Sunday, November 25, 2018

TV Discussion: November 2018 - January 2019

Hello fellow TV addicts!  This will be our place to discuss all non-recapped shows until The Walking Dead returns in 2019.  See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Flash - Cannot like - I fell asleep during watching. Not about the ep but I was sooo tired when I watched. Not sure how much I missed - possible stuff with her dad ? I know Cicada got injured by a meta. And that they tried to find the spot he got hit with the metal. Saw her dad in that bunker, lived in and out of freeze chamber. Gave Caitlyn Killer Frost to help her ? Okaaay. And something about dad not being dad but his own Killer Snow ? I think I slept after that. LOL

THis is us - was behind two. Young Jack & Rebbecca's road trip. Considering we started the show with Rebecca whining about giving up her dream - didn't she do that when she left LA after 1 little rejection? Just saying. Scene with Jack's friends parents was great tho. Oh - and more Jack stuff. The necklace reveal was kinda a let down don't you think ? It was a cheap trinket sold to tons of people and given to Jack as a thanks for helping her sick son ? Glad to see Kate have a moment with her niece in t-giving ep. Loved Rebecca and Miguel putting his kids in their place. Then Toby panicing and going for Popeyes and whatever else he got. Sweet scenes with Randall and Beth too. And I think this is the first time I'm not complaining about a gay storyline that we know will come.

Supergirl - caught up now. Alien healer and his daughter. James Olsen being an idiot as usual - thinking he should pretend to work with these people and really spy on them. UGH. Hate when shows use dogs a baddies ! Dragon was cool though - warming us op for GofT. LOL Liking Manchester Black. And what is up the the sleeping and Kara's little protege ?

Gbergs - still behind. Just watched one where Erica goes to the HS and won't leave.

Mike V. said...

Flash - I consume the episodes when I'm watching and then I think my brain just forgets what I watched. lol I don't think you missed much. If it was the latest episode I think the daughter finally bonded with Iris. lol Wait, I thought you watched that episode? Didn't we discuss it last week? Or maybe I missed an episode? Was there one Thanksgiving week because that might explain it. lol

This is US - Wow...maybe it's just all tv that I'm forgetting. I barely remember this stuff too! I know we watched, but I was really tired. I think I saw Fantastic Beasts that night and then we watched This is Us really late. (I might have been reading Reddit to see everyone's thoughts on the movie while it was on lol)

Supergirl - Manchester....yep he's playing both sides! Or just out for himself really. lol I don't know what it is (besides the political overtones) but I'm just not feeling this season of Supergirl.

LEgends - still really fun to watch. I just put 2 and 2 together with Nate's dad being Tom Wilson (AKA Biff Tannen from Back to the Future)...nice little time travel nod there. He also looks like he could be Froggy's actual dad in real life (Daredevil) lol I didn't recognize him as Tom Wilson at all. Time will do that (no pun intended!)

GBERGS - yeah that's another one I'm just going through the motions with. It's still funny, but I can't remember one episode to the next. Funny enough I do remember that one you just watched. lol

Daredevil - Home stretch. Got 1 episode and change left.

Vikings - think it comes back tomorrow? (Cue Richard post lol)

MJ said...

Flash - I dunno. But Iris and kid did bond on moving water of something. LOL I think they had a t-giving one since this week that I have not seen

Supergirl - def the political overtones cause me too. But I'm a little off all of them frankly. Overload

Vikings - yes and LOL. I might try to keep up this time - but watching back to back is way better

Christmas Chronicles - Netflix new movie. OMG I laughed. I cried. Was Awesome. If you ever liked say A Christmas Story or Movie The Grinch - you will like this. Kurt Russell makes an awesome Santa. And a nice little surprise at the very end. And safe for kids.

Mike V. said...

Flash - I totally missed an episode. lol TGIVING ep was last night. I tried binging both this morning,but only got through the first one. I'm 10 minutes into last night's ep.

