Sunday, November 25, 2018

TV Discussion: November 2018 - January 2019

Hello fellow TV addicts!  This will be our place to discuss all non-recapped shows until The Walking Dead returns in 2019.  See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Flash - Cannot like - I fell asleep during watching. Not about the ep but I was sooo tired when I watched. Not sure how much I missed - possible stuff with her dad ? I know Cicada got injured by a meta. And that they tried to find the spot he got hit with the metal. Saw her dad in that bunker, lived in and out of freeze chamber. Gave Caitlyn Killer Frost to help her ? Okaaay. And something about dad not being dad but his own Killer Snow ? I think I slept after that. LOL

THis is us - was behind two. Young Jack & Rebbecca's road trip. Considering we started the show with Rebecca whining about giving up her dream - didn't she do that when she left LA after 1 little rejection? Just saying. Scene with Jack's friends parents was great tho. Oh - and more Jack stuff. The necklace reveal was kinda a let down don't you think ? It was a cheap trinket sold to tons of people and given to Jack as a thanks for helping her sick son ? Glad to see Kate have a moment with her niece in t-giving ep. Loved Rebecca and Miguel putting his kids in their place. Then Toby panicing and going for Popeyes and whatever else he got. Sweet scenes with Randall and Beth too. And I think this is the first time I'm not complaining about a gay storyline that we know will come.

Supergirl - caught up now. Alien healer and his daughter. James Olsen being an idiot as usual - thinking he should pretend to work with these people and really spy on them. UGH. Hate when shows use dogs a baddies ! Dragon was cool though - warming us op for GofT. LOL Liking Manchester Black. And what is up the the sleeping and Kara's little protege ?

Gbergs - still behind. Just watched one where Erica goes to the HS and won't leave.

Mike V. said...

Flash - I consume the episodes when I'm watching and then I think my brain just forgets what I watched. lol I don't think you missed much. If it was the latest episode I think the daughter finally bonded with Iris. lol Wait, I thought you watched that episode? Didn't we discuss it last week? Or maybe I missed an episode? Was there one Thanksgiving week because that might explain it. lol

This is US - Wow...maybe it's just all tv that I'm forgetting. I barely remember this stuff too! I know we watched, but I was really tired. I think I saw Fantastic Beasts that night and then we watched This is Us really late. (I might have been reading Reddit to see everyone's thoughts on the movie while it was on lol)

Supergirl - Manchester....yep he's playing both sides! Or just out for himself really. lol I don't know what it is (besides the political overtones) but I'm just not feeling this season of Supergirl.

LEgends - still really fun to watch. I just put 2 and 2 together with Nate's dad being Tom Wilson (AKA Biff Tannen from Back to the Future)...nice little time travel nod there. He also looks like he could be Froggy's actual dad in real life (Daredevil) lol I didn't recognize him as Tom Wilson at all. Time will do that (no pun intended!)

GBERGS - yeah that's another one I'm just going through the motions with. It's still funny, but I can't remember one episode to the next. Funny enough I do remember that one you just watched. lol

Daredevil - Home stretch. Got 1 episode and change left.

Vikings - think it comes back tomorrow? (Cue Richard post lol)

MJ said...

Flash - I dunno. But Iris and kid did bond on moving water of something. LOL I think they had a t-giving one since this week that I have not seen

Supergirl - def the political overtones cause me too. But I'm a little off all of them frankly. Overload

Vikings - yes and LOL. I might try to keep up this time - but watching back to back is way better

Christmas Chronicles - Netflix new movie. OMG I laughed. I cried. Was Awesome. If you ever liked say A Christmas Story or Movie The Grinch - you will like this. Kurt Russell makes an awesome Santa. And a nice little surprise at the very end. And safe for kids.

Mike V. said...

Flash - I totally missed an episode. lol TGIVING ep was last night. I tried binging both this morning,but only got through the first one. I'm 10 minutes into last night's ep.

Christmas Chronicles - We watched too! My kids loved it. Parker went ahead and said it's the best movie ever. But he says that about every movie. lol I was scared at the beginning when the older brother start getting into SANTA LORE. I was like "noooooooo!!!!!" then he didn't say it. I did notice that a lot of the E-Street band was in that jailhouse musical number. I saw obviously Sal (from Sopranos/e-street) and Bruce's wife. I thought I saw Max on the drums but I don't think it was him. Piano guy looked like an E-Streeter too. It was really well done!

Vikings - Absolutely better, but I try to stay on top of it or Ill never get to it! lol I'm sure I'll fall behind around the holidays so I'll have to binge 3 or 4 in a row.

Supergirl/DC shows - Yeah it's a bit much. Someone at work is telling me TITANS on this DC UNIVERSE Streaming app is really good. I can get it on Plex. But I just don't want to watch anymore comic shows! I will watch the MCU shows on the Disney Streaming App next year though. lol I'm sure they'll be movie caliber and well made to keep up with the MCU canon...speaking of...

Avengers 4 - Rumors that a trailer is coming soon. Today is the 1 year anniversary of the Infinity War trailer. However, with any new footage potentially being spoilery there are rumors that they'll hold off a bit more. I could see there not being much/any new footage in any trailer they come up with. I've heard even the name of this movie is spoilerish. I've heard rumors of the name and it would only be spoilerish to a hardcore comic fan if it's true.

This is Us - Some pretty big reveals on last night's ep. Though, I had a feeling it would be the case for the biggest one. lol

Jason B. said...

Hey Mike, I remember browsing one of these threads a while back and saw that you were watching Wrecked. Is the third season finished at this point? The first two seasons aired during the summer so I had plenty of time to watch them, but I haven't gotten around to the third season yet.

Mike V. said...

Hi Jason, sorry meant to respond to this earlier! Yes Wrecked season 3 ended. I enjoyed it! There was a CONSTANT type connection to this season and it was fantastic.

Flash - Caught up....just made the connection that Cicada is played by none other than Chris Klein from the American Pie movies. lol I can't get that out of my head now when I see him. Definitely looks older!

Vikings - watched the last 10 minutes of the recap show to try and remember what was going on. Almost finished the premiere ep. And WHAT? Bjorn is Rollo's kid now? Did we know that from a show perspective or is this just being introduced? Historically they don't know who Ragnar actually fathered right? I remember reading the wiki during the first season.

MJ said...

*** This is Us Spoilers. *****

This is Us - I knew it would be Rebecca or Beth as 'her' ! And I originally leaned toward Rebeccas cause why woyld Toby be going to see Beth if she had an issue? And where is Kate ? UGH. Liked the debate thing - tho still not the storyline. Do Council elections even have debates ? And after winning over that crowd how is a few weeks not enough time to change the polls ? i dunno - not making sense to me. Not feeling good that they left it off with Beth wanting him to quit as he'd promised and Randall saying no. And why do I keep feeling that Kate is not having this little boy ? Did NOT see it coming that Nicky was still alive ! So many questions really - why did Jack think Nicky was dead ? OR did he know he was alive and lied to everyone for some reason ? They are trying to make it look like nicky faked his death - but he could not have gotten out of Nam if the army thought he was dead afterall. And wouldn't this game that they are bringing have burned in the fire ? Cause its the one the BIg Three

Manifest - fall finale. Know you are not caught up but damn ! Good episode. Surprising stuff.

Vikings - uh no ! I do not remember Bjorn being Rollo's son. At all. Lagertha never had sex with Rollo. I did not watch the pre show cause I thought it was just about Bjorn. I am probably just taping them all and will watch later.

Over t-giving we did our annual re-watch of LOTR extended editions. Is exhausting but fun. But behind on tons now.

Mike V. said...

