gave an explanation of the Infinity Stones. I was surprised it was there.

Yeah I went to Potter in the first year and we didn't even wait in line to do the wand thing. Haven't been back to see the new stuff yet.

Did you read more info on the SW Hotel yesterday? If so, I didn't see that. I'll have to check your link. I have heard them discuss it before. Yeah it would have to be just PART of your stay. I think it's a 2 night max. lol (and $2000 per person has been thrown around) I can't see it being sustainable, but if anyone can do it it's Disney Imagineers!

Disneyland is definitely smaller...people that have been say it's more manageable. lol I'm just born and bred on Disney World...not sure I can make the switch. I actually was at Disneyland Paris 19 years ago on a 3 week jaunt in Europe. Don't remember much from being there, but it felt like Disney. lol

Update on Thrones - 1 ep left! My wife was mad that I was too tired to watch the finale. It was like midnight and it it's like a 1.5 hour episode! lol We'll finish it tonight. my countdown on Days left until premiere will probably be less frequent! :)