Christmas Chronicles - We watched too! My kids loved it. Parker went ahead and said it's the best movie ever. But he says that about every movie. lol I was scared at the beginning when the older brother start getting into SANTA LORE. I was like "noooooooo!!!!!" then he didn't say it. I did notice that a lot of the E-Street band was in that jailhouse musical number. I saw obviously Sal (from Sopranos/e-street) and Bruce's wife. I thought I saw Max on the drums but I don't think it was him. Piano guy looked like an E-Streeter too. It was really well done!

Vikings - Absolutely better, but I try to stay on top of it or Ill never get to it! lol I'm sure I'll fall behind around the holidays so I'll have to binge 3 or 4 in a row.

Supergirl/DC shows - Yeah it's a bit much. Someone at work is telling me TITANS on this DC UNIVERSE Streaming app is really good. I can get it on Plex. But I just don't want to watch anymore comic shows! I will watch the MCU shows on the Disney Streaming App next year though. lol I'm sure they'll be movie caliber and well made to keep up with the MCU canon...speaking of...

Avengers 4 - Rumors that a trailer is coming soon. Today is the 1 year anniversary of the Infinity War trailer. However, with any new footage potentially being spoilery there are rumors that they'll hold off a bit more. I could see there not being much/any new footage in any trailer they come up with. I've heard even the name of this movie is spoilerish. I've heard rumors of the name and it would only be spoilerish to a hardcore comic fan if it's true.

This is Us - Some pretty big reveals on last night's ep. Though, I had a feeling it would be the case for the biggest one. lol

Jason B. said...

Hey Mike, I remember browsing one of these threads a while back and saw that you were watching Wrecked. Is the third season finished at this point? The first two seasons aired during the summer so I had plenty of time to watch them, but I haven't gotten around to the third season yet.

Mike V. said...

Hi Jason, sorry meant to respond to this earlier! Yes Wrecked season 3 ended. I enjoyed it! There was a CONSTANT type connection to this season and it was fantastic.

Flash - Caught up....just made the connection that Cicada is played by none other than Chris Klein from the American Pie movies. lol I can't get that out of my head now when I see him. Definitely looks older!

Vikings - watched the last 10 minutes of the recap show to try and remember what was going on. Almost finished the premiere ep. And WHAT? Bjorn is Rollo's kid now? Did we know that from a show perspective or is this just being introduced? Historically they don't know who Ragnar actually fathered right? I remember reading the wiki during the first season.

MJ said...

*** This is Us Spoilers. *****

This is Us - I knew it would be Rebecca or Beth as 'her' ! And I originally leaned toward Rebeccas cause why woyld Toby be going to see Beth if she had an issue? And where is Kate ? UGH. Liked the debate thing - tho still not the storyline. Do Council elections even have debates ? And after winning over that crowd how is a few weeks not enough time to change the polls ? i dunno - not making sense to me. Not feeling good that they left it off with Beth wanting him to quit as he'd promised and Randall saying no. And why do I keep feeling that Kate is not having this little boy ? Did NOT see it coming that Nicky was still alive ! So many questions really - why did Jack think Nicky was dead ? OR did he know he was alive and lied to everyone for some reason ? They are trying to make it look like nicky faked his death - but he could not have gotten out of Nam if the army thought he was dead afterall. And wouldn't this game that they are bringing have burned in the fire ? Cause its the one the BIg Three

Manifest - fall finale. Know you are not caught up but damn ! Good episode. Surprising stuff.

Vikings - uh no ! I do not remember Bjorn being Rollo's son. At all. Lagertha never had sex with Rollo. I did not watch the pre show cause I thought it was just about Bjorn. I am probably just taping them all and will watch later.

Over t-giving we did our annual re-watch of LOTR extended editions. Is exhausting but fun. But behind on tons now.

Mike V. said...

This Is US - Even when they announced it was Randall's mother, I thought it might have been red herring that it might be his ACTUAL mother. But the interviews confirmed it was Rebecca. lol Yeah Randall was awesome at the debate! I've never seen a Philadelphia Council debate but that doesn't mean that they don't happen. (tree in the woods dilemma lol) ... I think they wanted it ambiguous in the future that Beth and Randall may not be together, but I think their fight will be a shorter arc than however many years it is to the future! lol Yeah it's tough to be confident that Kate will have this kid...but haven't they done enough bad things to her?