This Is US - Even when they announced it was Randall's mother, I thought it might have been red herring that it might be his ACTUAL mother. But the interviews confirmed it was Rebecca. lol Yeah Randall was awesome at the debate! I've never seen a Philadelphia Council debate but that doesn't mean that they don't happen. (tree in the woods dilemma lol) ... I think they wanted it ambiguous in the future that Beth and Randall may not be together, but I think their fight will be a shorter arc than however many years it is to the future! lol Yeah it's tough to be confident that Kate will have this kid...but haven't they done enough bad things to her?

Yeah I was thinking maybe Jack lied about Nicky....that could be the reason right there. Jack lied to keep Nicky safe and out of Nam. Don't know about the fire and the game...but I know the game has historical significance. Does it have to be the original version?

manifest - with TWD and other stuff over maybe we can catch up now. We'll see!

Vikings - Yeah I mentioned the same thing. Well Bjorn has been in the show since season 1 episode we're finding out this happened BEFORE the SHOW started. (I didn't watch most of the recap show either).

Nice on LOTR! Those extended editions are definitely exhausting. lol There's so much good content, but the pacing is really screwed up in those extended versions. I wish I had digital/Blu-ray copies of the theatrical releases too. Only DVDs of those. lol

Anonymous said...

Vikings--Wow, I'm confused. BTW, I switched cable providers and so the dvring has been inconsistent. I'm recording S5 E11 and E12 tonight. I missed last week's show but getting it tonight.

The show has absolutely destroyed Lagertha's character as I've said before so she could have had sons with "whoever is convenient for whatever new plotline they want today" guy. And then of course her girlfriends.

Bjorn is historically identified as Ragnar's son and there's no reason to not believe it since Bjorn's life has been written about more than most during that era for the Vikings.

In S1 there was a reference to Rollo's attraction to Lagertha btw.

I really hope this season improves from last. Lagertha should be a very old woman(if not dead) by now, LOL.


Anonymous said...

Vikings--BTW, I know it's the same season(S5) but it just feels like a new since it's been so long.


MJ said...

Shameless - finished that up. Know you finished awhile ago. Was surprised that Ford was such a louse - he's grown on me. And alays knew the whole business deal would go south. Was surprised to see Mickey as his jailmate too. Frank sure does like the nut jobs !

Supergirl - not even sure I am caught up on all. Last one had a bomb that SuperG and Manchester had to find, then he betrayed her. And stupid James thinks he is meeting the head guy of Liberty. And Lena is trying to make people 'super". Truthfully I am only staying caught up for the crossover next week.

Flash - Saw the weather one. Shocked when Barry's heart stopped ! Totally didn't get Nora asking Barry to quit since like 2 weeks ago we found out that Iris in the future hid the fact from Nora that she was a speedster. But Gracie is now his niece and not a daughter? Ok. Haven't watched the 100th yet.

Went and saw Mannheim Steamroller over the weekwend at Academy of Music. Very nice. And did a Christmas Escape room. LOL

Mike V. said...

Vikings - I hear you. With the number of episodes per "half" season they may as well just call them seasons...but logistically I guess the 2 halves work together. Like Floki is still dealing with his Valhalla delusions. lol I just started last night's stil lmore to watch. But yeah the show is getting kind of nuts. I do remember the Lagertha/Rollo attraction...but they never fully went and said there was a relationship there. As for Lagertha being old...did you not notice they made her hair bright white??? lol She just must've traveled to Back to the Future's 2015 for that facelift that Doc got. lol

Shameless - I can't even remember who Ford is...oh was that Fiona's man? lol Yeah...didn't expect the business deal to work out. The Mickey thing was kind of crazy. lol So that was just a HALF season as's coming back in winter for Fiona's last episodes.

Supergirl - Yep...that's me. Caught up for crossover (and of course I will only watch that one arrow episode as always lol)

Flash - (no spoilers) The 100th was this past was decent. There is really no connection between these stand alone stories and this crossover thing they're doing. Not that I can tell. lol It's just a one off story on Earth 90. lol

Sounds awesome with Mannheim and Escape Room! I do love a good escape room...and a Christmas one? awesome! We did our annual pilgrimage to Macy's downtown to see the Dickens Village, Santa and Light Show with the kids. Actually got smiles for the pic this year and we didn't need to be in it! lol

Daredevil (no spoilers) - Finished up season 3 (it was really good!)...which who's a series finale! Looks like Netflix is getting out of the Marvel business as far as I can tell. Something tells me there might be an announcement soon for the Disney Streaming App with this stuff. The crazy thing about it all was Daredevil was Netflix's top 4 show based on what I definitely something else is going on.

Anyone still watching The Gifted? It's been okay. I'm not caught up on this week's ep yet (fall finale)

Anonymous said...

Vikings--Lagertha's hair being white was something I thought SHOULD happen by now, but they didn't age her skin. And she's into a relationship with a younger guy now. I guess they couldn't make her look too old.

Rollo bringing Vikings to Normandy DID happen and I'm surprised we haven't seen more of it. It changed France.

Bjorn's storyline just seems lost to me. He's a major player with actual historical campaigns and they've got him just twiddling his thumbs.

Finehair is a legit King and so he's being treated like Bjorn--twiddling.

I like how they are dealing with Alfred at this point. Obviously he becomes legendary.
Bjorn sleeping with Alfred's future wife makes me wonder about a paternity question in the future mirroring Bjorn's father question. And of course the Alfred being the son not grandson of King Ecbert.

Actually all of these paternity challenges vs history storylines are getting old though.

I still LOVE the intro music--If I had a heart.

The show needs to quickly move beyond Lagertha for lots of reasons. For one, focusing on her so much is killing the historical components. The Bishop and her are composite characters, not historical.

There is rich engrossing history with Bjorn, Rollo and Finehair. Why doesn't the show start moving in that direction since it's entitled Vikings and they are some of the most famous and accomplished.

Ivar being killed by his woman is an interesting thought. And of course yet again if his wife gives birth there will be a paternity question, LOL.

Do you think the Floki storyline will keep going? Another composite character at play.


MJ said...

Gifted - my husband is still watching. he seems to like it.

Crossover - same here with Arrow. The crossover stuff looks nuts. Won't say more.

Vikings - not watching but seeing your comments - which is fine. There is no way that Lagertha slept with Rollo. Not buying that.

Daredevil - yes I also heard that it was high rated. I think they are planning on more Defenders and just not saying it yet. I'll be seriously pissed if they cancel Jessica Jones.

Luke Cage - did you ever finish ? I can't remember. I think you did cause we talked about the death. I thought it was nuts that Luke was going to take over the club in the end.

Anonymous said...

Good Place - sure you know but renewed for season 4 ! Yay !

Mike V. said...

Good Place - yep I saw and am excited! Best show on TV! :) The true "LOST: The Comedy" even though I do like Wrecked too. lol

Vikings - Yeah for all I know Richard's comments may include episode 2 and it still wouldn't make a difference to me lol I read all of the comments and will keep a look out for the historical references. But I agree, the show seems to be making its own history at this point. lol Floki - I have no idea what they're going to do with him. I'm tired of his current storyline. Bjorn and Finehair are 2 of the better characters in the show....I agree we should be seeing more with them. Ivar is on my nerves. lol The music is definitely good. I never fastforward the intro. But it's no Epic Game of Thrones opener! lol

Crossover - I saw the previews. Looks pretty crazy!

Daredevil - Yeah there might be some joint we'll see!

Luke Cage - yep we discussed it when I finished. It was pretty nuts!

Anonymous said...

Here are some reviews of Vikings I just read.

It needs to get fixed asap.

This reviewer says "I'm looking forward to Season 3 of The Last Kingdom" Does anybody know anything about this show?


MJ said...

Supergirl - I had to just LOL at the end - the DEO demanding Supergirl reveal herself. JUST LOOK AT HER. Always be a source of amusement that Supergirl and Superman didn't get found out all those years on any of the shows.

MJ said...

Avengers: Endgame trailer finally out

Mike V. said...

