Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Walking Dead: Season 9 Episode 9 - Adaptation

Hello fello Dead heads! Welcome back to Post-Rick Season 9 of The Walking Dead!  This episode was a bit of a table setter and a bit predictable, but still was entertaining.  I’m sure the handful of you left have noticed, but I have sort of lost my interest in writing about the show.  I still like watching, but there’s not much to discuss!   I’ll still keep going a bit longer though when I have the time.  Let’s dive in!

Discussion Points

There were 2 big stories in this mid-season opener.  There was the fallout from the Whisperers attack and Negan’s little journey that we kind of assumed would end up right back where he started (but kudos to finding a leather jacket in that department store!).

Michonne and crew ended up capturing a woman whisperer (who we learned is named Lydia) and they brought her back for questioning.  They also brought back Jesus for a funeral and closure for the Hilltopians.  They didn’t get much out of Lydia, but it seems like having Henry in the cell next to her might pay dividends in the long run.  She definitely lied about how many of them there are!

Alden and Luke teamed up for an outing.  Not sure if they are looking for Yumiko (sp?) or if she was back at camp.  But they were tracking her homemade arrows.  Now that I think about it some of that new crew wasn’t in this episode so I guess they’re looking for them.  By the end of the episode they were going to be a 2 man band and got captured by a whole lot of whisperers.

Through all of this Negan took advantage of his cell being left open.  Judith threatened him but then let him go realize there’s nothing left in the world out there.  I knew (so assumed everyone else did as well) that the minute he left he’d be coming back on his own accord.  Negan made his way back to Sanctuary and saw an old friend of his now turned walker.  Long story short, he saw that the world has changed in 6 years and there is no place for him.  Judith was there to welcome him on his return to Alexandria where he promised to return to his cell.

A few things of note:
  • There was a lot of information given out in 20 seconds.  Eugene was about to profess his love to Rosita when we found out she’s pregnant with Siddiq’s baby even though she’s now with Gabriel.  HUH????  Thanks for that exposition TWD writers! 
  • Alden and Enid are together now.   Were we meant to think Luke is with curly haired newbie girl too?  (Can’t remember all of their names) 
  • Michonne mended some past issues with her old friends through her help with the Whisperers. She buried the hatchet with Aaron who acknowledged they’re better off staying walled in at Alexandria.  She and Tara had kind words for each other as well.  She and Daryl also tried to put Rick behind them even though they couldn’t get the same closure of him that they got for Jesus.  (Aka, a body to bury)
  • Tara is now looked at as the leader of Hilltop after Maggie’s departure and Jesus’s death.  

I’m sure there was more in the episode to discuss, but I’ll leave that for us all to figure out in the comments!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I’ll see you next week! 


Plumbarius said...

Thanks for your many years of writing about Lost and TWD. The time and effort you have put into this blog is greatly appreciated!!

Mike V. said...

Thanks Plumbarius but buttering me up ain’t gonna change my mind about continuing on! ;-) lol. Kidding! I do appreciate the kind words.

MJ said...

Loving Judith ! She cracks me up - what a great little actress. And yeah - they are making Negen a better person. Still not buying it. He's a cold blodded murderer. But what evs. HGuess he had to see for himself that his people were all gone. Hearing the whistle again was eerie.

Watched talking dead no no - I did not get - at all - that Negen was in the clearing where he killed our guys. Really ? They thought we'd recognize that ?!?

I can't remember - but who is Luke ? Was he one of the Saviors that Maggie had locked up? He's with Enid now - which I think we knew. But whoa - Rosita was with Gabe ? Whaaat ? I know Gabe was with Jadis/Anne for a hot minute. But Rosita ? And now she is with Siddiq ! She sure gets around. LOL And pregnant ! Whatever happened to that kid that Rick found ?

Definitely do NOT trust the whisperer they brought back - Lydia. And Henry is an idiot for telling her they have another place and how far/close away it is.

Yeah - heard about Danai - sigh. Not surprised. But no - ot time to end it. The new characters are all very interesting. FTWD killed a bunch off and brought new people in and it's a better show for it. We shall see. And yeah - if you dn't want to recap it we can just discuss as we do other shows. LOL on the can't stop what you started.

Yes - we all knew he'd be back - the whole compass thing was pretty heavy handed.

And no - thought it was Luke and Enid ? Alden is the guy from Goldbergs. LOL

MJ said...

Looking out at the 3 inches of snow we are getting - how come its never cold and snowy on the show? They are in Virginia afterall and Va does get cold and snowy at times. Just saying.

Read today - Lydia was Carl's love interest in the books.

Now I am not sure - which is Slden and which is Luke. Ugh. Will have to look it up I guess.

Plumbarius said...

@MJ Alden is Enid's boyfriend...he went off with Luke (new guy musician) and both were trapped by a group of Whisperers at the end of the episode.

I think Rosita was with Saddiq before Gabriel.

Didn't watch TTD yet, but I thought that clearing looked familiar!
Since Carl is dead, looks like Henry will now be the love interest of Lydia.

I guess you can't fake Virginia snow in Georgia!

Mike V. said...

Yeah agreed on Judith. She’s awesome! Her chemistry with Negan is also great. I’m sure Negan will have setbacks and conflicts with the heroes. Not sure how long term his change of attitude will be. But he does have a soft spot for kids. First Carl, now Judith. Don’t think he’ll want to do wrong by her. We have to remember this is 6 years later. Also, I wonder if Rick’s vision of the future is still a possible future? We know Rick is still alive. I forget if Carl was in those visions.

Didn’t watch Talking Dead. So no didn’t notice that. Makes sense in hindsight...but had no idea.

My notes for most of the recap was Guy I don’t know his name #1 and #2...but then by the end of the episode they called them Luke and Alden. Lol. Maybe I messed up with Gabriel. Rosita said something like “we were playing around...before Gabriel. I’m pregnant”. Your’e was Jadis....hmmmm. No clue what they were doing there in that 30 seconds of information. Lol.

It’s more the time commitment on the recap. I just don’t have time anymore! But as long as I can fit it in i’ll Keep it up! Yeah i know this show will basically go on forever...i don’t think i can! Lol.

Nope...Luke is the guy from the Goldbergs! (And Fantastic Beasts and Fanboys).

One season they did a time jump over winter i remember that. I think they always film in the summer so that might partially explain it. They don’t have a game of thrones budget! Lol.

Interesting on Lydia being Carl’s love interest. Guess they’re subbing in Henry for that. (Looks like Plumb said same thing)

MJ said...

Ah ok - Luke is the guy from Goldbergs. Got confused. Goldbergs then. Got confused.

Good point on snow in Georgia.

Yeah - I really don't remember Gabe and Rosita. but wait - I do recall thinking Gabe was with someone who was waaaay too hot for him - so maybe it was Rosita!