Yeah I was thinking maybe Jack lied about Nicky....that could be the reason right there. Jack lied to keep Nicky safe and out of Nam. Don't know about the fire and the game...but I know the game has historical significance. Does it have to be the original version?

manifest - with TWD and other stuff over maybe we can catch up now. We'll see!

Vikings - Yeah I mentioned the same thing. Well Bjorn has been in the show since season 1 episode we're finding out this happened BEFORE the SHOW started. (I didn't watch most of the recap show either).

Nice on LOTR! Those extended editions are definitely exhausting. lol There's so much good content, but the pacing is really screwed up in those extended versions. I wish I had digital/Blu-ray copies of the theatrical releases too. Only DVDs of those. lol

Anonymous said...

Vikings--Wow, I'm confused. BTW, I switched cable providers and so the dvring has been inconsistent. I'm recording S5 E11 and E12 tonight. I missed last week's show but getting it tonight.

The show has absolutely destroyed Lagertha's character as I've said before so she could have had sons with "whoever is convenient for whatever new plotline they want today" guy. And then of course her girlfriends.

Bjorn is historically identified as Ragnar's son and there's no reason to not believe it since Bjorn's life has been written about more than most during that era for the Vikings.

In S1 there was a reference to Rollo's attraction to Lagertha btw.

I really hope this season improves from last. Lagertha should be a very old woman(if not dead) by now, LOL.


Anonymous said...

Vikings--BTW, I know it's the same season(S5) but it just feels like a new since it's been so long.


MJ said...

Shameless - finished that up. Know you finished awhile ago. Was surprised that Ford was such a louse - he's grown on me. And alays knew the whole business deal would go south. Was surprised to see Mickey as his jailmate too. Frank sure does like the nut jobs !

Supergirl - not even sure I am caught up on all. Last one had a bomb that SuperG and Manchester had to find, then he betrayed her. And stupid James thinks he is meeting the head guy of Liberty. And Lena is trying to make people 'super". Truthfully I am only staying caught up for the crossover next week.

Flash - Saw the weather one. Shocked when Barry's heart stopped ! Totally didn't get Nora asking Barry to quit since like 2 weeks ago we found out that Iris in the future hid the fact from Nora that she was a speedster. But Gracie is now his niece and not a daughter? Ok. Haven't watched the 100th yet.

Went and saw Mannheim Steamroller over the weekwend at Academy of Music. Very nice. And did a Christmas Escape room. LOL

Mike V. said...

Vikings - I hear you. With the number of episodes per "half" season they may as well just call them seasons...but logistically I guess the 2 halves work together. Like Floki is still dealing with his Valhalla delusions. lol I just started last night's stil lmore to watch. But yeah the show is getting kind of nuts. I do remember the Lagertha/Rollo attraction...but they never fully went and said there was a relationship there. As for Lagertha being old...did you not notice they made her hair bright white??? lol She just must've traveled to Back to the Future's 2015 for that facelift that Doc got. lol

Shameless - I can't even remember who Ford is...oh was that Fiona's man? lol Yeah...didn't expect the business deal to work out. The Mickey thing was kind of crazy. lol So that was just a HALF season as's coming back in winter for Fiona's last episodes.

Supergirl - Yep...that's me. Caught up for crossover (and of course I will only watch that one arrow episode as always lol)

Flash - (no spoilers) The 100th was this past was decent. There is really no connection between these stand alone stories and this crossover thing they're doing. Not that I can tell. lol It's just a one off story on Earth 90. lol

Sounds awesome with Mannheim and Escape Room! I do love a good escape room...and a Christmas one? awesome! We did our annual pilgrimage to Macy's downtown to see the Dickens Village, Santa and Light Show with the kids. Actually got smiles for the pic this year and we didn't need to be in it! lol

Daredevil (no spoilers) - Finished up season 3 (it was really good!)...which who's a series finale! Looks like Netflix is getting out of the Marvel business as far as I can tell. Something tells me there might be an announcement soon for the Disney Streaming App with this stuff. The crazy thing about it all was Daredevil was Netflix's top 4 show based on what I definitely something else is going on.