Yup! Saw it this morning. And spidey tomorrow. Everyone is hoping Sony doesn’t spoil avengers since marvel studios isn’t in complete control of that one. Lol captain marvel was earlier this week too. Big marvel week. They moved up avengers again to April. So I’m guessing a super bowl full trailer and then a Star Wars ep 9 trailer with avengers in April. :)

Too funny on supergirl. Lol

Mike V. said...

Btw good place was fantastic! Crazy complicated episode to make but they pulled it off.

MJ said...

Good Place - you mean the one where Janet is everyone ? It was very good.

NYG - I was ticked they took Barkley out instead of letting him get his first 200 yard game cause he had a fantastic game.

Mike V. said...

Good Place - Yep that one!

Football - Yeah I needed barkley to get about 30 more fantasy points. lol Eagles look to be pretty much done. They put up a fight against the cowboys though!

Elseworlds (Arrowverse) - Nice Smallville shoutout! Arrow tonight. Got the DVR set.

MJ said...

Elseworlds - I am waiting to watch them back to back.

Eagles/Cowboys - was a good game

GofT - this prequel they are talking about - is it even based one of Martins books ? Or HBO just making the stuff up to keep the cash cow going ?

Mike V. said...

Thrones Prequel - Martin is heavily involved in the creation process....something else distracting him from finishing the novels!

Elseworlds - yeah I barely got through Arrow today so I'll need to finish tomorrow with Supergirl.

Eagles/Cowboys - yep it was!

Anonymous said...

GRRM--He's involved with Nightflyers on SYFY. I started watching, anyone else?


MJ said...

Interesting - about Luke/Daredevil on Disney+

Nightfliers - only saw one so far. But am taping them. Annoying that there has been one a night for like 2 weeks.

GRRM - you guys will never get that book ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Netflix/Disney+ - That's a crazy clause, but I guess it makes sense. Those shows will still be available for viewing on Netflix so they'll at least get 2 more years of publicity for subscribers out of it. There are plenty of other characters to focus on until then anyway. And Disney already has plans to bring their B-List movie characters to the Streaming app. (Scarlet Witch, Loki, Falcon, Winter Soldier)

Nightflyers - I've heard of it but was not planning to watch. Keep me posted on if it's worth it. I'm barely keeping on top of what I have.

Homecoming/Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime) - I've heard good things about both. Homecoming is another Sam Esmail show and it's a 30 minute Drama. so I'm more enticed to check it out with the shorter eps. Maisel I've heard really good things as well. We'll see if we can fit them in.

GRRM - He just actually promised fans he will finish ASOIAF. lol This latest sidetrack book on Westeros that he released has renewed his spirit apparently. We'll see!

Anonymous said...

Nightflyers--well, it's weird. Finale last night. GRRM has an interview after every ep.

He's so busy doing other things now. HBO's new show,this show,etc.

Seal Team has been serialized this season and very very good! It's among my favorites now.

Vikings--Ivar killing his brother, probably. But interesting the seer for the first time this season was brought in. People I know who are also into Viking history really want to see Bjorn and Rollo do their things much more than where the show is now on those characters.


MJ said...

Crossover - was pretty good. Any show that has Daniel Faraday as a crazy scientst has to be good ! Was surprised to see Gary from Legends too. All the Freaky Friday stuff was fun too. And nice call back with Diggle being sick after being Flashed again. I really didn't understand alot of the Argo Company or whatever they talked about in Arrow - but thats ok. Nor did I get all the personal Oliver and Felicity stuff - but i know he was in prison and she went dark or something. Oh - and Juliette from Grimm was Lois Lane - which I had read weeks ago. Bat Woman was ok - I really had not heard of her at all so had no opinion of her really. I laughed when Oliver and Barry were bank robbers then. To be honest at the end of Arrow we see Black suit Superman - but I did not realize in that moment that it was the doctor/scientist until the previously on for Super Girl. Cisco and Ales were so weird to watch ! LOL Have no clue what Crisis on Infinite Earths mean - guess I'll find out next year. LOL

Maesal - heard great things. Been sitting on my list since last year.

Homecoming - Is that the Julia Roberts one ? Heard about it but not checked it out

Black Mirror - still way behind but say the hell with it and watched USS McCallister finally. It was good

MJ said...

Timeless finale - recorded but not watched.

Everyone - have a wonderful holiday !

Benn doing a total Star Wars movie rewatch this week ;-D

Mike V. said...

Thank you!! You too and everyone!

Enroute to Tennessee for Christmas!

Enjoy Star Wars. I watched force awakens the other day. Wanted to watch last Jedi. Lol

Timeless - we’ll catch up eventually!

MJ said...

Timeless - Was so ticked - went to watch 2 hour finale and only had 31 minutes ! I had a fit. Luckily the 2 eps were on Amazon for a few bucks. I loved it ! They did it right. This was totally a thank you to fans. I got confused - something about Zorro - but just went with it. But damn - Flynn stayed behind to die. Very surprised Lucy no longer wanted to get Amy back though. Wyatt finally realized the wife was never preggers and didn't love him. Loved it ending with us finally seeing her give Flynn the journal. And that someone is designing a time machine.

Bird Box - anyone seen ? Scary movie on Netflix - everyone is talking about it. have to watch this weekend

Also have to get Legion and Nightflyers done.

Mike V. said...

Timeless - hopefully we’ll carch up one of these days!

Bird box - my wife was telling me about it. Think we’ll be watching soon.

Black mirror - apparently they released a movie today and it’s a choose your own adventure! LOL

Wait legion is back or is this season 2 you’re referring to?

Onigirli said...

Better Call Saul - ended a while back but I'm only catching up on the latest season (4) now, loving what I've seen so far of it. In certain ways I honestly think it's a better show than BrBa even if the stakes are much lower, it's certainly the best show on my Currently-Airing roster.

Daredevil season 3 - This was my favourite of the Netflix Marvel shows and dismayed it ends here. Great final season though, and that first confrontation against Bullseye was perfectly both absurd and disturbing with how dangerous the projectile-firing turned out to be. I was spooked. Fascinating autistic villain. And Fisk still cracks me up with his way of talking. "When I was...ah, a little BOY"

The Good Place - Janet best girl, that's all I have to say.

I could've sworn I was following more shows than this... well I was re-watching In Treatment which is very underrated considering it's about a setting I never thought would make for good television - therapy - but it's brilliant with its 3 seasons that I finally ended. It's very comfy since most of the episodes are just two people in a room talking intimately.

Oh I wanted to point out I was glad and sad see you mention Awake as one of the shows you were following in the wake of L O S T a million years ag. Awake was great and I was glad to see it never got renewed. Wrong call even though the finale was satisfying enough.

Thanks for letting me keep tabs on what you guys are watchan'

Mike V. said...

Hi Edriss! Thanks for stopping by after you finished your LOST binge! Good to see we're watching (and watched) a lot of the same shows!

Saul - Yeah I do really enjoy the show. Those showrunners really get TV and how to make it. Not sure if I'd put it above Breaking Bad, but it certainly has exceeded my expectations! Looking forward to the BB movie following up with Jesse. With Vince Gilligan and crew behind it, I don't see how it will be bad.

Daredevil - Yeah I really enjoyed season 3 (all daredevil seasons really). It's a shame they cancelled it but it's all about drawing the battle lines in the streaming television game. Not sure if Disney Plus will feature adult content such as this, but I guess they want to keep the possibility open for them to include ALL of their content. (even with cancelling it now, they'll still have to wait another year to put the content on Disney Plus. I think someone shared that article here)

Good Place- Janet is absolutely the best TV Sitcom character to come around in a long time. Nails it every episode, especially the one with ALL OF THE JANETS. lol

I remember In Treatment, but never got around to it.

