Sunday, November 11, 2018

TV Discussion: Week of 11/11/2018 - 11/17/2018

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Didn't get much watched this weekend. We decided to clear up some movies that have been collecting dust on the DVR. Watched Girls Trip - which was hysterical, and Snatched - which had its moments.

Tonight the 1 & 7 Giants play the 2 & 7 49ers. So yeah - I will torture myself and watch that. SIGH.

Saw an ad for a movie coming to Netflix - Santa Chronicles with Kurt Russell. Looks good.

Mike V. said...

Used to be a huge niners fan which did lead into adulthood when they were awful lol With kids it's just easier to support the local team, but I still can't call myself a "HUGE" Eagles fan. That said, I'm rooting for Saquon tonight because he needs to get me like 40 fantasy points! lol

Santa Chronicles with Kurt Russell? How can you not be in with those 5 words? lol

Did not see either of those movies! I forced my wife to watch Fantastic Beasts this weekend, but I don't think I have her swayed to get a sitter and see the new one THIS wknd. :)

Anonymous said...

Stan Lee--gone but not forgotten!

MJ said...

Yeah - saw that about Stan Lee. He already did his cameo for the new Infinity Wars but that will be his last one.

Saquon wasn't half bad last night - got 100+ yards. If only the Giants had some decent clockers for the guy ! And yes - knew you were a 49ers fan.

Mike V. said...

Stan Lee - His legacy shall live on for a long time! I have a picture of my son sleeping last night on his avengers sheets wearing his Iron-spidey PJs. Not planned, it's just a statement of how much he has impacted the world. Yeah his cameos are done for Captain Marvel and Avengers: Untitled (rumor is Annihilation). It was confirmed he did not record one for the next X-Men it's fitting to end with this big conclusion arc.

There has been jokes/serious discussion that if Iron Man survives, maybe RDJ becomes the cameo in every film going forward. Kevin Feige (head of Marvel Studios) would make sense too. But, I'm thinking they'll probably have some end credits things honoring Stan in the next 2 MCU films and that will be that.

Saquon did not win me the game! lol

Watched Christmas Chronicles trailer - looks good! I think kids will like. Seems like Chris Columbus is involved. (promo mentioned Home Alone and harry potter)

Thrones - April 2019. Fire up the rewatches!

Anonymous said...

April 2019--Well that's atleast a date we can likely depend on. Unlike GRRM and the next book, lol.


Mike V. said...'s only gotten worse with GRRM. He's been candid in interviews now that he's been struggling. He mentioned he originally planned GoT as a short story and then it kept sprawling out. He says the upward pressure for it to be good has multiple since the show became popular. He said he'd be lying if it wasn't getting to him.

I think it's a safe bet at this point that it'll never finish. That's a shame.

MJ said...

Gof T - at least we know the month now ! Crap - did I know that there is only 6 eps ? Maybe but all I can recall is that they will beover an hour.

Solo - just ordered my Blu-ray so should be watching soon.

Legends - camp councilers was hysterical. Loved all the call outs to Friday 13th and others. Speaking of - can't remember what now but someone had a Beebo toy on some show. LOL But Constantine was very funny. Sarah surprised with all the girly/kid stuff. So I guess Amara is back- but not as Amara ?

Flash - Awesome leap of faith Iris ! Awww! Nora is melting her icy heart about Mom. Loved the creepy bad in this ep. Saw some other show recently with another actor who was limber like that - can't remember what tho but gotta be the same guy . Cecile was awesome giving NOra Iris stories. No Joe ? Heard the actor was on a medical leave but didn't hink would be so soon in the airings since just read it a week or so ago. Conveniet way around their satellite issue - but it ook them this long to think of it ?

Manifest - actually felt a little bad for Ben dealing with the office douche ! LOL Interesting the NSA guy (or whatever agency he works for) is going off book. I know they have now painted Danny is a sympathetic light but he needs to leave this family alone ! Loved Michaela hearing the heartbeating And that it was Evie's heart ! DANG. Boy looked very familiar - have to look him up.

Supergirl - yeah still preachy. And finally she can get out of the suit !

Mike V. said...

Thrones - Oh yeah...the last 2 seasons were confirmed awhile ago as 7 and 6 episodes. But it's been long rumored and confirmed by one of the directors this week that all 6 episodes are over an hour. When I read the cover story in EW they talked about how they went through some different ideas to close out the show including 3 Movies in theater (a la Lord of the rings)....but instead of the 3 movies, we're getting this final season of 6 episodes. So 6 hours (instead of 3 2 hour movies)

Solo -'s having a nice 2nd life on Video I think. That was my hope with it. I think there's a lot of opportunities for this Disney streaming app with Star Wars content. All of these spinoff stories may work better as a 10 episode series on the app. They're doing a Cassian story like that (from Rogue One) which will be a spy thriller in the early days of the Rebellion. They could probably rope Ewan into doing an Obi Wan series rather than a movie. But whatever they do I'm on board!

Legends - That was a funny episode. I did see a Beebo on something other than Legends but can't remember either. Yes Amara is back but not Amara....I'm sure eventually she'll end up with what's his face but they won't mess up the timeline this time. lol So it's a way to keep the actress on the show and not screw things up. It works for me.

Flash - yeah how about Stretchy guy and his spiderman moves? lol Cecile did have a really good story this episode agreed. I know you mentioned one actor was leaving the show. Didn't realize it was medical leave.

Manifest - Oh crap I almost started reading this and responding! I forgot I'm like 5 episodes behind! lol I don't know...I may have to eventually drop. We'll see. Eventually I'll be finished Daredevil (really good!) and have to figure out what i'll catch up on next.

Supergirl - Yeah it's painful! Still getting some eyerolls every ep. But I do like Sam Witwer (the villain. He was Doomsday on Smallville and is the voice of Maul for Star Wars animation and maybe more)

This is Us - Kinda over the Vietnam story, but it was still decent. lol

MJ said...

Flash - no I actually heard that Cisco might leave. I think tghat was a false rumor though now.

Sam Witwer was on a show I watched years ago. t was an American version of a Brit show.