Anyone still watching The Gifted? It's been okay. I'm not caught up on this week's ep yet (fall finale)

Anonymous said...

Vikings--Lagertha's hair being white was something I thought SHOULD happen by now, but they didn't age her skin. And she's into a relationship with a younger guy now. I guess they couldn't make her look too old.

Rollo bringing Vikings to Normandy DID happen and I'm surprised we haven't seen more of it. It changed France.

Bjorn's storyline just seems lost to me. He's a major player with actual historical campaigns and they've got him just twiddling his thumbs.

Finehair is a legit King and so he's being treated like Bjorn--twiddling.

I like how they are dealing with Alfred at this point. Obviously he becomes legendary.
Bjorn sleeping with Alfred's future wife makes me wonder about a paternity question in the future mirroring Bjorn's father question. And of course the Alfred being the son not grandson of King Ecbert.

Actually all of these paternity challenges vs history storylines are getting old though.

I still LOVE the intro music--If I had a heart.

The show needs to quickly move beyond Lagertha for lots of reasons. For one, focusing on her so much is killing the historical components. The Bishop and her are composite characters, not historical.

There is rich engrossing history with Bjorn, Rollo and Finehair. Why doesn't the show start moving in that direction since it's entitled Vikings and they are some of the most famous and accomplished.

Ivar being killed by his woman is an interesting thought. And of course yet again if his wife gives birth there will be a paternity question, LOL.

Do you think the Floki storyline will keep going? Another composite character at play.


MJ said...

Gifted - my husband is still watching. he seems to like it.

Crossover - same here with Arrow. The crossover stuff looks nuts. Won't say more.

Vikings - not watching but seeing your comments - which is fine. There is no way that Lagertha slept with Rollo. Not buying that.

Daredevil - yes I also heard that it was high rated. I think they are planning on more Defenders and just not saying it yet. I'll be seriously pissed if they cancel Jessica Jones.

Luke Cage - did you ever finish ? I can't remember. I think you did cause we talked about the death. I thought it was nuts that Luke was going to take over the club in the end.

Anonymous said...

Good Place - sure you know but renewed for season 4 ! Yay !

Mike V. said...

Good Place - yep I saw and am excited! Best show on TV! :) The true "LOST: The Comedy" even though I do like Wrecked too. lol

Vikings - Yeah for all I know Richard's comments may include episode 2 and it still wouldn't make a difference to me lol I read all of the comments and will keep a look out for the historical references. But I agree, the show seems to be making its own history at this point. lol Floki - I have no idea what they're going to do with him. I'm tired of his current storyline. Bjorn and Finehair are 2 of the better characters in the show....I agree we should be seeing more with them. Ivar is on my nerves. lol The music is definitely good. I never fastforward the intro. But it's no Epic Game of Thrones opener! lol

Crossover - I saw the previews. Looks pretty crazy!

Daredevil - Yeah there might be some joint we'll see!

Luke Cage - yep we discussed it when I finished. It was pretty nuts!

Anonymous said...

Here are some reviews of Vikings I just read.

It needs to get fixed asap.

This reviewer says "I'm looking forward to Season 3 of The Last Kingdom" Does anybody know anything about this show?


MJ said...

Supergirl - I had to just LOL at the end - the DEO demanding Supergirl reveal herself. JUST LOOK AT HER. Always be a source of amusement that Supergirl and Superman didn't get found out all those years on any of the shows.

MJ said...

Avengers: Endgame trailer finally out

Mike V. said...

Yup! Saw it this morning. And spidey tomorrow. Everyone is hoping Sony doesn’t spoil avengers since marvel studios isn’t in complete control of that one. Lol captain marvel was earlier this week too. Big marvel week. They moved up avengers again to April. So I’m guessing a super bowl full trailer and then a Star Wars ep 9 trailer with avengers in April. :)

Too funny on supergirl. Lol

Mike V. said...