Awake - Yeah I did enjoy that one. None of the LOST clones really captured mine or the mass's imaginations quite the same way though. It was a one of a kind, lightning in a bottle (like you mentioned on LOST blog) type show. The closest thing that gets me all obsessive these days is Game of Thrones, but we're winding down on that one too. Looking forward to the final 6! (Though I would say Good Place is the Sitcom equivalent of a LOST type show and might be my favorite thing on TV right now)

Feel free to stick around and join us in our conversations! Our comment crew has certainly dwindled since peak LOST times. :)

Onigirli said...

Daredevil - I don't think there's any way Disney will air adult content or even new neutered Daredevil product because any mention of a reboot will just get people talking about and suggesting the Netflix iteration as a comparison, and considering how undeniably good it was I don't think they'll want to sink money in what's basically an abortion just to put the series they ended in a better light. Which really pisses me off, it feels like they just killed it completely and it was pure accident that the series ended cleanly. I'll be more than happy to be proven wrong, who knows if there's actually some sensible logic behind their maneuvering that I'm totally missing out on. Makes me think of Angel (that Buffy spin-off) that was cancelled when one of the showrunners made the mistake of asking one of the bigwigs at WB to give them an earlier-than-usual notice on whether they were renewed or not because they didn't like to keep their crew passing on other possible open job opportunities if they are indeed seeing the last of this show. Well-intended but deadly request since they seemed to get cancelled just for posing that question (and to the wrong guy, who was apparently new and maybe felt he had to put his foot down). What a shame! Lucky for us it gave us a truly flawless series finale that I still can't get enough of re-watching to this day. It is un-matched, except maybe by The Shield.

Oh I'm glad you feel that way too! ALL OF THE JANETS was so good I felt indecent after watching it because of how clearly it catered to my interests lol. A well-appreciated treat. It's the only sitcom I watch that gave me the same good vibes as Parks & Rec did (I mean just recently, I know the earliest decades were brimming with optimistic sitcoms), it's hard for me to find shows like that since they're at odds with my usual tastes which with sci-fi borders on almost-misery porn (Hannibal recently on NBC is one of my all-time favourites and I have no idea how such blatant - and beautiful - gore porn ended up lasting 3 good seasons on network telly).

And yeah, I know about the crumbling comment feedback but considering the other forums I used to frequent have just outright.. stopped (I've no confirmation on whether they migrated together on like, Discord or whatever or just spread out of their own accord), I'm just happy to know you're only SLOWLY dying here. I can handle that. I'm too relieved knowing there's still some play-time to be had here before the end to feel sad about losses. Isn't it unfortunate how the airing shows that captured the biggest mutual fanbase weren't spaced out a little more? BSG and L O S T had a lot of overlap, so did The Shield and The Wire. Damn! I don't know whether to be jealous or sorry of the fans who followed these shows as they aired (L O S T was the only one of these for me, the rest I caught up with later so of course I'd still be madly in love with it even if it's not my favourite of the 4 mentioned there.. you just never forget your first). So I was able to pace myself knowing how little there was ahead of me, I can't imagine intertwining my viewing of all these shows simultaneously and then to see them all end with only a few sparing replacements that were worth of their spots henceforth.

MJ said...

Legion - season 2 LOL Still not watched

Nightfliers - it's ok. You finish it Richard ? We are up to the one where the probe appears in the guys quarters and 'mom' wants it gone. I could tell very early on that the L1 was not the cause of all the things going on though

Bird Box - creepy as hell

Mike V. said...

Daredevil - would be a tough sell to put it on Disney Plus with all of their other PG-13 Marvel content. Of course Disney is acquiring FOX which has had success with R Rated Comic who knows what will become of that as well? Time will tell. But yeah it stinks. I do think the 13 episode Netflix model is a bit flawed. Not every story needs 13 episodes and they don't need to be 60 minutes each. I liked that Iron Fist S2 was only 10. Those 60 minute episodes burn me out these days. There are too many dramas and there's no way to tackle them all (not that anyone intends that to be the case) But...I think that's why I'm so into the Good Place. It's a concise 22 minutes a week, easy to binge and entertaining from start to finish. As a parent of 2 kids in prime " your time is my time" age, that's the perfect combination for me! lol

Good Place - Yep...makes sense that you get the same vibes as Parks and Rec since Mike Schur is behind both comedies (also Brooklyn 99 and was a writer on The Office (US)).

Yeah..i think Blogs are just out of style these days. It's all Podcasts, VLOGS and Social Media comments (which get vulgar and immature fast). I love me some podcasts, but I'm not the Vocally talkative type so I'll ride and die on the Blog circuit! :)

It certainly was the Golden Age of Television of the modern ERA with LOST, BSG, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Sopranos, The Wire, The Shield all on at the same time (I never watched all of The Shield. Might be worth revisiting) Now we're pretty much in the BINGE ERA of television. There is a plethora of options, but we're into niche marketing. Not many mass audiences left that are appointment TV except TWD and Game of Thrones. But there's something out there for everyone.

Legion - NICE MJ. I 'think' I finished season 2? lol It was wacky just like the 1st season. maybe even more so.

Bird Box - I'm sure we'll check it out. We're so behind on streaming shows/movies. But maybe before TV kicks back in with the regular schedule we can fit some stuff in.

Anonymous said...

Vikings--great to see Bjorn going back. Loved the line, "What kind of mother are you?"
Lagertha, any bets on her being alive?

Seal Team--again, great.


Mike V. said...

Vikings - haven’t watched yet and I can already tell you the answer. Yes she’s alive lol

MJ said...

Nightfliers - hated the ending. But the show wasn't bad.

Mike V. said...

Vikings - Ending in season 6 (is that this one??) There will be spinoffs. not sure I'll be up for those. lol

Birdbox - Halfway through. I'm halfway liking/dismissive on it as well. lol

Black Mirror Bandersnatch - Halfway through this "choose your own adventure" movie/episode. Pretty fun....and rewatchable to try different scenarios. I think there's like 5 different endings. crazy.

Mike V. said...

Oh okay (read article) so one more 20 episode (2 half seasons) season after the current one for Vikings.

MJ said...

Vikings - yeah next will be the last. I def think I am not interested in any spin offs of it.

Birdbox - yeah I liked the tenseness - but it had issues. LOL

Bandersnatch - been hearing about it. Will check it out one day. LOL

Blacklist - gave up years ago but see headlines. So Red was her dad. But now he is not her dad but a fake cause he's not Red? WTH? Glad I gave it up

Mike V. said...

Birdbox - Finished it. meh. lol It was intense but the end was just "huh??". I mean they were outdoors in that anyone that didn't have the 'special ability' (trying not to spoil)...why wouldn't they still be vulnerable? lol

Bandersnatch - It was interesting. Funny at times. I think I got through all scenarios. once you finish a scenario it asks if you want to try a different one and it rewinds and speeds you through to key decision points to try different scenarios. There are some decisions that end your story early and it asks "do you want to try that again?" lol

Blacklist - LOL...yeah it seems like we all figured out where they were going with it and so they had to keep making it "more complicated". I don't think I got very far into season 2. But I had heard that he was her dad. Didn't hear they undid it. lol

Thrones - New footage was dropped in an HBO promo during the golden globes. Very short but interesting. They also showed some clips from Lindelof's Watchmen. And I think True Detective S3 starts up Sunday. (never finished s2 but doesn't really matter with this show lol)

MJ said...

Birdbox - yeah - hated the end - which explained nothing.

Thornes - yup seen it. Sansa looked like she did NOT mean what she was saying LOL. Heard True Det is better then S2 but not as good as S1. Not going to bother. Not sure started S2 or not. LOL

Read that some SyFy show will be starring the guy who was Ragnar.

Mike V. said...

Agreed on Birdbox!

Thrones - no she did not. Lol.

True Detective - yeah I don’t see myself committing to that, but we’ll see.

SYFY Ragnar - cool. Considering the number of shows I watch on SyFy I’m guessing I’ll forget!

Recorded the Goldbergs spinoff last night. Read it may have been better than the backdoor pilot ep. I’m so far behind on Modern Family, BBT, 1 behind on GB and now this spinoff....just don’t know when I’m gonna get to it all. Recording the new show on CBS called FAM....usually avoid CBS comedies (Besides BBT), but Nina Dobrev and Lumberg (Gary Cole) May change my mind! Lol.

B99 comes back tonight. I’m like 1.5 seasons behind on that one. Lol. But I’ll keep recording....if I catchup it’ll probably be on hulu so i’m Just wasting TiVo space!

Good Place tonight! Wife out of town, but I don’t think I can wait for her to come back for that one. :)

Mike V. said...

Tough game for eagles but a good/ amazing run. In greater news got returns 4/14!

MJ said...

GofT - LOVED that new release too. Very creepy. Not sure I get the feather thing but got that it freezes over. Have to start my last season rewatch

Schooled - was pretty good. Watched Gberg/Schooled back to back - one of them had a really good joke/jab at the current politics that made me LOL.

Fam - I recorded but haven't watched yet. Looks amusing.

Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones - I think I read that the feather may represent Bran as the 3 eyed raven but I don't know lol I started the pilot episode. No way I'll get done in time for premiere though. So maybe I'll just do a last season rewatch like you. :)

Schooled - still haven't watched. We'll try to get to it!

Fam - we regrettably watched. A few funny moments, but most of it was painful. it is a pilot episode so it might improve. lol

Good Place - Still knocking it out of the park. The "good place" episode was hilarious with all the different characters' smells that they associate with happiness. lol The lady that works in the mailroom is a judge/host on a Netflix cooking show called NAILED ID. My kids love that show. It really is hilarious. It's a fun spin where they get regular people to come in and try and replicate amazing dishes or cakes. And they all fail miserably. lol

Gotham - villains are starting to turn into their final selves that will eventually become Batman's foes. (i.e. Selina just went through a transformation that will turn her into Catwoman) The show actually has been pretty decent, but I'm ready for it to be over.

MJ said...

Fam - Ugh. Ok

Good Place - I actually watched. LOL Loved the postal chick - she reminded me of Yvette Nicole Brown. Heard of Nailed It ! but never seen it. Smells were great. Oh - and this was the show that had the Political joke ! I rather liked the idea that the points were rigged - not sure where they will go with that now. I mean - O knew they would not truly get to the good place - we do have another season - but still thought no one going to heaven would be demon trickery. That whole board thing was funny too. Weird that only 2 eps left.

Mike V. said...

Fam - give it a shot, but don't say I didn't warn you! :)

Good Place - That's hilarious. I had to rewatch with my wife last night (wanted to not had to lol) and told her that I wanted to see if she recognized the postal worker before I did. She said, "oh it's the girl from Community." LOL too funny. Yes they had the political joke....I sometimes listen to the NBC Good Place Podcast (it's hilarious and hosted by the actor/writer that plays the demon Shawn/Sean) ....anyway apparently they had that line in a previous episode but decided to take it out and save it for a later episode. This is where it landed. lol

Rigged points - was a nice twist. I always wonder how they're gonna keep this show going. But it's awesome how they leave nothing on the table and show no signs of slowing down the plot. Yeah...I hate how short these seasons are, but it's probably why they can keep it so good. It just moves....and then the season is over.

MJ said...

GofT - started a re-watch. Was supposed to be only last season. But we queued up Ep 1 of S7 and we were like whaaat ? LOL So we decided to watch last 2 eps of S6 too. Looks awesome on our new 4K 60" too ! Co-worker and huge fan (she practically cries when talking how this season is the end) is re-watching them all. I couldn't invest that much time though. Here is an article about the significance of that feather in the last promo. Who knew !

Mike V. said...

Thrones - guess I should have known considering I just rewatched that episode! :) thanks for the link. Yeah I’m gonna be sad to see it go too, but I guess we still have a couple of books to look forward to. Lol (always worth a laugh). Prequel spinoffs if shows usually aren’t that good but we’ll see how the long night is.

MJ said...

GofT - - yeah not sure I am interested in prequel. But I know I will look at it

MJ said...

Passage - any one watching ? Watched first ep - wasn't bad.

Mike V. said...

Passage - I was intrigued but I did not bite. lol Saw Desmond is on it, but he's also on The 100. (I mean I think he still is? lol)

Mike V. said...

Got episode lengths released. I knew they wouldn’t let us down. Lol

1st 2 eps are 60 minutes each. Last 4 are 80 minutes each!

Mike V. said...

Having read further, I think HBO is giving them an 80 minute slot to air, but there will probably be ads promoting their next shows. I would guess Damon Lindelof's Watchmen will be one of them. That said, I'm sure the final episodes will be on the longer end. lol

Anonymous said...

Passages, I am thinking of watching.

Vikings--season finale next week. Ragnorok--well that should be bloody. I think we'll loose some players. Esp since the next season will be the last season.


Mike V. said...

Vikings - Really thought Bjorn was going to die when he fought King whatshisface. But makes sense that they'd hold off on fighting until after they take out Ivar. Seems like everything is returning to Kattegat (sp) for the finale. yeah, surely there will be some casualties. I have a feeling that Lagertha will make it to the final season. lol

Thrones - Started S1E2. If I rewatch them this slow I'll never finish! But it's cool rewatching after the reveal of R+L=J. I mean obviously we had speculated and were 90% sure it was the case, but rewatching these scenes with Jon asking about his mother and Ned's facial expressions when he's avoiding telling Robert (or even Cat) the was really well done. They take on a whole new meaning when the truth has been revealed. Even Ned being pissed off that Rob is still obsessing over the Targaryans.

MJ said...

GofT - supposedly confirmed that first 2 eps of new season are 60 min and the remaining 4 are 80 min

MJ said...

Gof T - so to me - not like watching 6 movies. LOL

Mike V. said...

I posted the same info above! But I think those are just the allotted time slots on HBO. They probably will vary in length. but the last 4 will be longer than normal episodes. I don't think they ever said it would be like 6 movies. What I had read was that they had thought of doing 3 feature 6 episodes (some extended) does kind of meet that! But the CEO of HBO did say he felt like he was watching feature films with each of the eps (in terms of quality).

MJ said...

Oops - guess I didn't scroll up enough.

Good Place - am 2 behind. Just read to that Michael Schur has another show that will air starting March 28 called Abby's. Wasn't gonna look at it - but since it's his....Hmmmm.

Mike V. said...

all good!

Good Place - Wrapped up pretty well....They definitely found a way to keep it going. can't wait for season 4! Hadn't heard about Abby's but yeah he has a crazy batting average. I'll probably queue that one up!

Anonymous said...

Passage--Watched first 2 eps. It needs to find its' footing. Desmond was good as was Paul Mark. I like some of the others too, just don't know their name. Vampire series, with a twist.

Counterpart is still good.

Vikings--Big battle this week coming up. Any bets on Ivar surviving.


MJ said...

Good Place - Watched the final 2 eps in a block. Never been to Jacksonville but Jason's line crack me up - illegal to poses a non-fried vegetable. LOL And Judge Jen's 'I guess I'm black' ? Too funny with Maya saying that one. So now another fake Good Place is born. I thought Michael's panic attack was a little odd - but Eleanor as the architect was fun. Clever of the demon to bring people that would annoy/torture our gang. But for Chidi to get his memory wiped - ugh ! Not sure why the show keeps on insisting they should be together - but I go with it. I know alot of people thought they just brought us back to season 1 with this finale - but I'm sure Shure has tricks up his sleeve for next season.