Btw good place was fantastic! Crazy complicated episode to make but they pulled it off.

MJ said...

Good Place - you mean the one where Janet is everyone ? It was very good.

NYG - I was ticked they took Barkley out instead of letting him get his first 200 yard game cause he had a fantastic game.

Mike V. said...

Good Place - Yep that one!

Football - Yeah I needed barkley to get about 30 more fantasy points. lol Eagles look to be pretty much done. They put up a fight against the cowboys though!

Elseworlds (Arrowverse) - Nice Smallville shoutout! Arrow tonight. Got the DVR set.

MJ said...

Elseworlds - I am waiting to watch them back to back.

Eagles/Cowboys - was a good game

GofT - this prequel they are talking about - is it even based one of Martins books ? Or HBO just making the stuff up to keep the cash cow going ?

Mike V. said...

Thrones Prequel - Martin is heavily involved in the creation process....something else distracting him from finishing the novels!

Elseworlds - yeah I barely got through Arrow today so I'll need to finish tomorrow with Supergirl.

Eagles/Cowboys - yep it was!

Anonymous said...

GRRM--He's involved with Nightflyers on SYFY. I started watching, anyone else?


MJ said...

Interesting - about Luke/Daredevil on Disney+

Nightfliers - only saw one so far. But am taping them. Annoying that there has been one a night for like 2 weeks.

GRRM - you guys will never get that book ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Netflix/Disney+ - That's a crazy clause, but I guess it makes sense. Those shows will still be available for viewing on Netflix so they'll at least get 2 more years of publicity for subscribers out of it. There are plenty of other characters to focus on until then anyway. And Disney already has plans to bring their B-List movie characters to the Streaming app. (Scarlet Witch, Loki, Falcon, Winter Soldier)

Nightflyers - I've heard of it but was not planning to watch. Keep me posted on if it's worth it. I'm barely keeping on top of what I have.

Homecoming/Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime) - I've heard good things about both. Homecoming is another Sam Esmail show and it's a 30 minute Drama. so I'm more enticed to check it out with the shorter eps. Maisel I've heard really good things as well. We'll see if we can fit them in.

GRRM - He just actually promised fans he will finish ASOIAF. lol This latest sidetrack book on Westeros that he released has renewed his spirit apparently. We'll see!

Anonymous said...

Nightflyers--well, it's weird. Finale last night. GRRM has an interview after every ep.

He's so busy doing other things now. HBO's new show,this show,etc.

Seal Team has been serialized this season and very very good! It's among my favorites now.

Vikings--Ivar killing his brother, probably. But interesting the seer for the first time this season was brought in. People I know who are also into Viking history really want to see Bjorn and Rollo do their things much more than where the show is now on those characters.


MJ said...

Crossover - was pretty good. Any show that has Daniel Faraday as a crazy scientst has to be good ! Was surprised to see Gary from Legends too. All the Freaky Friday stuff was fun too. And nice call back with Diggle being sick after being Flashed again. I really didn't understand alot of the Argo Company or whatever they talked about in Arrow - but thats ok. Nor did I get all the personal Oliver and Felicity stuff - but i know he was in prison and she went dark or something. Oh - and Juliette from Grimm was Lois Lane - which I had read weeks ago. Bat Woman was ok - I really had not heard of her at all so had no opinion of her really. I laughed when Oliver and Barry were bank robbers then. To be honest at the end of Arrow we see Black suit Superman - but I did not realize in that moment that it was the doctor/scientist until the previously on for Super Girl. Cisco and Ales were so weird to watch ! LOL Have no clue what Crisis on Infinite Earths mean - guess I'll find out next year. LOL

Maesal - heard great things. Been sitting on my list since last year.

Homecoming - Is that the Julia Roberts one ? Heard about it but not checked it out

Black Mirror - still way behind but say the hell with it and watched USS McCallister finally. It was good