Rent - you watch Mike ? I was going to but I really didn't have 3 hours to give up. Heard today then that it wasn't even live as they has an actor issue.

Passage - I know that the pilot has been shot. Then another director came in and re-shot some stuff. But the current showrunner took over after that. So the first ep was a little off. But I am liking it. Def like Paul Mark's character and little Amy.

MJ said...

This is Us - did two eps of this as well. I was frankly underwhelmed with the reason Jack and Nicky parted ways. Seriously ? Nicky never uttered the words 'it was an accident !"? He could have put that on any one of the post cards - 'please talk with me - it was an accident Jack'. Just glad they did not drag out Kevin knowing and no one else does. Still hate the whole councilman thing. Not really caring about the Kevin/Zoe thing either - but at least they have explained her behaviours a bit more.

Mike V. said...

Rent - Watch my favorite musical of all time's live TV broadcast? Of course I did! lol I TiVo'd so I cut out most of the commercials, but it still took all night. The guy playing Roger broke his foot in Saturday night dress rehearsal, so they actually aired most of the dress rehearsal instead of going live. But the end was broadcast Live and then the original broadway cast came out to join them. It was really well done. I also see now that they've released some clips of what they did for the LIVE audience last night. They still performed a stripped down version of the show to accommodate "roger". I'll be checking that out when I get home. lol

Good Place- LOL I missed Jason's line or just forgot it. He's hilarious. Judge's reaction to being on Earth was fantastic. Yeah Michael's panic made no sense. I'm also confused about the demons having a Michael suit. Like is panicky Michael the demon in the suit already? lol Chidi having the mind wiped was pretty rough. How would we be back to season 1 with this finale? Eleanor, Jason, Tahani (sp), Michael and Janet are still working together to solve their problem. It's just chidi that will be clueless (and that won't last).

This is Us - Yeah..i agree on the reason. You had many years to fix that before Jack died! Don't have a problem with the councilman thing. Kevin/Zoe I could go either way with. The show is still good, but maybe not on the levels of s1 and s2.

Supergirl - Got way too "social issues" for me again in this last episode. There are things I could say, but maybe better to keep it off the internet! :) Again, have no issues with the way anyone chooses to live their life. But stop preaching to me on my TV shows!

MJ said...

Shameless - (last weeks) I hate Fiona when she is Frank-like. SIGH But she was pretty funny. And I like Carl's new girl way better then the last one. Not crazy about Lips girl though - but she was right on all her comments. Got a little political with the Santiago story - but not hitting us over the head with it like Supergirl. And ewwww - Frank handing in Carl's semen as his own !

Supergirl - yeah - I know what you're not saying. LOL

Good Place - just seems like big visit of S1 what with creating a neighborhood again and all. But lik I said - he'll change it up.

Mike V. said...

Supergirl - It was more how mother nature intervened and what that means for the particular message they're trying to convey. lol I mean...SERIOUSLY??!?!! It was just laughably bad writing.

Shameless - Agreed....She's in her low point (which I feel we've seen before)...but I'm sure she'll bounce back before she leaves the show. Somehow she'll get into the real estate gig again. Carl's girl is awesome agreed. Lip's girl...meh...agreed. The Santiago thing...agreed..but I did love when he sang the national anthem lol

Good Place - I can see that a bit, but I look at it as the Neighborhood is a major set piece of the show and we had gone all of season 3 without seeing it. So now they've found a way to incorporate it back. Season 3 (and the end of season 2) was basically a "road trip" sequence and now we're back in our comfort zone but with new understanding and a new mission. I like it! (Kinda like leaving the ISLAND but knowing WE HAVE TO GO BAAAAAAAACK!)

MJ said...

Flash - not sure if I am behind. Just saw the one where Cicada broke XS's back. Yet again they let cicada get away. Not even sure any more why Sherloque is suspicious of Nora ? Getting hard to keep caring honestly.

Supergirl - I must be behind since I don't get your Mother Nature reference. LOL. I watched the one wit some invisible alien or something. But I was really shocked that they all agreed to have their minds wiped - so now Alex doesn't know her sister is Supergirl !

Mike V. said...

Supergirl - yeah you're a week behind. lol Seems like everyone is getting their minds wiped these days! It's Jack Bauer's wife's amnesia all over again! lol Anyway, mother nature was probably the wrong choice of words but you may get what I mean after you see it. lol

Flash - I think that was last week's ep? (new one tonight) Nora is in cahoots with Reverse Flash in the I think it makes sense that Sherloque is suspicious from a plot perspective. as for caring? Yeah I care very little!

Game of Thrones - I'm on S1 Ep 5 now! If I can keep up the pace maybe I can finish. We'll see. lol

Anonymous said...

Passages well EP 3 seems to be setting it up for some type of break out. How many seasons is this supposed to go?


Mike V. said...

I know nothing about the show except that Zach Morris is in it. (Mark Paul Gosselaar for those not from the Saved By The Bell generation lol)

But, I googled it anyway. It's based on a trilogy of novels that spans 1000 years so I guess it could go as long as they wanted it to? But considering the ratings are dropping off, I'd just hang on to see if they get past 1 at this point. lol

Thrones - Still plowing through rewatch. Viserys almost has a golden crown. :)

MJ said...

Have to laugh - Tivo has the GameSkip again for Superbowl. Almost tempted to try it as I am not at all exicted about the game this year. Romo is saying the score will be 28/24 - tho he won't say which team wins. Madden game has Pats losing ! We shall see.

Passage - still enjoying it. I'm enjying them showing via flashback the stories of how these test subjects were in a position to 'volunteer'. As for MPG - I know him from NYPD BLue. LOL Jeez tho - no idea the books spanned that much time.

Manifest - also still very good. The whole Zeke character story is highly intriguing. As is the Earthquake/aftershock theory.

Anonymous said...

Passage, interesting that yet another show I'm starting to get into looks to be on the block. Actually the little girl and MPG both are worthwhile to watch. The girl is actually pretty good for her age. And of course Desmond. The show has some talent for sure.

GO PATS!!!!! I think I told you guys about my former ties with the team.

Vikings--Season finale. Loved the Norse tails being put in. Hated Lagertha being treated like this beloved figure who is reverred,etc. And she wasn't all that good to Ragner after she left. She KILLED their Mother and they wanted to get her when show was more realistic. Hated to see Freydis go. She was actually more interesting than I thought she would be.


Anonymous said...

Vikings--Oh yea, Ragnorok--interesting how different franchises are bringing that in. Also, I was thinking more people should have died given the title.


Mike V. said...

Vikings - That was my big comment coming out of that finale. NO ONE IMPORTANT DIED! lol Just Ivar's wife. I guess they're saving IVAR to be the big villain for the final season. That's at least what it looked like. I have no doubt Vikings titled this episode Ragnarok because it was made into a popular Thor movie lol But it was cool that they went into the lore in the episode.

Go ANYONE BUT THE PATS! the irony is I was rooting for the Pats against the rams in 2002. lol But a lot has happened since then!

Passage - Don't go by my words on the chance of cancellation. It doesn't take as much in the ratings department to keep a show alive these days. So I just saw a trend of viewership falling off. Doesn't mean anything until the pop culture sites start reporting on it.

Thrones Rewatch - King Robert is dead and Ned has got himself captured.

BBT - We fell behind like 6 episodes but we're caught up. Ummmm Leonard is going to help Zach have a child? lol okay.

Manifest - I'm still way behind. Not sure how we'll catch up.

MJ said...

Agree - Go anyone but the Pats. LOL

Thrones - Oh Ned ! SIGH

Passage - I think it picks up viewers in the +5 days though.

Flash - decent ep. Coma girl surprised me. I still can't remember why Sherloque is so suspicious of Nora. Probably because I am only half watching them. Of course the biggest thing is that Iris is starting a paper and it's named the same as from the future.

Mike V. said...

Flash - But you at least know why he SHOULD be suspicious right? She's in cahoots with Reverse Flash in the future. And now Barry ran into reverse flash in her mind. I don't recall what instigated his suspicious, but she's definitely lying to everyone. She still isn't a bad person, she just isn't telling the full truth of why she's there.

Hilarious that Sherloque's assistant was Watsone lol

MJ said...

Supergirl - still behind on this one. Just watched the one where Kara outs herself to Nia.

Super bowl - what a snooze fest ! Some great commercials though. Was very surprised by the Bud Light/GofT commercial - but it was great.

Flash - agreed on Nora. And yes - I cracked up with the Watsone. And Dibney has become so much less annoying.

MJ said...

SB - Oh and loved that Peyton commercial with the colesium

Mike V. said...

SB - Commercials (some) were a saving grace. lol the game was horrible. Hyped for Avengers: End Game! Toy Story 4! Glad they're saving Star Wars marketing train for April (at SW: Celebration). Let Marvel have their moment and then kick the Star Wars hype (Damage Control campaign lol) into full gear. Agreed on the peyton controller. I'm basically a 12 year old so the Dietz Nuts commercial was my favorite. lol And when I was watching that Bud Light commercial..having just rewatched the tournament I was thinking "wow this is very reminiscent of Game of Thrones season 1"....then the Mountain showed up and all hell broke loose! Loved it. lol

Supergirl - I think you're caught up. That's the one where mother nature/genetics intervened with social topics. lol Huge eyerolls from me!

Thrones - Finished season 1! (got my wife watching this time. separately. She has no patience for me and my making sure she pays attention to particular scenes. She's a casual viewer. doesn't want to harp over details! lol)

MJ said...

Legion - Season 3 out in June - will be the last season. I still haven't watched second. But glad - now Hawley can et to work on Fargo S4. I love Fargo.

What we do in Shadow - looks totally bizarre ! LOL I will have to look at that.

Shameless - saw the one where Ford shows up for his tools. Holy cow - Fiona is really losing it. Her behavior at work, the train, even the gum is just nuts. Wondering if she ends up in detox or mental ward by the end of the season. Thought for sure she was going to go home with the gym guy. And Lip - damn. Slept with her sister. But I guess that finally got her attention. Still love Carls girlfriend. 6 embryos ! Ugh. I actually like Santiago and Liam as a duo.

SB - yeah - I totally thought Bud light was ripping of thrones at first. Friend of mine just watched Battle of the Bastards. Can't wait til April.

Mike V. said...

Legion - s2 was even weirder than s1. I'm sure I'll stick with it till the end. lol (funny twitter just popped up on my phone telling me about final legion season as I was typing this too)

Shadow - was that an ad during super bowl? I'm sure I saw it. And based on the title I'm sure i'll be skipping!

TWD - That's back this month right? I dread it! lol But I'm sure it'll be entertaining.

Thrones - Season 2 ep 3! Plowing right along.

Aquaman - finally going to see this tonight. ($5 Movie Tavern Tuesdays. New thing, I'm all for it lol) I've heard mixed things.

Shameless - I think you're caught up. Yeah Santiago/Liam duo was great. Carl fathering Frank's kids....(they always find a new low! lol) I don't know why I assume Fiona will get a happy ending...nothing in this show has suggested that will ever happen. BTW...I read Ian is coming back for next year. He'll be done with Gotham so I guess that freed him up.

Anonymous said...

Passage--OK, so we continue eps that feel like they are set up eps. Character background, etc. Feels kind of like a prequel. So, mind control.

Aquaman--on our list.

SB--loved the game, great chess game. GoT commercial was pretty good since the Bud Light Knight dying was a surprise.

BBT--I think 10 eps left. Will Penny get pregnant???


Mike V. said...

SB - it was indeed a chess game. didn't make for very exciting watching though!

BBT - Yep 10 eps left. (11 for us. I haven't watched last week's if there was one. There actually might not have been) I mean I guess she might? But they are sending out a strong message that she doesn't want a child. But maybe through all this Leonard helping her ex have a child will change her mind. lol The bigger questions - will the elevator get fixed? will we learn Penny's last name? (pre-marriage to Leonard) Is Raj really going to stick with this girl? (not a fan but it seems a little late in the game to introduce anyone else for him)

Mike V. said...

Modern Family - Renewed for 11th and final season. I'll admit, I was kinda hoping this 10th season was the end. lol I've fallen behind on this one. Ever since Haley(sp) found out she was pregnant.

MJ said...

TWD - starts this coming Sunday.

Shadow - not sure if SB commercial but I saw a trailer. It's on FX - I do love the snark on most FX shows and this looks to fit the bill.

Modern - yeah I happened to watch one last night but am also behind. I was kinda hoping it would end too this year. Still funny - but enough already.

Aquaman - on my list too. As is Bohemian Rhapsody, and countless others.

Captain Marvel - heard this is the beginning of the end of Disney movies going to Netflix. It will be the first one that won't. Which is fine - I don't watch them on Netflix any way

Mike V. said...

TWD - I saw. I really thought it was closer to the end of the month! lol Now I'm dreading it more!

Shadow - keep me posted! I'll try to catch up if it's any good. (famous last words. I'm "trying" to catch up on a lot. lol)

Aquaman - It was okay. Entertaining, but kinda corny! lol Bohemian Rhapsody, still need to see.

Captain Marvel/ and Marvel Star Wars on Netflix - Yep, this is all due to the Disney + Streaming service coming. I think they have to wait for some contracts to end but all future Disney, PIXAR, Marvel and Star Wars movies will go to Disney streaming first I believe. I thought they reworked the contracts with Last Jedi and they may get pulled and be available immediately on Disney + in the fall. But this is also the reason why the Defenders shows got pulled from Netflix. Because of that 2 or 3 year wait period before they can go to another service. (At least that's the speculation)

I'm not a fan of a lot of the streaming services charging money, but I think the Disney one will be totally worth it. Eventually we're going to end up with too many streaming platforms and services like Comcast or Verizon will bundle them up and offer that as the "NEW" cable tv package. lol So much for cutting the cord!

Game of Thrones - 67 days until the new season. And I have 53 episodes to watch (I made a spreadsheet lol) Not a lot of down time! And of course I want to rewatch all MCU movies too before Avengers End-Game (this one probably won't happen). I'm gonna be busy!

Anonymous said...

BBT--agree on elevator! Maybe just when someone moves.

GoT--I've forgotten many things. But, been thinking about the last season. Especially the title of the HBO series vs GRRMs books. The series has already turned in ways which years ago I am not a huge fan of vs my anticipation--specifically I wanted more Winter action with more development around the historical elements coming back and staying a while. So, again, with the title difference I'm thinking this final season will be about just that--the game of thrones--who can play chess well and use this attack from the North to their advantage,etc. Cersei certainly sees it that way.


MJ said...

Streaming - agreed. Too many now. And yeah Disney+ will be good for you. Me - not so much. Really hate all the Trek stuff is on streaming now too - but not paying for it.

GofT - oh good - you can update us with how many days then ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Disney + - We'll see what happens! I would hope the price is going to be cheaper than Netflix or Hulu. At least initially. But all of these services are going to force consumers to make decisions. Should be interesting.

Thrones - 66 Days, 51 Episodes to go! :) This show is so good. The Arya/Tywin scenes in season 2 were fantastic. Getting close to Jaime/BRienne stuff.

Richard, I think Winter is truly coming in these final episodes. The weather will come with the white walkers who have breached the wall. But, for production reasons I'm sure it's easier to write about a long winter vs. film it. But they've spent a lot of money on this final season. So I'm sure it will be good. But yes....the game of thrones will be at the center of it all. I would think it would be central in the books too. Even GRRM says there will be several more people to sit on the Iron Throne before the end. (I may have misquoted that. But he did say multiple. Right now in the books Tommen is still on there lol)

Anonymous said...

GoT-I can recall three actual rulers so far. Robert, Tommen and Cersei.


Mike V. said...

GoT - Ouch, poor Joffrey. lol His interview when he made the statement about "multiple" was after Book 5 was released. As in, there are still multiple people that will sit on the throne before the story is over. If it goes by the show and Cersei was next after Tommen then yes surely someone will replace her. But who knows? Stannis is still on the show. So no telling if he'll survive his fight against Ramsey.

Getting tougher to remember where we are in the books vs. the show! Keep thinking I'd reread the books, but I don't think I have the patience for that. I'll have to read a quick catchup summary if TWoW ever comes out.

Anonymous said...

GoT--yea, that's the difference between my anticipation vs the real story. I was anticipating the story revolving around the myth,etc becoming real re the North and Winter. Whereas it's actually a story about the game of thrones. And that's OK.


Anonymous said...

GoT--OH yea, how could I have forgotten Joffrey!

There is no way, zero, zilch, nada that Cersei will be a ruler at the end. I'm kind of betting on Tyrion. The money is probably on Dany right now. Jon's a real long shot. LOL on Stannis--well, yes, technically he is in the running.

Originally I thought the Night King was going to take the throne for a while--kind of my original thoughts about a long Winter. But, I don't see that happening. Would require another season, LOL.


Mike V. said...

GoT - I figured that was just a miss and not a diss on the worst ruler of all time in any fiction/non-fiction!

Oh absolutely not. Cersei will not be the final ruler. Dany seems too obvious. Tyrion would be interesting. Yeah, I feel even with Jon's claim to the throne he wouldn't take it. I'm not even sure if he'll survive. (even if he already died once) Stannis won't get it. Even if he did, he wouldn't be the last.

We don't now how much of a time jump will happen between these episodes (in regards to Night King on Throne...which would be interesting). These final 6 will be like there could be time jumps. Like over time what if the Walkers take over the 7 kingdoms? We couldn't see that if they just tell the story in linear fashion like previous seasons. (even with the crazy jumping all over the map that we've seen in the past 2 seasons) What I read that these 6 episodes are in place of having a trilogy of movies come out in the theaters. So we might see 2 episodes, skip some time, 2 more eps, skip more time...FINALE. This is just speculation but it would be interesting if they did it that way!

Anonymous said...

GoT I'll be happy and amazed if the night king takes over for a while!

Cersei will be batty without Jamie as he heads North. I kind of see Dany and Jon both not making it but their child making it. Typical tragedy kind of stuff. It also needs to have some new generation stuff. But, so maybe a Wolf? But, I'm betting on the Targaryans and Tyrion. Now, if Tyrion could get with his "sister", hmm--no that's kind of just too weird, LOL. Tyrion represents a kind of surprise given his book background. IN the show, he's so loved which I don't know if it's that way in the books.


Mike V. said...

GoT - 65 Days to go, 47.5 episodes to watch! (I'm on Season 2 finale)

Yeah...dany/Jon having a child and that being the hope for the future seems like something they'd do. Maybe that child is the "song of ice and fire" even though I've always said it's Jon and/or Jon and Dany. lol

LOL...yeah no to Tyrion and Cersei! Still think Arya will take out Cersei. Not sure how...but this is where time jumps could come into play again. Unless the whole point of last season was that Arya had given up her quest for Cersei in favor of returning home. So who knows?

As for Tyrion.....I think he's just as loved in the books. He's a great character and the one that GRRM identifies with most I think?? It's definitely less good looking and missing a nose in the book but he's still a great character. lol

Mike V. said...

BBT - Yep...Penny is definitely getting pregnant. All signs point that it. She adamantly is against it but she tried to stop Leonard from passing on his DNA. It's happening. lol

Anonymous said...

BBT--I have been wondering since late last season and figured it would happen now for awhile.

GoT House Stark--I really thought you would have picked up on one of them being the next ruler.

I'm still buying into your theory of Arya getting Cersei. That or she becomes a dragon snack, lol


Mike V. said...

BBT - Yeah on any sitcom if a couple gets married then the next logical step is when will they have a kid? They have just made such a big point of Penny not wanting kids that once they made a bigger deal out of it, you know exactly the opposite is going to happen. lol I really thought this would've happened awhile ago and they would've prolonged Sheldon taking his relationship to the next level until the final season instead lol

GoT - I think you're misreading what I'm saying or I'm not being clear. Jon or Dany seem pretty obvious at this point to be the next ruler, which is probably why it won't be them. Never really considered their child being something (maybe not until last season where jon mentioned maybe the people that told Dany she can't have children are wrong)

Or...Dany's whole mission was to "break the wheel" there's no telling what will happen or if there will even be a throne in the end.

I really think Arya, Sansa, a minimum will survive. Jon, Jaime, Dany....they seem like prime candidates to be sacrifices for the greater good.

I'll put Cersei at 99% chance of getting taken out. lol

MJ said...

GofT - I'm hoping there is no time jumps between eps. Stannis is still alive ? LOL - don't know why but I thought he died. Ick - no children for Dany and Jon. Yeah - I want Arya to take Cersei down ! After she helps with the war of course.
Dany or Tyrion is how I see it. Or - maybe no one ! Maybe 'breaking the wheel' means getting rid of having a monarchy.

Not going to spoil but in the season photos released...Jamie is wearing interesting armor.

Anonymous said...

GoT-- Yea, I think Arya,Sansa and Tyrion will survive. Along with Jon and Dany's kid. You know, when I read your post re the SONG of Fire and Ice something occured to me.

SONG(child)= Fire(Dany)+ Ice(Jon) Just something that kind of make sense.

BTW, re the Stark House/Wolf stuff--I was thinking you would have been pushing more for a Arya or Sansa ruler. Esp since they are the "next" generation.


Anonymous said...

MJ, LOL you probably won't like my equation


Mike V. said...

Thrones -

RE: Stannis...MJ I'm talking about the books! lol He's totally dead on the show. In the books he was marching through the snow to Winterfell to take on Ramsey. We're on a cliffhanger of a grand battle at Winterfell. In the show the snows thawed when Stannis sacrificed his daughter. lol

I looked at the season photos but I didn't look too closely at what Jaime was wearing.

That's kind of what I thought with "breaking the wheel" too. So we'll see.

With Dany/Jon - I think once they find out they're related there will be some conflict, but I'm thinking at this point we're supposed to just accept that there is some "incestual" stuff going on! lol Plus, even if they decide to not be together...they still "Got Together" if you know what I the damage may already be done. :) There was a reason that Jon/Dany had the "can't have children...maybe you can" discussion last season. Surely???

Agreed Richard - the equation makes sense. though I used to say that maybe Rhaegar and Lyanna's relationship resulting in Jon was the Song of ice and fire. in other words:

R(Fire) + L (Ice) = J (Song) :)

Nope...not pushing for Sansa/Arya ruler. I think they may be the survivors of House Stark at this point. And with Dany breaking the wheel...maybe it doesn't matter that the Women are in charge in Winterfell. lol I don't know about Bran continuing on after the war. Even if he did he'd be the 3 eyed raven.

Mike V. said...

Thrones - S8 Pics - Okay...I saw a picture comparison of the armors. Nice. lol Not a huge surprise considering where he was headed at the end of s7, but still nice to see!

Mike V. said...

TWD - Michonne leaving after season 10. Time to end it! Or time to stop blogging! lol My interest is fading fast. #DontKnowHowToQuitWhatIStart :)

Anonymous said...

GoT, YES the equation you wrote has long been discussed and agreed to. I'm just thinking that this is another similar equation dealing with the ending.


Mike V. said...

Yep could be! I couldn’t resist restating the oldie. Lol I’m at s3ep4 on rewatch!